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The HRT drivers were in a race of their own once again – one that was won conclusively by Bruno Senna.

Karun Chandhok Bruno Senna
Qualifying position 24 23
Qualifying time comparison (Q1) 1’40.578 (+0.109) 1’40.469
Race position 17 16
Average race lap 2’04.212 (+3.69) 2’00.522
Laps 52/56 54/56
Pit stops 4 4
Chinese Grand Prix lap times: HRT (click to enlarge)

Karun Chandhok

Chandhok struggled in the mixed conditions at the start and end of the race where he lost a huge amount of time to his team mate, going off the track more than once.

He started his race from the pit lane due to a hydraulic change on his car. At the chequered flag he was three minutes (over two laps) behind his team mate, despite only spending 20 seconds longer in the pits.

Compare Karun Chandhok’s form against his team mate in 2010

Bruno Senna

Beat Chandhok by a tenth of a second in qualifying but the margin was much bigger in the race. Felt his visor was too dark for the conditions.

Compare Bruno Senna’s form against his team mate in 2010

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    14 comments on “Chinese GP team-by-team: HRT”

    1. HRT are so all over the place it’s really hard to work out who is ahead. For the issues and amount of running it can be like comparing drivers from different teams :P
      I’d say Karun has had the edge of Senna so far but Bruno managed very well in the conditions. He did in Aus too when he got a superb start. Trying to keep out of incidents must have been a nightmare too. Good job to both of them

    2. HRT are like standing stones on the track and there are no signs of improvement. While Lotus and Virgin are going to bring big upgrades to their cars, HRT are just talking about only minor ones.

      1. Like a brick on track, but they are on the track and finishing races with both cars.

        Seems Dallara has the manufacturing equipment all-right. Now for them or HRT itself to get some speed in it.

        The drivers are doing pretty well for Rookies in an inexperienced team.

      2. They have hired Sakon Yamomoto to help develop the car. How much he’ll help I dont know, he wasnt exactly a great driver.

        1. It’s quite obvious how Sakon will help to develop the car. He brings money to the team ;)

    3. Jaime Alguersuari crashed into back of HRT (I’m guessing it was Karun) maybe the HRT took some damage?

    4. Matthew McMahon
      19th April 2010, 13:10

      I really hope this year doesn’t ruin Senna’s F1 career. The only driver teams can compare hin to is his teammate and Senna seems to have had the upper hand in most sessions.

      1. yeah but, Karuns really nice.

        1. So is Keith but they don’t let him drive….

          1. Nah I’m not really that nice :-)

    5. Unlike Osvaldas I feel they are doing a good job, yes they are the slowest and no I don’t think that will change for a long time, But both drivers, especially Chandok are doing surprisingly well, Chandok has the Positive attitude that a team like his needs.

      To be honest I doubt they will be competing next year. But for this year, I am a fan.

    6. I’ve decided I rather like Hispania, there was a place on the grid (and my heart!) missing since Minardi ceased to exist. Although I don’t remember Minardi being quite as slow!

      1. Ned Flanders
        19th April 2010, 17:37

        Trust me, Minardi were slow, and then some! But I still love them!

    7. I am turning into a bit of an HRT stalwart (along with steph I think), and I’m takin a keen interest in how the team and drivers are developing. There are quite a few positives for me:

      1. Dallara have built a very soli and relaible car, making a reliable faster is always easier than making a fast car reliable;
      2. The Cosworth engine is reliable, allowing the team to rack up the miles on the car, gaining valuable data;
      3. Karun Chandhok is on Bruno Senna’s pace despite the problems he faced in Bahrain; and
      4. Bruno Senna is beating Karun Chandhok. As long as he keeps on doing this I see no reason why he can’t walk into a better drive next season.

      The positives are there, the drivers are keeping their chins up and the car seems solid. Now it’s just a question of making the thing a bit quicker, then hopefully there will be a six way battle at the back of the pack for us to enjoy!

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