Malaysian GP team-by-team: Mercedes

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Last year’s constructors’ champions enjoyed a largely failure-free 2009 – but Michael Schumacher’s race was ended by an unusual failure in Sepang.

Michael Schumacher Nico Rosberg
Qualifying position 8 2
Qualifying time comparison (Q3) 1’51.717 (+1.044) 1’50.673
Race position 3
Average race lap 1’43.576 (+2.828) 1’40.749
Laps 9/56 56/56
Pit stops 0 1
Malaysian Grand Prix lap times - Mercedes (click to enlarge)

Michael Schumacher

Was a full second behind Rosberg in qualifying, lining up eighth on the grid.

Made a good start to run sixth but his race had barely begun before his left rear wheel nut worked loose, putting him out.

Compare Michael Schumacher’s form against his team mate in 2010

Nico Rosberg

Rosberg impressed in qualifying – he was faster than everyone else on wet tyres in Q3, beaten only by Webber’s intermediate-shod Red Bull.

On race day third was the best on offer as the Red Bulls disappeared into the distance.

Compare Nico Rosberg’s form against his team mate in 2010

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3 comments on “Malaysian GP team-by-team: Mercedes”

  1. what? no comments for Mercedes….well.

    Cant wait until spain for Mercedes, I reckon they will be the Red Bull of last year and start to dominate because the car is “100%” complete.

    Nico will most likely be the man to lead the comeback charge for mercedes since he is doing better then Hamilton at the moment in a lesser car and without an F duct. 25/1 on the bookies so far is a real deal for being a strong darkhorse, and with having Ross Brawn in the team why do people doubt him now with more money and more man power then last year?

    Schumacher on the other hand looks to be getting pounded round after round with Rosberg beating him at everything. Maybe schumacher needs more time then first thought to try and get back to “race fitness” but he has already said to BBC that he is nearly at his maximum ability which is still not enough.

    Either schumacher was not as good as first thought or that Rosberg is better then we think he is, maybe all that time in Williams he spent developing his racecraft and being limited he has now surpassed Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso in “ability” and now he finally has a worthy car to fight for the title.

    1. great comment mate. i really do hope Mercedes make a big improvement soon. I wanna see Schumacher win the German GP if posssible!

  2. Honestly I think Rosberg is about equal Hamilton in terms of ability and ATM Schumacher is at about Button or Webber level. Looking at training sesson times he’s definitively getting closer, but I doubt he’ll be soundly beating Ros at the end of the championship. Most likely they’ll be about equal.

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