HRT F1 car launch, 2010

HRT F1 car revealed in Spain

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HRT has revealed the car which will be raced by Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok in 2010.

The Dallara-designed chassis is largely sponsor-less apart from the logos of Senna’s sponsor Embratel. It has a dark grey livery with white and red details.

HRT F1 launch pictures

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180 comments on “HRT F1 car revealed in Spain”

  1. From here the livery looks like the old Midland team’s livery


    Best photo I’ve found so far

    1. Do you know where that picture is from?

      1. Unfortunately I don’t, I found it on some obscure forum.

    2. ishaggedcarlabruni
      4th March 2010, 17:28

      Bloody huge! It looks like 30 feet long.

      1. Maybe because it’s on a stand and the people are further away than they seem to be

      2. Oh My god you’re Right!!!! It’s Gigantic!!!
        What were they thinking!!! LOL!!!

        1. It will be harder to pass because it’s so huge….did I say pass…I mean it will be harder to lap it…..

      3. its got to be big because of having the massive fuel tank

    3. Boston F1 Fan
      4th March 2010, 19:03

      – For some reason, that horizontal deflector right in front of the air intake (the curved part) appears to be made of cardboard.

      1. yes I hear USF1 pioneered that, but it fell through due to lack of sponsorship. pity really.

    4. I’m not sure, but I believe that’s Adrian Campos to the right of the red flag… How sad for him…

      1. He was offered a place in the team after Carabante bought it, but yes it is sad.

  3. the new teams like the small nose for some reason

    1. Because of the simplicity of a lot of their aero dynamics it’s all very high drag, they’ve all had to go for equaly simple solutions to counter balance this. Small pointy noses seem to be the result.

  4. now it doesnt

  5. Hard to tell much really. Is this the only picture of it?
    If I didn’t know which of this years cars it was I would have picked it to be the Virgin car from that shot.

    1. Yes, it looks like de Virgin car

    2. Very Virgin F1 like, but it does have cascades on the front wing. It looks very developed aero wise, to my untrained eye! Maybe they CAN just turn up and drive it to the finish!! Kudos to Dallara, certainly looks the part.

      New Slogan for them: Dallara, Turn-key solutions… could be “edited” if the car proves less of a turn-key and more like poultry.

    3. mclaren coloured wing. (with the red)

  6. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen the launch of an F1 car through the lens of an F1 drivers mobile phone camera!

    1. Not trying to be smart-alecky, but according to the EXIF informaton contained within the pictures they were taken with a Canon PowerShot SX10 IS. :-)

      Nice car, btw.

      1. Doh, I was looking at the pictues people were linking to.
        However, the pictures at the top of this page were indead shot with a Blackberry phone.

        1. Picture hrt_4 was taken with a Nikon D700

      2. who the hell did you find that out?!

        1. Marc Connell
          4th March 2010, 21:04

          maybe they where the people who took the pictures … D:

        2. right click properties > summary> advanced. when you save as

  7. Ned Flanders
    4th March 2010, 17:16

    It’s quite a nice looking car and livery, but it’s a bit boring. Plus I’m getting sick of seeing unsponsored cars, surely there are more sponsors out there than this, or did Mosley and Flav scare them all off?

    1. Boring????…its damn boring…what were they thinking when they thought about this colour?…anyways the more important thing is that they will be able to fight in the championship and it will definitely become more exciting to watch the backmarkers for once!!!

      1. I take it because a Senna name will most likely be back there? I hope not though, that’d be great if he pulled an 84 monaco gp!

      2. Clearly this is meant to replicate primer paint, to be coloured in the eventual title sponsors’ livery if they get round to it in the next couple of weeks ;)

        1. Ned Flanders
          4th March 2010, 21:10

          That’s what they said about Brawn’s livery…

      3. The orange, white and black colours are the same as Kolles Racing I think.
        I just think that it is too bad that they have not used more of the white and orange. Orange is a great colour on a race car.

