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Virgin once again demonstrated the best one-lap pace of the new teams but also the worst reliability.

Timo Glock Lucas di Grassi
Qualifying position 19 22
Qualifying time comparison (Q1) 1’39.278 (-0.505) 1’39.783
Race position
Average race lap 3’55.358
Laps 0/56 8/56
Pit stops 0 0
Chinese Grand Prix lap times - Virgin drivers (click to enlarge)

Timo Glock

Took ‘new team pole position’ with a lap one tenth of a second quicker than Jarno Trulli.

Unfortunately he played no part in the race. His engine suffered a loss of air pressure while on the grid and he was left in his slot while the cars went off on the formation lap. The problem was too complicated to fix in time to get him out of the pits.

Glock is yet to complete a race in 2010.

Compare Timo Glock’s form against his team mate in 2010

Lucas di Grassi

The team discovered a clutch problem on di Grassi’s car shortly before the start of the race, meaning he couldn’t take the start. He finally left the pit lane when the leaders were on lap seven.

He completed just eight laps before the clutch failed again.

Compare Lucas di Grassi’s form against his team mate in 2010

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    8 comments on “Chinese GP team-by-team: Virgin”

    1. Pretty dismal weekend for Virgin. Must be depressing for the drivers and the whole team to go all the way to China for neither of them to even make the start…

      Here’s hoping they can keep motivation, pull things together and give a decent showing in Barcelona.

    2. Timo has to be regretting this move now, I don’t know where he could have gone from Toyota though. Bet Lotus would have liked to have him, he’s looking a lot more commited to a car 20 liters short an made of tea cake then Jarno’s made to his solid rock.

      Wonder what happens if Lotus is faster than the Virgin in Spain.

      1. Didn’t he turn down a Renault drive, on the basis he wanted job security? (To be fair to him, Renault were looking a shaky prospect at the time)

        1. Yeah he did Simon. I don’t know or remember if an offer was made but he ruled them out at least and he was linked there for quite a while.
          Heikki is the only experienced driver who seems happy and optimistic with his situation. It must be immensely frustrating; Virgin made the fuel bludner and Jarno always seems to be the one baring the brunt of the issues with Lotus but I can’t help but feel that they made that choice so should look at it more like Heikki. They get to race in f1, it saved their careers and it’s difficult but they have just got the keep their heads down and try to make it better. I don’t envy their positions but Heikki is the only one who is tackling the challenge admirably in my opinion. Of course, I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes

          1. Heikki is having the most luck, but you are right, he has an attitude of optimism even when things are tough, Glock moved there to build a team around him but so far, I see Heikki doing that.

    3. Prisoner Monkeys
      19th April 2010, 12:22

      And Virgin win the prize for Most Anonymous Team again. Aside from thirty seconds when di Grassi was caught up on the jack on the grid, I cannot recall seeing the Virgins again for the duration of the race except on the timing sreen to announce they were out. I don’t think Brundle and Legard mentioned them once.

      1. That was Glock up on the jack, Di Grassi was always going to start from the pits after his clutch problem.

        Looks like Virgin needs to get some better manufacturing done. Going at it like a Virgin?

        I hope they get their act together soon and at least show something during the year.

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