Malaysian GP team-by-team: HRT

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A double finish for the HRT cars in Sepang

Karun ChandhokBruno Senna
Qualifying position2223
Qualifying time comparison (Q1)1’56.299 (-0.97)1’57.269
Race position1516
Average race lap1’47.948 (-0.86)1’48.807
Pit stops11
Malaysian Grand Prix lap times - HRT (click to enlarge)

Karun Chandhok

Out-qualified his team mate in the wet session by almost a second. Brought the F110 home just three laps behind ‘new teams winner’ Lucas di Grassi.

Compare Karun Chandhok’s form against his team mate in 2010

Bruno Senna

Happy to record his first F1 finish, albeit a lap behind his team mate.

Compare Bruno Senna’s form against his team mate in 2010

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13 comments on “Malaysian GP team-by-team: HRT”

  1. chandhok not making a stop??? surely thats illegal?

    1. It was missed off the FIA sheet but he definitely pitted, have corrected the data.

      1. On the the topic of the compulsory stop whats the penalty if you don’t stop?

        1. A spanking from Max.

        2. DSQ (disqualification.)

      2. so everyone started joking with karun but hes running faster then Bruno i said from the beggining that bruno senna is a car wrecker everytime he runs a le man car he crashes it

        1. Hello MigueLP

          You probably meant “Running faster THAN Bruno”. THAN is used join two parts of a comparison. THEN indicates time (past or future).
          Sorry, I know I am being pedantic, I just can’t help it.
          Besides, you are being a bit harsh with Bruno, I think. At this stage I don’t think we can draw any significant comparison between these two drivers, at least not until the cars are finishing races consistently.

          1. But its a bit strange, looking @ their results in GP2

          2. sorry Gilvan im not british so english lang isnt my strongest asset but I meant what i wrote “karun is running faster THAN Bruno” this is a fact lets see what is going to happen next another fact is that everybody was harsh with karun bbc knows everything about it

      3. lap 15 i think… as u can see, the chart gives the information about that, when the line shoots up means pit stop… or crash…!!

  2. id guess disqualification

  3. I am actually surprised by the lack of pace of Bruno…i didn’t expect Karun to be so quick..gp2 results show the opposite…being an Indian it definitely makes me proud that he is doing well but i quite can’t believe Bruno being a second behind Karun!!!

    1. im portuguese(Portugal european country in 1500 discovered brazil) and im surprised by the pace of Karun but not surprised by the lack from bruno he has proved to be an disappointement after so much publicity hes being …

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