  8. Eew… Outboard mirrors!!! That scares me away. I hope outboard mirrors will be banned in 2011. Looks like Virgin Racing to me plus the black shine of Sauber. Surely it will be great confusion on telly this year by commentators. Is that a Virgin or a HRT car passing by our commentary box. LOL!

    1. They help the driver see when they are that far out… vs. the old style attached to the nose… I don’t think they will ban them because safety is important in F1

    2. Should be easy, if they look at the size coming by. if it looks like a Battleship it’s HRT and smaller one the Virgin )

  9. car view from front more clear pic
    posted by senna in his twitter

  10. Well for the actual shape of the car it doesn’t look to bad for a new team, but from the pictures I have seen I don’t like the livery, mainly grey and the white stripe with red and yellow edges doesn’t work for me.

  11. I am quite impressed by the design of the car (areodynamics wise) like the nose. for saying how long its been coming I wasnt expecting much, but … ok on looks alone, forgetting the read dwarf series 1 colour scheme, I am impressed. Good luck to them, I look forwards to seeing on track a week tomorrow!

  12. Looks like an Indy Car :)

    1. Ned Flanders
      4th March 2010, 18:15

      This is completely off topic but saying as you mentioned Indy Cars I’m going to put it here anyway…

      I read in Autosport today that Penske have changed their livery for 2010. Therefore the iconic red and white Marlboro livery has finally been retired after 40 years of loyal service to motorsport

      1. BrokenBaculum
        4th March 2010, 18:32

        Yes, their new cars are black, white and a little red.

        And sorry to spoil your party but the Marlboro sponsorship started in 1990. They haven’t been with Penske for 40 years. Before M’Boro they had Pennzoil.

        Back on topic I’m not a fan of the HRT colour/s, but the car really does resemble a current Indycar; the nose, the circular air intake, etc.

        Let’s just hope it’s quick.

        1. Actually, he is referring to McLaren using the Red/White Livery since the 70’s. Now the livery is gone for good.

  13. the-muffin-man
    4th March 2010, 17:27

    Hmmm – battleship grey – a colour guaranteed to get your heart racing!!! ;-)

  14. the cars shape looks better than the lotus car but the brake cooling on the front tyres look really big lol

  15. The side pod air intakes look pretty big compared to a lot of teams, and the front wing dosnt look overly complex, compared to the Lotus, compared to the virgin it does look more i guess.

    No doubt they will be racing themselves at the back though.

  16. Is it me or does this make you sad?
    This is an F1 unworthy unveiling of a new car. Aaprt from the orange stripes the livery could well be stealth mode.
    Sooooo much time to prepare the launch and this is it?
    Who are those innocent bystanders on the pictures?

  17. Well at least we know that we’ll have 12 teams this year.

    It’s actually quite nice looking. Good luck to them.

  18. So a good four seconds of the pace huh, shame about those delays, Dallara could have been capable of something special, hopefully, an really hopefully this car can race Virgin and Lotus, we don’t want three tier racing, three teams in the middle will do fine. If Dallara gets paid they could be among the better developing of the new teams, so maybe two seconds behind by the end of the year?

    Well whatever HRT (an their car is hospital appliance grey) is in my mind a stepping stone for young Bruno, hopefully we can get him a decent drive for next year.

  19. Eje Gustafsson
    4th March 2010, 17:43

    The boring ugly duckling but will not become a swan. It looks very unfinished. Yellow/orange flaps on the front wing, huge beak cooling ducks in a flat gray (looks like plain primer) and some massive engine cooling ducks on the side pods. Except for nose and front wing makes me thing of a GP2 car or something. They used the Newey design on part of the nose (v shape) but very narrow and surprisingly low. We will see who is slowest, Virgin, Lotus or HRT. My guess HRT will be close to 10 sec behind front runners on practice and might only be 2-3 second behind Lotus/Virgin on race day.

