Toro Rosso in action at Imola (Video)

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Toro Rosso returned to the Imola circuit, last used by F1 for the 2006 San Marino Grand Prix, to do some laps with their STR5.

Jaime Alguersuari was at the wheel for what looks like a promotional filming day rather than a test.

Imola has undergone a few changes since F1 last appeared there. The chicane before the start/finish straight has gone, leaving an unusual start line with a kink in the middle. It’s definitely an improvement, though – the circuit already had far too many chicanes.

Those of you who miss seeing F1 cars in action at the scenic parkland circuit, enjoy the video above courtesy of the team.

Toro Rosso will be the subject of the next part of our 2010 F1 Fanatic Season Preview and the article should be up on the site in the next few hours.

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31 comments on “Toro Rosso in action at Imola (Video)”

  1. Nice vid. A shame there was no decent footage from the exit of Rivazza to the the first chicane.

  2. Nice stereo audio recording on that film, the engine sounds great.

    I like Imola, it has some classic turns and genuine character but I’m not sorry it’s gone, it’s just not cut out for modern F1.

  3. It is just me or does it look like that Jamie keeps having to correct himself out of a corner, more so than usual.

    1. Just what I thought. They could not perform a decent straight lin etest with this car :-(

    2. Mark Hitchcock
      8th March 2010, 15:23

      Do they have to use different tyres for media/promo stuff (to prevent them getting any useful data)? That might explain the lack of grip.

      1. Robert McKay
        8th March 2010, 15:33

        From memory I think they do have to use different tyres for promo shoots, yes.

    3. I’m guessing they didn’t do too much set up work for a day of shooting and obviously the track will be very green.

    4. Jaimie’s twitchness around corners is nothing new. He either cannot setup a car properly or is genuinely has a poor driving style. He was doing this all the back end of last year. Whereas Buemi had no such problems. I believe he’s supposed to have a several year contract with Torro Rosso, which tells it’s own story. He’s obviously got a good sponsorship package behind him.. Which is unfair to better talented drivers waiting in the wings if thats the only real reason he’s got the seat.

      1. Maybe when he is no longer a teenager he will figure it out!!

    5. Give the guy a break. He is limited to a slow speed, the tyres are probably so cold he has no grip at all. It makes a huge difference.

  4. What I really don’t like is Villeneuve chicane. It absolutely jeopardizes any chances of overtaking at Tosa.
    For the rest it could still be a great GP venue.

  5. Ned Flanders
    8th March 2010, 13:27

    I really miss Imola. I know it wasn’t the best circuit, overtaking was very difficult and it rarely made for great races, but there was something about the place I loved. It reminded me of Spring, with the return of nice weather and the long European season. As much as I like Monza I’d love to see the Italian GP rotate between Monza and Imola

    1. I would like to keep the Italian GP at Monza: too classic venue! Even if Imola’s Piratella, Variante Alta, Acque Minerali, Tosa, Rivazza are great bends.
      And I loved the atmosphere also, as you said.

    2. I know the track was buthcered somehwta by chicances but I thought it did deliver. 05 and 06 especially the former were blinding races. I adored Imola and really miss it now

      1. *butchered somewhat.
        Sorry for my typing I was in a seminar and on my phone at the time :P

  6. While the current-gen V8s don’t have that sublime edge that the V10s and V12s did, they still manage to sound lovely… it’s a shame that the TV coverage often neuters that wonderful sound we hear in this video.

  7. watch the new videos on bbc f1 site. legard is shocking!!!

    1. Mark Hitchcock
      8th March 2010, 15:00

      He seemed to keep his mouth shut most of the time which was good.

      And I’m starting to annoy myself by complaining about him so that’s the last time I do it this year (unless he makes a huge gaff of course).

      1. Ned Flanders
        8th March 2010, 16:28

        Yeah right! As soon as the Forum’s back we’ll all be straight into ‘Legard- Your time is up, season 2’. It’s not that he makes lots of big gaffes (the only one I can think of is when he thought a replay was live action and he got all excited), but he’s consistently irritating. Pretty much everything he says annoys me a bit

    2. Robert McKay
      8th March 2010, 15:34

      In what way?

      1. his contributions are so uninforming compared to the others.

        1. sadly, I must agree

  8. Can only live in hope that this track one day finds its way back on the calendar. Especially now the straight is restored before the Start/Finish line.

  9. A race at Imola, please? Pleeease Bernie, pretty pleeeeasssee!

    Seriously though, the place has great atmosphere and history, not to mention bang up to date facilites, a brilliant layout, and thousands of passionate tifosi.

    Whats not to like?

    Oh yeah……MONEY :/

    1. Magnificent_Geoffrey
      8th March 2010, 21:06

      I have to disagree here. While you’re spot-on about the history of Imola and F1 and the new facilities making it more modern, when I first think of F1 and Imola I think of the Fernando vs Schumi in 05/06 and how a clearly faster car didn’t have a chance to overtake on both occasions. It just seemed to me that Imola was far too narrow and tight to ever work with modern F1 and the dirty-air effect that all but destroys overtaking these days. You could say the problem’s more with the cars rather than the track but personally, I haven’t really missed Imola since it disappeared from the calendar.

      Also, while I have huge respect for the Tifosi, they already have one Grand Prix a year so any more would be an unfair advantage to Ferrari! :P

      1. Well, Spain does get two…perhaps if an Italian were to win the championship we might have a European GP at Imola. For this season at least that would probably require Force India to be quite a bit quicker than I expect though.

  10. OK so it wasn’t the best circuit in the world but it had its challenges and one of its biggest pluses: gravel traps!!! If a driver went off he would be punished!!! Bring back gravel traps!!!!!

    1. Robert McKay
      8th March 2010, 21:09

      Amen to that.

  11. STRFerrari4Ever
    8th March 2010, 21:44

    Thanks for the video nothing but the raw sound of a Ferrari 056 V8 Engine, sounds heavenly!

  12. I loved Imola… they should go back there… a classic F1 venue!

    1. Totally agree, it was a great track.Remember those battle between Schumacher & Alonso in 05 & 06?

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