Which races should Ecclestone cut? (Poll)

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Which venues should F1 keep going to?

Bernie Ecclestone has said F1 can “afford to lose” certain rounds to make way for races in New York and Russia – two venues he’s been trying to get on the F1 calendar for decades. He told Autocar:

We’re going to lose some races for sure, there are some races we can afford to lose without too much problem. I’ve spoken to the countries to see what we can come up with.
Bernie Ecclestone

I suspect fans may differ with him on which F1 races should get the chop – so let’s put it to a vote…

South Korea joins the championship as a 19th round this year and India could make a largest-ever calendar with 20 races in 2011. Rome is also in the queue and Ecclestone has been talking about races in New York and Russia once again, though there’s nothing new about that.

Which rounds would you drop from the world championship? Pick as many as you like from the poll below and have your say in the comments.

Which races would you drop from the F1 calendar?

  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Yas Island (10%)
  • Brazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos (0%)
  • Korean Grand Prix, Jeonnam (4%)
  • Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka (1%)
  • Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore (6%)
  • Italian Grand Prix, Monza (0%)
  • Belgian Grand Prix, Spa-Francorchamps (0%)
  • Hungarian Grand Prix, Hungaroring (9%)
  • German Grand Prix, Hockenheimring / N???rburgring (1%)
  • British Grand Prix, Silverstone (1%)
  • European Grand Prix, Valencia (20%)
  • Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal (0%)
  • Turkish Grand Prix, Istanbul (10%)
  • Monaco Grand Prix, Monte-Carlo (1%)
  • Spanish Grand Prix, Catalunya (5%)
  • Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai (7%)
  • Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang (2%)
  • Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne (0%)
  • Bahrain Grand Prix, Sakhir (21%)

Total Voters: 5,202

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410 comments on “Which races should Ecclestone cut? (Poll)”

  1. wow, i must have been one of the first(s) to vote. picked Sakhir, Valencia, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

    1. Made the same choice, the quartet of boredom.

      1. 6 of the top 7 unpopular race tracks are designed by a certain Mr. Tilke. Coincidence?

        1. Could also be that people simply feel more connected to races they have already seen for decades.

          For instance the races in Hungary and Monaco are for at least 90% just plain boring. I still do like those tracks though since I do remember some nice races there too.

    2. All the races from the list have contracts for 2011, but China, Japan and Turkey don’t have for 2012. Although I doubt Bernie cares about the contracts.

      1. Just because a race is boring doesn’t mean that it should be cut. I think Singapore is still interesting and might actually be a good market for F1. Abu Dhabi likewise. Whereas Turkey is usually interesting but has rubbish crowds. That said I’ll prob fall asleep at the 4 ones you picked AndrewT!

        1. Sorry to disappoint the Singapore naysayers but I don’t think your wish will be granted as Bernie really likes having a race (and the cash that comes with it, for sure!)

          In terms of racing, Singapore cannot compare with the classic tracks but it is really one of the more popular races on the F1 calendar – especially if you value accessibility to a racetrack and the rock concerts that happen after the race.

          I think Singapore deserves a few more seasons before judgement can be made on it as a circuit – besides Singapore is situated near Malaysia – which means the possibiliy of a wet race is always there, which I cannot say for a couple of other tracks.

          1. I’m from Singapore and even I think the Singapore GP should be scrapped… Rock concerts and shopping malls are nice to have, but they aren’t the main event.

            It’s pretty boring when you have walkabout passes and you can’t even see what’s going on because they skimped on the large screens and put up tall barriers to prevent people from seeing the racing close up…

            I think Bernie’s taken our usually savvy government for a ride, and what a ride it is!

    3. WHY BAHRAIN you people dont remeber the multipple overtakes of heidfeld and vettel on 08 09

      1. double overtakes go check on youtube if u dont remember

        i didnt find more overtakes the double overtakees but there are mixed with other vids F1 BLAMES BAHRAIN I BLAME F1
        the most interesting fact is that the ITV
        commentator says that the f1 is happy with bahrain that bahrain is an overtaking circuit

        1. And include PORTIMÃO great track portugal should demonstrate more interest on bringing f1 back but the politics just want to buy every year a new fleet of mercedes-benz racing is not with them

          1. 100% agree

            European GP to Portimao!

        2. The second video with Mark Webber was excellent. Good find.

      2. yeah i think alot of people have voted Bahrain because of the boring 2010 race. it’s actually not a bad race usually…

        1. I agree, of the Tilke tracks, it’s actually quiet good.

        2. and the photo maybe, sato113

      3. but THEIR WAS no OVERTAKES in 2010 bahrain and their is no obvious investment in the area not like Abu Dhabi. but then again bahrain is rich. they shunt of messed with the track – their own fault i guess . and i agree with valenca. only because of nationality, why does spain have two. eur GP YER

        1. Er, there were actually 19 overtakes at Bahrain 2010. However, I still think its a dull track, especially with the new section.

    4. As if 74 people have said Monaco.

      1. I’m suprised those people bother reading F1 Fanatic. It’s the sort of thing I’d expect from the clueless.

    5. xactly same choices from me too

      1. It’s kind of sad how Melbourne is one of the options with the least votes, however it is one of the most likely to be lost. Bernie needs to understand that Melbourne provides one of the top 2 or 3 most exciting races for the entire season EVERY year. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=108632815836632&ref=mf

    6. Hi,
      this might sound mad, but I reckon if the powers that be got their heads together and compiled a short list of circuits that do not rate as good as the majority and then held a poll on a site like this so ‘fanatics’ could then vote for which circuit they would favour to be included in that years venues. The underdogs would then have a chance at least of staging a race. This would, of course have to be done well in advance.
      Alternatively numbers could be pulled from lottery numbers to establish who’s in and who’s out.
      Doing it this way would keep the number of races to the required amount and still give lesser circuits, for want of a better word, a chance to stage an event.
      I feel this would be fairer as I myself would not want ANY circuit thrown on the scrap heap, as the people behind the scenes on ALL circuits work very hard for us, the fans.

  2. Agree with Abu Dhabi, but i voted for the Chinese, and the turkish as well:)

  3. No not Abu Dhabi, its a great race, get rid of Bahrain, Turkey and Valencia

    1. I agree!! Ticked exactly the same 3 awful tracks!

    2. I cannot believe Valencia isn’t ‘winning’ this poll at the moment…

      We all have too short memories perhaps.. Bahrain isn’t that bad surely!

    3. I said the same thing. I cant believe that 8 people actually voted for the Brazilian GP!

    4. Turkey has a very poor attendance, ok, but Istanbul park 8 is probably the best turn in the whole calendar, I wouldn’t scrap it.

      1. Mouse_Nightshirt
        9th April 2010, 21:41

        Agreed, T8 at Turkey is phenomenal. A modern classic turn that is on par with anything at Spa.

        Now if only that track was in a country that cared…

  4. Valencia is a truly hateful track, I suspect that will easily be the number one. I think it’s odd we can vote for the Korean Curcuit already though. While I don’t have any hopes for it, it should be given a fair chance.

    I personally think there are too many races in a season now, 17 was plenty. If they cut Valencia because of its dreadfulness I’m not going to need an extra race, it’ll just make the rest more special and enjoyable… like a GP should be. Quality over quantity is much more stylish and fitting to the sport.

  5. I picked bahrain, china, valencia and abu dhabi.
    And what do all these have in common?
    Yes, they were all designed by Tilke!

    1. Abu Dhabi was a great track and produced a nice race though! And China is a nice track with the longest straight in the calendar which can produce many overtaking opportunities. I agree on Bahrain and Valencia!

      1. And if Vettel hadn’t won those two races last year Tommy?

        1. I believe it’s TommyB that likes Vettel…

          1. Ahh my mistake :)

    2. HounslowBusGarage
      9th April 2010, 9:45

      Absolutely identical, Al.
      Amazing to see that Valencia and Bahrein are so convincingly voted for the chop- Not.

      1. I am hating Bahrain in the new configuration.

  6. China, Turkey, Valencia, Abu Dhabi, most people seem to agree with me, except on Monaco, I think it’s a relic, more based towards the corporate side of the sport than the racing, and modern cars long outgrew out it.

    1. It’s not about the cars but the driver’s ability! Monaco is unique!!

    2. Monaco still tests drivers. The best thing that I can liken Monaco to is threading a needle at high speed, only constantly for 90 to 120 minutes. Few people could maintain the concentration, composure and ability to constantly maintain the speeds that F1 drivers do around Monaco

    3. Not Turkey!! I love the Istanbul track so much…

  7. I think everyone’s going to be voting for Sakhir. Chance that Bernie will axe it? small to miniscule. A race’s likelihood of being dropped is related solely to how much money that have to throw around.

  8. I would pick to drop Monaco and Valencia.
    Monaco because it is impossible to run a proper race there. Valencia because each country should only have 1 race.
    So if we go to Rome, we would lose Monza.
    NewYork and Moscow would make nice sites for F1 races.
    What has to stay: Spa (brilliant races and closest to Netherlands), Singapore (beautifull nigth race), Montreal, Silverstone (for the brits), Hockenheim.
    I would like to see at least 1 race in Scandinavia and 1 in Africa. That would more or less cover the globe.

    1. By the way, I would prefer USA GP to be at Indianapolis using the Indy oval.

      1. We Want Turbos
        9th April 2010, 10:32

        Borefest!!! An F1 car on an oval… really?

      2. that would be amazing!

        1. With the amount of aero on the cars now an oval race would be total rubbish. They wouldbt be able to get anywhere near each other.

    2. They’d have to be insane to drop Monaco. Even if it’s just a parade it’s still the best-known F1 race there is.

      1. Bernie will never ever drop Monaco, but I do agree with the fact that each country must not have more than 1 race.

        They should also try to bring back Imola.

        1. What happened to imola? I wasn’t really following F1 until recently, but I think it’s an awesome track :D

          1. It was rather good, and i’d rather have that than a Grand Prix in Rome.

          2. Imola was great pre-1995. Now it’s just a collection of chicanes in a park.

          3. Used to be, and the flat-out Tamburello curve was terrific, but it killed Senna and others, and now has been emasculated

        2. So you would want them to drop Monza for Imola (as per not having more than one GP per country?)

          1. They would be crazy also to drop Monza. And why should they? Even if Imola is recovered, or a new track in Roma is included, one country CAN have two GPs. Spain has 2 (Valencia is the European GP but it is in Spain anyway) So if Bernie drops Valencia we could have the Italian GP in Monza and the European in Rome or Imola. BTW the Imola GP is not really Italian, San Marino is a tiny independent republic (well, sort of).

          2. Imola aka Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari‎ is actually in Italy. It’s about 100km north-west of San Marino

          3. @ Lachie
            Monza host the Italian GP whereas Imola host the San Marino GP they both are two different countries as far I know.

          4. @wasiF1

            as Pinball says you’ll find Imola is in San Marino. Its the same situation as when the Nurburgring hosted the Luxembourg GP in ’97

          5. Haha yeah I totally meant to say Imola is in ITALY…. sigh :)

          6. Yes and no. True, the Imola track is in Italian soil, but nevertheless the Imola GP is the San Marino GP. And San Marino is in fact the oldest surviving independent state in the world (founded AD 301).

            In fact San Marino is so tiny (28 sq miles) that there’s no room for a F1 track, unless they demolish a couple of medieval villages.

          7. The Imola GP isn’t always the San Marino GP vis-avis- the 1980 Italian GP

          8. As has already been pointed out Imola is in Italy and the only reason the race was called the San Marino GP was because there was already an Italian GP at Monza. Just like the European GP name is only used when there are two races in the same country.

        3. Monaco is the only GP that pays zero for it’s race, but even so, Bernie would never cut it. He just couldn’t!

        4. well that would mean italy would have 2 races basically …

      2. Guilherme Teixeira
        9th April 2010, 11:42

        If I’m not mistaken, Monaco is the only Grand Prix which do not need a contract to be run. There will always be a Monaco Grand Prix regardless of what Bernie Ecclestone wants!

        I think the only way there will not be a Monaco Grand Prix is if the teams boicot the race =P

        1. I seem to remember that the european gp used to be held at different tracks in different countries each year (am I correct or just forgetful). When did spain become the whole of europe?

  9. I bet if Bahrain had yet to happen this year, it wouldn’t have so many votes.

    1. I bet it would! :)

    2. I agree to an extent, but that new section which was added this year is the main culprit. The new section doesn’t fit the theme of the track, makes the cars think of running more downforce and as a result more downforce, less effective aerodynamics – less overtaking.

  10. Cut out all the Tilke tracks except Sepang. Restore Hockenheim to its former glory. Keep only the “heritage” tracks and update them for safety. And will someone please put traction control back on Schumacher’s car. I’d like to see him go for a win this year.

    1. Cut out all the Tilke tracks except Sepang.

      And Istanbul, I’d say.

      And will someone please put traction control back on Schumacher’s car. I’d like to see him go for a win this year.


      1. Istanbul might be an ok track, but that circuit has about as much atmosphere as the moon… for that reason, it should be gone.

        1. Yer I really like Istanbul as a race track so I left it on, but it was a close decision considering more people turned up to testing in Valencia than the Turkish GP.

        2. There should be a Turkish F1 pilot, sooon there would be plenty of atmosphere at Istanbul park

        3. Apparently Petrov brought some crowds into Turkey for GP2 so let’s see how good his pulling power is. Istanbul should stay it is a supreme track.

        4. There’s actually a Moon track someone made for Grand Prix Legends…

    2. “Restore Hockenheim to its former glory. Keep only the “heritage” tracks and update them for safety.”

      Yes please!

      Thats the sort of F1 I wanna see!

      1. Me too, the old track was a low downforce circuit which was great.

      2. you, me, everyone it seems. But it still won’t happen!

        1. I’d love to see the old Hockenheimring back. But it’s not there any more – almost totally dismantled and left to turn back into forest.

          1. I managed to pick up pictures, I can’t remember where from though, maybe this site.

            Its almost sad, you can still see where the track was, It feels like an old abandoned railway…

        2. Guilherme Teixeira
          9th April 2010, 11:48

          Utopia, I’d say. What once was the track now is covered by trees and one can hardly see how the German ambientalists would be happy to chop down hundreds of trees just to make room to build a racing track – let alone the fact that the track was there in the first place and it seems silly to destroy the forest section, plant trees, and then destroy the trees to build the forest section again.

          As much as I loved the old Hockenheimring, we would do better to be happy with what we currently have…

          And anyway, it’s not the most horrid track out there and it’s been like this since 2002, so we should be used to it already.

