Who’s got the best looking car? (Poll)

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Lotus and Virgin have added a new splash of colour to the F1 grid

The only the thing that really matters about an F1 car is how quick it goes.

But we like them to look nice too which is why I always get lots of requests at the start of the season for this poll:

Which team has the best-looking car?

  • HRT (1%)
  • Sauber (3%)
  • Virgin (13%)
  • Lotus (10%)
  • Toro Rosso (2%)
  • Force India (2%)
  • Renault (8%)
  • Williams (3%)
  • Ferrari (14%)
  • Red Bull (11%)
  • Mercedes (9%)
  • McLaren (25%)

Total Voters: 5,596

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I think we have one of the best-looking grids in years this season.

Gone are the dull corporate colours of BMW and Toyota. In their place we have the classic British racing green of Lotus, Virgin’s racy red and black, and the best paint job on a Renault since 1985.

I struggled to pick a favourite, so here’s some more pictures of each of the cars to help you decide:


Lewis Hamilton in the McLaren MP4-25


Michael Schumacher in the Mercedes W01

Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull RB6


Ferrari F10


Rubens Barrichello in the Williams FW32


Robert Kubica in the Renault R30

Force India

Adrian Sutil in the Force India VJM03

Toro Rosso

Jaime Alguersuari in the Toro Rosso STR5


Heikki Kovalainen in the Lotus 127


HRT 2010 F1 car launch


Pedro de la Rosa in the BMW Sauber C29


Lucas di Grassi in the Virgin VR-01

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128 comments on “Who’s got the best looking car? (Poll)”

  1. Mark Hitchcock
    10th March 2010, 0:33

    My favourite livery is either Lotus, Virgin and Red Bull. Favourite looking car is you ignore the livery is probably the Mclaren because of how aggressive and fast it looked on launch.

    My vote goes with Lotus, it’s not quite as good as it could have been (I think the green is gonna look a drab on tv) but A* for effort!

    1. Mark Hitchcock
      10th March 2010, 0:34

      So. Many. Typos. Sorry about that, it’s late.

  2. I think the McLaren looks the best this year, just a shame about the shark fin. I do have a soft spot for the Hispania car tho, i think there’s something attractive about sponsorless cars with basic liveries.

    1. McLaren? Really?

      Do I have to keep saying this? Chrome is for bath taps, not F1 cars.

      1. Sush Meerkat
        10th March 2010, 8:26

        I’m with Red Andy, I’ve never found a McLaren good looking… well apart from in the 80’s

        1. The “orange” McLaren that appeared pre-testing a few years ago was much better – I even liked the 76 one. Shame about recent years.

        2. I didn’t mind the black and chrome too much but maybe that’s just because I really can’t stand the livery of the last few years.
          Agree with Sush that Mclaren were at their best in the 80s (and possibly 90 and 91)

        3. I agree with Sush Meerkat, the Mclaren has never been a good looking car and the more “radical” they try to go the worse it gets….

      2. CovertGiblets
        10th March 2010, 9:00

        I quiet like the colour scheme however I think the back of the car is bug ugly.

        I voted for Virgin becuase of its simplicity.

      3. Thought the McLaren was the best looking car last season by a massive margin.

        Shark fin ruins the lines for me though this season. Looks herse shaped from the side. Can’t believe so many people have voted for it on here. It seems to be a case of people voting for their favourite team not the best looking car!!

        1. Yeah I think this is a case of people voting for their favorite team. I voted for Ferrari, because I think it is very clean and elegantly shaped, but its McLaren I want to win the title. I just dont like the look of the shark fins on most of these cars.

      4. I liked Mclaren around 2000, when they were black-white. But in the last years it’s getting worse.

      5. Great Browser tho’ :)

      6. Great Browser tho’ :0)

      7. Well said Red Andy! I was ******* myself laughing!

        Mclaren need to liven up their colours a little..anyways, the real Silver Arrows are back on the grid, so they should go back to their classic Red and White livery.

        In my opinion, Lotus has the best looking car on the grid. The paint job is classic, which is why I love it, nice finish to the rims as well.

