Malaysian Grand Prix practice in pictures

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Fairuz Fauzy at the wheel of the Lotus T127 at his home track

Fairuz Fauzy made his first appearance in an official F1 session today.

See pictures of the Malaysian driver in action at his home Grand Prix below, and the other drivers and teams preparing for the Sepang race.

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Images (C) Ferrari spa, BMW Sauber F1 Team,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Lotus F1, Bridgestone / Ercole Colombo, Motioncompany

2010 Malaysian Grand Prix

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    26 comments on “Malaysian Grand Prix practice in pictures”

    1. That Lotus shark fin looks great, but the Malaysian flag on it doesn’t quite work does it! No matter, hopefully it will come off in China (no offense Malaysians… perhaps you can change your flag to yellow and green stripes?)

      1. really? the shark thin looks awfwul they should have done a more evolved design but i do agree with the malaysian flag but what can u do they have the money the have the flag

        1. I read somewhere that the flag will stay for all this season… sorry!

      2. i don’t see anything wrong with that Malaysian flag… it makes the car looks fantastic!

      1. If by “snorkel” you mean the fduct air-in device, then its probably not this. They had such thing before and it was supposed to help cooling the driver, just like the whole ferrari has on tip of their nose.

        1. Ah, OK – hadn’t noticed it before.

          1. polishboy808
            2nd April 2010, 15:56

            Actually i think that is a test snorkel, Petrov doesn’t have one, and if it was as trivial as cockpit cooling both would have run them, or just Petrov, but if it is a snorkel, then they would rather run a man with more experiance, and a man who can give better feed back, in which case, Kubi would be the obvious choice.

            1. Agreed Petrov has none. Its really confusing.

              Though, take a look at this picture: . Kubica seems to have similar snorkel. And its centric, while the other teams usually place it on a side. Any clarification on that, as the official Renault page is useless as usual?

            2. polishboy808
              2nd April 2010, 23:40

              Your right sandman, Kubica does appear to be running a snorkel in Australia. But then if it’s been race tested, why is Kubica the only one running it now in Malaysia? And if it’s been run in a race, then the idea of it being cockpit cooling is gone, because then Petrov would run it too for sure. And of course, like Sandman said, the Renault website is useless…..

    2. cloudy, but not rainy. Looks like the same will be in FP3

      1. Dry practice followed by wet qualifying and race? Doesn’t get much tougher than that!

        1. I dont understand u. u wanna say that its possible or impossible?

          1. Neither, I’m saying it would be hard for the drivers and teams to call the set-up correctly.

            1. Yeah, so these are the most unvaluable tests this year :)

    3. Props to Lotus for making a lot of ground in terms of pace. Really outstanding work. A second behind the Williams in practice…

      If quali is wet, that would seriously change up the grid, and my lap time prediction would be horrible..

    4. haha @ Gascoyne on twitter…! :D

      1. ya ,he said “mirrors” – no way we are moving them

    5. That would have been an unbeleivable day for fauzy! First time in an f1 car during a race weekend and he drives in Malaysia for a Malayan team and of course being a Malayan himself.

      1. like in a local championship :D

        1. Well, you know what I mean, sure he’s driven competatively in Malaysia before but there will be something special about this drive, and his whole family in Malaysia would be able to get there and see him!

    6. polishboy808
      2nd April 2010, 15:03

      What is lotus running on their rear wing? It seems to be protruding from the middle towards the shark fin…. I have not seen it before.

    7. That thing was already on the car in Melbourne. It´s not new. I think it helps with the downforce, but obviously I´m no expert…

    8. As always, Keith, wonderful selection of pics. Thanks for the ones of the T127s.

    9. I have a similar shot of Kovy driving the car at Melbourne on Saturday prac as my screen saver. Nice car!
      Don’t know where you source your photos, they’re almost as good as Autosports.


    10. Thanks to the photographer…

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