    3. “Restore Hockenheim to its former glory.”

      Can’t really do that…

    4. thanks for keeping Sepang in the list..

  11. Sakhir, Valencia, Abu Dhabi and Istanbul for me at the moment.
    Don’t know about Korea. First race this year so it’s hard to tell, but it’s a Tilke track so I have bad feelings.

  12. I agree with BS, Korea should be given a chance, although I have my voting finger at the ready to say see ya later! :-)

  13. Jarred Walmsley
    9th April 2010, 9:24

    Bahrain, Istanbul, Valencia and Korea

    Bahrain very rarely gives a good race, Istanbul has no fans going to it, Valencia simply because I don’t like the track and Korea simply because I don’t think it will draw the crowds and I don’t think it will be a very good track.

    Also as of now, Bahrain is in the lead on 65% followed by Valencia on 60%

  14. Ubaid Parkar
    9th April 2010, 9:32

    5 circuits:

    Bahrain because we already have China and Malaysia. Don’t need BIC as the other two have rains to mix things up.

    Catalunya has always been boring. Not one interesting race in the past decade.

    Valencia is a joke.

    Singapore and Abu Dhabi are just wasting money with the lights and all. The tracks are not good for racing. Only for show.

    1. ” Singapore and Abu Dhabi are just wasting money with the lights and all. The tracks are not good for racing. Only for show”

      totally agree, they should improve the track.

    2. Finally someone else says Catalunya. I loathe that track, i think EVERYONE must be bored of it. Drivers turn up already knowing their set up as they do so much practice there and there is no chance to overtake anywhere. As you said, not been a good race there in a long time.

      Everyone seems to be in agreement with Valencia, its worse then all the other bad ones put together for me. Bahrain with the new lay out is just awful, although i did forget to vote for it.

      I think people should give Abu Dhabi a chance, only one race so far and it wasnt that bad and i loved the transition to night time. Singapore has to stay as its the only night race. I think people have to realise that there has to be some ‘show’ tracks on the calender. Ones that keep sponsers happy and give F1 a few more column inches in the newspapers. The tracks may not be great but without them, eventually F1 would struggle to survive.

      1. Catalunya should only be kept as a testing facility. No matter how close the cars can run, this track has zero passing opportunites, especially now that they are all starting on the same fuel.

        When they tweaked the track to create more passing they failed, they just removed the best corner on the track (last) which gave the drivers a chance to catch a nice slip stream down the main straight. All they needed to do was tighten up the first corner and call it a day..

        I think Catalunya is on the chopping block for sure.

  15. Prisoner Monkeys
    9th April 2010, 9:36

    I picked Valencia as my first choice. Not because it’s a particularly poor circuit, but because I’m against the notion of one nation having multiple Grands Prix. And after that, because, well, it’s a particularly poor circuit. I don’t think it cannot be saved – a few modifications here and there to make it faster in places would do it a world of good – but at this juncture, it’s beside the point. I would not object to Barcelona and Valencia sharing the race on a rotational basis.

    My second choice might come as an odd one: after extolling the virtues of the Hungaroring, I decided to vote for it anyway. It might attract a greater crowd than, say, Istanbul, but the Istanbul circuit is fairly challenging. I don’t think a circuit should be dropped from the calendar simply because its grandstands are empty. The teams might like a capacity crowd, but let’s be honest here: most of the audience is going to be watching the race broadcast. Besides, the teams get the money from the television rights, not ticket sales.

    I did not choose a third circuit to be dropped. I think Manhattan and Moscow or Sochi would be excellent additions to the calendar, because America and Russia represent two of the biggest countries on earth. Russia has the distinction of being the only geopolitical region to ever go without a Grand Prix. If forced to choose, I would give up South Korea, purely because it has not yet hosted a race. However, given the choice, I would nominate to share the Bahrain and Abu Dhabi Grands Prix. I would also run the race for one hundred laps of the shorter courses (perimeter at Bahrain, eastern half at Abu Dhabi) to create a bit of variety on the calendar – even if the races would be longer than your average – as right now it seems most of the circuits are between five and five-and-a-half kilometres in length.

    1. We Want Turbos
      9th April 2010, 10:40

      “I picked Valencia as my first choice. Not because it’s a particularly poor circuit, but because I’m against the notion of one nation having multiple Grands Prix.”

      I have to agree although If your going to have a “European” Grand Prix make it european not Spanish Grand Prix II or German Grand Prix II I’d like to see it get shared out to tracks like Portamao (I think thats how you spell it) and Jerez etc…

      1. Guilherme Teixeira
        9th April 2010, 11:53

        Portamao (I think thats how you spell it)

        Portimão ;)

        1. Even though the track looks interesting with its roller coaster properties I’m afraid Portimao won’t produce good racing. When GP2 staged its season finale there was almost no overtaking and only one real overtaking spot. When a race is processional in GP2 that is a worrying sign.

      2. Well Jerez is in Spain too…

  16. I guess I’m the only one here with a soft spot for the Hungaroring!

    1. No, I like it very much too…
      Don’t know why, but it has always been one of my favourite tracks. I loved to race it on F1 97 on my playstation.
      I think it needs some changes though, sooooo hard to overtake there.

      1. Same here, I have strange sentiment for Hungaroring although I know the race there is one of the must unimpressive. Probably because this is the closest race to my place, beside the German races. Also Kubica had his debut there.

        1. I think recent Hungarian races have been quite good.

          1. The 2009 one was better than the other recent ones apart from 2006.

      2. I loved Hungaroring on F1 97 too, the CPU cars would always have a pile-up at ths start of lap 2 and there’d usually be Damon Hill and Pedro Diniz in the points/podium for Arrows!

        1. F1 97 is so good for stuff like that. Berger always battles with Schumacher for the win at Hockenhiem and Panis always does well at Monaco. Along with Hill at Hungary

      3. The only reason it should be on the calendar is because it’s fun in games, it’s barely ever a fun race to watch though.

    2. It’s a very good track in my opinion too. I really like how it’s like a karting track…corner after corner, so you have to get a thight exit if you want to drive fast through the next one. F1 seems to lack circuits with many such corners.

    3. I like it too! I’m glad they improved Turn 1, but they need to get rid of the chicane and turn the final complex of corners into one slightly banked curve, which would show up the improvement in Turn 1 even more.

    4. No, I really enjoy the Hungaroring – cracking race last year and always throws up surprises. Evidence;
      2006 – Button’s first ever win from 14th on the grid
      2007 – Hamilton and Alonso in the pit lane during qualifying, Alonso takes pole but is stripped of it.
      2008 – Flawless drive from Massa but pulls up with three laps left and Heikki Kovalainen wins his first race
      2009 – Hamilton wins after Alonso on pole but his wheel comes off on lap 3.

  17. Give the Korean track a chance!
    I voted for Valencia and Barcelona, the spanish GP should be on an actual race track, not on a glorified test circuit.
    Besides that, I voted for Turkey, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Hungaroring and Shanghai.

    Monaco and Singapore should stay, they have an unique atmosphere.

    1. Jerez is better than Barcelona and of course Valencia. No shortage of atmosphere though

  18. I nominate Bahrain, Hungary, Turkey, Spain

  19. Err, why is Bahrain top? It is actually an alright race track if you remove the hideous loop.

    – Valencia, no explanation needed
    – Shanghai, circuit is OK but clearly China has little interest in F1

    I’m willing to give Abu Dhabi another chance. Undecided on Singapore.

    1. It is actually an alright race track if you remove the hideous loop.

      They better remove the loop then. Only 2% want it kept for next year:

      Which track should Bahrain use in 2011?

      1. There won’t be a Bahrain Grand Prix anymore in 2012 IMO .

    2. Valencia: the only way to make this track more interesting it to have the swing bridge operate during the race….

      1. hahaha!


        best idea yet.

  20. Bahrain, China, Turkey, Valencia and Abu Dhabi but after what everyone said about the organisers of Bahrain genuinely wanting to put on a good race and the slim possiblity of using the Outer circuit, i’d be willing to let it slide :)

    Definitely lose the ones that don’t use their grandstands to actually seat fans.

  21. Ergh, i pressed the wrong button, im so stupid, well, ive just woke up so i guess sleepy.

    I meant to press Shanghi and Valencia, but ended up pressing Shanghi and Susuka, i love susuka :(

    1. Shanghai and Suzuka ;)

  22. Picked most of the new Tilkodromes…I don’t feel any attraction by Cinese, Singapore or Abu Dhabi GP. Then cut off Valencia, which only produced processional races so far. I feel Korean track could be a good venue.
    I would like France (Paul Ricard) and US (Watkins Glen) back.

  23. to quite honestly say, the China track is maybe my favourite Tilke-track. it has multiple optimal lines to follow, very wide track, and i’ve always enjoyed watching it, even in dry conditions.
    but i have to say, i’m shocked that Silverstone and Spa received votes O.o

    1. That’s interesting, I’m really not impressed by the Shanghai circuit. We’ve never had an even halfway good race there in the dry. Remember the dreadful 2008 race? Fortunately it seems to rain quite a bit over there.

      1. China is only good when it rains, so why can we have it as a permanent wet race?

        1. China in 2005 I thought was good in the dry.

      2. Completely agree with Keith about China, its a bad track with no atmosphere. But on the other hand it has strangely gained some character due to two of those wet races in 2006 and 2007. I guess if you put in a wet race at the climax to a title fight even a dull track can be exciting.

      3. 2008 is a very good example, you’re right. however, it still would be the last Tilke-track i would remove from the calendar.
        about wet races :) i used to come up with the Paul Ricard track, where a watering system allows the teams to simulate wet conditions. how about an artificial wet race? :)

  24. Yes, I would keep Bahrein only if they choose the out ring!

  25. Prisoner Monkeys
    9th April 2010, 9:51

    Don’t write Singapore off just yet – the organisers are apparently exploring changes to the circuit for 2011 (they won’t have time to get them approved for 2010). These would include extending the back straight by two hundred metres to go around the War Memorial instead of down the inside of it (cutting out two ninety-degree bends in the process) and removing the chicanes across the waterfront and under the grandstand (which was only ever a novelty).

    1. Yeah I’d give Singapore a stay of execution for pretty much the same reason. It’s certainly too long. Street tracks should be about dodging through traffic and between barriers, not about a lap so long you never catch any slower cars.

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        9th April 2010, 9:57

        Actually, I think Singapore has a certain charm to it right now – it’s murder on brakes. How many cars did we see with disintegrating brake pads last year? Webber bombed out, the Toro Rossos were retired before it could metastisise into a terminal problem, and even the Brawns struggled with it. Singapore is a race that requires drivers to look after their cars more than any other, which I imagine would be difficult with its labyrinthe streets. That said, it should be changed, but I think it’s under-rated. It’s had one dramatic and one processional race; hardly enough to judge it.

        1. It’s got potential. But I don’t like the way the boundary of the track is often a kerb a few metres away from the wall, rather than the wall itself.

          Ditto Valencia, only much more so…

          1. I like the spectacle of Singapore and being the first night race, it’s got a certain unique charm.

            I think the event should stay, but they should consider improving the layout as the only corner that stands out for me is the bumpy one before the big flyover (think it’s halfway round the track).

          2. It’s got potential. But I don’t like the way the boundary of the track is often a kerb a few metres away from the wall, rather than the wall itself.

            funny though … the official reason for that is to “enhance overtaking”

            that’s the reason why Webber was penalized for his pass on Alonso in 2009!

    2. If that happened I would be glad to keep Singapore. I always thought having all three right-angled corners was pointless, and the new one around the War Memorial could become a decent overtaking spot, whereas removing the useless chicanes at the end of the lap will speed things up and possibly allow cars to follow closer for a stab into Turn 1.

      1. Oh, and make it a twilight race – the circuit looked gorgeous in Saturday Practice.

        1. Here’s a hastily map of the revised Singapore circuit for 2011:


          1. Not sure if they will cut the 3 right-angled corners though? Isnt the floating platform and grandstand permanent?

          2. the straight will still go past the front of the permanent grandstands

          3. Looks like the corner would be shifted to just outside the old Beach Road Camp Complex and would have the effect of making that run under the Marina Square Shopping Centre really fast (330+km/h). It might even resemble that tunnel going under the hotel in Monaco (much shorter though)…

            I would also agree with making the start an hour earlier (7pm SGP time), the drivers wouldn’t notice anyway since the lights would already be on.

    3. I didn’t vote for the chop for Singapore, but it was a close run thing. Last years race was pretty dull, and lets face it, if it wasn’t for Nelson ‘Piroutte’ Piquet, 2008 would have been as well. But I’m prepared to give it another chance if they improve the layout. Plus the cars just look awesome under lights & I love the spectacle of the sparks from the cockpit.

      I voted against Valencia (I’d rather go to the Dentist than watch that race ever again), Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, China & Korea. My finger also hovered over Catalunya, the only saving grace it has was that I think there should be at least one race in Spain. Having already axed Valencia, I couldn’t in all conscience cut Catalunya as well. But it is a supremely dull circuit, and if Spain had any other alternatives, then I would have no hesitation in giving it the flick.

      Bahrain I just hate for its dull races, and total lack of crowds and atmosphere. Abu Dhabi showcases the hotel rather than the race, and makes it look like the cars are racing around it’s carpark. Plus, the hotel is really rather vulgar.

      I don’t know why I voted for Shanghai – there have been some great races there, but the empty grandstands and EXPO signage have just turned me off it. And I voted against Korea on general principle, a metaphorical thumbing my nose at Bernie and his odious habit of selling F1 to the highest bidders.

  26. Eddie Irvine
    9th April 2010, 9:52

    F1 needs to be going in exotic places all over the world. A circuit in North Africa, Hawai, Argentina and Siberea( RUssian GP) should be a well addition to the calendar. F1 cannot afford to many shepang-style circuits, they are all the same. I voted for Turkish, CHienese, Singapore Abu Dhabi and Valencia

  27. The Abu Dhabi track is an insult to F1 drivers. We should get rid of it as soon as possible. Spending so much money to have such a result is disquieting.

    Barcelona has become a very boring track because of the ugly last chicane: moreover, races always suck here.

  28. One of only six (untill now) to vote for silverstone :P

    My other choices were Bahrain, Valencia and Abu Dhabi. Was a little hesitant on Abu Dhabi I must admit.