    1. These were the exact points I was going to make. Those front brake cooling ducts are ridiculously huge. That front wing doesn’t look legal to me – the top plain extends too far inward maybe? Other than that, I actually like the color scheme. Best of luck to them though.

    2. I’m not meaning to make fun of your English here Eje (which is fantastic, far better than I could do in Swedish) but now I have a mental image of cute fluffy little ducks sitting on the sidepods, blowing cool air into the engine :)

  20. Who’s not gonna be at work next Friday ?? :) BBC Red button here we come :) :)

    1. I tried checking out BBC Red Button from Canada with no luck. Is there any word that will be available here? Or, perhaps something equivalent?

    2. TheGreatCornholio
      4th March 2010, 18:16

      Me me me me! I’ve not really watched practice before but i’m well up for it this year. BRING IT ON

    3. What time is practice? If its early I’ll be watching :)

  21. here is the back view of car

    1. they are really into the trend of not showing (part) of the diffusor. Does Dallara have a suprise here?
      I noticed, that the exhausts are sealed in this picture. Is that normal?

      Would have looked better for wider spanish flag-stripes, to add some colour. The front really looks Red BullxVirgin and the cooling is probably over-sized.

      1. perhaps they don’t wanna get any dirt inside the exhaust.

    2. Seeing the small amount of diffuser they covered it’s clear what they’ve got there huh.

      A conservative Brawnesque squashed u, which I think you’ll find is the precise technical term. Which is rubbish they’ll be at least 4 seconds behind whatever running out of cash can do that to a car.

  22. Looks great. Wouldnt suprise me if they were the best of the new bunch. We’ll find out soon enough.

    1. it shows a video of the launch event!

    2. They are showing nice angles of the car and front wing. Like Brunos cap with the suit!

      1. i think that cap is stuck to his head. never seen him without it on.

        1. J.A. Summers
          4th March 2010, 21:24

          Ayrton also wore a blue cap. The similarity is eerie, truly…

          1. It is so eerie! When Bruno hoped into the car he looked so like his uncle it’s scary.

  23. Front doesn’t look as developed as the lotus, more like the virgin, but the rear looks more aggressive than the lotus, should be a good car and would expect some points may be this season

  24. I’m not expecting much but I really hope this team can survive. For me they are the underdogs and they’ve got one of my favourite drivers in their car. Very happy Bruno has got a chance. This is already my 2nd favourite team :P

  25. Grey is the most boring colour ever. Stick some more orange on it!

    Most importantly though Senna has a drive :D

    1. ishaggedcarlabruni
      4th March 2010, 21:27

      No, Beige.

      Beige is the colour of resignation.

  26. Stefan looking better everyday …HRT will run out of money real soon

    1. Stefan wont be racing in F1 this year.

  27. HA HA they’re hiding the diffuser can’t be any more complex than the mclaren or ferrari

  28. Looks nice, livery-wise. Reminds me of the 1991 Fondmetal FA1M:

  29. Good looking or ugly, at least they will make it to the first race in spite of all the melodrama.

    Good luck HRT!

  30. Don’t forget all cars look underdeveloped and simple at launch. There is a rumor that they are testing this week at Inmola, no less than Fisichela behind the wheel. Anyhow i don’t think Dallara just produced a car and left. They are contracted to develop it and they have a windtunnel.

  31. under performer

  32. Marc Connell
    4th March 2010, 18:25

    happy to see a team i thought was going to fail make a car :)

  33. have they not painted it? it looks like they’re so cheap that they just left the surface as carbon fibre. couldn’t afford paint!

    1. Nick Someone
      4th March 2010, 21:16

      Yeah I agree with you. It’s like they have done one coat only and haven’t finished it. To me looking at the video and the pics it looks like a mock up and not the real car. If you look at the vid at you’ll see the steering wheel is a dummy.

      …Actually I have just had a think and it would make sense if it was just the shell of a car. They need to ship it to Bahrain on a plane that I believe is leaving soon and they will have limited parts. It may not be practical for them to show a complete car at this stage.

