Stefan GP to reveal car next week

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Stefan GP has said it will reveal the car it wishes to contest the 2010 F1 season with next week.

In a statement on its website the team said:

If case we don’t receive the chance to compete in Bahrain, and also when some of the teams fail to show up, somebody should be in a trouble explaining what is happen to all of us.

They also attacked US F1 whose hopes of getting a car on the grid this year appear to have stalled:

And dreamers from USA will have to explain their actions, because they are deliberately weakening F1 with dreaming of perfect world and fairytales about success. And success doesn’t come by talking but with hard work and lot of guts.

With the first qualifying session of 2010 just two weeks away the FIA is yet to confirm exactly who will be racing.

Update: Will Buxton reckons Stefan GP won’t be racing at Bahrain: StefanGP will not race in Bahrain

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78 comments on “Stefan GP to reveal car next week”

  1. Plink Plonk Plunk
    27th February 2010, 9:56

    “And dreamers from USA will have to explain their actions, because they are deliberately weakening F1 with dreaming of perfect world and fairytales about success. And success doesn’t come by talking but with hard work and lot of guts”.

    So then picking the bones from Toyota’s death bed is now considered to be ‘Hard Work’.

    Who’s dreaming now Stefan?

    1. “So then picking the bones from Toyota’s death bed is now considered to be ‘Hard Work’”

      So any team that buys up the ‘remains’ of a defunst one is picking bones now? If that’s the case F1 has always been chock-full of bone pickers.

      They’ve bought what Toyota had – but we can’t know how much work they’ve done on their car since then.

      1. “They’ve bought what Toyota had – but we can’t know how much work they’ve done on their car since then.”
        – Irrelevant.

        Building a car on one’s own is far more difficult and requires gazzilion times more effort than obtaining an already built car. That’s a fact.

        And don’t you even dare to have any “but”s. :)

        1. Okay, BUT how many other teams have bought up other teams in the past? Yet I’ve never heard anyone talking about how they weren’t worthy because they hadn’t built cars from the ground up, just like I don’t hear those comments about, say, Toro Rosso, or about Campos using Dallara chassis, etc, etc.

          So why call StefanGP out on things that are completely run of the mill?

          1. Aleksandar Serbia
            27th February 2010, 14:56

            How right you are, these Plink plonk and Damon haters can’t seem to grasp that it took balls to buy cars even tho entry is not guaranteed!
            To re design a car this year is by far a much bigger task than previous, we are talking weight distribution, major suspension calibration(car changes in height since weight drastically varies in time elapsed),engine economy etc.
            He must have paid big money for them to fix it, so if he gets rejected, it is shame on Fia!

      2. I guess that would make Ross Brawn THE most successful bone picker in history… lol

        1. Aleksandar Serbia
          27th February 2010, 21:17

          Right you are bwells ;)

    2. Mark Hitchcock
      27th February 2010, 11:50

      He’s right though. USF1 seems to have never had the funding to make an F1 team, they were/are all talk. The FIA should have realised this.

      1. I believe they had the funding. They (read: Ken Anderson) just mismanaged the whole project.

        1. USF1 or Anderson, doesn´t matter: the team should be kicked out already so Stefan GP can start testing. They already have a car…

    3. didnt brawn pick up honda the same way??

  2. Well at least he has a car!! He has put in enough work to end up with one which USF1 havent managed in well over a year.

    Im sick of them…throw them out and give it to the team with the car and lets go racing with a full grid!

    1. We want turbos
      27th February 2010, 10:40

      I 2nd that plus F1 needs a new nutcase owner!!

      1. Plink Plonk Plunk
        27th February 2010, 20:54

        Most of you completly missed my point…..

        First, the reference to Bone Picking off Toyota’s death bed was in reference to Ferrari’s rant. How you missed that I cant understand as it’s all over the news.

        Second – and most important – is that I was trying to call out Stefan for even implying that they have done any ‘Hard Work’. All they did was buy a ready made chasis. I’m not saying that is wrong. What I am saying is that buying someone else’s HARD WORK is not doing the HARD WORK yourself as Stefan has implied that they have done.

    2. Honestly, I don’t know how many times this has to be written. It is out of the FIA’s hands. Which part of ALL THE TEAMS HAVE TO AGREE FOR STEFAN GP TO BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE is the bit that defies understanding?

