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Nico Rosberg crosses the finish line in third place
Nico Rosberg crosses the finish line in third place

A sprinkling of rain produced action and overtaking galore in Shanghai. Have a look at these pictures from the Chinese Grand Prix.

2010 Chinese Grand Prix

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More pictures to follow

Images (C) Ferrari spa, Bridgestone/Ercole Colombo, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, Lotus F1,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Daimler

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23 comments on “Chinese Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. Thanks for the hi-res pics

  2. WOW, some really amazing pictures! thanks a lot!

  3. In capitalist world, Hamilton passes Petrov. In Soviet Russia and Communist China, Petrov lets Hamilton pass.

    1. Poor form! It should go something like this:

      In Soviet Russia, Grand Prix finishes YOU!

      1. In capitalist world you watch Formula 1. In Soviet Russia Formula 1 is not watched.

        1. I don’t think you quite grasp it.

          1. In Communist China (which has changed towards capitalism) Petrov gets prize money for points finish. In Soviet Russia, the prize money is taken away from the sportsman?

  4. great pics.
    i bet if it was hamilton who had jump started into the lead the media would instantly label him a ‘cheater’.
    shame FOM missed a few crucial overtakes live, (like BUT passing VET)

    1. FOM are not very good at showing all the exicting parts of a race. I think that’s one reason why many thought Bahrain was boring.

  5. Is there a stat kept somewhere of the positions gained on track (eg through an overtake) and for what position?

    I would be very interested in studying all the overtakes and in respect to their performance/position.

    I’m guessing Hamilton is one of the top overtakers so far this season but many of those were over drivers and cars which he should have never been behind to begin with.

  6. Notice that in McLaren’s team photo Hamilton is the only one not wearing an orange jersey ;-)

    1. This jersey is stupid. I don’t wanna wear it. All of this is stupid. I’m going home!

    2. Maybe because he had to see the stewards?

    3. What’s wrong with Orange ;-)
      Maybe they only have 1 locker room and Button beat him to it (again) 8)

  7. 4 races… yet not one where all 24 cars start on the Grid. :(

    I’m waiting for that so I can have a picture on my desktop. It looks wrong when there are cars missing.

    Great pictures as always though!

    1. You must be new to F1. It is only wrong when Massa doesn’t win … or at least a Ferrari :)

  8. I like those trophies. They look cool.

  9. great pics but only one kubica :(

  10. I was hoping there’d be a shot of the Hamilton vs Schumacher battle.

  11. I was hoping there would be more Senna ones, And Alonso in the gravel of course :D But still Great Pics.

  12. I saw a picture of Webber hanging over de McLaren looking inside of the cockpit. Was that here? I cannot find it anymore.

    1. I saw that one to, maybe autosport?

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