      The back of the car looks a bit fat to me. …anyway good luck to them.

      1. Nick Someone
        4th March 2010, 21:49

        just found this message from Scarbs in his message section:

        “I read that this is a third chassis, which I can believe as its clearly a show car (blocked off sidepods and exhausts are tell tale), the other two chassis are headign to Bahrain. Plus the duct scoops appear to be made in a rapid prototype material (like windform), so these may only be experimental parts stuck on to make a complete car for the launch.”

  34. It at least they have got a proven car maker behind them.

  35. Scarbs has already put a shor technical analyses on his blog:

  36. Cant wait for practise, think it starts 6:55am on friday, so ill be able to get some in before work. They tend to re run them all the way through to P3 so plenty of time to catch it fri evening for those of us that have to work.

    For those that haven’t watched the practice sessions on red button its really worth doing. Its quite interesting as its quite different to watching qualifying and the race, seeing how teams prepare etc. watching people who have never raced at a given track going round really slowly trying to learn it etc.

    I also have to give a massive thumbs up to the commentary, AD and Crofty offer up a real “fans” commentary, going into silly but interesting things that they wouldn’t do on the dumbed down main commentary like funny names teams come up with for parts of the car, the teams listen in too and offer up info by text message etc. As I say really worth a watch.

    1. I was just listening to crofty on the radio talking to lewis. It is great listening to them in practise

  37. I always worries me when people roll out the EU flag seems the me that whenever they do this the next thing they do is start claiming money from the EU left right and centre.

    Apart from that do you reckon the carbon fiber is just that colour naturally they could not have painted it that colour by design could they?

  38. Its rather funny that they’ve got the front tyres muddled up, the lefts and rights are on on the wrong sides – pretty amateur really! Still, at least they’ve made it and the shape looks good, hopefully they’ll keep improving over the first few races.

    1. How can you tell?

      1. Actually it’s just the right front. The arrow to the left of ‘Bridgestone’ and ‘Potenza’ are pointing the wrong way compared to the rear tyres. It’s a rookie error alright.

  39. I dont think those are the colours that the car would of been under Campos Meta, I suspect it was a rush job and thats the only colour Homebaseio had in stock

  40. You guys sound like its a total disgrace to have a car thats undeveloped and well off the pace. Let’s not forget that the top 10 get points this year, so there may be wet races or something where all you have to do is get a classified finish to get a point. I think that’s a reasonable target for a team like HRT. In fact, cheering for underdogs is one of the reasons I watch F1. Who can forget Sato passing Alonso in the Super Aguri in Montreal 07, or going further back, the Leyton House almost winning in Magny Cours in 1990 just one month after failing to qualify. Anything is possible in F1, even though its the pinnacle of motorsport. And you have to start somewhere.

    1. There will be a two championships this season. the big 4 for the title and the 3 minos for honour. forget what happens in the middle. ill be watching those two ends!

    2. Your point is a good one – but Leyton House came close to winning the French GP at Paul Ricard in 1990, the year before the race switched to Magny Cours.

    3. Im sorry thats almost impossible….. f1 cars back then were a) much less technologically advanced b) much less reliable than toady, so im afraid pinning your hopes on Ferrari RedBull Mercedes Mclaren Williams and everyone else to leave the race in a cloud of smoke and loud bangs from their mashed gearbox is so unlikely these days…… I say they probably wont even finish the year I mean I’m not lying or enhancing my story to sound like some genius but I always cheered Honda and Button on and I knew they were gonna win a lot in 09 if they were on the grid mostly cause I knew they were pouring millions into their team…. I doubt some engineer you’ve never heard of using google sketch and two rookie drivers will even finish the championship year… I know they say the private teams are the heart of F1 but really big constructors is what we need, we dont want to be like rally and loose all our big names like lancia and subaru and mitsubishi

  41. Well… now imagine this car in the track on a raining day. It will disappear

  42. I actually think this is an extremely good looking car! Cant wait to see it with a few more sponsors and with the drivers all strapped in!

