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Here are the details of the BBC’s live video coverage of the Australian Grand Prix and the F1 Fanatic live blogs which will take place during all five sessions this weekend:

Friday 26th March 2010

Australian Grand Prix Free practice 1 – 1.25-3.05am (BBC Red Button and online)
F1 Fanatic live blog will run throughout this session

Australian Grand Prix Free practice 2 – 5.25-7.05am (BBC Red Button and online)
F1 Fanatic live blog will run throughout this session

Saturday 27th March 2010

Australian Grand Prix Free practice 3 – 2.55-4.05am (BBC Red Button and online)
F1 Fanatic live blog will run throughout this session

Australian Grand Prix Qualifying – 5.00-7.30am (BBC1, Red Button and online) (Starts at 6am)
F1 Fanatic live blog will begin around 5.10am and end around half an hour after the chequered flag

Sunday 28th March 2010

Australian Grand Prix – 6.00-9.00am (BBC1, Red Button and online) (Starts at 7.00am)
F1 Fanatic live blog will begin around 6.00am and end around half an hour after the chequered flag

Please share details of the F1 coverage in your area below.

For times of all the 2010 races and practice and qualifying sessions see the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar.

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2010 Australian Grand Prix

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    56 comments on “Australian Grand Prix live TV Times”

    1. I can’t see myself catching P1 or 3 live somehow! Just a bit too early.

      1. Hey, at least you could watch practice, and that those times you can miss are for practice! I have to be up at similar times to watch the qualifying and the race!

        1. Scratch that, I was mistakenly looking at the times for the Chinese race on the local Canadian broadcaster’s page. But the point stands! Actually, for once the times will be decent for me to watch the Australian race :-)

          1. But that’s only because it appears the broadcast will be delayed…

            Triple comment fail.

            1. not your day eh? haha ^^

    2. I’ll be up watching every session. Uni all day Friday and a party on Saturday means I’m going to be very grumpy this weekend. Completely worth it though.

    3. NOTE to UK readers: clocks go FORWARD 1 HOUR on Sunday morning @ 1am. So when you’re getting up on Sunday @ 6am, it’ll seem like 5am…

      1. Well said!

        1. 4am for me in Italy.

          1. It is the other way round, isn’t it?
            Race will be 8am european time.

        2. Very, VERY well said!

      2. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

        About 4 cups of coffee and I’ll be sorted. :P

      3. These are the advantages of a DAB alarm clock. It adjusts itself :)

    4. Don’t forget about adjusting the time…it’s on sunday, the daylight saving.

    5. so it’s like we gotta get up an hour earlier for the race?

    6. Being an Australian part of me resents the late start…

      1. What time is it going to be on in oz?
        Personally I’d prefer it if Grand Prixs started later in Britian, 1’oclock isn’t really a conveniant time. I have to dash across London to get back in time.

        1. 5 I’d reckon, not that late, But I did like having the race in the middle of the day, It felt a bit special as it was different from all the other races.

        2. and that’s usually lunch time too!

      2. Do they start at least a little earlier than last year? I found it quite dangerous with the shadows getting longer and darker during the race.

        1. Think it’s the same, I do wonder what it will be in the future,

          Bernie wants another night race,
          but the race politically is already hanging by a thread, A night race would cost way too much, and we would lose the GP altogether,

          and if they move it back, our attendance will drop and then again we will lose it.

          1. yeh, tis the same as last year. it was really quite cold for the last 20 minutes of the race. i’ll make sure i’m prepared with a jacket this time. towards the end of the race was quite dark as well, it didn’t take long til it was effectively night. i think a 3pm start would be best (at the track) but obviously that won’t satisfy bernie and his european fans. bit of a shame really.

            i’m in canberra and it’s nearly 5pm and the sun is on its way down. if the race was 1 or 2 weeks later, starting at 5pm would be like abu dhabi last year (particularly given that daylight saving ends on the first weekend of april.

    7. I can never get my head around the clock changing. Does that mean I get an hour more or less sleep?! I’m so confused… and such an idiot!

      I fancy watching the GP live this season, and mabye the qualifying session too, for the first time since 2002 (no chance of me getting up for the practice sessions like some crazy people!). So I won’t be impressed if the race is as boring as Bahrain- but Melbourne usually throws up an eventful race.

      1. It always seems like less sleep :-(

      2. Hmm, i’ll definatley be up for the race, not the practice though, that is a little on the late side.

        Getting about to watch quali depends entirely on what im doing friday night.
        Besides, some nice man invented the iplayer for just this reason.

      3. “I can never get my head around the clock changing. Does that mean I get an hour more or less sleep?! I’m so confused… and such an idiot!”
        I’m exactly the same. I’m just going to get up an hour early and if it’s wrong then drink a lot of coffee.

        1. Get up an hour early anyway. I find that the first few laps become a blur if I’ve only just woken up, and that’s not because of the speeds of the cars!

