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More bad luck for Sebastien Buemi who suffered two major crashes at Shanghai.

Sebastien BuemiJaime Alguersuari
Qualifying position1312
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)1’36.149 (+0.102)1’36.047
Race position13
Average race lap1’55.600
Pit stops06
Chinese Grand Prix lap times: Toro Rosso
Chinese Grand Prix lap times: Toro Rosso

Sebastien Buemi

There’s no question who suffered the worst weekend in Shanghai – Buemi had two big crashes in three days, neither of which were his fault.

Having both front wheels fall off your car at the fastest point on a circuit must be one of an F1 driver’s worst nightmares. It happened to Buemi on the run towards the hairpin, his STR5 tobogganing into the gravel trap, Buemi only able to slow the car with the rear brakes. Fortunately he was unhurt.

Despite missing some of first and all of second practice, he got back in the car and qualified one tenth of a second behind his team mate. But on the first lap Vitantonio Liuzzi lost control of his Force India under braking and T-boned Buemi’s car.

The Swiss driver has suffered two crashes like this in the last three races. “I need a bit more luck,” was his rather understated reaction afterwards.

Compare Sebastien Buemi’s form against his team mate in 2010

Jaime Alguersuari

Made more pit stops than any other driver – six. His first was a precautionary stop after nudging Kamui Kobayashi on the first lap. Then he damaged his front wing when lapping Karun Chadhok’s HRT.

He recovered to ninth but struggled with tyre wear in the dying stages and finished out of the points.

Compare Jaime Alguersuari’s form against his team mate in 2010

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  • 11 comments on “Chinese GP team-by-team: Toro Rosso”

    1. “Having both front wheels fall off your car at the fastest point on a circuit must be one of an F1 driver’s worst nightmares”

      i’m sure it is now, don’t know that many of them thought it was possible before!

      certainly not the showing they had in malaysia but very difficult conditions.

    2. “he got back in the car and qualified one tenth of a second behind his team mate. ”
      Buemi surprised me and apparently his set up was more geared towards wet weather so just one tenth behind is quite good.

    3. but wasn’t buemi braking for a second and then his wheels came off? so it wasn’t actually at top speed.

    4. Am I the only one who enjoys watching Alguersuari’s newfound aggression? He’s been pulling off some impressive, clean overtakes lately. Buemi may be quite talented, but Jaime seems to be improving all the time. Entertaining.

      1. He’s settling in well I think. Who knows, Toro Rosso might even get through an entire season without a change of drivers…

        1. It would be a change… and having the same two drivers in the car for the whole season will no doubt help the STR5’s development.

      2. I’m enjoying it too. I’ve always liked Alguersuari, but this season he seems to be improving every race. He certainly has more confidence/aggression in races now.

        1. I would extremely annoyed AGAIN if Toro Rosso had got rid of a driver but Jaime is sure proving himself this year.

          I am absolutely loving his agression and brilliant overtaking, he has really found his feet!

    5. Jamie finally got the chance he deserved it looked a bit shaky at the end of last year if he would get a ride or not but glad he did and got some practice in the car instead of just thrown into the deep side with sharks and piranhas in the pool.
      He drove a very good race and managed some sweet overtaking. Bit of bad luck to get Karun drive over his frontwing and running the tires of the car he looked very well placed for points until the accident with Karun. Hoping for a points finish again for Jamie in Spain but that means he will have to qualify really well consider this is one of the tracks with the fewest overtakes.

      Buemi if it wasn’t for bad luck he wouldn’t have any luck poor guy. Must be very discouraging to get crashed out because you where at the wrong place at the wrong time in two races out of 4. I sure hope Buemi will get to finish the race in Spain.

    6. verry impressed by both of them. Jame because sudenly he is showing his talent and buemi for getting in the car afther such a strange crash and keeping his cool.

    7. Did Jaime stay the longest on intermediates? He was up in 6th for a long time and made up places when everyone pitted back to slicks?

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