  43. I bet Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor are palm to face right now. This is the last little kick in the a$$ to USF1. I bet they were hoping these guys wouldn’t show up either….

    1. You could never kick USF1’s ass… they’ll be back next year and do well in F1. Never count out American Ingenuity.

      1. I hope so! I’m just saying, this probably isn’t a fun article for them to read….

        1. Jesus… I can’t believe people are still believing in USF1, haven’t they failed miserably? The point is they claimed they could pull it off and they didn’t. Lotus had less time than them and still showed up to testing. And what makes Americans so good that we shouldn’t count them out? If anything this team has proven exactly the opposite than what they wanted, that you cannot build a car out of Charlotte NC… Plus, why did they need to go and try to design a new “revolutionary” transverse gearbox? If they had any idea what they were getting into they would have known to start with a simple proven design. Now they lost their spot and any chance of getting money for further years.

          1. I think you could build an F1 car in the US, but it seemed that Ken Anderson’s incompetence and Peter Windsor’s nativity doomed the team from day one. Plus, it didn’t help how arrogant the team was, considering they have showed little to nothing.

          2. Peter Windsor’s nativity doomed the team from day one.

            I agree. Casting Chad Hurley as one of the Three Wise Men was a terrible mistake.

          3. Geez Frank, you sound a little testy there. First of all, people can believe in whatever the hell they want. Second, it’s not that Americans are so great, it’s that the market here is huge for the majority of the F1 sponsors/manufactures. Ferrari, Mercedes (in 2009 BMW and Toyota) sell a massive amount of cars here and the publicity would be good for them. So, the money makers in F1 want it to work, which gives hope to the situation for US fans…Even though Ken and British Windsor should probably just pack it up, there is still some slight possibility that their factory and their slot can still be used for 2011, but with proper preparation and management.

            In reality, who cares if the car is made in the US….I just want to see US F1 drivers.

  44. £10 says they only get one car to the start line in Bahrain… and it doesn’t last 20 laps

    Still good luck to them, hopefully they get up to newbie speed quickly. But £20 says ‘blue flags’ becomes the most talked about topic of the season…

    1. £10? You’re on! So if they get two cars to the starting grid I win, and if they get one and it lasts 20 laps or more then I win.

      “£20 says ‘blue flags’ becomes the most talked about topic of the season”

      I’ll have some of that too but that one is harder to quantify but I willing to bet £20 there’ll be something that’s obviously more significant.

      So £30 pounds all in all.

      1. I hear that the men waving the blue flags will have their work cut out this year.

        With the extra cars on track the blue flags will be out more often as the leaders come round to pass the back-markers.

        So the man with the blue flag will have to have his blue flag ready, so that he can wave his blue flag at the backmarkers, who will see the blue flag and know that the appearance of a blue flag means that they are about to be lapped.

        I bet the leaders hope the new drivers know what the blue flags are for, otherwise there’d be no point having the blue flags at all…

        (They you go, helped you towards that £20…though I think you may lose out as the blown rear wing is looking like being the hot topic of the year)

        1. Ok, if I win, you owe me the money… if you win, just talk to my accountants ‘Campos, Stefanovic and Windsor’…


      2. Well, one of them started from the pits, not the grid, and they only made 19 laps… not a bad prediction all round ;p
        Not reached the blue flag stage yet

  45. Is that an air intake or a cannon?

    1. I think it’s the point at which you connect the hoover.

  46. This car is incredibly primitive looking… I feel like I’m viewing an F1 car from the 80’s.

  47. I quite like the shape, but dull dark primer grey for the base colour?
    I hope it’s just because they haven’t decided on a proper colour scheme yet.

    That’s the kind of colour you use to make something forgettable.

    1. Looks quite good, the lack of sponsors on many of the cars is quite scary though – although in ING’s case, perhaps that’s a good thing given their influence on the livery!

