Championship standings after Bahrain

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Championship standings after the Bahrain Grand Prix

Drivers’ championship

Position Driver Points
1 Fernando Alonso 25
2 Felipe Massa 18
3 Lewis Hamilton 15
4 Sebastian Vettel 12
5 Nico Rosberg 10
6 Michael Schumacher 8
7 Jenson Button 6
8 Mark Webber 4
9 Vitantonio Liuzzi 2
10 Rubens Barrichello 1
11 Nico Hulkenberg 0
12 Robert Kubica 0
13 Jaime Alguersuari 0
14 Vitaly Petrov 0
15 Adrian Sutil 0
16 Sebastien Buemi 0
17 Jarno Trulli 0
18 Heikki Kovalainen 0
19 Karun Chandhok 0
20 Bruno Senna 0
21 Pedro de la Rosa 0
22 Kamui Kobyashi 0
23 Timo Glock 0
24 Lucas di Grassi 0

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Ferrari 43
2 McLaren 21
3 Mercedes 18
4 Red Bull 16
5 Force India 2
6 Williams 1
7 Renault 0
8 Toro Rosso 0
9 Lotus 0
10 HRT 0
11 Sauber 0
12 Virgin 0

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14 comments on “Championship standings after Bahrain”

  1. LOL! I was wondering why only 4 teams had been given points- were there 4 ferraris on the track?

  2. Looks pretty good for Renault and for Force India. Shame about them getting cought out at the start.
    To me it seems the track was pretty hard on the cars, with wheels falling of in F1 and GP2, broken suspension for Petrov etc.

    The cars are still unable to follow and overtake, nothing new there.

    1. There will be good fight between Renault & Force India & Williams.

      1. Yes, that is great. A shame the fight for the first places is not so intense for now.

  3. These points look pretty weird, huge sums already!

    I suppose it is a good thing, they give points for up to 10th place, otherwise only the big 4 would have any points.

    1. I think the new points system is silly. Back ’03, the points system was altered to create closer championships. Now it’s been decided that it wasn’t good enough, and have gone back to the system were the winner gets more of a comfort zone, in terms of points.

      It’s also silly to me how the points now go up to 10th place from 24 starters, whereas in the 90s, only 6 out of 26 cars recieved points.

      Leaving the points system the way it was probably would mean just 4 or 5 teams scoring regularly. But, it would push the midfield teams even further in developing their cars. The end result would leave some great races by the end of the season.

      Bernie, don’t fix it if ain’t broke.

  4. New point system seems OK & will reward the driver who wins the maximum number of races (which was the basic idea when medal system was proposed).
    Force India will be very good mid level team this season, really sorry for the Adrian,though.
    New pit stop status updation is confusing, only actual pit stop timing should be shown as earlier. Lap completion indication ‘for the completed’ laps makes sense.
    New rules will produce unpredicable races especially Monaco & Spa.
    As of now, a bit boring season opener.

  5. At least Force India have bagged some points, shame about Sutil.

  6. I thought that if you don’t make it back to pits when the race is finish, your position don’t count? What happened to that, or is it only when a Mclaren don’t make it back?

    1. that counts, but it depends on the part of the race distance the car did. Not sure, where the limit is though.

  7. Vincent1972
    15th March 2010, 3:13

    If the race extends a little bit more and vettel ranked below 5th, I could have predicted the top 5 drivers (only not in the same rank). Lost a lot of points. Better luck next race. :)

  8. Keith,
    Can you also parallely update the results according to the 2009 point system at the end of each race. Atleast that will make for an interesting read.

    As such, eliminating the 6 drivers from the new teams plus hulkenberg/petrov(atleast for the first half of the season) – finishing 10/12th cannot be termed as genuine midfielders (that too with so many DNFs). Hence, taking 16 to be the actual no. of drivers competing this season and reducing the no. of point scoring positions, we may be able to judge the improvements made be each team over last year.

    1. I don’t see much point in putting in the effort to add everything up with a points system that isn’t being used any more.

      But I may add some reference to the drivers’ and teams’ results for the season when we’ve got the next race in the bag.

  9. Alonso leading the WDC for the first time since Monaco 2007 its been a long time coming.

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