        The white on the Ferrari takes the edge of it, so it isnt as striking as it usually is.

        The Mercs look great too, I love the silver and green bits. I saw one close up a couple days back. I went to the launch of the Malaysian GP 2010 where the revealed the MGP 01.

    2. I agree completely! Ugly sharkfin. The Hispania car looks great…

    3. I do like the 97′ livery, and the older ones where quite nice… but now? err… no thank you.

      1. My god! I just voted so I saw how many went for Mclaren? What are you guys on? wow……

        1. Mike, the Maclaren is truly the best looking out there. Well, for me definitely and I’m sure for those 259 fanatics who voted before me.

          1. Fair enough, Maybe I’m stilling emotionally scared as the rear wing being attached to the billboard they have on there….

    4. Hispania looks like it’s got a faded colour of sorts. It was black and some other colours bu fading fast!

  3. That’s a hard one.
    My favourite would either be Virgin, HRT, Sauber or Renault (which I didn’t like at first, but it grew on me… I still think vertical lines look bad on a race car).
    I don’t really get the hype about Lotus’ livery… sure, it’s British racing green, so I know where you’re coming from… but I agree with Mark that it’s not as good as it could have been.
    Voted for Virgin ;)

  4. Ned Flanders
    10th March 2010, 1:04

    I agree the cars will look a lot better this season than last. Not only are the liveries better but I imagine most of us are accustomed to the unusual looking post 2008 packages.

    I think my favourite livery is the Red Bull. I complain a lot about how they never change it any more, but to be fair it’s a very nice design, and I love that metallic blue they use.

    Of the new liveries, I imagine I’m in the minority which likes the ‘silver arrows’ Mercedes the best. The mix of turquoise and silver has worked out far better than I expected. The Lotus livery is also growing on me, though like Mark says above the shade of green isn’t bright enough.

    And even though no one’s asking my least favourite liveries are Hispania’s (sooooo boring) and Sauber’s (soooo unimaginative)

    1. Yeah i agree, the Mercedes is the best.

  5. i can’t see why people choose Mclaren as their favourite car… the livery is okay, but since they spoiled it a bit when they introduced the Vodafone red…

    and the car, appart from the livery, was horrid last season and it’s horrid this season!. The nose, the shark fin…

    the Virgin and Lotus, on the other hand, have some neat liveries!

  6. Mouse_Nightshirt
    10th March 2010, 1:31

    The Virgin gets my vote.

    The jokes are going to get tedious after a while…

    1. Another vote for the Virgin here. Interesting-shaped car and a really nice livery (not shown by the picture above).

  7. If anyone says HRT they might need to have their eyes checked, that car is like a grey box with some of the ugliest shapes and colors I’ve ever seen!

    The Red Bull car, on the other hand is simply beautiful and the same goes with the Mercedes, McLaren, and Renault, and Toro Rosso… all stunning vehicles!

  8. If it didn’t have the shark fin, I would have said McLaren. As it is, my favourite is the Williams, although I think Renault and Virgin have very nice liveries.

    1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I don’t understand the McLaren shark fin hate. I actually think the shark fin & the teardrop Vodafone sidepod paint gives it a certain low-slung aggressiveness that’s just stunning.

      However, I do like Virgin’s livery the best.

      1. As shark fins go, I’ll agree that the McLaren’s is the prettiest. At least they’ve coloured it so as to give the illusion that it isn’t there.

  9. Like the most:
    1. Lotus
    2. Merc
    3. Macca
    4. Red Bull
    5. Virgin

    The worsts:
    9. Ferrari (white? c´mon!)
    10. Force India
    11. Sauber (boring!)
    12. HRT (***? is that even a livery???)

  10. I went with Sauber for the aggressive shape, makes me think of a shark. The livery could be improved with sponsors.

    1. voted for sauber as well! surprised at how many little votes it’s got as everyone was impressed at the launch.

      mine would be followed by mercedes and perhaps toro rosso.