    1. Silverstone was Rubbish last year, still there’s always a decent chance of rain…

  29. Surprised so many picked Turkey, surely the best Tilke…with a rather nice turn.

    Bahrain, Catalunya and Valencia – pointless

    Hungaring – pointless except when it rains

    Abu Dhabi – probably pointless, though I’ll wait and see on the latter, got to give it a couple of races to tweak itself, might improve

    Singapore… I’ll give it a year or two more, it’s not soooo bad

    That would leave Monacco as the one really dull race of the year, I could live with that.

    1. “Surprised so many picked Turkey, surely the best Tilke…with a rather nice turn.”

      It’s really a pretty boring track with one super turn.

      If they dropped pouhon in the middle of Valencia it would still be a pretty boring track.

    2. Daffid – exactly my choice & thinking! I voted out Bahrain, Catalunya ,Valencia and Hungaring

      Keep Abu Dhaibi & Singapore a bit longer, for reasons of esthetics more than anything.

      Would like to see Paul Ricard (France) and a classic US track (Watson Glen or Indy). May be Imola.

      Also I don’t mind Fuji (most hate). May be because I enjoyed going to the 2007/08 races there. So would’t mind alternating with the superior Suzuka as was planned. For variety really.

  30. keepF1technical
    9th April 2010, 9:57

    who voted for spa? are you mad

    1. It wasn’t me, but I can remember some extremely dull races at Spa.

  31. Amazing. It’s clear to see that Tilke tracks are pretty much universally disliked.

    The problem is that countries wanting to host an F1 race do so for political/economic reasons as opposed to the love for the sport. I’m sure there are passionate people involved in these new projects but all these new tracks (in terms of layout) lack taste.

    It’s odd how the Tilke tracks are created to artificially produce good racing, but somehow it’s the old tracks that produce the most interesting races. So it’s not just the cars and that aero problem, it’s track design.

    I say, don’t create a stop-start track, instead, create a track that flows, preferably on the side of a mountain for plenty of elevation, make it thin and conducive to mistakes, and aim to make the drivers fear the track but to enjoy almost every corner. If the drivers end up saying “this is amazing” then I guarantee you the fans will love it as well!

    1. Yeah the problem is always going to be the FIA’s rules on new circuits.

      This could be a saving grace tho http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potrero_de_los_Funes_Circuit

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        9th April 2010, 10:25

        It won’t happen. The resurrection of the Argentine Grand Prix will only happen with the support of the Argentine government. Potrero de los Funes sits near San Luis, a regional seat that is held by the national opposition. The government won’t agree to have a race in territory controlled by the other side. The only hopes for the circuit are to either a) have the government win San Luis in the next election (though I’m told San Luis is the stronghold of the opposition party’s power; they’ve held it for decades) or b) have the government defeated and the opposition take control of the country and hope they’ll continue to support the Argentine Grand Prix.

        However, any plans for it suffered a major setback with the collapse of USF1. Before committing to an Argentine Grand Prix, the government in Buenos Aries wanted to see an Argentine driver, and they settled on Jose Maria Lopez. But with USF1 collapsing and Lopez returning home, it’s unlikely they’re going to get involved again without assurances, and Lopez’s relative obscurity in the motorsport community means it’s unlikely a Formula 1 team will approach him again.

        1. All of which is a real shame, because to see F1 cars screaming around that lake would be a beautiful sight, and it looks different enough that it has potential to throw up some good racing.

        2. My very favorite MotoGP track is Laguna Seca, I believe there has never been a F1 GP there, but there should be. The corkscrew turn is absolutely unique and should be a real challenge for the drivers.

          1. Laguna Seca is too short and too narrow for Formula 1.

            In fact it was too short and too narrow for CART in the 90’s.

          2. Too narrow, yes, but too short? No way. Short tracks mean more traffic and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

          3. Maybe if they would widen it a little…

          4. It was made longer in 1988 hoping it could host the 89 US GP, but it went to Phoenix, which was a failure btw

    2. “the Tilke tracks are created to artificially produce good racing…”

      Artificial? So, what’s so natural about the old tracks? Did Monza or Spa grow out from a tree?

  32. Are we taking bets yet on which will actually go.
    I reckon Hungary.
    And Germany and Belgium will be offered some sort of race every 2 years deal.
    Valencia might go, although with Fernando in a Ferrari, probably not.
    Once India starts will he give up on China at last?

  33. Bahrein/Valencia/Singapore

  34. Hungary, Bahrain, Valencia, Barcelona, China.

    Turkey just about holds on, and we’ve only had 1 race at Abu Dhabi, so it’s too early to judge. Plus it wasn’t all that bad.

  35. Well I don’t think any country should routinely have two races, so Valencia was my first pick, the fact that it hasn’t provided a decent race probably would have made it my first choice anyway.

    The Catalunya circuit doesn’t really seem to provide good races either but I would like a GP in Spain.

    It would be unfair to vote for South Korea as it hasn’t hosted a GP yet, but it wouldn’t have been near the top of my list of countries to visit.

    There are some tracks which I don’t mind having a race but they are so poorly attended it is hard to justify their place on the calendar, such as Turkey.

    There are also places like Hungary which usual provide dull races but I don’t mind hosting a GP.

    Assuming we are aiming for a 20 race calendar I choose Valencia, Bahrain and Hungary. To be replaced by USA, Russia and South Africa, and probably some more changes in future too.

  36. Robert McKay
    9th April 2010, 10:16

    Pretty much most of the Tilke ones can be dropped for me. Valencia at the top, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Singapore in that order – all rubbish. Turkey is great for Turn 8 but is not the modern day Spa it was initially lauded as, the good races there dried up quickly, and the crowds are abysmal, so maybe I wouldn’t cry if it was cut.

    Shanghai is not a fantastic circuit but it rains a reasonable amount there, quite a few wet races, and the slightly-banked corner onto mega-long back straight is reasonable for passing, plus turn 1/2 is actually a little bit different. Keep, for me, just about.

    I think somehow Sepang actually looks quite good in comparison to some of these newer ones (is Tilke getting worse, or am I just used to Sepang more…), so definitely keep it.

    The sad thing is I would have once said Hungaroring is the worst track/race…but it’s ahead of quite a few races now for me (including Catalunya, which has been dreadful the last few years and does not need that silly little chicane near the end of the lap).

    But the whole thing is academic, we’re dropping Tilke circuits (bad) for what will inevitably be Tilke street races (even worse).

    Welcome to a frying pan/fire interface scenario.

  37. All of Tilke’s borefest contributions – especially Abu Dhabi

  38. I voted for Barhein, Valencia and Singapore.
    I don’t like street circuits at all. In fact I almost voted for Monaco, but it is such a legend that I left it safe…
    Spa , Monza, Suzuka, Monaco, Silverstone and Interlagos HAVE to stay.

    1. Robert McKay
      9th April 2010, 10:24

      “Spa , Monza, Suzuka, Monaco, Silverstone and Interlagos HAVE to stay.”

      I agree with that and add Montreal.

      1. I agree. Keith, can you make a poll about which circuits should stay in f1 forever?

        1. Me three, but I’d add Melbourne to the list of must haves.

  39. Went for Silverstone, Valencia, Bahrain and China. Four boring tracks I’d love to see the back of.

    Bring back Estoril & Buenos Aires!

  40. I don’t think Bahrain would have had so many votes if there hadn’t been that stinker last month.

    I don’t like China, mainly because it is too similar to Sepang. Now perhaps if they were further apart on the calendar I would be less inclined, but the sea of empty grandstands do F1 no favours.

    If China and Turkey are such amazing race tracks, some smart circuit developer (or a dim one encouraged by Smeagol) should re-create some of these features. Lets face it, Tilke normally gets a flat featureless piece of land to work on, you could easily recreate the goood features of these circuits.

    Anway enough rambling; Bahrain – why the extra bit? China/Turkey – one turn each, no fans (Turn 2/3 and 8 respectively) and no fans, Valencia…. 4 overtakes in 2 seasons…..

  41. Bahrain, China and Hungary.

    Bahrain is just boring as hell. The only reason it is there is because of the money that trades hands and lines Bernie’s pockets.

    China because it is too boring, on the whole. There has been a little bit of action there, but nothing note worthy. The Chinese people dont seem to bothered about the event either. In recent years they’ve been shipping in local students just to make the appear more full. They’ve also turned a massive grandstand into a massive advertising board as a result of poor attendences

    I’ve also voted Hungary. I dont really like the track and there isnt a large amount of exciting racing there in recent times. Like China, a few good moments but boring on the whole.

  42. I went for Bahrain, Barcelona, and Valencia.

  43. valencia n bahrain. I beleive abudhabi is one of the best f1 n should continue holding the f1 races

  44. I like Nurburgring! it’s fantastick track!
    But hate new short Hockenheimring.
    Please split them in the poll.

  45. Give Abu Dhabi more than one chance. Likewise, Bahrain was pretty spectacular in 2006 and 2009.

    I only voted for Valencia. Frankly, Formula One is the most relaxed sport there ever is. Just 20 days of racing? That is less 40 hours over 1 year. Expand the calendar. Don’t remove and replace races.

    I would be glad if the F1 calendar was increased to 25-30 races per year. It will be a logistical nightmare for the teams, but if F1 has to become more popular in new countries (like India) we need to have more F1-related articles in the local newspapers and more awareness.

    A sport that comes to life only once a fortnight and that too on a Sunday fortnight is unlikely to become globally popular anytime soon.

    1. I meant Sunday afternoon, not Sunday fortnight.

      1. it is globally popular! only football and cricket (which is only followed in a tiny number of countries) have greater followings. also, F1 is the ambassador for other motorsport, so you get a trickle down effect whereby people start following local motorsport.

        1. I doubt F1 is that popular. China and India (with a combined population of 40% of the world) have negligible popularity. The crowds at Shanghai race have been lesser and lesser every year.

          USA is not covered by the F1 market.

          If F1 is strong anywhere, it is just Europe and South America.

          Although, the picture is changing now. It needs to change faster. In early 2000s / late 1990s, we used to have just 15 races and just 4 flyaways in the entire season (USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia).
          Thankfully, we now have 4 flyaways at the start, another 4 at the end.

          But there need to be more. F1 cannot rely on Europe alone to become bigger.

          If F1 is to become more stronger and solid (F1 was the hardest hit sport by the economic crisis of 2008), it must become less lazy and have more and more races, in as many places as possible.

          1. Fly away races you forgot from the late 1990s and early 2000s were Japan and Argentina which last had a GP in 1998.

            And if you included the early 1990s there was also Mexico and South Africa.

    2. The logistical problem can be easily reduced. Race calendar should be made the way that races are close to each other. Let’s say, start in Australia, then Malaysia and Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Spain (both races), Turkey, Italy, Monaco, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Canada and Brazil. That would be much easier and cheaper for the teams, and also for journalists, TV crews, fans who go to many races etc.

      1. Robert McKay
        9th April 2010, 14:31

        Yes but you generally need to account for other factors as well. Local weather/seasons, customs/immigration, amongst other things. So I think it ends up making more sense to have a flyaway tour at the start and the end and the European season in the middle.

        Undoubtedly a few races can be better organised, or “twinned”, though.

        On your calendar the two Spanish rounds together would benefit noone in terms of crowds, I don’t think…

        1. Logically it makes sense to do the road trip – europe – back on the road sequencing because by the main time for in season development (granted now allot less of it) has been across that middle section with teams moving to consolidating there car and developing for next year in that later half of the season. basically they are in europe right when the major changes are happening and hopefully all done and dusted to put the team on the road again at the end of the season.

  46. My picks were: Valencia, Bahrain, Catalunya and maybe Hungrary. These we picked on the basis of processional races, where these tracks allow minimal overtaking given it is a sunny day. I would have said turkey, but that track is actually one of tilke’s better tracks which ACTUALLY provided overtaking and included the infamous turn 8, the only problem is it lacks atmosphere. Abu dhabi would’ve been on my list aswell, but too much money has been spent on the track for it not to be on the F1 calendar. I think this race would be more suited as the race after australia/malaysia/china rounds or move it in front of brazil, not the final race of the season. They should give the Finale back to interlagos, they certainly know how to create atmoshpere.

    1. I picked the same 4 tracks – Valencia, Bahrain, Spain, Hungary – reasoning as follows:

      Valencia – dull dull dull, the racing isn’t good, the track isn’t good, it’s just dull.

      Bahrain – usually processional, but this year just cemented that even more.

      Spain – unfortunately used as a test track way too much for there to ever be good races there.

      Hungary – there never has been any overtaking and probably never will, especially as it’s never wet either (with 06 the exception).

      Others I considered were China, Turkey, Abu Dhabi and Singapore, however:

      China – although very boring in the dry, it tends to be wet a lot there and therefore provides good races (I think 3-3 for wet/dry races atm).

      Turkey – As firefly said, one of the better Tilke tracks. This has overtaking and some memorable corners and that rare thing in a Tilke track – GRADIENT!

      Abu Dhabi – I refuse to judge a track based on one race alone. Even Spa has had the occasional dull race, so let’s wait and see (apparently Asian GP2 here was great). The track itself is ok and the sunset racing/hotel is a novelty.

      Singapore – I like the night race, street circuit novelty although (take note Mr. Ecclestone!) variety is the spice of life, the attraction is the difference from other circuits so I don’t want anymore duplicates.

      1. Hungary – there never has been any overtaking and probably never will

        Hamilton on Webber last year? Admittedly KERS-assisted, but that was to close the gap; the actual overtake was around Turn 3. One of Hamilton’s best overtakes, he frightened Webber into screwing up the exit of the last corner and then sized him up and pounced.

  47. I voted for Valencia & Turkey.
    Valencia is not a good track at all & the two races had trouble attracting spectator.
    Turkey is a good track but same trouble only 36,000 attended last year.

    I don’t know why 151 people voted Hungary? it’s true that may not be a good track but the race was never short of drama & action.

    & who are the fellows voted Spa-Francorchamps, Melbourne, Interlagos, Monza & why??

    1. I missed this,

      How good will be the Indian GP? the track is designed by Tilke & most of his designed race tracks are been voted.

  48. The last race of the season should be an endurance race. And it should be at Indianapolis

  49. I voted for Shanghai, Sakhir, Catalunya, Valencia, Singapore and Korea. I know how much fans there are in Spain, but those two races are almost always boring :(

    1. They could look to the numerous other circuits in Spain like Jerez or the other circuit in Valencia. About 3/4 the races in Moto GP seem to be in Spain, so they could uswe one of hthose.