      Ferrari have said they will not allow Stefan GP to compete while Mike Coughlan is still working for them. That is enough to stop them from getting onto the grid.

      1. Aleksandar Serbia
        28th February 2010, 0:53

        Yp its sad to see the master being controlled by the student.
        Why don’t they just give all the power to Ferrari and call it Ferrari 1 championship!
        There is so much more money out there, and the biggest nations aren’t involved!
        Russia, China,Us,Australia,Canada,Arab countries need to spice it up and we would have something to see, a real war on the track!
        With so much more viewers, who would care about Ferrari being in F1?
        My guess, only Italians!
        Ferrari needs F1 to market themselves,and giving way to every little wish they have is really putting them on a pedestal!
        They need a reality check, and Todt better show some strength and not look like an elongated arm of Montezemolo!
        Is Monaco lack of garages being the only thing that is setting a low team grid count?

        1. The 13 teams limit is set by the Concorde Agreement, apparently on the grounds of safety. Again, to change that all of the teams (and the FIA and FOM) would have to agree.

          I think Ferrari are within their rights to deny Stefan GP a spot and they won’t be the only team opposing their entry. McLaren are likely to be just as concerned about Coughlan’s presence, and I imagine many of the midfield teams will not be too happy with the idea of a new team turning up out of nowhere with a reasonably competitive car that can take points off them. I think it would set a terrible precedent if Stefan GP were allowed to race in F1 purely because they couldn’t take “no” for an answer so many months ago.

      2. Then kick out Ferrary, too….

  3. Stefan GP is in good shape now, because they’ve received a complete car, but there’s absolutley no guarantee that the remainder of the former Toyota motorsport will support them next year as well, so how will they manage to build an own car without the neccessary facilites? USF1 seem to have these facilities but is out of time and money.
    now FIA bosses, be smart, and try to decide who to give the chance to? not an easy question, as both projects are more than questionable, however, Stefan is in better position for Bahrain.

    1. We want turbos
      27th February 2010, 11:09

      Stefan gp bought toyotas facilities and have rehired slot of their former staff stefanovic also has enough money get a car to the grid for 2011.

      1. Stefan has just leased the Toyota 2010 car and engine – it doesn’t own them outright. The lease is presumably a much lower financial commitment than an outright purchase of the assets and IP rights.

        Stefan may have (or at least say they have) funding for 2011 but their long term strategy is still far from clear.

        1. Aleksandar Serbia
          27th February 2010, 19:34

          Would you buy a complete package if you get rejected over and over again!
          How bout signing drivers for 3 years and then see them get payed for not driving, use your head, he cannot make major deals without being on track first!

          1. Ah yes, but most people appear to be holding forth on SGP on the assumption that Stefanovic has invested in buying cars, engines and facilities when, in actual fact, he has not. He simply has an arrangement to use Toyota’s facilities.

            You can’t have it both ways – either SGP deserves an entry because Stefanovic has invested good money in this project or he’s smart enough not to have committed a budget without an entry.

            If he isn’t serious enough to have purchased the Toyota facilities outright, how can he be seriously considered as a long term prospect for F1 over and above anyone else?

    2. At least they have a year to work on that, and in the meanwhile they have a car that can race… USF1 has nothing

      1. Aleksandar Serbia
        28th February 2010, 15:43

        Tim, this is your assumption, and holds no real value, Fia doesn’t care what you want!
        And Fia really doesn’t give a rats ass if Zoran loses all his investment!
        They are not giving up slots on who bought the most facilities!
        F1 is not a fair sport, and for the moment, Us gp looks more promising, they have a larger crowd, and Us sponsors will pick up on it even more in years to come!

  4. I am not getting it.11 teams are already there with 2 slots still to fill up.Campos is coming,USF1 said that they may be there from the Spanish GP & now Stefan will reveal their car!
    so are we going to have 14 teams from the Spanish GP?

  5. haha i love their determination! STEFAN GP FOR THE WIN!

  6. I really dnt understand why USF1 was granted an entry in the first place. USF1 get out so we can have a comnplete grid of cars.. not including you.

    Stefan GP FTW!

    1. red bull tastes like crap
      27th February 2010, 15:38

      ask the discontinued fia president. Political reasons, fight for power. Not what was best for f1.

