2010 Malaysian Grand Prix grid

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Here’s how the cars will line up on the grid for the 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix.

Row 11. Mark Webber 1’49.327
Red Bull-Renault
2. Nico Rosberg 1’50.673
Row 23. Sebastian Vettel 1’50.789
Red Bull-Renault
4. Adrian Sutil 1’50.914
Force India-Mercedes
Row 35. Nico Hulkenberg 1’51.001
6. Robert Kubica 1’51.051
Row 47. Rubens Barrichello 1’51.511
8. Michael Schumacher 1’51.717
Row 59. Kamui Kobayashi 1’51.767
10. Vitantonio Liuzzi 1’52.254
Force India-Mercedes
Row 611. Vitaly Petrov 1’48.760
12. Pedro de la Rosa 1’48.771
Row 713. Sebastien Buemi 1’49.207
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
14. Jaime Alguersuari 1’49.464
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
Row 815. Heikki Kovalainen 1’52.270
16. Timo Glock 1’52.520
Row 917. Jenson Button 1’52.211
18. Jarno Trulli 1’52.884
Row 1019. Fernando Alonso 1’53.044
20. Lewis Hamilton 1’53.050
Row 1121. Felipe Massa 1’53.283
22. Karun Chandhok 1’56.299
Row 1223. Bruno Senna 1’57.269
24. Lucas di Grassi 1’59.977

2010 Malaysian Grand Prix

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    22 comments on “2010 Malaysian Grand Prix grid”

    1. Top 4 in the championship standings will start the race from 19th, 21st, 17th and 20th position tomorrow. Should make an interesting race even in the dry.

      1. Yeah, have to find when last time was such issues for top4

    2. Keith
      Please tell us what are the tyre rules if the race starts as a dry race

      1. They can start on any tyre they want tomorrow. If it’s dry, they have to use soft and hard in the race.

    3. All drivers will be able to decide what tyres they want before the race.

      1. Thank you both of you

    4. Interesting races, I think. Chances for heavy rain can let Ferraris and McLarens get their chances, even if the mistake thei did today was incredible.
      Schumi hardly outqualified by Rosberg, again. He’s definitely testing how hard it is to come back.

    5. Button will eat Heikki and Glock right of the line, this should give him enough time. This may give him a useful barrier to Alonso to start picking off the Toro Rosso’s. Of course no one at this end will hold up Alonso or Hamilton for very long, or Massa for that matter. Alonso should get Jarno. Whether he’ll get Glock round the first corner I don’t know.

      Massa may well take Hamilton off the line though however the McLarens will be particularly suited to overtaking on this track due to the configuration of the straights. Catching up on the back straight thanks to the straight line speed advantage then drafting down the pit straight.

      1. Just add to that though, Button will certainly be able to take advantage of this. Lewis will probably try and do it all down the back straight.

    6. With this grid and the high percentage of rain i think lotus especially Kovy could get a point and wouldn’t it be fantastic for them, sure there may only be 10 or so finishers.
      I say this because compared to the ultra modern circuits there is a lot of gravel traps surrounding this track ready to swallow up any mistakes(in wet or dry no way are Alonso, Massa, and the 2 McLaren’smake it with out scratch through lap one.)

      1. lets make a deal, I say Kova wont be able to finish in points :)

        1. ok i not sayin its a garintee but a good chance!(maybe)buti still stand by my perdiction that if it rains there will be a lot of cars stuck in the gravel!

          1. Im agree with u that a lot of cars gonna stuck, but its a great chance that one of these cars will be Lotus Number 19 (Heikki)

    7. This was his best Q ever to: Webber (2nd time), Rosberg, Kobayashi, Petrov, Chandhok, Senna (3rd time)

      this and something more u can find in http://www.twitter.com/f1latvija

    8. inc0mmunicado
      3rd April 2010, 15:29

      If the race stays dry, might we see a 0 stop strategy?

      1. No, because the drivers would still have to use both types of dry tyres.

        The only chance of getting a zero-stop race is if it’s wet from the start and someone runs the full distance and one set of wet or intermediates, without wearing them out. It’s possible, but not very likely. I would guess that it’s less likely at Malaysia, where it’s also quite hot so the tyre wear will be higher. On a cold, wet day at Monaco, though, it might work.

        1. Of course if the race is stopped (even 1 lap before finish) drivers arent disqualified if they have zero stops

      2. No cause if its dry u must use hard and soft tyres. So at least 1 stop

    9. if Red Bull don’t win this race, or at least get on the podium, i’ll eat my very large hat.

    10. Talladega (K)night
      3rd April 2010, 20:15

      One race to think about in these circumstances, Brazilian GP 2009! What an exciting race that was!

    11. no one has won from the front row yet this season… hopefully it stays that way :)

      1. Wow, didn’t even notice that. And it looks as though Vettel is the favourite, and he starts 3rd.

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