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The start of a new F1 season usually takes place against the scenic background of Albert Park in Melbourne.

This year Australia was swapped for the sand dunes of Bahrain, which were brightened up by F1’s colourful 2010 grid. Here’s a collection of pictures from the race.

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24 comments on “2010 Bahrain Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. Is it just me or do these long 2010 look brilliant from the side? The 2009 cars look kind of goofy compared to these. Still kind of a boring race though, but have there been many exciting races at Bahrain? I’m sure there will be some better races later in the season. Spa shouldn’t disappoint though, and neither should Interlagos. But Valencia, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi are probably going to be boring as well.

    1. Simple to say – Tilkedromes

      1. Yeh, is it just me or is the Bahrain layout strangely similar to the old A1 ring layout? For the most part looks like he just copied it.

        He makes a fortune and his only expense is a 99p ruler and protractor from Tesco.

        What a cad.

        1. “He makes a fortune and his only expense is a 99p ruler and protractor from Tesco.”

          If that’s all he uses then more luck to him! :D

          Keith, what ever happened to all the blockquote’s and those other things. I can’t think what they are called but they were quite handy.

  2. One of the pictures in named wrong, the picture with the HRT coming down into the first corner from the aerial view is Chandhok not Senna:)

  3. I find the HRT quite beautiful especially the side view

    1. DamionShadows
      15th March 2010, 0:57

      I do agree, and dare I say it may actually be the best looking.

      1. damonsmedley
        15th March 2010, 5:47

        Speaking of HRT, did anyone see (or has anyone seen) what happened to Chandhok? They (FOM) just showed the mangled car and never showed us how he managed to crash… If it wasn’t caught on camera, why don’t all the cars just have at least one onboard camera for moments like these?

        1. I haven’t seen any footage of what happened to Chanhok but he said in an interview with BBC that he hit a bump which he didn’t realise was there which caused his incident. He had only done a few laps in the car prior to the race after all.

      2. I second that as well, but may they grant my wish if they would be like the newcomers Lotus and Virgin to use INBOARD mirrors, and to remove the front wing winglets would be really an awesome looking car!

    2. Although I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I like the HRT’s livery, the cars do look better after they put the drivers names on the side-pods to fill in the blank space. I think Renault should consider this until they sign a sponsor for their side-pods.

  4. Love the Branson/Tony arm wrestle. Hope FiA doesn’t snuff out these guy’s willingness to invest in F1. F1 needs new teams. Virgin, HRT and Lotus are the best thing about 2010 (yep, even better than Michael’s return).

  5. Anyone else think that Fernando’s helmet makes him look like Boba Fett from Star Wars? :-)

  6. Love the wheels without covers. Especially lotus car.

  7. Yesterday’s race was boring beyond belief. Alonso passed Massa in the second corner. That was it.

    The good news is, I get my Sundays back.

    I will still probably watch qualifying and the first three or four rounds of the race.

  8. Am I imagining this, or is the Santander logo on the Ferrari a different shade of red from the rest of the car?

    1. DamionShadows
      15th March 2010, 22:24

      It’s probably just an illusion due to the fact that it has so much white space around it, but it does look different on the rear wing for sure.

  9. Where is the “Bahrain GP stats article” : I am dying to enter one. Never mind, will add it here.

    Fernando Alonso now becomes the only driver on the grid to win atleast 1 race with 3 different teams.

    I think the last driver to do that was Hill/Prost/Senna, don’t know, but definitely it was a long long time back. Not in 2000s, I am sure.

    1. not Senna I’m afraid. he didn’t win with williams unfortunately.

      but prost won with 4 teams: renault, mclaren, ferrari and williams.

  10. great photos.
    any pics with the 18 WDC’s?

  11. Brilliant photos, thanks Keith
    Since the demise of F1-Live I’ve been searching for a site with good hi-res photos, looks like I’ve found one!

  12. Seeing Sir Richard Branson in one of the pictures made me wonder if he is enjoying F1 racing as much this year as he did last year…

  13. I wait to schumacher result after 5 race

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