  7. what people seem to forget is that stefan only bought the designs off toyota, not a completed car, they built the car and put it all together themselves and are no doubt developing it too.

    1. I don’t think so – they just bought the already manufactured cars. All the ”hard work” they did was repainting the abandoned Toyota 2010 car they bought.

      1. Yeah and apparently he simply had it painted red.

        1. so they just painted over white parts of the livery? ;)

  8. David Clifford
    27th February 2010, 11:41

    SGP had the facilities to build their own car when they last bid for a place in 2009, they were supported by AMCO and had arrangements in place for engine supply. Clearly the FIA didn’t like their offering, along with rejecting Prodrive… we can all guess what the reasons perhaps were but at the end of the day the FIA said no.

    Now, it would seem that what the FIA’s due diligence process saw at USF1 has not been followed up on. 2 weeks to go and still no decision on USF1’s fate, or at least that we all know. The best chance for the last place looks like the merger between SGP and USF1. All the other companies that bid in ’09 for a place may well be upset if SGP does get a place but I look at it this way…

    SGP had the determination and money to secure a deal to enable them to be in a position to be on the grid should one an entrant fail to make it. They sensibly took a lower risk route and went with the Toyota option.

    Martin Whitmarsh said “Quite a lot of these teams had an opportunity I believe to buy up a Toyota chassis, Toyota built two cars available by Christmas, and I am rather surprised some of them did not do that.

    They rather looked a gift horse in the mouth, I think, and made perhaps the wrong decision. They have had their own reasons for those decisions and we have got to see in the coming weeks and months whether we can help those new teams be there.”

    I’ve got to agree with him.

    So now we have SGP to launch their car next week, I hope they get some tyres in time ;o)

    With the backing of Chad Hurley, a merger with USF1 (after they’ve swallowed their pride), the support of Toyota, on-going technical support and two experienced drivers in Villeneuve and Nakajima I think we have quite an exciting team on our hands.

    And an eccentric team owner to boot… let’s bring back the characters in F1 and support a team that has pulled together a package that can race.

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      27th February 2010, 12:33


    2. “SGP had the facilities to build their own car when they last bid for a place in 2009”

      No they didn’t. He claimed that because he made airplanes: “How hard could it be to make a F1 car?”

      He didn’t have an engine contract and tried to be a smartass. So he didn’t get through the screening. Even went to court saying that being a smartass should have gotten him through, but he was denied.

      Then, more out of spite than anything, he buys some Toyota’s and somehow that now makes him a respectable team owner?

      He’s a bullying rich guy trying to save face after the FIA dared turn him down.

      In reality, we have heard nothing but lies from the man.

    3. I couldn’t agree more.

    4. red bull tastes like crap
      27th February 2010, 15:41

      the cars have to be at heathrow on wendsday to be shipped to baharein. What is ecclestone waiting for?
      I think he is more concerned on loosing youtube sponsorship than on usf1.

    5. The ironic thing is to get USF1’s entry they would have to stay named USF1, or it would be classed as a new team – what a deparure from the original “all-American” idea!

  9. James Brickles
    27th February 2010, 12:36

    “And dreamers from USA will have to explain their actions, because they are deliberately weakening F1 with dreaming of perfect world and fairytales about success. And success doesn’t come by talking but with hard work and lot of guts.”

    I couldn’t agree more with that statement from Stefan.

    1. Yes, and it doesn’t sound like a statement that says Stefan GP will be linking up with USF1 any time soon.

  10. Why can’t Stefan GP be allowed to race for the first 4 races, and then if the USA can’t make the grid at Barcelona just continue?

    At least they would get some running and either way would always result in a 26 car grid.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      27th February 2010, 12:48

      Because that’s hardly fair on Stefan, is it?

    2. Because that’s hardly fair on anyone, is it?

      Why give Stefan GP that grid slot? Why not Lola or Prodrive or any of the other teams that wanted a place on the grid and didn’t get it?

      Just buying a few cars all of a sudden gives someone a grid slot?

      I think we can all agree that FIA should be more strict in what teams they allow a race license. Not just accept the first rich (untrustworthy) guy that comes a long.

      1. Mark Hitchcock
        27th February 2010, 13:05

        “Why give Stefan GP that grid slot? Why not Lola or Prodrive or any of the other teams that wanted a place on the grid and didn’t get it?”

        Because Stefan is the only team that appears to be ready to roll.

