Schumacher and Rosberg meet Mercedes fans in Malaysia (pictures)

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The rain didn't deter fans from showing up to see Mercedes' three drivers

Mercedes drivers Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg made an appearance in Kuala Lumpur today on behalf of the team’s title sponsor Petronas.

Along with third driver Nick Heidfeld the drivers entertained fans in Kuala Lumpur with a current-generation F1 car as well as a classic Mercedes W196. See below for pictures.

Mercedes Petronas Pitlane Pulse

2010 Malaysian Grand Prix

    Images (C) Mercedes

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    15 comments on “Schumacher and Rosberg meet Mercedes fans in Malaysia (pictures)”

    1. ”theres only one way forward”

      there sure is, they cant get any worse, but still overall nice to see teams interact with the fans.

      1. yes, and i think F1 has taken a good step forward in the last 12 months in this respect.

        Most teams and drivers are now using Twitter, which has been a great development, and also team podcasts are now becoming more widespread, which is another nice form of interaction.

    2. this car is last years brawn (u got to take every chance to do some testing)

      1. i just dont know what is the car on the poster

    3. Did Nick get arrested for ‘hooning’ in that W196?

    4. Sad to see Nick Heidfeld just sitting around and wasting his talent!!

      1. Its his fault that he denied all offers hoping to drive Mercedes

    5. Reserve driver and he gets to drive the most exciting race car there… ha!

      1. He certainly did.The photo of the 3 drivers at the press conference must have been taken before he drove the W196 as he would have had a permanent grin on his face afterwards!

    6. Looks very much like the Brawn GP BGP-01! Doesn’t look the same in silver :(

    7. Here’s a clip of Schumi doing some donuts at the event. I was there. Captured it using my phone so quality not so great…

    8. Keith am disappointed that you can post the MGP run but not the Red Bull in Belfast?

      1. Sorry didn’t have time to do the Red Bull one :-(

        1. I have some pics of the car sitting at Beflast City Hall and some youtube stuff i can stick together in an email if you wish

    9. I´d have loved to see also something from the Lotus Racing homecoming…

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