F1 cars to promote “Make Roads Safe”

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Every F1 car will carry the branding of the FIA’s “Make Roads Safe” campaign from the next round of the world championship in Australia.

The Formula One Teams’ Association announced the backing for the FIA’s global road safety initiative today.

F1 cars already show support for the FIA’s “Make Cars Green” campaign via the green-rimmed softer compound tyres first seen at the 2008 Japanese Grand Prix.

It’s interesting to see FOTA announcing this backing for the FIA campaign and it’s hopefully a sign of better relations between the the teams and the governing body.

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14 comments on “F1 cars to promote “Make Roads Safe””

  1. will it be a discrete logo or something bigger?

  2. I know of ‘some’ teams who have enough space on their cars for this campaign…
    or wil all cars have (blood)red frontwings?

    1. inc0mmunicado
      20th March 2010, 4:55

      The white Ferrari wings should be red anyway…

  3. Williams already had it at rear wing endplates at Bahrain. Others will just squeeze it somewhere I guess…

  4. I survived a terrible crash last year. I was hit by two cars, made a few pirouettes and finally ended up in a ditch just in three metres from a concrete column. My car was totally smashed. That was an experience I don’t want to repeat again, thank God I was using seat belts, I really think they have saved my life. So, my friends, always wear your seat belt.

    1. Glad to hear youre ok.
      But make sure you drive on the correct side of the road next time!!

      1. Thanks! But actually it wasn’t my fault, the other driver has been found guilty. But anyway, I’m more cautious on the road now.

  5. If the FIA keep Sutil on the racing track, then i will feel a lot safer already!

  6. FOTA & FIA needs to work together for the good of the sports.

  7. uuuhhh – why does UN funded website aimed at saving lives feel the need to sell tshirts at £15??

    if they are trying to get their message out there surely selling them at cost price would make more sense??

  8. I think this is a good message to send out. At least it isn’t hypocritical like the ‘green message’. I still think it’s extraordinary that the drivers can walk away from huge shunts with barely any injury.

  9. i wonder how many euroNCAP stars would an F1 car get in a crash test?

  10. Makes sense!! We see hardly any overtaking in F1 which is in fact safe way to drive and ideal to promote “Make Roads Safe”.

  11. It’s a shame you can only see the stickers when the cars crash.

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