      1. here too, photo with the article is so so, but indeed at the launch it looked stunning to me!
        …and in fact, the wheels alone are enough for my vote

  11. IMO the Ferrari is the prettiest, and the McLaren is the most sophisticated looking.

    1. The Ferrari is defiantly the best looking car and the Mclaren looks like they had a parts bin and put a car together from what they had left. It is really bug ugly…

      I do like the livery on both the Lotus and Virgin cars.

  12. You know what? For the pure reason of all the colour on the grid I am hugely excited for this season – it feels like real Formula One again. Full of real racing teams rather than manufacturer teams. For the first time in 10 years, it feels like Formula One is going in the right direction – there’s barely no politics! Lets go racing

  13. I really don’t see the appeal of the vigin. I’ve seen lots of praise for the tribal design, but to me it seems like a tribal tatoo- mostly tacky, rarely particularly good-looking, and a sign of not knowing what else to put on. Other than that I find the colours to be a bit midland. I think the Ferraris quite nice, even though I didn’t like the white originally, but the nose is to long a pointy from some angles. I think the Red Bull is best, closely followed by the McLaren.

    1. I agree so much about the super tacky Virgin. I normally wonder whether it’s me or the general public with a terrible taste, but come on. That car is such a pain to look at.

  14. HRT actually looks okay, but my vote is with STR. The navy red and gold looks awesome and the car looks a bit more cohesive than the RBR with its ‘devil horns’ on the nose.

    The McLaren’s nose is ugly and I don’t like the look of their sidepods even if the shape works. The Ferrari looks anorexic, the Renault has the best paint scheme but the car is so-so, and Lotus despite having the great classic colours looks a bit late-90’s – very boxy at the back.

    So STR for me!

  15. The Force India car is bright and cute… i voted for it….i like the mclaren too!

    1. i like sauber and FI which are bright and simple….

  16. Toro Rosso
    brilliant color combinations, great design. looks the coolest to me.

  17. Voted for Force India! Yeah, Im just being patriotic!!

    1. Other than Vijay Mallya, there is not much to be patriotic about FI though!! ;)

      1. Atleast the livery has some green & saffron!!

  18. Lotus is beauty, but Virgin is most!

  19. McLaren the most beautiful?

    If McLaren were French, it wouldn’t have half the votes.

    1. Agreed, McLaren gains votes for being British, with Renault losing them for being French ;) I love to watch biased people voting in the morning ;)

      1. being Frech, I still voted for Mac Laren (just ahead of Renault!). The car looks real good.

  20. José Baudaier
    10th March 2010, 3:27

    I voted Red Bull, although not 100% sure. If it were the ugliest car it would be easy: HRT.

  21. unfortunately these rules prevent any of the cars themselves from being good looking.

    mclaren’s livery is nice, though i would have preferred the mclaren orange.

  22. I voted for Virgin.Its looks splendid.I like the Lotus,Renault and Red Bull livery too.Mclaren’s is nothing special and Mercedes probably have the worst looking car this year along with HRT

  23. agreed realist. i voted for the ferrari and its red bull look. i liked quite a few so it was hard to decide. the red totally ruins the renault, overall shape of car goes to williams and the mercedes is the nicest simple livery car. didnt think hrt was bad either, just reminded me too much of the minnesota vikings with the white and yellow, if you might know what im referring to even.

    1. Red accents on Renault make it look excellent. They turn this wasp into a hornet!

      Lotus and Ferrari also look outstanding. To be honest the whole grid is decent looking this year with the exception of awful HRT.

  24. Prisoner Monkeys
    10th March 2010, 5:19

    I’m a traditionalist – I hate shark fins. So that means Mercedes, Lotus, HRT and Virgin are the only ones I’m really going to like. Everyone else has been seen with one a some point during testing.

    So for me, I think it’s a tie. I just can’t decide between the W01 and the VR-01.

  25. I voted for McLaren. But, man, that Red Bull is a beautiful car. I also like the Williams. I think I’m a sucker for those high noses.

