Two new sponsors for Renault (Pictures)

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Renault has announced two new sponsorship deals in the last two days.

The R30 will carry HP logos on its engine cover having announced a two-year deal with the computer manufacturer. HP logos last appeared in F1 when it sponsored Williams until the end of the 2005 season.

The team has revealed two renderings showing their new HP logos plus the logos of brake company Mov’it who it announced a deal with yesterday.

This follows the Lada sponsorship deal announced by the team last week. Renault has had to rebuild its sponsorship portfolio after losing former title sponsor ING and Mutua Madrilena around the time of the Singapore crash scandal.

The sight of new sponsor logos on an F1 car is an encouraging sign that at least one team is able to find new backers. Other teams’ cars are still conspicuously bare, particularly the Saubers.

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27 comments on “Two new sponsors for Renault (Pictures)”

  1. It’s nice to see Renault rebuilding their team after, Piquet nearly ended them.

    1. Now how in the world could Windsor and Ken not get HP or ACER or ASUS or DELL or… some American company to sponsor them? I would have gone after these guys first. Especially if they already had Chad who knows this industry! What a bunch of idiots! I knew these companies were interested and those $#$^$%$# blew it. I’m so steamed over this now. I think Ken and Peter and Chad all need to hold the lollipops for the new teams whilst wearing tutu’s in the hopes that a foot gets run over. So much for Team America.

      1. Apparently the sponsorship had a lit to with Gerard Lopez going through his Genii Capital avenues, so USF1 would never have been able to get them so easily, or any other company for that matter.

  2. AW.. it’s ruined the livery

  3. The HP logo ruins the who “Marlboro esque” barcode, but it’s good they have got a decent sized company sponsor, I presume it comes from BMW?

    The little green logo looks like a hash leaf!!

    1. It’s good that it covers up the barcode lines. Doesn’t look quite so fat now.

    2. Ned Flanders
      11th March 2010, 19:41

      I don’t think HP ever sponsored BMW, it was Intel- or are they owned by the same company? I’m not sure

      Anyway I’m amazed to see Renault pick up such a great sponsor. Chip’s don’t come much bluer than HP. Then again, mabye they’ve offered them a really cheap deal to try and get a big name sponsor and the credibility they bring- like Jordan did with 7up back in 1991

      1. They sponsored Williams BMW, it is probably what they ment.

  4. They also signed MOV’IT too

    1. Third paragraph.

  5. it does ruin the livery a bit, but its nice to see Renault start to pick up some sponsors.

  6. Good news for Renault that they have managed to get some more sponsors, although I would have preferred HP to have gone back to Williams as they are another team who need to get some sponsors signed up.

    The plain yellow sidepods on the Renault are still screaming out for a sponsor though.

  7. Thank goodness the vertical lines on the engine cover have gone. Now Renault, why not add big race numbers to the side of your cars like you used to . A big red ’11’ and a blue ’12’! Racing cars should have big numbers on!!

    1. Hear hear! Numbers should by law be displayed big on the nose, and the rear wing endplates, like they used to be. Additional number displays can be anywhere the teams wish.

  8. The Genuine Jim
    11th March 2010, 17:07

    If Renault go back to a more traditional sloping engine cover rather than the current shark fin, the HP logo looks like it would be cut in half. Good to see they’re getting sponsors though.

  9. I think it makes the livery look better

  10. The Renault would look a lot better if the Rhombus company symbol is placed on the nose where the black is which would give more space to HP, and look better! I can’t stand logos written sideways down the nose. It’s only for the Paddock club view I’m sure!

    1. Agree. The rhombus should go on the nose, HP should dominate the engine cover, and the still-blank sides (which just accentuates the lack of sponsorship, and psychologically, makes it look less attractive to sponsor) should haves big Renault or Kubica/Petrov on them. Failing that, a cheeky “Advertise here for as little as $5 million a year!” advert ;-)

  11. reflections are photoshopped!!

    1. Whole picture is CG, they haven’t just placed the car in a white room in Bahrain! The HP should be on the sidepod IMO

  12. AlonsoFollower
    11th March 2010, 21:25

    Man, now that Fernando is no longer there I can at least openly express myself: Renault’s painting have been ugly in the last three years. Very ugly.

    The new logos do not make it any better, but at least give them some financial relief. Hope the best for them, but I don’t think Renault in its current shape can be back to the top positions.

    1. Agree, actually can someone photoshop the colour scheme of the old Renault RE 30B colours to the R30? This is what colour scheme Renault should have done!

  13. Prisoner Monkeys
    11th March 2010, 22:25

    Renault are allegedly talking with Gazprom and several Russian banks as well.

  14. From a distance it looks like they are sponsored by a pot dealer.

    1. LOL!!! That made my day even more than getting a new job did!!! lol

  15. Good for Renault.

  16. Anyone else think that “Mangrove Capital Partners” logo looks like something Bob Marley would enjoy smoking?

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