    2. Korea? We haven’t even been there yet! ;)

  50. Someone must have had a blackout when he or she voted Silverstone and Monaco. Come on?!

    1. Well I didnt vote for either, but I can see why someone would.

      Monaco is only interesting if your primary interest in motorsport is looking at glamorous people or watching cars hit walls.

      Silverstone is a great circuit to drive, but terrible as a spectator, and doesnt usually produce exciting racing unless the great British weather interferes.

  51. Valencia, Bahrain, China, Hungary and Abu Dhabi can all go.

    I may have been a bit harsh on China and Abu Dhabi, but the other 3 don’t deserve their place on the calendar in terms of the tracks… But thats not what it’s about at the moment…

  52. why not just keep all track.

    Add New York and Moscow doesn’t mean certain tracks must be drop from the calendar

    and yes I have to agree that each country can only host 1 race; if there’s a need to drop out certain tracks just pick among the country that host 2 races

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      10th April 2010, 4:52

      Bernie has said that 20 races is the maximum manageable.

      1. I don’t knoiw what is Bernie is thinking but way back in 1981 we used to have 15 races ( from that year I think all races were counted to the championship) still some 20 years later the number of races have just increased to 5. I think in the future as we don’t have any in season testing we should have around 22-25 races per season.

        1. Prisoner Monkeys
          10th April 2010, 10:31

          Becuase there’s only so many races that are maangeable. It’s very expensive for the teams to keep jetting around, and the more races there are, the less time they have to test and develop next year’s cars.

          1. but how would they manage to travel around the world when there were in season testing?
            Didn’t that cost them anything?

          2. The big teams at least had separate test teams, so it was usually completely different people going racing and testing, and it did cost them a lot which is the main reason testing is now restricted.

            I remember a while ago a team principle, possibly Ron Dennis, said that if there were many more races during a season than what we currently have teams would have to have another set of race mechanics etc as the same people wouldn’t be able to go to every race, and you may ask why this can’t happen but with cost cutting and restrictions on the number of people a team can employ this would not be possible.

  53. All of the tracks would be better if the aero performance was reduced. Then a faster/better/braver driver could take a different line and overtake using mechanical performance.
    Just a different way of looking at why tracks are boring.

  54. I would love to see F1 returns to Zandvoort as the European Grandprix… sniff memories there sniff..

    I should have vote three instead of one but Valencia should go

  55. I voted for Bahrain, Valencia and Hungary.

    For me they don’t provide much action throughout the race.

    Would love to see a F1 race in New York.
    Like on Gran Turismo or Forza.

  56. For me Valencia is the worst race in the calendar.

    1. Younger Hamilton
      9th April 2010, 12:03

      To be Honest i reason i never voted Valencia was because its a street circuit and i Love street circuits especially Monaco,which is just legend and will never be took off by anyone whoever voted for Monaco,Silverstone and Spa are completely stupid and crazy

      1. Valencia is a long way off Monaco, my man ;)

  57. James Brickles
    9th April 2010, 11:07

    I’m actually surprised many have voted for the Hungaroring. There is really only one fault with that track and thats the turn 6/7 chicane (It really is a gap creator between cars). Other than that, the track is rather good to watch and would have good racing, weren’t it for that chicane!

    1. Another problem with the Hungaroring is that it seems to be really dusty offline.

  58. Bahrain: If they can use one of the other layouts then I’d say keep it.

    Chinese: Has had little impression. Needs improvement

    European: Just get rid. It’s a novelty track

    Hungarian: Difficult choice. It’s the only track I’ve ticked that offers something and has proven itself over the last 20+ years.

    Singapore: Poor layout, Novelty track… only claim to fame is that the race is ran at night

    Abu Dhabi: Same as Singapore… the scenery is more impressive than the circuit.

    Didn’t vote for it but the German Grand Prix? Never been so sure about Hockenheim and the newer first corner section at the Nurburgring has never looked right. Does anyone know of any other noteworthy German tracks that could possibly be used?

    I’d give Imola another chance. The long straight that now exists before the start/finish line looks interesting.

    Paul Ricard would be another good choice. It’s sitting there good and ready and doesn’t need anything doing to it.

    Watkins Glen would be a good choice for returning the racing to the USA

    Also… why not throw in Adelaide as a second Australian venue? That is a proper street circuit.

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      9th April 2010, 12:49

      Sorry, but Paul Ricard (a.k.a. Le Castellet) needs a HUGE amount doing to it. When it closed in 1990, all the spectator facilities were removed. At the moment it can only accommodate about 4,000 spectators!
      It doesn’t have pit (only 12 of them), paddock and media centre up to modern standards either.

      1. Funny thing with regard to the spectators is that a lot of people will say its not all that important people don’t show up to Turkey or China cos most people will watch it on TV. But talk about a track where people will go (like in France), and the lack of grandstands is a huge issue.

        Seems to me we should either have tracks where a big turnout is close to the top priority OR have tracks anywhere we like as we’ll all watch it on TV

        1. Okay.. point taken. But since the actual track itself is up to scratch all that would need to be done is grandstands, paddock and media centre.

          Surely it would be more cost effective than picking somewhere and building a new track from scratch?

          1. Yeah I completely agree, Paul Ricard looks like the track itself is perfectly ready with its miles of runoff. My feeling is that obviously you need pits for the cars so do those up and then fix up the media facilities and you’re done. Leave the grandstands and let everyone watch it on TV. Thats an even greener solution than Doningtons park-here-and-take-a-tram service.

  59. sorry for all you Monza fans but If they changed it abit to suit other cars that dont have tons of top speed I wouldn’t have to vote for it. To me it’s basically a Nascar circuit with a speed trap and other corners going the other way sometimes, It’s like an old Hockenheim which i dislike because it’s just easy work for the drivers.

    Valencia, Bahrain to be axed and Monza to be changed.

    Let me get my hard hat on before the rocks start to be thrown at me.

    1. I appreciate differences of opinion but I have to tell you that on Monza you are completely and utterly wrong!

      The speed is the very thing which makes it a vital part of F1. The calendar is desperately short of variety and although we call Spa a high-speed track it’s nothing compared to Monza.

      Maximum speeds at Monza are around 350kph – few other circuits see more than 315kph.

      We need tracks that test cars to different extremes – very fast tracks, very slow tracks, long and short, bumpy and smooth, track and street.

      If only they could make some more room for run-off so they could drop the chicanes and have a proper, slipstreaming thriller of a race like they had up until 1971. I see Audi tested there recently without using the first chicane (Rettifilio), blasting flat-out around Curva Grande. What a thrill it would be to see F1 cars doing the same.

      Speed alone makes Monza special. And that’s before you consider the history, the passionate crowd, the beautiful parkland setting and everything else that makes it one of F1’s best races.

      Thankfully Ecclestone had the sense not to try to elbow it off the calendar to make way for a street track in Rome.

      1. I don’t believe someone suggested slowing down Monza :)

        Part of the Monza appeal is that fact to get the top speed, the teams strip off downforce. This makes the drivers work harder and the cars slide all over the place. It’s a win-win situation right there.

        1. I regret the old and hot “Fast European season”: Paul Ricard, Silverstone, Hockenheim, Zeltweg, Zandvoort and Monza.
          Silverstone was just straights and fast (and difficult) corners. Zeltweg was so great, also.
          I think we miss some of this kind of tracks.

          1. Robert McKay
            9th April 2010, 12:51

            I agree that it’s ridiculous Monza has become the one true “high speed” venue on the calendar. The person/people before who said to return Hockenheim to it’s former state, I agree with that too.

            Plus, build in one more modern but properly high-speed venue, preferably with very few turns (like Monza), and we could have a nice little mid-season high speed trio of events.

            Too many medium speed circuits with far too many corners nowadays.

        2. Monza must stay, I remember the so-called “tea-tray” rear wings they used to run a few years ago :)

      2. “We need tracks that test cars to different extremes – very fast tracks, very slow tracks, long and short, bumpy and smooth, track and street.”

        fair comment keith.

        It all just looks too roundish for me and I’ve never really enjoyed watching Monza in the past. yer it’s great that the cars can stretch their legs and show what’s under the hood that is a positive, but for me it’s like something is missing and just a few corners leading off somewhere else to make it less “oval” would make it even better I think. I’m not trying to say bulldoze the whole thing just……I can’t describe it tbh, make it “MORE” then just Monza is what I’m trying to get across.

        1. Less is most definitely more when it comes to Monza

  60. Valencia – Awful track, terrible setting, and we already had a Spanish GP (albeit a perenially boring one). No chance this will disappear from the calendar while Alonso is in a competitive Ferrari.

    Istanbul – The track is fairly interesting, and there’s more scope for overtaking than at quite a few others, but F1 wouldn’t miss Turkey and vice-versa. We may or may not be saying the same thing about South Korea in a year or two, but for the moment I’m quite interested to see how that works out. Turkey might well disappear from the calendar unless the government there really wants to keep the race.

    Bahrain – Again, it’s hosted some interesting races (more so than China, say), but from the point of view of F1’s search for global coverage, getting into America or Russia is more important than having a second race in the Middle East. Abu Dhabi gets the benefit of the doubt from me. Realistically, no chance that either desert race will lose its contract.

  61. michael-in-Beijing
    9th April 2010, 11:10

    Shanghai is getting quite a bit of vote. Unfortunately the chances are they will announce a deal for another seven years during the next weekend.

    Why don’t we just have 26 races so we can enjoy a race every other weekend?

    1. maybe bernie is already too old to travel to all 26 races; that’s why he want’s to drop some tracks from the calendar


  62. Moncao is great because although the races are inevitably rubbish, it gives a fantastic illusion of excitement and lets face it, it’s awesome to see f1 cars so caged in.

    The spanish seem to be kings of rubbish tracks. jerez was pretty dire, but barcelona was even worse (anyone remember a single (dry) exciting race there? As for Valencia, well let’s say, if Alonso wasn’t spanish, I think it would be dropped tomorrow.

    It’s funny how Tilke is responsible for so many dire tracks. Malasia was interesting because it was the first massively wide track. Turkey has some elevation changes and *that* corner. Apart from that they’ve all be terrible.

    I remember in 1985 everyone was up in arms about how the new Nurburgring track was dull and nothing compared to the Nordschleife. Now it’s one of the better examples.

    I say bring back the Austrian GP, at least that has nice scenery to look at when the racing is rubbish.

    1. I agree about Monaco, I love the onboard shots from there, because it is so closed in with no run-off you get a great sense of speed.

    2. Robert McKay
      9th April 2010, 12:56

      “I remember in 1985 everyone was up in arms about how the new Nurburgring track was dull and nothing compared to the Nordschleife. Now it’s one of the better examples.”

      Well said. Bit like I was saying about Hockenheim earlier…the new tracks are so characterless in comparison. Nurburgring, even with its odd new first sector (courtesy H. Tilke) is now one of the better venues on the calendar for me.

      I mean let’s be honest, a lot of the clasic tracks often don’t produce great races, but at least if Silverstone or Suzuka is dull they’ve still got some fantastic corners and challenges to deal with. You can’t say that about Bahrain or Valencia.

      1. Robert McKay
        9th April 2010, 12:57

        Sorry meant Hungaroring not Hockenheim!

      2. I actually think Tilke improved the Nurburgring with the new first complex.

  63. Dump Melbourne
    Bring back Adelaide

    1. I agree. Melbourne is ok, but Adelaide put it to shame.

      1. yes Adelaide was a real street circuit whereas Melbourne is somewhere inbetween

    2. I don’t agree, since “proper” street circuits do not guarantee good races. Albert Park is picturesque and produces entertaining races, wet or dry.

      On the other hand, I only started watching F1 in 1997 so forgive me if races at Adelaide used to be much better :P

      1. Much much better for racing and spectators @ track

  64. STRFerrari4Ever
    9th April 2010, 11:36

    I voted for Circuit De Catalunya ever since they changed the final corner I’ve never liked it that was the only part of the track which made it worthwile to watch. Also because we regularly see processional races there.

    1. Agreed. The modification is pointless. Ruins the overall flow of the circuit.

  65. I thought you can vote for only one track :D SO i pressed only about Valencia. Only GP ever in F1, which is so boring, that im almoast sleepinng :)
    But Bahrain, Barcelona, Turkey, Hungaroring are also boring. The best tracks are fast and with long straights, So Canada, Interlagos, Monza and Monaco (even its slow) Are my favs. But in Malaysia often rains. So Malaysia must stay in f1.
    Actually, I dont like Tilke’s tracks :) They are boring, and no chance to overtake

  66. I actually think the calendar is in great shape and would be sorry to lose any of the tracks bar one or two.
    I think China is dreary but that will probably stay and Valencia has never been a circuit that has caught my eye. Valencia isn’t that bad and I don’t really accept that it’s to blame for the lack of overtaking there as if you look at GP2 they have plenty of action. It’s just a track I don’t like.
    I adore most of the rest though. Hungary, Circuit de Cat and Sing may bring processional races but we regularly complain there isn’t action anywhere we go and at least we know the drivers are being challenged here. I really like those tracks as I want to see the drivers have to push and hurt a little bit and can sacrifice some novertaking for that and when there is a good race there it just makes it even more appreciated.
    I’m also going to throw in my support for Turkey. I really don’t get the criticisms. It is an epic track and turn 8 is the most incredible in F1 at the moment. Bridge and Eau Rouge were great once upon a time, but turn 8 is a place the drivers have to really work to get it right. For all that’s wrong with modern tracks and the daft restrictions that alone shows some imagination can be used and a great designed created. I know the stands are empty but they could change the date plus there is now the Petrov factor. I heard that when he raced in GP2, there were Russians who travelled to see him race so maybe he could just help save this track but sadly, it’s look like it is on its way out.
    I don’t really care for the arguments about history as history is something that needs to be built. We need a good mix of old and new, to keep F1’s roots while moving forward. Some of the old tracks are dull too but the drivers love them and they are works of art and that’s what matters.
    I’m a bit apathetic to Germany’s hosts but that will never go now we have Seb. It’s to early to say anything about Korea, Silverstone is having changes which frankly it needs them but that’s safe anyway and there was some overtaking at Bahrain lower down the field we just didn’t see it. Bahrain is good -the new sector not so much but at least it has that bump- and I can’t imagine it going anywhere.
    All in all, I reckon I’ll lose at least one track I like but it’s inevitable when the calendar is so good. Yes Tilke tracks are rarely inspiring (again mostly because of the rules but theyn should try a different designer once in a while) but they have their plus points and are underrated in my opinion. It’s easy for them to look rubbish when we have tracks like Monza and Suzuka on the calendar.

