Bahrain Grand Prix qualifying in pictures

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The drivers had to get used to a busier track in the first qualifying session of the year with 24 cars in action at Bahrain. Here are pictures from today’s qualifying session.

More pictures from qualifying will be posted here later.

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23 comments on “Bahrain Grand Prix qualifying in pictures”

  1. Some of the cars this year are just stunning. And that last shot of Webber is art!

  2. Nice pics again Keith !
    Looking forward to tomorrow and the way they are going to spare their tyres…

  3. Putting palms around the track does improve the looks of the Bahrain dustbowl, shown well in the photos of the Force ~Indias

  4. FIA has banned McLaren new diffuser following this event, they will need a new diffuser at Melbourne.

    1. Have they?

      Mclaren will win in Melbourne ;-)

    2. Are you serious??
      If it is illegal then the results should NOT stand for Bahrain if they change it.

      Surely if it merits points this weekend it merits them at any other race, I would have thought!

      1. From the article, it is not said to be illegal. Just a matter of the FIA “explaining the scope of the rules interpretation”. Something like they did with the Flex-wings (in 2007?).
        Said the same for Renault’s diffusor.

        As McLaren tested a diffusor without the upper deck extendet to the whole of the beam wing, i suppose they expected something like this.
        It might even be a trade off for getting to keep their F-duct gadget.

  5. I miss the white car…silver (gray) sucks

  6. “….., McLaren simply agreeing to scrap the design after the chequered flag waves in Bahrain on Sunday”

    Surely it is either Legal to race or not.

    1. even Renault have to told to change it…

      1. Yea they have to be really gutted. McLaren at least has the F-duct gizmo.
        But maybe they agreed to this, in exchange for all teams and FIA agreeing on them doing the engine updates?

  7. Pedro Andrade
    13th March 2010, 22:07

    How come even HRT have more sponsors than Sauber?!

    1. They are a new team, so they need more money? Some was brought by Senna and probably Chandhuk as well.

      Sauber does get the FOM money, so this probably gives them some room/time to discuss with sponsors without too much pressure to get the best deal?

      Maybe Sauber could put the driver names on the sidepods as well (Pedro and Kamui sounds good!).

      for me the Sauber and HRT cars have pretty much inverted liveries, with HRT having a white slash on dark nose and Sauber being the other way around.
      I like the grey a little bit more, but it would have looked better with a wider spanish flag band.

  8. I am starting to get a liking for Vettel’s new helmet design lik a RedBull can. This guy has some nice humor.

  9. a website and no pictures of Lotus?? Dissapointing

    1. (a) I’m not that partisan.
      (b) I use the pictures I can get. Plenty of Lotus ones here yesterday. In fact some people complained there were too many: Bahrain Grand Prix practice in pictures

  10. Great selection of pictures!

  11. Yeah I like Vettels helmet too and I like how he names his cars each year with a female name. Proof he’s enjoying his time @ Red Bull and has a good sense of humour.

  12. I was really impressed by Chandok, maybe he isn’t the next world champ, but he is working very hard, he is competent, and he definitely deserves his place on the grid.

    That and the HRT looks quite good, now it’s on the track.

    And has anyone noticed how close Virgin and Lotus are? The battle at the back I think we be very good this year. ^^,

    Sutil has impressed me last night…

  13. First pcture of Bruno Senna:

    “Bruno Senna, HRT, Ferrari, Bahrain, 2010”

    Very confused….

    1. Fixed, thanks.

  14. im well lucky for once my football of so i can finally get to watch the f1

  15. Photo’s of F1 cars are my one great weakness…

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