Malaysian GP qualifying in pictures

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Felipe Massa kicks up a plume of spray in Sepang
Felipe Massa kicks up a plume of spray in Sepang

Rain in Sepang had the front runners scrambling to change tyres, Lotus celebrating their first appearance in Q2 and, once again, a Red Bull at the front of the grid.

Have a look at the pictures from Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying below.

More pictures will be added shortly, check back here soon.

2010 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Images (C) Ferrari spa, Renault/LAT, Bridgestone/Ercole Colombo,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Lotus F1

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14 comments on “Malaysian GP qualifying in pictures”

  1. LAst pic with Hamilton, last with Kamui and first with Felipe looks impressive. And last with Webber

  2. As always rain produces impressive photos!

  3. OK, I’m carrying on my little tradition of naming my faves:

    1) The head on snap off the Renault with all the spray behind it.

    2) The second last photo, the one of Webber’s car.

    These photos look cool because of the spray, but unfortunatly the backdrop is less spectacular.

  4. overhead of hamilton in the pits is a stunning photo..!

  5. DamionShadows
    3rd April 2010, 15:36

    So I guess the banning of side-pod mirrors was a joke?

    1. “Sidepod-mounted wing mirrors are to be banned –> from the Chinese Grand Prix <—, according to Autosport."

      1. It has been moved to spain now, because of time constraints.

  6. Can the images of the “rooster-tails” (aka water spray) be used to help explain the effect of the double-diffusers or other aero parts such as McLaren’s f-duct?

    1. I guess it sort of highlights the way the air escapes and diffuses quickly from underneath the car, in that fast air in a small space is expanded up and out when it leaves the diffuser. I don’t know if you have ever scene computer generated graphics showing the air flowwing past an f1 car, but if you have then you will notice it looks the same as the way the spray does, spray is like a real life fluid dynamic image!

      1. so in dry condition, the spray can be describe as the dirty air flow towards the car behind.

        am i right?

        1. Yes, there is always a blast of “dirty” air coming from a car, the reason spray appears in wet is because the droplets of water get moved by this air blast. To improve the show they need to reduce this effect, and if they succeed in getting less dirty air coming from cars to improve overtaking, then there will be less spray.

    2. Andrew White
      16th April 2010, 0:12

      You won’t see this effect in the photos above, as it isn’t raining. There would have to be water falling onto the bodywork for it to be moved like air over the aero parts. The spray in the photos is generated by the tyres displacing water on the track. This is clear in the title picture of Massa.

  7. keith nice prediction on qualis weather

  8. I wonder how much the teams put into studying and learning from the water sprays coming off their rivals cars in order to get a better understanding of their aerodynamics…

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