F1 testing pictures: February 26th

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Problems for Trulli during today's test
Problems for Trulli during today's test

Another busy day at Barcelona as the teams logged hundreds of laps at the Circuit de Catalunya. See below for pictures from today’s test.

Images (C) Julien Leroy and F1 Fanatic

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17 comments on “F1 testing pictures: February 26th”

  1. Go Ferrari Go!


    Thanks for the pictures Keith!

  2. Awwwm how I miss the high-res pics :'(

    1. The reason we haven’t had high-res pics so far is we have very limited bandwidth at the track. Will try to get some tomorrow.

  3. I miss the high-res pics, too.

    They were useful to have wonderful wallpaper :(

    plz..bring them back :)

  4. They are not hi-res but the lighting and everything is superb. This guy is amazing. The Ferrari looks a bit as if taken from GT5…

  5. I said it before but the simple act of banning the aerodynamic wheel caps has done more than anything else to improve the appearance of the cars. Its like a road car with crummy steel wheels and and the same car with a nice set of alloys, they make all the difference.

  6. Looks like Ferrari have gone for the shark fin now as well..

    1. Yeah, that’s very disappointing.

  7. Great bunch!

    Thanks Keith

  8. Good selection of pics from this weeks test, however I do prefer previous sets, as the pictures were bigger and of better quality.

  9. These are actually very good pictures.

    Quality not quantity of pixels :)

  10. Somewhere i saw Schumi with a black carbon helmet – is it his new one???

    1. No he has 2 helmets the red and the black

  11. I agree with Greg, pictures were bigger and of better quality in previous sets

  12. Normally when they wear the black (carbon fiber) helmets they are testing a different brand or new still of helmet

  13. Thanks again. I wonder how many more cars will look even more like Red Bull by the end of the season…

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