    1. China’s too big a car market for them to drop, I expect. Mercedes even mentioned in their press release for this weekend they sell more S Classes in China than anywhere else.

      But for the money they spent on it the track really is pitiful.

      1. I have to say that I don’t like Shanghai’s track even though I live in Shanghai.
        It looks already dated now and the track design is much worse than Sepang.

      2. Thanks for that Keith. I can’t see it going either esp with China’s economy etc.
        Sean, if you don’t mind ne asking, what is the general feeling in Shanghai of the track? It doesn’t seem to pull in the crowds

      3. I do agree with the fact that they should hold race in places where they think is a good place for their car sales. I think FOTA, FIA & FOM needs to work together to see where they can all make profit.

  67. To be honest i like all of the tracks!

  68. Younger Hamilton
    9th April 2010, 12:00

    i voted Istanbul(Turkish GP),Jeogam(Korean GP) and Sakhir(Bahrain GP) The Turkish GP is jsut boring for some reason except for Turn 8,Bahrain is just crusty especially with that new circuit layout it has just become even more boring and Korea,who the hell has been hyped up about the race and besides the organisers are struggling to get accommodation.

  69. I think an Irish Grand Prix in Belfast would be a great idea. Ireland has produced a fair few of F1’s characters (Eddie Irvine, John Watson, Martin Donelly, Bob Bell, Maurice Hamilton, Eddie Jordan). Belfast was where the Titanic was built, home to the Irish linen industry, and with all the political drama it must be well suited for Formula 1. How about Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button wheel banging past the city hall? How about it?

    1. Simon,I would also love an Irish Grand Prix but there is one maasive problem.Money.With the current state of Ireland it would be impossible to fund it.To pay Bernie and the cost of building a track.I think though if someone came with lots of money maybe someone like Martin Birrane who was actually born just down the road from me and build a new track or he maybe should fix up his own track Mondello Park.

  70. Guilherme Teixeira
    9th April 2010, 12:05

    I didn’t bother to read all the comments, so sorry I’f I’m being repetitive, but people are actually missing the point here.

    Bernie wants to have a United States and Russian Grand Prix, right? So two races must be taken down, but what’s the point of voting so much for Valencia?

    As much as I hate that track – it’s the worst one in my opinion – do people really believe that Formula 1 would lose it’s European Grand Prix? The point is not which track should be cut out, but which Grand Prix should be.

    Even if Valencia is chopped off, we may get the European Grand Prix at any other capable track. That way, we would still have no room for those two Grands Prix.

    So I voted for Abu Dhabi and Singapore, purely based on their ‘boredom level’. But it’s highly likely that it won’t happen soon enough, as they probably pour an insane ammount of money into Bernie’s pockets.

    Thinking more logically, Turkey and China seems to be endangered, since they struggle to lure the crowd to attend the race, the contracts will run out soon and the governments seems unwilling to finance the race. Furthermore, with so few manufacturers now in Formula 1, F1’s interest in China could have diminished a bit.

    1. The title of European Grand Prix is really only used because a country, at the moment Spain, has two Grand Prix. I don’t think that if Valencia was axed it would mean that a new circuit was found to host the European Grand Prix.

      For example I think the only reason the Nurburgring race was called the European GP in 2007 even though there wasn’t a German GP was because of contract issues as Hockenheim controlled the title of German GP and an agreement could not be reached.

      I am not completely sure but I think to begin with a similar issue meant Valencia was not going to be called the European GP, until Ecclestone stepped in and sorted it out, I can’t remember what it was originally going to be called though.

      Also it is not just the manufacturers who wanted a Chinese GP, Ecclestone naturally wanted a race in China because of the size of the market, but I agree that the contract may not be renewed if the organisers don’t want to pay the fees anymore.

      1. Robert McKay
        9th April 2010, 12:59

        I think they were looking at Mediterranean GP original, were they not…but you are right about the European GP in general, it;s just a smart way of having two races in the same country.

        Like USA (West) and (East), or Luxembourg GP, or San Marino GP…

        1. Yeah Robert I heard they were looking at a med one too. Maybe that’s what Rome will fall under

  71. Maybe the solution for tracks is to dictate a minimum %age of the track length for the main and a backstraight, thus guaranteeing teams would have to run monza wings to be competitive.

  72. Not sure if anyone’s said this already, but every year, bar the wet race of 96, Spain has produced a massive snore fest.

    I actually quite like the circuit, but due to every team testing on it, since it was built, all the drivers know every nuance on the circuit. They never make mistakes and consequently the race has been dull, forever.

    For that reason, in a Utopian world, I’d scrap Barcelona and vastly revamp Valencia to make it more interesting…

  73. Bahrain, Valencia, Hungary and Istambul have proven to produce dull dull dull races with no redeeming features.

    On that basis they should go.

    Clearly we don’t know enough yet about the newer circuits like Korea or Abu Dhabi, there just hasn’t been enough action at them to judge what they’re like.

    Top of my list would be Valencia followed by Istambul.

  74. Valencia out, two sheikh GPs on rotation.

  75. I picked

    1. Bahrain
    2. Catalunya
    3. Valencia
    4. Hungaroring
    5. Abu Dhabi

    Reason being uninspiring tracks despite being custom-built circuits, which means the designers had a clean sheet of paper to start with.

    Special reason for Bahrain and Abu Dhabi: Another reason will be the lack of weather elements as it is highly unlikely to rain in these regions

  76. I’m sure the results of this poll would be very different, had every watcher of f1 vote. But it’s only the fanatics voting here.

    1. You mean the general public who know no better? :)

  77. Get rid of Bahrain, Turkey, and Valencia. I like the track at Turkey, but with less that 10k fans attending it’s time for that race to die.

    As far as the race in the US, I’d much rather see it come to Watkins Glen (recently renovated) than become a parade race through NYC.

  78. I can understand why some of you guys have picked the likes of Shanghai, Malaysia and Singapore as their racing is not as usually good as the classic tracks, but I must thank Bernie E for bringing F1 to these regions as they are probably the ones geographically closer to me (based in Singapore) and probably the ones I can afford too.

    As for those who picked Monza, Spa, and Brazil – what have you been drinking???? :-)


  79. Marc Pearson
    9th April 2010, 13:05

    Voted for bahrain and spain

  80. Why people pick Korea, even they have never seen anyone driving there? :D

  81. Which dingbats chose Silverstone!!

    1. I didn’t vote for it, but I really dislike the Silverstone circuit (just wish we had another worthy of F1 in the UK).

      1. What happened to Brands Hatch? I didn’t vote for Silverstone but don’t really like it either.

  82. I come from singapore and i will be very disappointed if they drop the race here. Local interest in motorsports is very high. In fact, a permanent track is due to be completed within the next 3-5 years.

    1. not to mention the 100,000 spectators that come for the race for the past 2 races! =)

  83. Definetely Valencia, because f1 doesn’t need extra race in Spain, especially when it’s very dull and never produce god races.

  84. I said Valencia and Bahrain.

    This was actually harder than it looks! I instantly went straight for all the Tilkedromes, but then I had to catch myself before clicking “vote”. I tried to think like Bernie while doing this, which made it tough! Here’s an insight into my thought process:

    The traditional European races can stay. Hunagry can go in my book (although I didn’t vote for it), to be replaced by the Russian Grand Prix (thus maintaining an F1 presence in Eastern Europe). The track is too difficult to pass on, and the races are frequently quite dull. Singapore gets to stay. The night race novelty through the streets of one of asia’s largest economies gets to stay, but only due to socio-political reasons. Valencia was a no brainer, it must go, although I do think the European Grand Prix is unnecessary and should be replaced by the African Grand Prix, which would ideally be held in South Africa. Adu Dhabi can stay, but agan only due to socio-politcal reasons. My biggest headache was caused when I got to Turkey and Bahrain. It is a toss up for me, but because the circuit in Istanbul is one of the better new circuits, I’ll let it stay, despite the fact that hardly anyone goes to watch the race. Also factored into this decision is the fact that I let Abu Dhabi stay on the calendar. I’ll only let Bahrain stay if we revert to the “old F1 layout” next year.

    So Bahrain, Hunagry. Valencia (European) GP’s out. African Grand Prix, Russian GP and Indian GP in. Sorted. Now to negotiate the TV rights…

  85. already discussed everywhere…

    All of the new tracks can be easily dropped. None of them offer anything special. Not even nigh races (which are just the same as day-light races… the organizers somehow think it’s “trully spectacular” to just see a boring race at night).

    Classic circuits (even the boring ones) cannot be dropped.

  86. Monaco should be done away with, as it is not a worthy circuit for anything other than posing with money. It should be done away with as it is narrow, dangerous and should be given to a great traditional circuit instead. Monaco is irrelevant in today’s safety concious era.

    It is only there for tradition and money, not safety or for sheer racing.

    1. “It is only there for tradition and money, not safety or for sheer racing.”

      I agree with you on that point. If Monaco was a new track trying to get a place on the calendar, it wouldn’t have a chance. Spa too, with the elevation change in Eau Rouge/Blanchimont. Isn’t it hypocritical how Tilke is being forced to build new tracks to modern safety standards, and receiving a lot of criticism for it, while old circuits continue to be used despite them being ‘unsafe’ under the regulations of the powers that be.

      1. If Monaco was a new track trying to get a place on the calendar, it wouldn’t have a chance

        Unless it was in an “emerging market”, then Bernie would be all over it!

        1. Even then, I’m sure it would be forced to make changes – move the barriers back, for example. I’m sure that when Tilke designed Valencia, he had a ‘modern Monaco’ in mind – and the circuit we have today is the closest the regulations will allow him to get to that. Yet for some reason, the fact that the original Monaco is, in a modern sense, ‘unsafe’ can be conveniently overlooked, just because it’s Monaco. Is that right?

  87. Get rid of all the Tilke tracks.

  88. I went for Bahrain, China, Hungary and Valencia, obviously dont know what the Korean GP will be like yet.

    I actually like Abu Dhabi and Singapore though, I guess most of Turkey votes are because of the lack of track attendance, which doesn’t make sense to me seeing as I watch it on TV :P

  89. Why havent more people picked Catelunya, apart from 96, i have never seen good racing there. Also Abu Dhabi, Sakir, China, tracks devoid of soul and history

    1. “Abu Dhabi, Sakir, China, tracks devoid of soul and history”

      How do you expect them to have history when they’ve only been there for 6-7 years? Ask people the same question in 15 years’ time (providing they haven’t been chopped before then!) and I’m sure the response would be different. Look at Malaysia for example, it’s a circuit that’s been on the calendar long enough now to have produced some good races and some less good ones – just like Spa, Silverstone etc – and therefore people are able to form a more considered opinion on it – and look how few votes it’s received in the poll.

  90. F1 should have more races and less testing. Cutting races is never good.

    1. I agree, though I’m not sure testing could be cut much more than it is now!

  91. Interesting that 10% of people want to give Korea the boot before it’s even held a race! Why’s that?

    1. Because it’s a tilke track, LOL.

      1. Exactly. People lump them all together and I bet you most people will write off Korea as ‘another Tilke track’ unless this year’s race is a classic. Look already how many votes Abu Dhabi’s had after producing one dull race, Valencia after two dull races, Singapore after one eventful one and one dull one. People aren’t willing to give these new tracks a chance – unless they produce a classic every year, they’re ‘bad’. They’re expected to have history and atmosphere to rival the ‘classic’ tracks, which requires time. I just hope the F1 fraternity will give them that time, so that people can judge them from a more long-term, considered perspective, as people are now beginning to do with Malaysia.

        1. Quite right. Malaysia is also a Tilke design and hardly anyone has mentioned it as a boring Tilkedrome…

          1. GeeMac,not to give too much credits to sepang,but it did well so far and looking of last week race is an epitome of a good F1 race this year,people talked about it..the team enjoyed..they stayed here longer before heading to China,..so Sepang is having more offer than a race..like a good stoppover for next race to come..Never saw too many people crowding the starting grid in Sepang rather than other circuit..so Sepang deserved it…In Sepang,every team means business..

  92. I voted Silverstone, Bahrain and Abu Dhubi. All three are pretty boring.

  93. Who is voting against Monaco? Did GST vote 42 times? F1 without Monaco is like a supermodel without make-up—more or less the same but definitely not ready for the runway.

    Some of the greatest races in F1 history have been there. Some of the greatest drivers have binned there it from a moment’s inatention. It is the ultimate test of a driver’s endurance, precision, and skill on the calendar, which makes up for the lack of on track passing. When we gaze upon the brown expanses of dirt at Bahrain or Turkey, how can we not hanker to return to Monaco.

    Also, yes, Catalunya needs to go. It’s horrible. It’s like watching planes take off and land at regional airport.

    We should also have a poll on what tracks need to be reinstated. E.G., Imola, Jerez, Old Hockenheim.

    BTW, Keith, self-lowering suspensions banned yesterday. Let’s chat about it.

    1. I agree entirely about Monaco, not every race needs to be an overtaking-fest

    2. “F1 without Monaco is like a supermodel without make-up” – you’ve unwittingly hit the nail on the head there: Monaco is all about the ‘make-up’ (surface appearance and superficiality) and not enough of the ‘supermodel’, the racing – the essence of the sport. Furthermore, the safety standards are far below what is expected from new venues.
      Also, we shouldn’t forget that Monaco often produces dull, processional races when it doesn’t rain – just like Valencia, Shanghai and all the other tracks people are criticising. I bet if Monaco was a Tilke track that had been on the calendar for 5 years, people would be calling for it to be dropped. As people often point out, Abu Dhabi is a race whose spectacular location is more noteworthy than the racing itself (at least last year); funny how people forget that Monaco is the same.
      I don’t believe Monaco should be dropped, I just think people should look at this issue a bit more objectively.

    3. I voted just the once about Monaco. I wouldn’t be sad to see the backofit though.

      In the past, racing in Monaco used to mean something, but it’s now there because it’s always been held there, nothing more. The deals, the money and the so called celebrities go there or reside there, but it’s not a place to race there.

      1. I agree, if it was a new circuit most would have clubbed it with Valencia…

  94. Great Article Keith, nice too see some good discussion.
    I’ll go through each of the above Grand Prix’s on the list and the possible new ones listed and put my opinions as to why they should stay, or be dropped

    Bahrain: Drop it, new track is dull and boring, and the crowd numbers are a disgrace to F1. Abu Dhabi’s inclusion to the calender has also meant that the Middle East has a F1 race and there is so need for two. No Drivers, teams, tradition or glamour involved for the race either

    Australia: Should Stay, and become season opener. for starters I’m an Aussie and I went to my first GP this year and loved it. Its an amazing circuit, atmosphere and produces great racing. Home race for Webber and should return as seasoner opener.

