Malaysian Grand Prix in pictures

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Timo Glock loses control of his car and swipes Jarno Trulli's Lotus

At Sepang we saw plenty of overtaking but – surprisingly – no more rain. Take a look back at the Malaysian Grand Prix in pictures.

2010 Malaysian Grand Prix

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    Images (C) Ferrari spa, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, Bridgestone,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Lotus F1, Virgin Racing

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    13 comments on “Malaysian Grand Prix in pictures”

    1. Thanks, these are fantastic as usual. Great wallpapers.

    2. Why de la ROsa was not driving?

      1. Suspected engine failure before the race even started.

      2. Engine problems/failure on raceday

    3. Keith, these pictures are excellent; where on earth do you source them?

      1. I tend to look here for some vety high res current pics. Saabays’ photos on Flickr are out of this world!!

        1. Cheers Gareth, as you say some good shots there, I’m looking however for some I can use legitimately to brighten my own website. It’s only for the thirty or so of us in my fantasy league, purely non-profit for me with no on-site advertising so Getty Images, Sutton Images etc. are out of the question. I’m happy to credit and link from them if anyone does know a source. Perhaps I need to trawl the teams’ website, they can hardly object to more exposure for their sponsors, no matter how low key… :)

        2. lol out of this world, that guy seems to love space craft. decent quality snaps though!!

    4. i like them all! Espec. the one with Vettel and the flag!

      1. That’s going to be the wallpaper on my phone :D

    5. Kieth, you are brilliant. i mean its very hard for one person to take all these pictures, and still be able to remember everything important thing that happened in the race. Great pictures!

      1. I didn’t take them – see the credits at the bottom of the article.

    6. Great action picture of Glock sliding up to the back of Trulli just before he takes him out…

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