      1. I guess they have some:
        – Muricia (spanish autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia), see their slogan on the car: Región de Murcia; no-typical
        – a brazilian bank
        – a company of Carlos Slim (Embratel).
        They probably did not have time to put the stickers on.

        I have concerns about their name “HRT” as it resembles australian Holden Racing Team noticeably, they could have some legal issues with them.

  48. Looks more like a neutral livery, waiting for some sponsors and paint it in any color. :)

  49. Jesus look at those break ducts!

      1. The look like something Gaudi designed! :)

  50. what is the chassis model i.e W01 or MP4-25

    1. Probably something really imaginative like ‘HRT-01’

      1. Actually.. is Dallara 210

  51. J.A. Summers
    4th March 2010, 21:29

    Man, I wish they make a few changes to their livery before the first race, like Force India did in 2008…

    1. Hell yeah, breaze block gray does not make you think, worlds fastest racing machines does it?

  52. Nick Someone
    4th March 2010, 21:42

    Grey isn’t a terrible colour to be, but pleeease make it a darker grey. …I beg you Team Hormone Replacement Therapy.

    It’s hard to tell, but looks like a shorter wheel base car than the big teams.

  53. Nose is the exact same as Virgin. And as others have said lookit those huuuuge brake ducts.

  54. Where is the cleaning-brush ?

  55. Lewis vs Alonso,
    HRT vs Virgin,
    Schumacher vs Vettel,
    Lotus vs Ferrari
    Brawn vs Ferrari
    Webber vs Button
    USF1 vs Stefan GP in 2011
    Senna vs Schumacher….and this time it’s personal?

    what isn’t to love about F1?, forget the WC I say…

  56. Prisoner Monkeys
    4th March 2010, 22:46

    I like it. It’s very simple, very stripped-back. This, I think, is what a Formula 1 car should look like. None of these shark fins and complex front wings.

    1. Exactly. Aside from the sidepod veins/mirror stalks, it’s what an F1 car should look like. I like the colour too, there should be more bare carbon fibre on these cars.

      1. Actually if it showed bare carbon fibre it would look a whole lot better than this muddy grey.

      2. Prisoner Monkeys
        5th March 2010, 5:03

        Um, that’s not exposed carbon fibre. If you look at the Mercedes W01, you’ll see “exposed carbon fibre” (actually just a decal because car parts are made in a way that maximises rigidity, so the grain of the carbon fibre very rarely matches the lines of the car). This is just grey paint.

        1. Ok then, my bad, it’s not exposed carbon fibre, but my point still stands. It does look nice on the Merc, even if it is faux exposed carbon fibre.

          1. The bottom of the car looks like exposed carbon fibre though.

  57. Good on them for getting everything sorted!
    If only USF1 had done the same and allowed the team to be bought (or partially bought) we’d have a 26-car grid.
    GREAT to see the Senna name back in F1.

  58. Swanky F1: Need a binocular.

  59. The livery was described as maroon. This is not really maroon is it?

  60. It looks like a Dolphin (or possibly a Whale…) Could they have come up with a more uninspiring colour scheme?

  61. worst, paint job, ever.

  62. I don´t know if someone has said it already, but: what a horrible horrible car! A horrible horrible horrible boring dull car! Dark gray? What a horrible color! The livery “details”? Plain ugly! Just really really horrible! At least Virgin and Lotus will have someone to beat…

  63. Ah so many experts, how does anyone know the car will be a failure before it’s even turned a wheel??
    This is a Dallara remember, and they’ve been working on this chassis for quite a while, plus this is a launch chassis is it not?
    Atleast give these guys credit for actually producing a car, something those clowns that run USF1 failed to do

    Good luck HRT :)

  64. It seems I’m in the minority who like it. It’s simple, understated and the red on the wings is nice.
    It seems we have a wide variation of liveries this year. I look forward to the effect of seeing them together on the grid in Bahrain.

  65. I like the colors, it looks like an stealth F1 car, everyone lapping them would be as if they were not really there.

    Keith you could make a gallery/poll to vote for the best liveries.