    Malaysia: Should Stay. Great circuit and facilities, home race for lotus and petronas. High Chance of rain too which always makes for good races.

    China: Should Stay. Bad crowds and motorsport tradition, circuit dull too. But one word, MONEY, China is a huge economy and F1 has to have a Chinese Grand Prix.

    Spain: Should Stay. Catalunya is personally my most hated circuit, but a fanastic testing venue, incredable crowds to nearly rival monza, and with Alonso, de la Rosa, Alguesari and now Hispania it certainly deserves to stay.

    Monaco: Should Stay. An F1 season without Monaco, you can’t be serious.

    Turkey: Drop it. Worst attendance on F1 Calender, no home teams, drivers or sponsers and no motorsport heritage. Will miss Turn 8 though.

    Canada: Should Stay. Great fans, circuit, heritage, glamour and atmosphere. Was sorely missed last year, needs to stay.

    Europe (Valencia): Drop it. Spain already has a race and the two valencian races so far have been massively disapointing, and incredably boring. Won’t be missed at all.

    Britian: Should Stay. Home drivers, teams, sponsers, great fans, atmosphere, circuit etc etc etc

    Germany: Should Stay (but stay at Nurbrugring). Just like Britian it can’t disapear from the circuit, fanastic fans, circuit and more home drivers than you can poke a stick at.

    Hungary: Should Stay just. Boring circuit I know, but It does get good crowds from all over Europe and Bernie seems to love it.

    Belgium: Should Stay. Spa, what a circuit, another highlight of the F1 Season

    Italy: Should Stay. Home of the Tifosi, Speed and great racing, has to stay.

    Singapore: Should Stay. Another highlight, fanastic night atmosphere. Circuit needs improving though to create more overtaking, or flood the place

    Japan: Should Stay. Fanatical support, Suzuka is an amazing circuit, and home drivers and teams (well used to be). Fanastic heritage at the circuit too, and has hosted many amazing races and title deciders

    Korea: Drop it. I don’t predict much, circuit looks typical Tilke bore fest. Korea has no drivers, teams or motorsport heritage either, likely going to be terrible crowd attendance too. Furthermore china and japan have races close enough.

    Brazil: Should Stay, and become season ending race. Sensational circuit, crowd, history and an amazing party atmosphere.

    Abu Dhabi: Should Stay, first race was stunning, even without the cars as the circuit is incredable. F1 needs to be in the Middle East for money too.

    Now the suggested tracks

    India: Should be included, Succes of Force India, Advertisers and now a home driver should see a successful Indian Grand Prix. Fanatical crowd support is to be expected and oh yes that word again for Bernie, MONEY. Security is the only question.

    Rome: Don’t add, Italy already has Monza, and personally I see Rome likely being boring and unsuccesful just like Valencia is.

    Russia: Should be included. Unlucky not to already have a race but Russia needs a GP, a huge untapped motorsport market, with potential for a great circuit. Home race for Petrov and many sponsers too

    USA: Should be included. Indy should never have been dropped, had fanastic races and crowds. F1 will never out do NASCAR in America, but at least the motorsport tradition will ensure a huge crowd and that word again MONEY. No one mention US F1 though

    1. Great analysis, and i agree with all bar Germany, i prefer Hockenheim, and i am reserving judgement on Korea until November!

    2. Agreed with all except Turkey, but I love the whole track rather than just t8 :P.

      Does Russia have any decent tracks right now? If they have to build a new one I can’t say I’m looking forward to that particularly (especially if it’s a street circuit).

      Also I would like a return to the US, but the Indy infield course is really terrible, I would actually prefer it to be on the oval if there isn’t another road course to use.

      1. Turkey is a very good circuit, but whilst ten people turn up it can’t serioulsy hold a Grand Prix. maybe lift the entire circuit and dump it where Circuit de Catalunya is. The Spanish fans deserve an exciting circuit.

        As for the twisty infield section of Indy, boring it may have been, it did however bunch the cars up, resulting in all the wonderful passing into Turn 1 we have seen over the years.

    3. Agree with most of your comment! Although I think F1 should held more races in Europe:
      France-Replacing China
      Austria- Replacing Bahrain
      Czech Republic (Brno)- should replace Hungary
      Portugal- Should replace one of the races in Spain

      Other than that the other races should stay (even Singapore and Abu Dhabi for money/financial reasons)

      Oh, and a race in South Africa or Argentina would be a great idea for sure.

  95. My three choices were China, Valencia, and Singapore.

    China for me is too similar to Malaysia, but inferior, so it should go.

    Valencia is just plain rubbish for F1. However, if they improved it by getting rid of the chicanes and straightening the “straights”, I would gladly drop Barcelona instead.

    Singapore is just a bore-fest. It’s been basically admitted that it needs a saftey car to make it interesting. Improve or drop.

    I would also want Hungary to be improved, to widen the track a little and cut some of the corners and the chicane, but I don’t have nearly as much a problem with it as the three mentioned above.

    I wouldn’t be sad to see Bahrain and/or Abu Dhabi go, though. They make a good effort, but quite frankly I feel ashamed as an F1 fan when we go to these countries with corrupt régimes (ditto some of the other places on the calendar, most of which I want dropped anyway as well). The Abu Dhabi circuit was built with cheap labour one shade away from slavery, and yet Bernie instructs his FOM feed to focus on the lovely buildings. Yes, it looks great, but the track again needs improving (Sector 3 in particular and the run down to the hairpin). Likewise for Bahrain.

    I understand that F1 needs to be a bit more global than the old days but we used to manage 16 rounds before and have a good few not in Europe, I have no problem with adding 4 non-European races to that and cutting have two races in one country, but not only are traditional Grands Prix under threat, they’re threatened by replacement by worse tracks. The correlation isn’t because they’re not European, but because of Bernie’s “vision” and methods which are all about $$$ for him first and racing for us second. But as long as this continues, fans will continue to connect inferior modern tracks with the fact they’re not in Europe, and be resistant and opposed to new expansions. No wonder the reaction to South Korea and India joining was as negative as it was, and that’s before we even saw what the tracks will look like.

    1. Well, deciding whether a track should stay or not based on how corrupt its regime is indeed strange. I doubt there is one government in the world that is not corrupt. Those which are ostensibly non-corrupt are just not exposed yet.

      You indirectly blame Bernie for the negative reaction being subjected to the Korean GP (10% of the voters) ??? How does that make sense.

      The negative reaction to the new races without even having 1 race on he track to me reflects more on the immaturity and ignorance of the fans who voted so.

      Bernie goes where the money is. Yes. But honestly, after seeing how easily the F1 world was shook up after the 2008 economic crisis, can you blame him?

      If F1 has to survive, it needs the money, and it will have to go where money is.

      F1 can’t afford to be choosy about how much the laborers were paid in construction of the circuit.

      1. You’re seriously comparing (say) the back-room dealings of the labour Party in Britain to the human rights abuses in the Middle East? Poor argument.

        It makes sense because a) Bernie demands new race ion new country b) Bernie extorts millions from circuit regardless of how many tickets are sold c) because quality was not the priority, the races are mostly dull d) fans make a link between new Bernie-championed races and dull races e) Bernie champions a new race, fans expect it to be dull. Saying F1 fans make judgements based on ignorance is an ignorant thing in itself.

        The collapse in the world economy is exactly why we shouldn’t be letting Bernie take us to far-away places just because it lines his pockets. It costs the teams and non-local fans more to get there, and most of the races make a loss and so it ends up costing the taxpayers of that country for something they couldn’t even afford to attend in the first place. Then either the governments get bored or Bernie sees how the boring races produce low viewing figures and the race is dropped, and the whole thing ends in a giant waste of money for everyone.

        F1 does not need to go to these places. That’s a spin put on by Bernie to justify his methods. F1 needs to go where the fans want it to be, no matter how “immature” and “ignorant” they are, because they’re the ones who pay for the tickets and their televisions to watch it.

  96. have you guys seen the layout for Indian f1 track?


    it’s tilke’s design but with several exagerated elavations; looks kinda interesting though

    1. Wonder why he didn’t put in any downhill braking areas

    2. That looks pretty good. Nice to see a Tilke track with some elevation!

      1. note the 5x superelevated note at the bottom :P

  97. Its about time they drop Monaco. The most beautifull circuit in the world (Spa) had to close and undergo maintaince because the pitlane wasn’t safe enough.
    How about the pitlane in Monaco? Ooh yes, thats more than safe, my mistake ;):p

    Money talks, money talks, ….

    1. But Monaco don’t pay Bernie a dime.

  98. I think the schedule has a nice balance of old and new. I nice to be able to watch F1 races in a variety of visually different race tracks. I think tradition is important and the older tracks are vital to the sport, however it’s also nice to see some new tracks with new scenery.

  99. China is dull all around.

    Turkey is kinda unique with turn 8. Other than that though it will not be missed. It doesn’t attract the crowds and when sellouts are a near impossibility for a track with a low capacity there’s no point to keep it on.

    Valencia needs to go. The speed of the track is cool, but my god the races are so damn boring. It’s one of those tracks where it doesn’t matter what cars, what series, what time of day/year a race is going on it’s going to be dull.

    Hate me all you want, but I also selected The German GP. Nurburgring and Hockenheimring are shadows of their former selves. I’d love to see the German fans have a new independent track without ANY association to Herman Tilke. It’s not to say the tracks are bad, but I can’t help get teary eye’d when thinking of the good ol’ Nurburgring and Hockenheimring.

    I’m sure many will disagree, but I think the NORMAL Bahrain is a decent track. Definitely on of the expendable tracks on the calender, but I really feel deep down in can produce a good race. I’d like to see it at the end of the season, and see how much it differs will all the updates on the cars.

    I also enjoy Sepang. The racing may not be the highest of quality, but there’s also the chance of unpredictable rain that always shakes things up. Every ounce of power is also given from the drivers and the cars. The humid heat and two long straights really lets you hear the screen of the engines.

  100. I don’t like the Catalunya track and think Valencia is terribly dull, too. There SHOULD be a Spanish Grand Prix, but a new circuit is needed, and Hermann Tilke should not be allowed anywhere near it. I also picked Bahrain because it is too tight; they should run around the outer circuit and leave the infield alone.

  101. michael-in-Beijing
    9th April 2010, 16:20

    Should I be crying as I’m going to the dreadful-dullest race on F1 calendar??

    2 grandstand tickets, flights, hotel…Yeah, I probably should save all that money for a Merc S-class in the not-so-near future.

  102. I voted to drop Turkey, Valencia, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi.

    Turkey because of the small crowds. Valencia because it’s a boring track that produces processional racing.

    As for Singapore…it’s not a great track. But, also do we need races in Kuala Lumpur AND Singapore? I’d rather keep Korea and the other Pacific Rim races…F1 needs to be in the Pacific, but Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, and Australia seems to cover all the bases.

    Voted to dump Abu Dhabi. Keep Bahrain, but use the old circuit or the loop. I don’t see why F1 needs two races in the Persian Gulf.

    To replace the four losses – I think a USGP and a Russian GP make a lot of sense. Noone’s said it, but I’d love to see Mexico back on the calendar (many good races there), and also 2 of the following 4:

    France – Le Mans (not Magny-Cours!)
    the Netherlands – Zandvoort
    South Africa – Kylami
    Austria – A1-Ring

  103. why should not keep all of them ??
    I don’t think it will be a problem keeping them all.
    and Indianapolis should never come back.

  104. Shangai, Istambul and Valencia. Specially Valencia, a very nice city but with a lot of money from corrupt politicians, the same money that city mayor Rita Berberá put inside Ecclestone’s pocket to run GP there.

  105. every track made by Herman Tilke its awful. He has been able to ruin a track as the Hockeneimring and create such disgusting race tracks like Sakhir, Abu Dhabi and you’ll see Korea and India will be the same.
    The problem is that Ecclestone would cut of Spa and something else historical to go to race in some countries where they don’t even know what formula1 is.
    Formula1 must remain into Europe, into their historical tracks. I would like to see back Imola, Jerez, Donington and the Nurburgring, places where you can feel the support of the crowd.
    Next week watch the long straight in China with nobody on the grandstands will make me sad…

    1. I am an Indian and I cant imagine Spa going off…

  106. I would take out Valencia, Barcelona and Hungary.
    NO need of more street circuits. I think it´s better indianapolis than New York. Also Portimao has a good new circuit.
    But, we can also have them all, just more races on the calendar, instead of 19 why not 24 or 25, sure the fans would love it.

  107. Why does the FIA or FOM persist in using Tilke?

    I read that there are three or four FIA approved track designers, but why does only Tilke get the ‘boring-circuit-to-build’ job every time?

    Surely it would make sense to have someone else for a bit a variety at least.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      10th April 2010, 4:38

      Actually, there’s only two: Tilke GmbH and Apex Circuit Design. Apex only really build circuits for minor racing formulas and GT cars.

      But even if you change designers, you’re not going to get a change in circuits. Anyone who gets the job is still going to be bound by the same restrictions Tilke is: the FIA rules, the land set aside by the circuit owners and the porject budget.

      I don’t understand why people don’t seem to be able to understand this.

  108. Both Spanish tracks are a bore. Hungary is almost guaranteed to be bad. Singapore has potential with a revision, that kerb in the middle of the road where Webber took the penalty last year is just stupid, one of the few overtaking opportunities on the circuit. Will give Abu Dabi one more year before laying judgement but I also thought that with Valencia. Surprised that so many voted for Turkey, bad crowds but great track.

    Looking down the list I must conclude there is something seriously wrong with car specs as there are many great tracks on this list. Less aero, more mechanical grip please.

    Great job Keith and all fanatic contributors. Quite simply the best F1 site on the web although there is a noticable lack of boobies which are present on other sites. Whats up with the boobies Keith??????

  109. Valencia’s a terrible track and should be dropped quicker than Max’s trousers when he wants a spanking.

    1. This comment has my backing for the COTD!!!

  110. theRoswellite
    9th April 2010, 18:08

    First………to Keith….as I write there are 261 entries, congrats to you on such growth.

    A question I have is, what criteria can one use to cut an existing GP?