  26. The Virgin just makes me thirsty, because it reminds me of a can of Cherry Coke.

  27. The most photogenic is the Red Bull, I reckon, although the Lotus and HRT are somewhat classic designs: I like those.

  28. No one else likes the toro rosso? :(

    1. Toro Rosso have grown on my over the past couple years. I remember their first year some commentator said the red bull on the side looked like a giant pancreas or something like that. Quite amusing.

  29. I voted for Virgin – good combination of colors and nice details.

  30. I voted for HRT, I really like the car : )

  31. I really like the Ferrari, Lotus and HRT, but for me the Sauber is the best looking.

  32. Rum and Coke
    10th March 2010, 7:43

    Ferrariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!#:) By a country mile!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. In my opinion all cars are looking better than last year. That’s big step ahead, I really like them all! I’m not big McLaren’s fan, but this car looks especially fantastic. So I voted for McLaren.

  34. Best Looks: Livery
    Renault or Force India??
    Hmmmm, Renault, just on the basis I seen/saw Force India’s livery last year, and Renaults is retro new!!

    Best Looks: Actual Car:
    Mercedes or Mclaren.
    I love the Mercedes drop down nose, but the Mclaren is neat, with the smooth bulbous rear and the awesome “shark fin joining rear wing bit!!”

  35. I voted for lotus! because they bring back the green colour to F1. Although there are green colour on force india and honda before, there are more white colour than green on their cars.
    This year F1 is like a complete set again, with every main colour on the car! Green, blue, red , yellow. It’s just so refreshing to watch these cars.

  36. Can you make a poll which we can vote for more than one car?

  37. For me it was Virgin with its sexy black and red. Then the Renualt’s hornet-like livery.
    Also McLaren looks great but its a matter of shape rather than color. And on the opposite side of the spectrum – Merc – simply dull.

  38. The good looking cars:
    HRT, Virgin, Renault

    The rest are ugly. McLaren is patheticaly ugly.

  39. Im surprised so many people like the sauber and so few like the williams. the sauber looks like it was developed and put together in a communist country, especially with lack of sponsorship and those cheap lookin wheels. my vote mightve been for renault, had they decided to shed the red on the sides for black instead.

    1. Many men, many minds. Simple things also have their fans.

  40. I voted for Force India.
    Next places: Lotus, Virgin and Sauber

  41. who voted red bull? this livery is sooo boring… its worse than toro rosso

    1. Isn’t this about the cars? I don’t know why so many people are basing their decisions on the paint-job.

      If they were all white I can’t see how you could go past the Red Bull.

  42. This poll reminds me of the Brabham BT54. That was a beautifull car.
    To me the 2010 are fast and efficient but not good looking. There is just something wrong with the dimensions of the cars. I like the wings of the Renault, I like the engine cover of the Ferrari, I like the side view of the Sauber, I like the livery of the Lotus. But only compares to one another.
    The BT54 still beats them hands down.

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      10th March 2010, 9:01

      The Brabham BT54 was undoubtedly the most beautiful F1 car of all time. Whereas the Mercedes W01 and the BMW Sauber Ferrari BMW Kwik Fit Leyland Daf Sauber show complete failure of imagination.

    2. Kudos for bringing up the Brabham BT54 in a discussion about F1 car aesthetics. My god that thing is gorgeous.

  43. Lots of McLaren fanboys then……………. I mean come on, the livery isn’t great, I have never liked it, and the actual shape of the car is very ugly, the shark fin and flat wide nose makes it look cumbersome. Virgin, Sauber and Force India are very nice, and as for the actual cars themselves, the shape of Virgin, Red Bull and Mercedes are very elegant, but very sharp. Beauty is not just colour you know

  44. I voted for Renault. Also wanted to vote for Lotus.

    These 2 liveries are indeed stunning.

  45. As I said in the post, there’s a lot I like:

    McLaren: the silver/lurid orange combination is a daring one but they make it work. The car is distinctive – some people find it abhorrently ugly but I don’t share that reaction. I don’t get the hatred of shark fins, I think the intersection between the fin and the rear wing is a smart piece of work.

    Lotus: Can’t go wrong with classic colours.

