Malaysian GP team-by-team: Renault

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Robert Kubica punched above Renault’s weight again with an excellent fourth place.

Robert KubicaVitaly Petrov
Qualifying position611
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)1’46.951 (-1.809)1’48.760
Race position4
Average race lap1’40.839 (-2.734)1’43.574
Pit stops11
Malaysian Grand Prix lap times: Renault (click to enlarge)

Robert Kubica

Once again Kubica enjoyed a very healthy advantage over his team mate in qualifying – he was 1.8 seconds faster than Petrov in Q2.

From sixth on the grid Kubica passed iNico Hulkenberg and Adrian Sutil at the start and then had an untroubled run to fourth.

Compare Robert Kubica’s form against his team mate in 2010

Vitaly Petrov

The highlight of Petrov’s race was his spirited tussle with Lewis Hamilton, the Renault driver re-passing the McLaren at turn one after being taken by him on lap six.

But he is still without a finish in 2010 after suffering his second mechanical failure of the year, this time a gearbox problem.

Compare Vitaly Petrov’s form against his team mate in 2010

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7 comments on “Malaysian GP team-by-team: Renault”

  1. I hope Kubica stays near the front during the championship campaign. One of the most consistent drivers. Petrov looks better in the race than qualifying and I enjoted his battle with Hamilton a lot.

  2. Just like Kobayashi, I’m really hoping we get to see some races completed from Petrov soon. He’s one of the more interesting rookies this year, even more so after his tussle with Hamilton on Sunday.

    1. That’s a pretty big difference in lap times though – even if your team mate is Robert Kubica.

      1. Only three races in. There is still time for him to prove himself. He could be a points finisher for as long as the mechanical gremlins dont get the better of him once more.

      2. Yep. I wasn’t saying he’s competitive with Kubica. I think he’s proven to be one of the more interesting and promising of the rookies so far. I doubt he’ll be competing with Kubica anytime soon.

  3. I hope that Renault will keep its development speed. Currently Kubica is faster than his car, he deserves a machine that matches his abilities. I am truly astonished by the atmosphere and commitment presented by the team, I think even in the King Fernando times the morale of the team wasn’t SO good.

  4. If in some races time, Kubica is still there fighting with the “big boys”, will people still say that Kubica is the only responsible for that?
    Not even Alonso on last year’s R29 was able to have 2 GP’s in a row with a pace so close to the front guys, so there 2 possibilities:
    1) Kubica is even better than Alonso!
    2) The R30 is clearly a better car than the R29 was, when compared to their opponents!

    Kubica is good, no doubt, but I have few doubts now that my option 2) looks to be the right one so far.

    I think that Renault is almost on par with Mercedes pace, as is Force India…

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