    I always enjoy the races we have, some MUCH more than others, and would question why Bernie would give the axe to a race. His criteria would probably not be mine. (As primarily a business man, I wouldn’t want to be the person handing him that axe without knowing which turkey neck he had on the chopping block.)

    I think, for me, a better question would be…what GP’s do we want to get onto the schedule?

  111. Get rid – Sepang/Shanghai/Abu Dhabi/Hungaroring/Valencia/Catalunya. All characterless, all challengeless. Keep Hockenheim out now Tilke has destroyed it.

    Bring back – Imola/Adelaide, somewhere in France (is Magny Cours as bad as Valencia?) and somewhere in the US, maybe Watkins Glen. German GP at the Nurburgring.

    Give Portimao a chance. I dont think Melbourne is much cop either, it features the same corner three times.

    I think the names are important – Imola, Watkins Glen, Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Paul Ricard – to me, those names scream FORMULA ONE, just as team names like Ferrari/McLaren/Williams/Lotus do.

    If they were to put back some gravel traps so that the Tilke-dromes become at least something of a CHALLENGE we may have a little more affection for them. The reason places like Spa and Silverstone are well loved is because they have corners which require the utmost skill and commitment and some serious cojones to negotiate. Get them wrong and its curtains.

  112. wow, huge response to this topic.

    i picked bahrain, china, turkey, europe and hungary.

    i would add US, mexico, argentina, france, russia and portugal(?)

  113. Valencia and Singapore are by far the worst…
    Happy to note Spa is liked by 1 and all…

  114. Keith, do you know if there’s something (like Bernie Ecclestone contractual agreements) preventing other circuit designers to build circuits for the new venues (like Russia and India)?

    The Portimão Circuit is a new circuit, and is great, with banked and challenging corners, very different from the tilkedromes, and i am not sure but i think an UK designer that actually was the creator of that circuit. Could they give him a chance to build a f1 circuit in this new venues? Soory about my english:)

  115. Get rid of Turkey, Valencia and Bahrein. F1 belongs in places like Montreal, Monza, Spa, Silverstone and Monaco.

  116. Why to get rid of a track permanently? F1 could have a set of basic circuits (like traditional Monaco, Spa, Silverstone etc.) and additional tracks, which will be changing every year.

  117. i like the idea for a european GP and like valencia, but it could be a real event say if bernie moved it every year to diffrent countries using diffrent tracks…c’mon for f1 GP every 10 years rules on certain thing (not driver/marshall safety)could be relaxed such as garages(you need to allocate so uch space for the teams massive host package), media, veiwing stands etc could be relaxed.

  118. bahrein, hongrie, valence : les 3 plus ennuyeux gp

  119. If I had it my way the 2010 Calendar would be this:
    1.Australia (Melbourne)
    2.Malaysia (Sepang)
    3.Korea (Jeonnam)
    4.San Marino (Imola)
    5.Monaco (Monte Carlo)
    6.Spain (Jerez)
    7.Canada (Montreal)
    8.USA (Watkins Glen)
    9.France (Paul Ricard)
    10.Britan (Silverstone)
    11.Czech (Brno)
    12.Germany (Nurburgring)
    13.Hungary (Hungaroring)
    14.Belgium (Spa)
    15.Italy (Monza)
    16.Portugal (Portimao)
    17.Japan (Suzuka)
    18.Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina)
    19.Brazil (Interlagos)
    20.Oceania (Adelaide)

    Reserve Race:Europe (Brands Hatch)

    1. That looks like a great schedule.

    2. That looks like a great schedule.
      I love that you’ve brought back Adelaide while keeping Melbourne. That’s awesome!

  120. I’ve selected quite a few recently added circuits/races I would hypothetically lose, among them Valencia and Abu Dhabi, two of the most recent additions.

    To explain why: I understand it’s necessary for Formula 1 to move into new markets – and that it helps promote it to certain intended types of customers to create high-profile, architecturally impressive and expensive destinations there. However, it’s been neglected, in my opinion, for too long now is the task of creating actual race tracks in such new markets that are interesting, challenging and, most importantly to me, substantially diverse from each other.

    It’s my impression that too much of the circuit design over the course of the past at least ten years has focussed on knitting around the aerodynamic deficiencies of the cars following one another closely.

    For me, this is reaching the point where I’m no longer that interested in seeing a Grand Prix hosted someplace new, because the circuit will predictably have its abundance of slow corners and hairpin-straight-hairpin combinations and hardly much else (chicanes, maybe, to add to it). It’s disappointing for me to see how much fast corners and at least significant elevation changes have all but disappeared from new circuits. I’d much rather like to hear drivers talk about how much of a challenge to drive a new circuit is, instead of just watching them give the same polite “It is obviously very exciting to be here” response in regards to being welcome in a new destination.

  121. can’t vote out singapore, bahrain or china i’m afraid, because there’s 2 for me that stand head and shoulders above the rest as the most boring races, due to the circuits, rather than current circumstances.

    (and in these selections, I hope to be proved wrong this year!)

    Valencia – Grey surroundings, grey race. A track that could only create a processional race.

    Barcelona – The most boring race, simply because there are no surprises for the teams – they know it like the back of their hands.

    Now, before you mention it I’m not anti-spanish. Just so happens that they are the two most consistently tedious races. The sport absolutely needs a spanish grand prix. But if it is going to be at Barcelona, test somewhere else. Like the new circuit in Portugal.

    And I’m not convinced that Valencia can be saved. Processional race in Monaco yes, but there’s so much more that it offers. Processional race in Valencia, and that’s about it. Look like we all agree on that anyway, so I’m preaching to the converted… :)

  122. Mr Ecclestone has to realise that F1 is for the teams and public to enjoy and participate in. Forget the areas which are being promulgated purely for his own business reasons.
    Get rid of Malaysia because of the weather risk upsetting the result, Singapore is like racing in a tunnel with no roof and the Spanish street races are ridiculous.
    Get F1 back to being a highly interesting sport and forget the “one man” self interest options.

    1. “Singapore is like in a tunnel with no roof” whats wrong with that? it makes it more challenging and different to other circuits. Singapore is one of the most challenging and interesting next to Monaco and Suzuka.

  123. Blimey 285 replies as I post – that’ll teach me for having a busy day. Being conservative here, will just out 3 this time.

    Valencia. Must surely be top of everyone’s list for the same reasons. No chance of overtaking at all, without the challenge, beauty or history of Monaco. Pointless procession.

    Turkey. The circuit itself has a nice multi-apexed high speed challenge, but why stick a grand prix in a location where there are NO FANS. It’s meant to be a sporting event. F1 is a fan based sport, as opposed to clay pidgeon shooting. If a bunch of guys want to shoot clay pidgeons on their own, by all means head over to beautiful Turkey. If you want loads of eager appreciative fans to fill your grand stand though, don’t send your grand prix to Turkey. More people turned up to some of the pre-season tests in Spain than attended last year’s Turkish GP. Give it up Bernie!

    Singapore. Night race idea is actually better than I thought. Singapore is a brilliant place for F1 to be. The ‘circuit’ is naff though. Too long, too tight, too bumpy and ultimately, not up to F1 standards. If Singapore want’s it so bad, build a circuit and do it properly – that I would welcome. Despite my reservations I really enjoyed Yas Marina – good fast wide circuit, run under partial lights to great effect. Singapore need to take note and step up the game plan.

    Both Spain and Bahrain were on my shortlist. Don’t believe Catalunya is the best circuit in Spain and Bahrain was better in it’s previous incarnation, but it CAN be a good track and I like the challenge the heat and sand add to the season.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. NO NO NO, i think im going over the top with my defence of Singapore but too many people are slating it for the wrong reasons, the bumps and gradient challenging is great and full of fast paced tight and physical bumpy slidy racing almost like karting, its different to any other track, we need variety in the F1 calender, it will make it much more challenging for the drivers and the teams instead of bombing around the same old tilke drome along 3mile 100foot wide straight and breaking into a tight hairpin (repeated 10000 times), HIS TRACKS ARE ALL THE BLOODY SAME NO VARIETY ITS GETTING TEDIOUS AND JUST PLAIN AWFUL, IT MUST BE BORING FOR THE DRIVERS TOO!!!!

      1. I agree (surprisingly, I normally stop reading when I see a block of CAPS), the first year at singapore especially was a really interesting race, it reminds me of some of the 80s street circuits.

      2. Prisoner Monkeys
        10th April 2010, 2:00


        You know Tilke’s philosophy of having a long straight and then a heavy braking zone?

        Well, it’s nothing new to circuit design. I can point to four examples of it on the Nurburgring Nordschelife, and at least two at La Sarthe – and they’re two of the oldest circuits in the world.

        1. yes true but those circuits have a variety of corners and are no where near as wide as Tilke dromes, they are not almost entirely made of long straights and heavy breaking zones.

      3. I know Tilke bashing is considered a popular sport in it’s own right, but not every circuit his company produces looks the same, nor are they all bad for overtaking. I have done my share of Hermann hammering myself over the years, but this thread is a poll on which circuits we would happily wave goodbye to. I did, with reasons.

        If you want to nominate every circuit Tilke has worked on, feel free to do so (ensure you include Singapore, as it was his design concept and layout), but you won’t have many circuits left. It is the cars aero, not the circuits that limit overtaking. Long straights and hard braking zones do offer some opportunities for overtaking for the current crop of F1 cars. Hills are also good for circuit design, but unfortunately Hermann doesn’t pick the locations, the money men do that.

  124. 25 people voted for Montreal? Come on now! The track is just as good or better than Silverstone with the bonus of a rockin city to party in. I loved my stay in London and Milton Keynes last summer and the race track and fans are fantastic. I think you would love Montreal. It truly is awesome!!

  125. All the new Tilke dromes suck apart from Malaysia and Abu Dhabi which are great to drive on Rfactor and the circuit layouts are fun, the rest of the tilkecraps should be culled ( Bahrain, China, Turkey along with Valencia ) the rest of the older circuits should be kept, the old school race circuits still have an aggressive feel with close walls and narrow track, but that dwarf Bernie wants to cull all old ones so we are left with a 14 race season of grave dodging Bahrain GP’s zzzzzzzzzzzz – Singapore is a fantasic and challenging track with interested bumps and gradient changes!!! no way does it deserve 20% of the vote, those who voted for it clearly know nothing about F1

    1. You can really tell when it’s a fellow sim racer commenting, we tend to go on about the track more than the racing ;)

      1. you can just feel Tilkes Circuits are like driving along the M25 with all 4 lanes turned into 1 lane, the speeds feel lower the wider the track is and with the bigger run off area makes the circuit feel even bigger and then all percepetion of speed is almost lost like your almost driving through an empty field.

  126. To be honest does F1 really need mickey mouse circuits running round times square or through the middle of rome?? Russia may be pretty cool, cause we’ve never had a gp there and possibly in the snow would put a nice spin on their race. I think we need to think if it’s actually a good idea to get rid of proven and often good races to make way for bernie’s barmy ideas. If there have to be new races whats wrong wiv circuits that already exist??… Imola, Long Beach, Laguna Seca, Estoril, Sachsonring etc etc. the list goes on and on of great circuits

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      10th April 2010, 1:57

      There’s no way a race will be held in the snow. Ignoring for the moment that it would be dangerous, the race would be held during the European summer – like all European races – and Russia isn’t perpetually under a blanket of snow. Especially not in Sochi, which is on the Black Sea coast.

      That said, we’d be blessed with a constantly-wet circuit, even in the middle of a sunny day. It might work, but the only real barrier would be the weather: if it snowed, the race would have to be stopped. And the low temperatures would make it very difficult to get heat into the tyres.

      It’s a novel idea, but it won’t stick.

  127. John Edwards
    9th April 2010, 23:44

    I think China should go because there is no interest, the same for Abu Dhabi and Bahrain and probably Korea.

    Valencia is just crap.

    Barcelona needs a redesign…heres one…

    I like Singapore although they could use straightening it out a bit, I think they are making changes for 2011.

    I’d go to the States (Road America/laguna Seca) spend some money on them to bring them up to spec and you’ll have a fabulous gp.

    The bottom line is Bernie is egg chasing, not taking the sport where the fans are. He’s going where the governments will pay him big dollar.

    As long as that persists we can expect more crap races.

    1. Laguna Seca would need expanding I think, the lap is just too short, ignoring any safety changes that might need doing.

      I also have an irrational dislike of it’s colour, it’s like driving through a sand dune.

    2. that catalunya track looks pretty good!

  128. Prisoner Monkeys
    9th April 2010, 23:57

    I see we seem to have missed the point once again. It seems to be a common theme when discussing calendar changes. Ecclestone has specifically said he’s going to drop races in favour of an American and a Russian Grand Prix, yet everyone is talking about going to Portimao and Potrero de los Funes instead. Excellent circuits they may be, but they have nothing to do with the topic at hand.

    1. Except they are alternatives to the proposition, so in fact they have a lot to do with the topic at hand? Some fans would rather the free slot go to those places than New York; whose to say they can’t express that opinion?

      1. Damn, “who’s”…

        Since I’ve got a new post going, I might as well say:

        PM, I hope you don’t think I target you specifically, I just wonder why you post with this tone sometimes. Otherwise, I find your posts often quite excellent in being thought out and the knowledge base you draw on.

        1. Prisoner Monkeys
          10th April 2010, 1:49

          I know you’re not targeting me specifically, and I do thank you for the compliment; I really think the same thing of you.

          My point in the above is that while people would rather see those free calendar slots go to other locations, it’s not going to happen. Bernie Ecclestone has his heart set on a race in Manhattan and another in Russia. Portimao, Potrero de los Funes or any other circuit won’t be hosting a race until after he’s gotten at least one of those races (Manhattan, since Russia has been The One That Got Away since 1982 – but that doesn’t mean they’re not interested now that they have Petrov).

  129. We have forgotten that the main objective is taking the european circuits and abandom them to the history books. F1 will only exist in the new plastic tracks that Bernie decrease. It must be the future because thats were the money is. The day Bernie dumps Spa is the day I have nothing( may God strike me blind ) to do with Formula One.

