F1 Fanatic round-up: 18/4/2010

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It’s race day! We’ll be commenting live on the Chinese Grand Prix as it happens so join us here from one hour before the start of the race.

And as usual we’ll have loads of post-race analysis and reaction to boot. Here’s today’s round-up:


Cooper Avon enters race for 2011 tyres (Autosport)

As tipped here last week.

McLaren saved by ‘miraculous’ dash after Iceland’s volcanic eruption (The Guardian)

Martin Whitmarsh: “We had people coming yesterday with bits but they couldn’t fly. It was quite a miraculous story in fact as someone then jumped in a car and drove five hours to Paris to catch an 11pm flight last night. That flight was brought forward to 10pm but then took off at 9:50pm, but he made the flight and the airport was shut at 10pm. It is a great story and the parts were delivered here. We have everything we need to perform this weekend.”

Comment of the day

I think there’s been some over-reaction and, dare I say it, some whingeing in response to Red Bull’s performance in the opening races. DanThorn sums it up nicely:

I don’t understand why people are so annoyed at Red Bull and Vettel dominating qualifying – I’m not particularly a fan of either, but you’ve got to appreciate the brilliance of Adrian Newey’s RB6 and the way Vettel can deliver the goods at the critical points during a weekend. He certainly has Webber covered on a Saturday, but it’s much closer between them on race day and it pretty much depends on who can get off the line cleanest.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Alan!

On this day in F1

And a happy birthday to former Super Aguri driver turned BBC F1 commentator Anthony Davidson, who is 31 today.

He has the same birthday as Jochen Rindt, who would have been 68 today.

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13 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 18/4/2010”

  1. Great comment by DanThorn. I think the reason is memories from last season and the Brawn domination at the start of the year – I’m guessing that’s the fear.

    Vettel’s great of course, but the team moaning about the Renault engine every 5 minutes isn’t quite as endearing.

    1. Yes, the moaning is annoying. First on missing power on the Renault engine, then on not having an F-duct.
      Horner then commenting “who needs ride height control” yesterday on the radio.

      But Vettel did a gread lap there yesterday so good for him.

    2. Agreed. People remember Brawn last year and don’t want to see a dominant team with one driver doing noticeably better than the other; that itself harks back to the 2001-2002 & 2004 Ferrari days.

      And I wish Red Bull would stop moaning about their engine too. They never mention the fact they have an engine which needs less fuel, that makes the car lighter over the whole distance and gives them the tenths they have down on the Mercedes engine!

  2. The tire thing is looking to be another mess. I read teams allready made a preliminary agreement with Michelin and Bernie is pushing for Cooper with Avon tires.

    Is there a tire war on? Or will Avon be the rain tire, or just the sofst?

  3. Davidson was one of the worst drivers of decade, but anyway Congratulations :D

    1. Davidson wasn’t that bad, he drove some godawful cars. He always did slightly better than the car he was driving in my opinion.

      But he could have done as good as many a midfielder in the right car.

      An him an Crofty make a fantastic commentary team, chemistry heads an shoulders above Brundle an Legard, although thats not Brundles fault.

      1. done as good, get that grammar,

        I mean of course could have done as well. An happy birthday to the man.

        I’ve come around to Keiths veiw on the tyre war, it won’t help the sport, it’s too expensive, it quite unfair, an it rewards a rich team that can develop a privalage partnership with the suppliers.

      2. You’re right there Scribe. Anthony and Crofty are excellent. They really get on well with each other. The commentary is excellent, and I find that the banter between the pair is great and adds to the coverage of the race weekend.

        @bob: he wasn’t one of the worst drivers at all, he drove some of the worst cars.

        1. I dont say anything bad about him as commentator, but even in Aguri he lost Sato

          1. There are many Sato fans who would argue that there’s still room for Anthony to be considered very good. Sato out drove his car.

            I miss him, anyone remember the pass on Alonso in Canada?

      3. i made a facebook group in petition to get leggard sacked. you should search and join it. need alot more members tho

  4. All the hard work by the Mclaren team have paid off by their 1-2 victory.

  5. Now we have to wait 3 weeks for another race. Good that we have more races next year.
    Let’s how many upgrades will actually work in Spain.
    Mercedes and Ferrari definitely have to find something to close the race pace gap. Since Red Bull never have been the fastest developers they should be able to gain something during the season. Who will benefit most of the update Rosberg or Schumacher?

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