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Those of you on Britain can hear me on Talksport radio tonight at around 8.45pm discussing the Australian Grand Prix. I understand one of the people I’ll be talking to is Eddie Irvine, who of course won the race back in 1999.

I was also on Sky News yesterday at half one talking about Lewis Hamilton. I only had an hour’s notice about that so I was only able to plug it on Twitter and in the comments for the article on Hamilton.

Much more important than that, of course, is the Australian Grand Prix coming up later today. Join us for the live blog from one hour before the start of the race. Here’s today’s round-up:


Brawn calls for suspension ruling

We touched on adjustable ride heights question back in January and I’m surprised it’s taken this long to come up.

F1 teams ponder changes (BBC)

Good to see Stefano Domenicali talking sense about F1’s passing problem: “There are two ways of solving the problem. One is artificial, the other is to attack the real fundamental issue, which is the car. The car in my view is too efficient. We need to reduce the efficiency in the wake [the disturbed air behind the car] because even if you are a fantastic driver, it is almost impossible to overtake. In the next meeting that we have in Malaysia, the teams are thinking to make another step in terms of what we can reduce regarding the efficiency of the car next year. Because that in my view is the fundamental point. All the other things you can do, pit stops and safety car, that’s too artificial.”

Comment of the day

John Edwards wrote my favourite comment on the Hamilton story:

No one was saying the playboy lifestyle was cramping his style at the last race, funny that??
John Edwards

Happy birthday!

It’s a birthday triple-whammy today! Many happy retursn to LazerFX, Macca and The Genuine Jim.

On this day in F1

The first F1 race at Long Beach was held on this day in 1976. It was won by Clay Regazzoni who, four years later, crashed heavily at the circuit, suffering paralysis.

F1 only appeared at the California street circuit on eight occasions before Bernie Ecclestone’s ever-increasing prices and tighter control over revenues forced the promoters to switch to CART (IndyCar) instead.

The USA has held world championship Grands Prix at more tracks than any other country, and none have proved sustainable in the long term. If F1 hadn’t priced itself out of this venue with its enthusiastic audience and excellent circuit layout the championship might enjoy a much higher profile in America today. The Long Beach Grand Prix remains one of the most popular events on the IndyCar calendar.

Read more: Ecclestone still chasing New York dream

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8 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 28/3/2010”

  1. As much stick as they get from me and others over their attitude, it’d be good to see Ferrari lead the way in changing the rules concerning the cars’ level of aerodynamic grip and their sensitivity to turbulent air. Like it or not, Ferrari are the oldest team on the grid, with massive prestige (the occasional odd blog post aside), and hopefully with the more amiable Domenicalli leading the way, rather than di Montezemolo, needed changes can be implemented in F1.

  2. Theres a rumour going around the paddock in Melbourne that V8 Supercar driver Jamie Whincup will get a full test session with Mclaren after impressing the team on Tuesday when he drove the car.

  3. Yeah right, like Ferrari actually want to change anything.

  4. The Genuine Jim
    28th March 2010, 20:04

    Thanks for the birthday shout-out, Keith. Congrats also to LazerFX and Macca. Today’s excellent GP was the perfect present.

  5. Plink Plonk Plunk
    28th March 2010, 21:14


    Its an interesting debate. But exactly what would you do to the aero to make the cars less ‘efficient’? Certainly you wouldnt want to do anything to make the cars less efficient at the expense of speed would you? That, to me, would be contray to the nature of the sport.

    Interesting topic. Would like to hear some specifics.

  6. Plink Plonk Plunk
    28th March 2010, 21:17

    Bring back the LB GP. Half hour away and a great race that I dearly miss.

  7. If only there could be some kind of wind-tunnel test to limit the total kg of downforce produced, then teams’ developments would be focused on reducing drag and improving brakes and mechanicals

  8. I’m confused regarding the suspension issue. We are constantly told the cars are being scrutinised by the stewards, so can we then not take it the alleged ‘active ride’ on the Red Bull is kosher…

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