        USF1 seem more untrustworthy at the moment to be honest.
        They convinced a load of people to leave jobs and join them on the promise of funding which never materialised.

      2. Aleksandar Serbia
        27th February 2010, 13:16

        Of course David Richards is not rich? He is an Englishman and didn’t get the slot, is that why you are mad?
        F1 cannot have just UK based teams, it needs variety!
        I think Stefan is hardly having any favors done, Bridgestone denied them, Fia said nothing, Ferrari is upset, and people like you hate them, for biased reasons.
        And you saying he is untrustworthy is based on he being from Balkans right or you have sources that put him as a criminal, please give me the link to the source and convince us!

        1. David Clifford
          27th February 2010, 13:46

          I have to agree with Aleksander on the personalities involved. As far as I can see there is nothing solid to suggest any issue with the legality or character of SGP. Ok, I think we’d all agree that using the web like Ferrari have done and also SGP referring to USF1 is not professional and doesn’t help the overall cause.

          However, as we’re all on this great website (thanks Keith, I only recently found it), we’re all F1 fans, right? Don’t we all want to see a fully stocked grid this year and the sport to remain healthy?

          As I mentioned in my post and Mark also commented on, SGP are “ready to roll”, assuming they have the tyres, Prodrive etc did not carry on after the failed bids. I am absolutely not saying that Prodrive/Lola etc wouldn’t be a fantastic addition to the grid, but the practicalities of it are that there is only one team ready to step in now and make a go of it. In an ideal world the FIA would have had continued checks on the new teams and had earlier warning of such issues that USF1 appear to be having and then a new (rapid) assessment process could have been put in place but all of that didn’t happen so we are where we are.

          A Serbian backed team (based out of Cologne/Belgrade) would be a new addition to the world map of F1 and is an emerging nation, we all started from somewhere perhaps with questionable histories, right? But let’s not get in to politics/nationalism, this is a sport and should transcend that.

          F1 is two weeks away and continues to be as exciting off track as on, but let’s keep it sport related.

          1. Aleksandar Serbia
            27th February 2010, 14:47

            Thank you for the word of confidence David :)

            I agree that Fia should have had some back up tests, which would have guaranteed Stefan the role! A team should be able to do preseason test and qualify for submission, just like a super license!
            Bernie said he wants them there, that is only his word, not paper signed!

            They are toying with Stefan Gp, giving them false hope, while hopeless Us gp is still getting assurance!

        2. Lol, the Serbian saying that I’m biased. Now that’s rich!

          He’s untrustworthy because nothing he said has come true. That shows he’s a liar!

          He also sued the FIA for not letting him put in an entry without an engine supplier. Who in their right mind will trust a team that just sued you?

          Get past your own bias and get real …

          1. “Lol, the Serbian saying that I’m biased. Now that’s rich!”

            Classy – do tell, what exactly is that supposed to mean?

          2. Aleksandar Serbia
            27th February 2010, 20:01

            You really cannot see past your own judgment!
            Stefan really cannot make all the deals, since he has no guarantees, Bridgestone won’t make way for tires, Bernie is only saying few words of confidence, no real deal signed, Ferrari want’s no more teams in(less commercial pie to be cut among the rest, that is why the 3 car proposition), and Fia giving all the trust in the unstable apperance of their Us apprentice!

            Where is the evidence of him being a liar, he is pulling all the strings possible to race!
            If he signs drivers, buys the rest of the tech, signs even more team workers for a limited time, and then gets rejected, he is left with a stack of bills,no sponsors to cover, and people getting fat checks for doing nothing!

            They are treating him with utter disbelief, on the other hand, Usf1 is left not with even a slap on the wrist.
            Patrick it seems you are giving the racist note here, which is probably a projection of CNN and BBC coverage of last decade.
            You are judging a person simply on their background and yes you are bias in your tone!

      3. Prisoner Monkeys
        27th February 2010, 14:12

        Because that’s hardly fair on anyone, is it?

        Why give Stefan GP that grid slot? Why not Lola or Prodrive or any of the other teams that wanted a place on the grid and didn’t get it?

        Because Stefan is currenty the only entity in the world that could fill in a vacancy. Lola, Prodrive, Epsilon Euskadi and all of the other have had their Formula 1 projects suspended for months. Lola are the only ones I know of with a chassis, and that was only because they wanted to sell to a new team. They’ve since move on to an IndyCar project.