          1. Schumacher used to sleep just before races.

    8. Possibly a stupid question, but does anyobdy have any idea if the and practices will be on iplayer after the initial broadcast, or after any daytime re-runs?

      1. Absolutley all telivised, redbutton or not, content is now up on the Iplayer.

      2. it should be up after a short while, on the same day! i watched all the sessions of the last grand prix on iPlayer on the same day, sometimes even after 1.25 hours from the original (live) broadcast.
        i even recall watching the race, with full commentary + post race analysis two hours after the race was over..

        1. if you go on red button they run p1 and p2 back to back right up to the start of p3 normally, so UK folks that work should be able to catch a re run of both Friday night.

          I got up last year for all sessions and it killed me, we now have a 9 month old so I need all the sleep I can get. for me its sky+ for everything and just pretend its live.

      3. In my experience there’s a bit of a delay before it goes up on iPlayer, usually a few hours.

    9. I’m really looking forward to the live blog this weekend with so many fanatics having to drag themselves out of bed early it’s nice to see just how bonkers we are. The Japanese blogs were some of my favourites even for practice and helped keep me awake.
      Also good luck to the mods in advanace! Hope you have plenty of coffee and Red Bull and maybe a lot of sugar…

    10. Tom Hitchings
      21st March 2010, 18:04

      Keith, you might want to add a note about the clocks changing on Sunday morning…

    11. The Aussie GP is always a great one for us Canadians.. prime time viewing!! Ned I thought you were a true fan!!.. lol.. I’m up at 3am/5am all year as I can’t miss a session.. ( if I can avoid it).. I just wish the FIA/BBC would realize they have a market across the ocean.. it’s tough trying to find feeds for viewing some practice sessions and the FIA keep shutting them down.. why spend money paying people to watch justintv in order to kill feeds? Spend that money on larger bandwidth, offer the Red Button across the water and you will MAKE money!! am I making any sense here???… lol

      1. Not since they started adjusting the time for European audiences. The qualifying and race will both start at 2 am Canadian time. TSN are showing both at 8 am Toronto time, but I suspect that’s a delayed transmission. Either that or someone’s posted the wrong information on their website.

    12. Well for everyone saying it late in the uk, every race (other than brazil & canada) happen at about 2 oclock in the morning for us in the U.S. It sucks that i cant ever whatch a race live besides the two i said before…..

      1. works both ways though … we get IRL and Nascar in the middle of the night once it hits summer and the Saturday night races.

        having said that I dropped sky sports this year because I used to sky+ the IRL and it would always take a week to watch so thought I may aswell just watch the mid-week rerun on Five. but no… they dont seem to be doing it this year. Nascar on OpenAccess it is, started watching Bristol earlyer but left it to record so I can enjoy it in chucks all week long:)

    13. George Suddaby
      21st March 2010, 20:44

      im gonna wake up for practice 2 and quali and race but parents dont want me to wake up for practice 1 & 3 (parents, who needs them :P only joking) i hate school some times but because its the holidays when its the malaysian gp, im gonna watch every bit of action :D

    14. Prisoner Monkeys
      21st March 2010, 21:07

      Wow, sessions on at three in the morning.

      Ah, it’s good to be Australian.

      1. that’s what i’m thinking. at least channel 10 actually broadcasts live now so we can watch most of the races at 10pm rather than the delayed telecast at 3am like they used to.

      2. Could not agree more.

    15. Race is at 5 pm here in oz can’t wait to head to albert park on friday!! been a long 12 months

      1. i’m so excited. i really hope it doesn’t rain though. GO WEBBER!

    16. il be up for it no matter what..hope its going to be good..massa 4 d win

      1. massa hasn’t had too much luck in melbourne has he? surely it’s his year. hope not though…

    17. Guess I do my dues again.. ;)

      US show times. All shown on SpeedTV and SpeedTV HD times are Central (GMT-6).

      Friday 26th March 2010

      Australian Grand Prix Free practice 1 – Not shown
      Australian Grand Prix Free practice 2 – 12:30-2:00am
      (FP2 airing includes FP1 overview)

      Saturday 27th March 2010

      Australian Grand Prix Free practice 3 – Not Shown
      Australian Grand Prix Qualifying – 1:00-2:30am

      Sunday 28th March 2010

      Australian Grand Prix – 12:30-3:00am (Race starts at 1:00am)

      1. Thanks Macahan!

    18. I’ll be trackside for P1, P2, P3 and Quali.

      Keith – we should chat about photo submissions :)

      1. Won’t you be there for the race.

    19. Asian fan who are watching F1 on espnstar can take help here.

    20. Anybody know anyway of recording from the Red Button on SKY ?

    21. Does anybody know if the BBC Red Button works on Dutch cable?

    22. keith do the clocks go ahead a hr in the UK this weekend? i hope so…means i would only have to stay up from 2am instead of 3am for quali (currently we are 3hrs behind the UK)

    23. Dont be stuck with herpes or hpv there is a cure

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