    Renault: About time. The Total red is a bit off-putting but it’s better than the Mild Seven livery (I never liked that blue) and the ING monstrosity.

    Force India: Liked it last year, like it this year.

    Red Bull: Seldom changed but a nice piece of livery design. Toro Rosso’s still looks like an afterthought.

    I’m not fond of the Mercedes – there’s some nice historical touches but the whole thing doesn’t hang together and looks a bit drab. The turquoise just feels wrong.

    I’m disappointed to see Ferrari sticking so much white on their car again.

    But my favourite? Virgin edge it. A really striking colour combination and the graphics are a nice touch too. It has an IndyCar kind of look which I really appreciate.

    1. Keith, I have to agree with you on the Mercedes. Not quite as pleasing a shape as the BGP001. Also, the whole nose looks like a finger to me!

    2. I like the white back on the Ferrari and it has come back because of there new sponsor Santander

  46. This is a really tough choice to make. I’ll rule out McLaren and Ferrari right away, both uninspired and have been around too long. The Renault is nice, but the car shape doesn’t flatter, so thats out. Williams’s blue and white is getting dull now too.

    I do like the Sauber design with the new shape, but it is essentially a BMW palette-swap, which is a shame.

    The Lotus looks so much better in the sunlight, and I have to say it comes in third for me. The Red Bull is second, the metallic blue works well with the primary colours and makes for a very smart car.

    But th winner for me is the Mercedes. I’m not overly fond of the car shape, especially the nose that looks like a bent thumb, but I really like the brushed metal effect with the splashes of turquoise and carbon fibre. Brilliant.

  47. Silver or the later chrome livery hasn’t really suited Mclaren since they parted ways with West. Lotus are looking good though they could do with tweaking the green a little bit? (Might just be camera lighting).

    Force India have a nice and simple livery which is easy on the eye.

  48. I am surprised more people aren’t picking the Renault.

    I am not a Renault fan particularly, but it’s just really fun to look at.
    Almost retro. And the colours are really nice.

    Bet they get dirty by the end of a race though!

    1. The colors are nice, but the nose looks to blunt. It looks like a boxer who had his nose broken too many times.

  49. CovertGiblets
    10th March 2010, 9:20

    I feel the overall beauty of the cars could be greatly improved by the removal of those horrible shark fins! They make the cars look unbalanced,ungainly and ugly. They’re almost as bad as the winglets that used to spring up all over the place before they were banned.

  50. McLaren have the coolest, most aggressive looking car.

    I can’t help feeling that the Mercedes would look light years better if only they removed that stupid black tip and/or spraypaint swoops from the nose – I think they ruin what could be a very good looking car.

    RedBull are most distinctive.

    Ferrari have the best overall look, I think. There’s just a nice balance and flow to the car’s proportions.

    The Renault looks like an inoffensive toy.

  51. As usual the best looking car for me is a combination of the shape of the car and the livery. While I previously knew the livery was the main factor for me I have realised how important it is in my decision this season.

    I say this because previously I have not seen a shark fin on an F1 car I liked, but I do like how it looks on the MP4-25. I am not sure if this is solely down to the livery and how they have matched it with rear wing, or if the fact the shark fin itself doesn’t look flat plays a part. However I still think the car would look better without the shark fin.

    Apart from a quick look at a video of testing on YouTube I haven’t seen any on the new cars in action on TV, only in photos, so my opinion on how some of the cars look and how the liveries work could change after the first few races.

    Overall the MP4-25 is my favourite in the looks department this year, the silver and red livery is defiantly one of my all time favourites as well.

    After the McLaren I also like the Williams, Red Bull Lotus & Virgin.

    One of the things that stand out is how many teams need some sponsors, which is obviously not a good sign for the health of the sport.

  52. [blockquote]I say this because previously I have not seen a shark fin on an F1 car I liked, but I do like how it looks on the MP4-25. I am not sure if this is solely down to the livery and how they have matched it with rear wing, or if the fact the shark fin itself doesn’t look flat plays a part. [/blockquote]

    Those words capture my feeling about the shark fin exactly. While I thought the chrome look a bit too much in the past, the addition of the red “barb” on the fin for me makes the whole package work. And I like the lines of the car, sleekish, but with a blunt, strong nose. Or something.