    1. Will do soon.

  66. I like the spots of orange, it goes very well with the grey. They should have had more orange.

    1. I think that’s just the lighting. The orange is red, as the stripes are the red and yellow of the Spanish flag.

  67. Inc0mmunicado
    5th March 2010, 5:41

    The stripe on the front, the kink in the nose and the sweeping engine cover/sidepods make it look like the formula gran turismo ’04..

  68. At last we have a full grid (not even going to mention USF1 here because of yesterday’s official entry list announcement)! We have 12 teams which have let us have sight of their cars and 24 drivers who are all ready and raring to go! And at last we get to see the car that will bring the Senna name back into F1! I simply cannot wait for Bahrain.

    The car looks alright. Not mad about the grey but I do like the orange and white stripes. The front wing is a bit ungainly, but I’m sure Dallara have done their homework.

  69. As an aside, I just received my April issue of Road & Track, you know, the one with the F1 season preview? And one of the featured articles is …….wait for it……USF1.

    Someone at the editorial desk was asleep at the key board to let that one by! Haven’t had the courage to read it just yet, the disappointment is still too bitter to swallow.

  70. I just thaught, The livary is exactly the same as Last years brawn, but just different colours.

  71. I agree with what’s been said. This grey livery is incredibly boring and looks like a primer paint. They can still fix it by going with high-gloss metallic paint, or by using deeper graphite color.

  72. This deserves to be called “livery”??
    The car looks like it was clapped together 30 minutes before launch, with no time to do the paint job. An it _is_ just primer paint there.
    Notice also that the drivers had no team coveralls either.
    In a way it’s only to be expected since the team came within a whisker of meeting the USF1 fate.
    But I still have my doubts if it will make it to Abu Dhabi.
    Let’s wait and see.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      6th March 2010, 3:07

      I’d say their priority was to get the car finished. What do you think would look better: a complete car with an unfinished livery, or an incomplete car with a finished livery? It takes two weeks to paint a Formula 1 car. Hispania launched one week before the first race. There wouldn’t have been enough time, and they certainly couldn’t rush it because if it is not done properly – the car must be completely clean and kept in a sterile room before painting to prevent dust and dirt getting on the body – it can cost a car up to half a second a lap.

  73. looks like the launch took place in my nans dinning room.. Mmmm wooden walls..

    being a spanish team i wonder if Seat will start sniffing around them..?

    1. I am hoping that Hispano-Suiza will jump on board as part of their relaunch. They showed up in Geneva this week with a Audi R8-based monster (No seriously, it is hideous), but the history of that car maker is astounding.

      1. Bravo Dallara!!!

        So happy this team did not USfa1L, I am loving the new teams and putting my full support with all of them and all rookie drivers this year(GO KOBAYSHI!!!!),The car looks similar to the Virgin in the front section and similar to the Merc in the top air intake every one agrees poor color please FIA let Stefan GP in, one more team would be killer.

        The back and mid field race is going to be the best part of the show FULL SUPPORT i hope all the new teams show up all the doubters and put in respectable performances.

        (How cool where the concept indy cars by Dallara by the way)

  74. Guys so what if there are a few blue flags….they said the same when midland and minardi were racing but within the season those remarks died down and people started to take notice of these teams for other reasons. The most important things is that that there will be new life in this sport….other than seeing a one sided show between the Ferrari’s or the McLarens. For me the midpack and the tail enders are going to provide more action and entertainment this year as I feel they will race harder and take more risks to make a point.

    On the other hand the game of musical chairs between Alonso, Button, Hamilton, Schumacher will keep the veterans happy.

    Next year hope we will have the USF1 team with their car to clear the tracks and break some records and give a whole new meaning to racing with their cars…

  75. My overall feeling about HRT.

    Livery: Dull & Boring mixed with dull & boring. Worst livery on the field. Looks like cheap tat.