        Aside from Stefan, nobody has any cars, team, personnel or facilities. Or do you actually think Prodrive could make a team in fifteen days? Commenting on USF1’s situation, Nick Wirth remarked that Virgin signed off on the technical designs months ago. Stefan is the only team that can make the grid without being in violation of the Concorde Agreement and its “miss-three-races” amendment. I suppose you could suspend the thirteenth team until 2011, but given the political maelstrom of 2009, how many people do you think would be interested in joining? When Prodrive won the lone grid vacancy for 2008, there were twenty-two applicants. When Campos, Manor and USF1 won the three spaces for 2010, there were just fifteen. Notice a trend there?

        1. So far we only have their word that they actually have cars. They have not driven a mile

          Just buying a few second hand cars doesn’t make a team. They haven’t past the FIA crash tests, they haven’t tested single meter with those cars nothing.

          It sets a precedent that just buying a few cars and making a lot of media hoopla guarantees that you can bypass all selection procedures and bully your way onto the grid.

          BTW you got your numbers wrong. For 2008 there were 22 applications for 12 spots and for 2010 there were 25 applications for 13 teams. I DO see a trend yes …

          1. Jarred Walmsley
            27th February 2010, 20:23

            Well their word on having cars is still more than what USF1 have shown, the reason they haven’t driven a mile is because Bridgestone are not supplying them with tires. As for the crash tests do you know they haven’t passed them, and in any case USF1 haven’t passed them either. And Prisoner Monkeys didn’t get his numbers wrong you did, the applications he is talking about is for the NEW spot(s). You are taking the numbers in the wrong manner, the point PM is trying to make is that there is now less interest in entering F1 then there was in 2008.

          2. We want turbos
            27th February 2010, 23:06

            The chassis where crash tested and will be ready to race they will be a little underdeveloped thanks to lack of testing but they’ll still be quicker than virgin and lotus. Also correct me if I’m wrong but they are working from toyotas cologne base with a view to buying if they get a 2010/2011 grid slot!

        2. The logic that Stefan should get the entry because it is the only team ready and willing (assuming they are, of which there has been little actual evidence so far) is flawed.

          There is a 13th grid slot potentially available, essentially a franchise to compete in F1. It looks increasingly unlikely that the current holders of the 13th franchise, USF1, will be able to make use of it in the short term, possibly never. SGP don’t have an entry but may be able to turn up in Bahrain and run the cars they have leased from Toyota.

          However, what happens then, assuming SGP completes the 2010 season? Do they design and build their own car for 2011? If so, how? Where’s their money coming from? What’s their business plan for the next five years?

          At the end of the day there are three key questions. What (apart from their leased Toyotas) makes SGP a more sustainable, serious, long-term prospect than USF1? Not much from what I can see. Could some of the other applicants for a grid slot offer a better prospect than SGP for 2011 and beyond? Quite probably. Does F1 absolutely must have to have 13 teams on the grid in 2010? No, the world will not come to an end if there are only 12 – there were only 10 in 2009.

          If you’re recruiting a new employee but the best applicant lets you down just before he was due to start, you phone the next best applicant to see when they can start or run a new process. You don’t simply employ the next idiot who arrives at your office looking for work because he happens to be available.

          1. Prisoner Monkeys
            27th February 2010, 23:26

            If Stefan have won Bernie Ecclestone over, I’d say that’s a pretty good endorsement.

          2. Some sane words on an otherwise emotionally charged page… :)

  11. First the Ferrari website with the Horse Whisper’s rant and now SGP’s rant on their website. Not the most professional way to air your dirty laundry. More importantly, when do find out about Charlie Whiting’s assessment of USF1. Jean Todt where are you???

  12. It would mean a nice come back for Toyota in USA ;-)

  13. If it wasn’t for Coughlan I’d probably really back Stefan GP but it is going to be very tough for them to get a chance. The FIA needs to agree ( Coughlan was implicated in the spy scandal case and Todt’s now president so that isn’t going to be a bed of roses)and the teams to agree and Ferrari almost certainly won’t and I bet some other teams wouldn’t either.
    USF1 won’t just turn up at Spain and eb ready to race in all probability and I doubt they would be allowed to. The chances of them making it now are almost nil but it’s F1 so I’m not making any predictions.
    If things stay as they are then it;ll be Campos, Lotus and Virgin racing next season.
    I don’t really agree that Stefan GP have been given false hope either. It was clear last year that only the 4 new teams had been granted an entry but Stefan GP decided to push on and do what they like. They may have a plucky spirit and could be given a chance but if not then it’s not like they’ve really lost anything.