    The ferrari, even with shark fin, has grown on me. It looks to be a well made but somewhat boring package.

  53. McLaren has a gorgeous colour scheme “for sure”, but the shape of the car is damn fugly!

    Mercedes is the best all-rounder IMO. Beautiful flowing shape which is really highlighted by the black/green accents on the simple silver body.

    My 2p!!

  54. I actually don’t really like the grid that much. Last year there was too much white and now there is a lot of white and a lot of grey.
    Serious moan here: :P
    I voted STR but it’s still too close to RBR for (I know they have to sell a product but it’s confusing). Ferrari -and I’m stealing this phrase from Katy- looked like Team Santander but it has grown on me a lot. FI hideous. Mclaren never liked the chrome and red combo at all (the front wing is too fussy for me as well). The Merc is pretty dull although I like the black and the shape of the nose. HRT is also a bit boring. Sauber is probably my third favourite as it looks aggressive but it’s slightly stop-start. Renault just looks like a blood-stained bee and the R29 was beautiful. Williams the blue is too dark. Virgin has pretty patterns but is just to orangey and I don’t like Lotus.
    However, even if I don’t like the majority of teams I like the fact that there is a lot more colour. It’s more love or hate with a lot of designs and I’d take that any day rather than last year where the Brawn, Toyota, BMW, FI and Renault all had huge amounts of white. So I like the grid as a whole but not many of the individual cars :P

    1. @Steph Agree about Sauber. :P

  55. Both the Lotus and Renault look great in their retro livery. I really like simple designs without multiple logos/brands appearing all over the place.

    For those who are interested in graphic design (I do this for a living) then check out this fantastic new book – Go Faster: The Graphic Design of Racing Cars.

    I read a review in a recent copy of Autosport magazine and even Creative Review has posted an article on this new book (see the link below):


    A fascinating read with lots of good photos featuring classic livery in sportcars, Formula One and WRC.

  56. I’m a McLaren guy at heart but the Ferrari is gorgeous this year.

  57. I voted for Renault based on the change compared to the looks last year.

  58. OMG, I can’t believe how many people voted for Mercedes. Really is that the best looking car? It looks like it’s crashed on the nose and hasn’t been washed in weeks.

    Ferrari looks plain too, but that’s mostly because of their dull livery and conventional aerodynamics. Still they obviously have a lot of fans.

    I guess it also depends what you rate on. The livery of Virgin, Lotus, McLaren and Renault probably wins them votes and Mercedes, HRT and Ferrari will lose there.

    1. The mercedes looks like a broken finger.

  59. I quite like the Williams myself!

  60. Lotus is the best looking, seriously everytime i remember my boyhood toys, the colors of that Lotus Pop up..what a great combination.

    Virgin looks nice as well, but sadly the established teams don’t have nice liveries other than Renault…

    even Ferrari managed to mess it up

  61. I can’t really decide on what is the best looking one.

    The Virgin seems to be the best due to both the colour-scheme and the lines of the car.
    Williams have also a very beatifull car in what comes to lines, as well as Ferrari (the shark-fin ruined it a bit though).
    The Renault R30 is awesome, due to 2 reasons: the colour-scheme and the inovative rear-wing, but the lines of the car is not as beatifull of the above, and they use a shark-fin.
    I like the Mercedes car too, but their dull colour-scheme does not convice me.

    Both the Red Bull and Toro Rosso are very beatifull machines, but in my opinion, the shark-fin ruins it a bit.

    So what is the best lookign of them all?

    I guess I’ll have to go with Virgin!

    PS – The Lotus and the HRT car seem very nice too, so kudos for the new teams at least their cars look nice!

  62. Does anyone know which cars dalara is making for F1?

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      10th March 2010, 12:49

      It’s the HRT.

      1. is the HRT the only one? was the USF1 the only other one dalara was working on?