    Car: Well developed car, well done DALLARA, who built the car & designed it. Looks from first glance to be the best car of the new three.

    But: Overall the team will be behind the others because a) they have had no testing at all.
    b) they have two rookie drivers in their first year, with a rookie as reserve.
    c) its grey.

    1. I agree with CUBE on the best Developed car of the new teams and just plain dull livery

      But i just have this feeling that Virgin Racing is just going to smash its way through the back of the pack and be the surprise of the year, that car just look menacing to me

  76. I think the car looks pretty good. I just don’t think the’re bound to end up 23 and 24 this season. I mean, they didn’t have any testing ánd the’re driving with 2 rookies! Bruno Senna was kind of good in GP2. But he doesn’t seem to be a supertalent like Rosberg, Hamilton or Hülkenberg who captured the title in their first year. That Chandhok guy didn’t impress anyone. To me it seems that Senna was hired for his name and Chandhok because he had money/because of his ethnic background, not to sound racist but an Indian Driver in F1 is always good for publicity. I’m very concerned when it comes to the driving capacitiesof both men. The’re better than I am for sure but still, are they the ones that will get HRT to the top? I hardly think so.

    1. sorry: I think they ARE bound to end up 23 and 24

  77. Is it my eyes or this car doesn’t have any sponsorship logo.

  78. Could this be a season of multiple drivers in cars? out you go petrov, chandhok,liuzzi all these guys are under pressure in the 2nd seats already with Di resta getting backing with force india for practices(IMO thats the best idea in F1 for younger talent or other pay drivers to get in,and all lot people already know this)and then hello Villeneuve, Ralph, Bourdais etc. cool with me

    1. Petrov… i dont think so since Renault received backing from Lada & Putin…

  79. i do like the almost circle air intake..
    ill give them that

  80. the fact that the front right tyre direction is wrong is really bothering me. its like ur first day on the job and sending an email to ur boss using “big words” to show ur intelligence but spelling those words wrong lol. im sure u cant blame dallara for the error, but in light of this it seems they have developed a pretty good car in comparison to the cardboard lotus (bar the front wing) and the virgin with no stamina lol. with no testing and prob just a shakedown i dont see either car finishing the first GP…either that or 1 of them will finish but a few laps down

  81. This is starting to get annoying now. Hopefully this is just an unfinished livery design but there is now two teams with no sponsers on it. It never used to be like this. Hopefully they can change as the season unfolds.

    I like this cars shape though, very good job from Dallara.

  82. i’m sorry but in an F1 team, who gets to choose what the livery looks like? (apart from the main sponsors of course.) this car is nasty.

  83. I think it looks fantastic. Understated and mean as you see it disappearing in your rear view mirror!

    Good luck to them though. I hope it’s the finished article.

  84. Somehow, the thing doesn’t look finished…

  85. I really like the look of this thing, the shape is one of the better ones I’ve seen so far and I quite like the colours. Matte gray might not make for the most vivid of colour scemes, but it looks completely different from all the other cars on the grid, which is also imporant. Wheelbase looks shorter to my untrained eye from those pictures compared to many of this years cars.

    This downtalking the new teams is also getting old really quickly. Of course they won’t outperform the established order, you can’t just show up and beat decades of knowledge and a budget ten times yours.

    There are plenty or reasons to be excited about this season especially at the top end of the scale, but the new teams will most likely be of constant interest as well. I’m not expecting all of them to race again next year, or even make this entire season, but as for which will make it, which will improve and who – if any – will score the first points of the new teams is going to be pretty awesome. Maybe I’m too much into the whole development side, but seeing a bunch of enthousiastic ambitious teams try and make the best out of the few resources they have sounds great.

    If they do well sponsons will follow. Best of luck to the new teams, can’t wait to see them mess up increasingly less as the season progresses! :D

  86. Note to HRT F1 public relations office – organise a launch that is not so chaotic and release more pictures of the car to encourage fans interest…

  87. who design this car look like old car & cant go for races

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