‘In case of victory, break glass’

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Colin Chapman's cap in a case in the Lotus pit

The modern Lotus may not be the same as the outfit which raced to championships in the sixties and seventies, but they have kept a link with the original Lotus team.

Team founder Colin Chapman used to greet Lotus’s race wins – of which they had 79 – by throwing his cap in the air. Now team principal Tony Fernandes has been given one of Chapman’s caps to use if the new Lotus team wins a race.

It’s kept in a glass case bearing the inscription ‘In case of victory, break glass’.

The team were celebrating today after Heikki Kovalainen took them into Q2 for the first time and claimed the highest place on the starting grid for a new team in 2010 with 15th.

He achieved this thanks to Ferrari and McLaren failing to cars their cars out early enough in the first part of qualifying. It’s ironic that it should come at the expense of Ferrari, who criticised the new teams in the run-up to the season.

A win for the new Lotus team may be some way off but with more heavy rain forecast for tomorrow’s race, with a bit of luck perhaps a maiden top ten finish and a point could be on the cars?

Tony Fernandes celebrates with Heikki Kovalainen

Image (C) Lotus F1

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28 comments on “‘In case of victory, break glass’”

  1. No, No, No. Nonsense. Heikki hasnt car which can get points!

    1. I know, which is why I said they need heavy rain and some luck.

      1. A very great luck :D

        1. Even with rain, I think these guys need a box of an engine like the Toyota corollas to make them run through the entire race. Lol, Virgin are making a mockery of F1 with their small fuel tanks..

          1. absolute nonsense of me to comment on Lotus thinking they were Virgin, very sorry… Jack Daniels has enslaved my brain

  2. Sush Meerkat
    3rd April 2010, 15:32

    I’m really liking these new teams.

    1. In one article u said to Keith that he has 2 grammar mistakes, but now u say Im liking :D

      1. There’s nothing wrong with the grammar there

        1. You can’t use I’m liking, you can use only I like or I’d like

          1. Actually it’s perfectly correct to use I’m liking. Like is a verb just like others such as fall or run…

            Unless you’re suggesting that he also couldn’t say I’m running or I’m falling…

          2. I don’t think you are the best person to be commenting on grammar considering your previous two posts

          3. talking about bob, not adrian

          4. “I’m liking” is used correctly to emphasise that it is the current state of mind/feelings of the given person, I suppose.

            Like McDonald’s “I’m lovin it”…

      2. haha, fail! we need HRT to come up to speed now.

        1. polishboy808
          3rd April 2010, 21:44

          I’m sorry, but arguing on F1F about grammar is just…… its just sad…..

          1. kids playing, that have nothing better to do.

  3. I found that moment where they were talking about Lotus today very emotional myself. The pride in what they have achieved is huge.

    They’ve actually managed to bring two countries together. Both Britiain & Malaysia see the team as their own.

    I hope their upgrade in Barcelona gives them some juice. Kovalainen just needs to edge forward 5 positions to get points. Something he has managed to do in both races so far… it’s possible tomorrow is the day Lotus get their first point….. or half a point.

    1. something which he never managed at mclaren dont forget!

  4. The battle between Lotus and Virgin has been very entertaining so far, a good story from the back of the grid. Hopefully Virgin will have some reliability tomorrow and we can enjoy watching Timo and Heikki shoot for a top ten finish. If it is wet then it will be a great opportunity for them to grab a point or two.

  5. I’m suprised at how popular Hikki Kovalainen is. When I was at the Australian GP last week, he got as big of a cheer as Mark Webber did when they were doing the driver paraide.

    1. Either that or Webber isn’t that well liked, I dont know any fan that actually likes Webber and we are all Australian.

      1. I like Webber. He’s a trooper.

  6. He achieved this thanks to Ferrari and McLaren failing to cars their cars out early enough….

    maiden top ten finish and a point could be on the cars?

    sorry keith, dont mean to be a prink… :)

  7. I like this Tony Fernandes guy and his team. I’ve read an interview and he sounded like a very opened minded clever person. He has the right mentality.

    BTW Keith, something wrong with this sentence.
    “He achieved this thanks to Ferrari and McLaren failing to cars their cars out”

  8. but there’s still daylight between them and whoever the slower “established” team, whether it’s the STR, Sauber or the Williams. i think if Lotus really are ambitious they should focus insteado on narrowing the gap between them and the “old teams”

  9. Here’s a thought though. If it is a Malaysian/British team (supposedly), then which anthem will be played if they eve win? I can bet it won’t be God save the Queen.

  10. I like the symbolism behind Tony being given one of Colin’s caps but I personally still don’t really see Lotus F1 as being a truely Lotus outfit other than in name just yet…

  11. Whoa, great post. I just now clicked a link to your website and I’m already a fan.

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