        1. HounslowBusGarage
          10th March 2010, 22:26

          US F1 were attempting to design and construct their owm tub from scratch. That’s one of the reasons they didn’t get anywhere. As far as I know, there was never any tie-up between Dalara and US F1.

  63. It’s hilarious how stroppy people get if a vote doesn’t go the way they want it to.

  64. I like Sauber the best. But there are many good looking cars.

  65. Does anyone know which cars Dalara is making this year? I wanted to compare them to each other and see how they looked alike.

  66. Colours: Mercedes, McLaren and Force india I really loves Silver and Orange
    Ugliest Colours: HRT

    Body Work:
    Williams, Sauber, Ferrari
    Ugliest Body: Virgin

    Renault, Force India, Lotus
    Ugliest nose: Mercedes

    1. So to make clear i had to vote Force India as i gave 3, 2, 1 points to nr. 1, 2, 3 and -1 for ugliest.

  67. For me, the best looking car is actually the Virgin. It’s front nose looks mean and fast even if it isn’t and I quite like the paintjob.

    I would probably put the Ferrari next, although I’m not a huge fan of the white bits, but its aggresive shape looks good once again.

    Finally, the Mclaren, because the silver livery seems to be able to hide up any uglyness the car might have. I think face on it looks aggresive and cool, but from the side it’s a bit ugly and long looking.

    At the end of the day this is not the order I want the cars to win in, but visually yeah.

    I think I would put Lotus at the bottom just because it looks like a box with wheels attached rather than a F1 car.

  68. I have to admit the Lotus looks good, even if I didn’t vote for it.

    But doesn’t anyone else see the resemblance to a John Deere lawn tractor, especially with the yellow wheels? Just an American thing maybe?

  69. McLaren’s aero device makes the car look even more distinctive, but IMHO not the best looking car. Renault and Hispania have the best looking cars … though the name HRT is just shocking :-(. The Mercedes is very angular.

  70. The Mclaren is a beauty. MP4-20(2005 car) with the horns was a stunner.(where are the horns!) The RedBull is simply gorgeous. So for me it’s a tie.

  71. McLaren is the best looking but, I voted for Lotus, I love that colour.

  72. I’m showing my age by voting Lotus but it is si nice to see British Racing Green back.

    I thinkm the worst is Mercedes, maybe it looks better in real life but it looks really dowdy in photos. Mcclaren seem to able to make silver really look silver

  73. I am a life-long Lotus fan so I’m going to pick the Lotus. However, I agree that the green will probably not look so good on TV.
    The ultimate would be if they returned to the black and gold JPS color scheme; the best color scheme of all time!!!

  74. the Sri Lankan
    10th March 2010, 22:53

    i actually happened to like the toyota colours

  75. I think I share the view with a lot of people when I say the Renault could easily be the best looking – but the nose is so chunky and square and to be honest the whole car looks like it needs to go on a diet! haha! And let’s not forget the red bits. *shudder*

  76. I am actually one of the biggest Ferrari fans, however, the whole white Santander deal seriously makes me miss the all Red F16 (the aircraft) shaped car (F2008) every single time I look at the F10. I voted for Sauber. It looks really aggressive and it’s actually intimidating unlike the Maclaren which is a total cliche. As for Virgin, I really don’t like it, It reminds me of a Coka Cola can… Lotus is simply UGLY and finally renault, Yellow, Really??

  77. BTW…. Put on the red Gear back on the Ferrari and trust me the whole world WILL LITERALLY LOVE IT.. because and as always, Ferrari, regardless of the livery has the best aerodynamic supported shape ;)

  78. To those confused as to why Mercedes gets votes, here is the reason:

    It’s a beast.

    1. “It’s a beast.”

      Who? Brawn?

  79. Rick DeNatale
    15th March 2010, 1:43

    I was in love with the Lotus the first time I saw it.

    It evokes the memories of the great Lotus 25 so strongly.

  80. Great poll and interesting results. I’m surprised how much McLaren took it by and even more surprised Red Bull did not get more votes…

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