    1. Gusto, i feel the same way, its like Paris Hilton has come and take over F1, grass roots white knuckle bumpy circuits are what built this sport, sure Spa may not have a Theme Park or a statue made out of Platinum but the circuit is an all out challenge, the new circuits i totally agree they are just a corporate show piece for a bunch of suits to sit round a table and jerk off at how big the advertising boards are, they need real racers to design the tracks like in Europe in the past and forget about lining the toilets with golden chequered flags

      1. Oh Lordy you must mean the `Prawn Sandwich brigade`

  130. I hope whatever future race plans ecclestone is cooking does not include boring street circuits like Valencia. Man is that race boring. I have trouble staying awake (although its usually held at early hours of the morning around 7am do to the time difference with america) but even if it where in the afternoon im sure it could get me ready for a nap. talk about making the show better, well if the circuit doesnt offer good overtaking opportunities then we wont see much of it either.

    Abu Dhabi is the second one I chose because it wasnt that great either, sure its nice scenery but thats about it, so i hope they dont extend their contract too long even though the Ferrari world is right next door. sure it be nice to go and knock 2 things of my to do list (attending an F1 race and visiting the ferrari world more so because of all the stuff their is to see in the UAE).

    turkey would be third although its a nice circuit if it cant get their spectator issues together. its bad enough there has been trouble with overtaking lately, but having the transmission director pick the angles that dont show the empty seats takes it even a step further.

    I dont understand why we cant have street circuits that use an old highway sector or ramp maybe to provide not only speed but actually some wider areas where you could overtake (im sure redirecting traffic would be a mess though, but it could be a solution).

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      10th April 2010, 1:52

      I dont understand why we cant have street circuits that use an old highway sector or ramp maybe to provide not only speed but actually some wider areas where you could overtake (im sure redirecting traffic would be a mess though, but it could be a solution).

      The world learned that one the hard way when A1GP rather infamously went to Beijing – part of the circuit went down a dual carriageway, then took on a hairpin and came back the other way. The problem was that the cars couldn’t get around the hairpin; their turning circle was too great. In the end, the organisers had to rip out a section of the median strip and move the hairpin further down the carraigeway to the one point where the cars could negotiate it, which saw them come very close to entering the pit lane under race conditions.

  131. I think of Ecclestone and I think nothing but to be `Ecclestoned`….. Mmm little like Snetterton…. sharp left before the bridge…… followed by a right…

  132. Through the Bomb Hole into Russel curve….

    1. Ride it in 4th, gear change down into Russell,job`s a good em,3Rd through Russell. down the straight…..Sorted

      1. Hmmm surely its 2nd through the chicane. Into the straight…

  133. If you look carefully your see a tree that looks very very old, it overlooks turn 2 that overlooks the A113?.

  134. Just scrap all of the night races

  135. I voted Valencia, Hungary and Bahrain. Out of 20 races we can afford to keep the two ‘gimmick’ races at Monaco and Singapore. One night race is enough, no more.

  136. Hatham Al-Shabibi
    10th April 2010, 4:08

    F1 should just draw up a contract now that locks in Spa, Monza, Silverstone, and Monaco (yes, it’s necessary) until year 2765. Montreal could be thrown in there too.

    Valencia, Catalunya, Bahrain, and Shanghai make for good comedy.

    On the bubble- Melbourne (Adelaide anyone?), Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Singapore.

    In my opinion, Spa is the perfect track.
    New York would be really interesting, if the logistics could be worked out! I would go in debt to go to that race, wouldn’t miss it for anything.

    1. Oh common! Why would anyone scrap Albert Park? Its one of the most liked circuits and I’d like it to stay. And Catalunya is not a bad circuit at all. Its one of the most technical circuits, like Shanghai and Sepang. These should stay. Sepang is a bit on the firing line though due to poor demand in Malaysia, but now with Lotus Racing, and a Malaysian driver, it seems the demand is healing.

  137. bernie said he’s ready to drop older races without any problem.

    so I guess; newer (life span 5 years old) tracks is safe.

    Sepang could be in trouble if they didn’t upgrade their facilities by the end of this year; I read some else that bernie not quite happy with the facilities condition at sepang that seem like “older wife” he said if I’m not wrong

  138. The new York track was reportedly mooted at being over the river in New Jersey with New york as a backdrop. Logistically a race in Manhatten is never going to happen.

    Indy was the ideal venue, the crowds were always big even if that infield was bloody awful. But like I say a Watkins Glen/laguna Seca/Road America/Roat Atlanta would all be good venues if they spent a bit of dollar on them.

    It ain’t happening though.

    These races in these weird countries won’t last, the Chinese government is ready to pull the plug on Shanghai apparently, too expensive no spectators, Turkey we know is gone this year unless they get some people to watch.

    The races in the middle east are the biggest waste in my book. The fanabse is virtually none existant, but oil money counts for a lot.

    I can’t see valancia going beyond this contract. It probably depends on the fortunes of Alonso as much as anything.

  139. Me and my mate came to the conclusion that perhaps some races could be alternated like the German race is now. The Mederterainian GP could alternate between Valencia and Rome, The North American GP could alternate between Canada and New York, South America – Brazil and Argentina and so forth, in addition, to make room, I’d like to see Bahrain and China dropped, and maybe Korea depending on how it does this year.

  140. The events that have really disappointed me in recent years have been Bahrain and Valencia. The grands prix this season in Bahrain was not the first snoozefest since the opening race of 2004, and the event seems to lack an atmosphere or emotion.
    Although the grands prix at Valencia seemed a good idea three years ago that too has failed to make an impact. I still can’t get my head around watching race cars hurl past container ships and old warehouses, it is like watching a race around the port of Dover on a sunny day. Minus the daytrippers and their cars loaded with booze.
    Looking at this logically, you would like to think that Bernie Ecclestone would drop the events with the lowest attendance figures, in which events like Bahrain and Turkey would come under. This may well save Valencia due to the event, to my knowledge atleast, being well attended.
    However, with this being F1, it will probably be some of the most popular grands prix that get axed. The only event on the calender that has a rock solid future is Monaco, all the others we could lose quite easily.

  141. Wow! Its almost unanimous! I voted Sakhir, Valencia and Istanbul. I left Singapore out just because of the night factor. But I wasn’t surprised to see the results. We’ll have one more track to talk about by the end of this year, the Korean GP. Next year, we’ll see the addition of another super fast track, the Indian GP, which the designers are saying will be the second only to Monza in average speed. That’s such a relief! And apparently, they sent out track data to all the teams for their input on making the track better. Lets see what comes out of it.

  142. Keith- what are you going to do with the results of this great poll? Are you going to collate a summary and pass it onto Bernie and his crew? If not liaise with us and we at FOFA will- you know where I am.
    For those of you not in the know yet- FOFA is the Formula One Fans Association and this about tracks we want and don’t want is exactly the sort of stuff we are about.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      10th April 2010, 23:46

      Hate to break it to you, but Bernie Ecclestone will never see this. He’s already in talks with circuit organisers to see which venues can be dropped.

  143. Sepang is the best circuit, favourites many driver and very unpredictable situation (weather)!

    Singapore, Valencia, Abu Dhabi – SUCK!

  144. I love Abu Dhabi. Perhaps not the most interesting racewise but the lighting and that Hotel is just absolutely breathtaking IMO. Really beautifull and that counts for something! The race wasn’t too bad either. I don’t like Hungaroring, that’s the one I fell asleep to (literally!) and I don’t care for Bahrein either.

  145. Very interesting to see how this poll has taken shape after more people have voted. Clearly the two winners (or in this case losers) are Bahrain and Valencia, with Turkey and Abu Dhabi a distant second. Anyone have Bernie’s email address? He should see this poll.

  146. Valencia, Korea and Abu Dahbi. Valencia is the real boring one and the others… we just need no more new Tilke tracks.

    Bahrain is ok and we saw entertaining races in both China and Turkey. Singapore was also ok, but have to see more of that.

    All traditional circuits have their own charm and should stay. Even the ones which are in fact more boring then Bahrain was this year…

  147. I just can’t believe 27 people actually voted for Spa.
    They have obviously never been to a race there.
    If a designer was to come up with a corner like eau rouge now it would
    be banned and international peace treaties levelled at it.
    Tilke should be ashamed that a little belgium man can do a better job than him with all his computer designed tracks.

  148. Wow! 27 ppl voted for Spa, blimey! I’d like to know who these 27 are and what on earth were they thinking when they were voting! .. :p

  149. I am pretty amazed that someone actually voted for Britain, Belgium, Italy, Monaco or Japan.

    It’s just beyond my comprehension really why anyone would want to get rid of any one of these classic races which still actually feature interesting circuits as opposed to the rubbish modern tracks which are ridden with second gear corners.

  150. Actually come to think of it, I have another comment and I am curious about your (other F1Fanatics readers) thoughts about this comment.

    These days you constantly hear the teams and other F1 involved people using the words ‘we want to improve the show for the fans’.

    I wonder, do they ever look at a website such as this one to see what ‘we fans’ actually want? Because judging by the new tracks which are introduced nearly every year I don’t think they ever do.

    The tracks rated amongst the worst ones by us fans are mostly the new Tilke ones with the exception being Hungary. So I don’t really think they take much notice, because improving the show is a bit different from doing the opposite of what people want.

  151. Monaco is pretty boring for the most part although you will never see it disappear.

  152. Vote for valencia and singapore..
    Get rid of singapore! that track is monaco wannabe.. Seriously, it can never be the same as monaco..

  153. Keith, perhaps another poll is on the cards – “Which races should Ecclestone NEVER cut?”

    The people that voted Interlagos, Silverstone, Spa, Suzuka, Monaco, Monza & Montreal should have their IP addresses logged and banned from ever coming back to this site again

    1. I would agree that Interlago, Spa, Suzuka, Monaco, Monza and Montreal are awesome tracks; however what’s the appeal with Silverstone?

      I know it’s popular, but why?

      I’ve never been there, but from playing video games, it seems that there are much more awesome tracks in the UK than Silverstone, like Oulton Park, Brands Hatch, even Snetterton.

      1. I was at Oulton Park last weekend for the F3, it’s a brilliant circuit but it’s never going to hold an F1 race. Even Brands Hatch would need a huge amount of development to be F1-ready. And Snetterton, like Silverstone, is a re-purposed airfield. They remind me a lot of each other.

        I think Silverstone is often underestimated as an F1 venue. In Copse, Maggots and Becketts it has some of the fastest and most spectacular corners in Formula 1. I love watching the cars from the inside of the first left-hander at Maggots, it’s spine-tinglingly spectacular.

        And the new fast chicane at Abbey looks promising too.

        1. Silverstone is one of the best circuits on the calendar, if you ask me. Along with Monza and the old Hockenheim track, it used to be one of the true power circuits, even with the 1991 changes.

          Grands Prix that should (have) remain(ed) on the Formula One calendar are the Grandes Épreuves that link modern-day F1 to pre-WWII GP racing, i.e.: France, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, and Monaco… while Switzerland and the Indianapolis 500 would be cool, too. ;-)

  154. Make the season last 2 years, that way, no races will have to be cut :)

  155. I know it’s only just come back, but I’m never really impressed with Canada.

  156. I see lots of reaction to Bahrain. I wonder if thats also because its fresh in our minds. I think this kind of poll should be had several times more during the year (as we experience the circuits we loath more freshly) and then averaged out between all the results for a better perspective. Other then that I think it would be good to know when the various circuits contracts are up for renewal…

  157. I picked Valencia, Bahrain, Turkey, China

  158. Korea will be dropped.

  159. Will any of the 30 who voted Spa please tell me why? I’m baffled.

    I like Ciaran’s Dream Calendar on pg3 of comments, though I would add a Scotish Grand Prix. The UK has a fair claim to 2 GPs. Borders area maybe, good accessibility for fans across UK, good chance of rain.. I’d like that.

  160. Well for me Albert Park (as season-opener!), Silverstone, Monza, Monaco, Nurburgring, Sepang, Suzuka, Spa-Francorchamps and Singapore should ALWAYS be on the calender.

    I picked Bahrain, although we’ve had some good races there especially in 2006 it has never been spectacular.

    And I also voted for Valencia, that really is a track I don’t like. I think it is on the calender only because Alonso is Spanish and most people in Spain are into F1 since he became world champion. So there’s alot of money to get in Spain by Ecclestone himself. Why would the European GP move from Germany (when it was clear Schumacher stopped) to Spain? That’s no coincidence!!

  161. Why would you wanna loose the Turkish GP, have you ever driver that amazing track? I really enjoy that circuit when I go around in an F1 game. The best F1 corner (4in1) is in Turkey, so I can’t understand the votes.

    Very funny that most people want to keep nostalgia, lets make this vote list a favourite circuit list

    Votes Circuit
    30 Spa-Francorchamps
    36 Albert Park
    39 Interlagos/Carlos Pace
    46 Monza
    65 Montreal/Gilles Villeneuve
    76 Suzuka
    78 Silverstone
    130 Nurburgring or Höckenheim
    163 Monaco
    328 Sepang
    607 Korea (the track isn’t even ready to race!)
    799 Catalunya
    899 Marina Bay
    982 Shanghai
    1277 Hungaroring
    1382 Abu Dhabi
    1462 Istanbul
    2914 Valencia
    3106 Sakhir

  162. Turkey, China and Valencia are my choices… but i do see a lot of anonymity against the middle east…. remember guys these guys are funding the big teams so if they loose their race. Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren will need to find a night job to keep funding their teams….

  163. I’d like more tick boxes next to Yas Island please, stupidist race ever.

  164. _No track_ is as bad as Valencia. That parade has been useless since it’s inception, and having two races in Spain is just silly. I will cheer the day it’s dumped from the calendar.


  165. Susila Adnyana
    14th April 2010, 10:26

    Hi Guys,
    Monaco, Valencia, Hungary, Singapore and Bahrain are the main circuits to be dropped. the reason is simple. they are slow circuit with lack of overtaking.

  166. Think about it. The new Hermann Tilke designed tracks are without character, therefore sterile, or shall I call it BORING. The traditional tracks give the most enjoyable racing weekend experience. The Tilke design might be a architectural WONDER, which fits into a nation’s culture, but I have to WONDER where is the racing element in the design.

  167. I think the Dutch GP at Zandvoort should be coming back soon!

  168. i really would like to see the return of a few tracks.
    loved those 3 races.
    Fugi owned by toyota?
    Austrai by REDBULL
    and Imola…. who knows.

    What about Twin ring in Japan, moto gp race there and theres heaps of overtaking oportunitys if you look at the layout, long straights and sharp corners. BAM problem solved.

  169. I picked Sepang. I just don’t like it.

  170. Keith, can you create a page on your and fan’s ideas of the 2011 calender?

  171. i would love to get some free calendars on the internet, are there are sites or company that gives one? ~’~

  172. Right, who voted for Spa/Monza they’re the best ¬.¬

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