  14. Thomas Collins
    27th February 2010, 15:26

    Where’s Eddie Jordan when USF1 needs him?, all for bringing back the colorful owners and people in F1, BTW, what’s Flavio up to?, such a big disappointment from Anderson and Windsor, you would have thought the “ducks” would have been lined up, F1 moves on and USF1 is regulated to ashes, and as the cliche goes, big toys require big boys……


  15. Will it be up on bricks when they unveil it, or will they have done a tyre deal by then?

    1. Mark Hitchcock
      27th February 2010, 15:59

      Didn’t they say they could have got tyres, just not good enough ones to push the car to its limits so they didn’t see the point?
      So they’ll have tyres to put on the car for its unveiling.

      1. red bull tastes like crap
        27th February 2010, 17:48

        avon tyres, and try the car at a racetrack . I think it’s the way to go, show the media, that they have a car, and put some pressure on eccleston, to start talking. He has been so mute lately.

  16. Do they know if the brakes work or if the accelerator dosen’t stick!

  17. Motorsport-total, is reporting that USF1/Stefan have fallen through. According to Stefanovic, Hurley wasn’t the problem, but USF1’s “other” investors.


  18. 26 cars on the Grid is the best for us (F1 fans).

    Stefan GP should be given this whole season a chance.
    Great for us, rather than having a team coming half way after the season. Just for the sake of it, rather than having an intention to be competitive.

  19. And what if there are 3 other teams with some cars ready to race in Australia wanting the spot? Stefan hasn’t passed FIA’s mandatory crash tests – they did them at some other company, I’m pretty certain you aren’t allowed to do that. Also, there seems to be no container with spare parts Stefan allegedly sent to Bahrain according to Will Buxton –

  20. How about we open the grid up for 2011, and allow both Stefan and USF1 to compete, as well as other teams who can prove they’re capable (Lola comes to mind)?

    Only 26 cars would be allowed to start, the way it was in the nineties.

  21. 2 more roling chicanes on the grid this year won’t make a difference. Let them build a new car NEXT year, without a double diffuser, and see where they are.

    I despise what USF1 has done, let them sink and let’s see what Mr. Stefanovic has for 2011 after putting him through a proper vetting process.

  22. USF1 are toast
    FIA/FOTA will not allow Stefan GP to race
    Campos may be on the grid in Bahrain – or may not
    Virgin will fall apart
    Lotus will be far too slow

    Let’s call the whole thing off

    Formula One? I don’t think so

  23. its a joke all the new team rushed it like this, biger fuel tanks new tyers new drivers not much testing,,hope it will be safe for racing,,

  24. Why not reopen the slot for proposals from all of those who were not chosen (including some very good prospects like Lola), why would Stefan think they should automatically get the slot? While USF1 has definitely not done anything to warrant a place on the grid, has Stefan either? I mean what have they really managed to do? They managed to rent a car and successfully send a package with DHL. Doesn’t F1 have slightly higher standards than that? Isn’t this whole problem because FIA had too lax standards in picking teams? Stefan has leased the car and intellectual property of the car for the 2010 season. If they are granted a slot what happens in 2011? They don’t have the personnel, facilities, or experience to show that they can design and build a car or operate a race team. FIA should either allow in someone (in 2011) that can actually accomplish the task or just not fill the slot. We’ve had enough embarrassment in F1, lets not approve another half-assed entry.

  25. LOLA, an established race car manufacturer, should have got the nod in my view….

    not some business man who is bored and wants to bank-roll something for a few years….

    USf1 employ 60 people, ferrari and mclaren are over 600 people…., they could never ever compete… it isnt even in the same league…

    this is F1, heck, irl and gp2 teams employ more people than usf0

  26. what is USF1? so far we’re so nothing from them.Stefan at least showing what they have.Is that sufficient enough for F1 I don’t know,but USF1 are not for f1, that is clear.As for ferrari, if they want three cars or four or five cars why don’t they make ferrari gp race.

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