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F1 Fanatic reader Ian is off to watch the Spanish Grand Prix
F1 Fanatic reader Ian is off to watch the Spanish Grand Prix

I’ve left my inbox unattended far too long and it’s high time I rounded up a bunch of answers to readers’ questions.

Today’s batch includes questions on the forthcoming Codemasters “F1 2010” game, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel’s Shanghai reprimands and how to hear radio commentary at the Spanish Grand Prux.

“F1 2010”

Let’s start things off with a quick question from Jake Merchant:

Hello Keith,

Please can you find out all you can about f1 2010 career mode.

Thanks, I am very grateful.

I had a chance to play an early version of Codemasters’ “F1 2010” last month. At this stage all it had was a basic version of the racing engine and 2009-specification cars. I’ll be in touch with them soon to see how the game is progressing.

In the meantime, you can find everything I know about the game including its career mode here: ??F1 2010??? ?ǣ first play (Pictures & video)

Introduction to F1

A question from Mike in America:

Hello there!

My name is Mike and I’m from the US. As you know, there is 0 mainstream coverage of F1 here in the states. I am interested in getting to know the sport and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions at where to get started. I try to read news blogs and such but having absolutely no background to the sport it’s hard for me to get a grasp on what is going on, who is who, and what is what. Is there anything you can suggest for me to help me get my feet wet? Do you know of any good recaps of major events in recent seasons or any types of introductions to the sport? Any help is greatly appreciated.



You can find some information on past F1 seasons in the F1 information section of the site which includes lots of driver biographies, though I admit the F1 history part needs some improvements.

I’d also urge you to check out the official F1 season review DVDs. And I’m sure we’ll get lots more suggestions for your next steps in discovering F1 in the comments.

Lap times

Ivan Vetisch wants to know:

I’m wondering, where do you get your timing data from?

The FIA publish the data after each session – you can find the Chinese Grand Prix data here.


Also on the subject of lap times Richard Mellish asks:

Hi Keith,

It’s been stated that Lewis has made 32 competitive overtakes this season. It would be really cool if you could show some sort of overtake league table at the end of each race, i.e. how many overtakes people did, how many were on 1st lap, how much overtaking there is at various points in the race? I guess you could do this from the lap time data.

Just an idea…


This was also asked in the Chinese GP analysis comments.

Yes, it is something I’m looking at doing, but I haven’t got a satisfactory solution yet. I have seen data produced by other sites but it’s a little complicated to do as you have to filter out changes of position which aren’t overtaking moves – such as pit stops, spins, etc…

There’s also a problem with the degree of accuracy you get doing it from lap time data. For example, Driver A could pass Driver B at turn one, then get re-passed at turn two, and at the end of the lap as far as the timing is concerned no overtaking has been done.

Because of this I’d rather work out the figures to an accuracy I’m satisfied with than rely on figures other sites have come up with. Once I’ve got a formula I’m happy with I’ll publish them.

More racing

Shaun C has been enjoying the “Why you should watch…” series and is looking for other forms of motor racing to watch:

I’d like to see a page highlighting TV times for forthcoming racing events, such as touring cars on ITV4 or Indycar online etc.
I’m rubbish at checking around various websites/tv schedules and don’t often remember when their racing events are, and one of your biggest successes is highlighting other things for us so we don’t have to look elsewhere! Something for you to buld on maybe?

I think it’s a great idea and I’ll look into doing it in the future – either as a separate article or as part of the round-ups.

Hamilton and Vettel’s penalties

Denis Jackson wants some clarity on Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel’s Chinese Grand Prix penalties:

Kevin Eason (Times-on-Line Sunday) seems to think that only Vettel was given a reprimand. So apparently does the author of the ‘Chinese GP Analyis’ on

I have read differing web reports claiming to be quoting the FIA statement. One read ” …the Stewards decided that Sebastian Vettel had driven dangerously and awarded a penalty of a reprimand.” The other had exactly the same wording except for saying “…Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel had driven dangerously…”

Can you clear this up for me? If it was only Vettel reprimanded then it will probably start another posting frenzy!

Hamilton and Vettel both got reprimands for what the stewards called dangerous driving in the pit lane. These were stewards’ decisions 39 and 40 which you can read here:

View chn-document-39-pdf
View chn-document-40-pdf

Spanish Grand Prix radio

Ian and Denise from South Yorkshire are going to the next round of the world championship at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain. Ian asks:


I’ve booked tickets for me and my wife and we’ll ride down to view the Spanish Grand Prix in 3 weeks time.

Do you know if its possible to get an English speaking live radio commentary at the circuit? And if so what is the band & frequency of the station? please.

I’ve searched but cannot find any info. Thanks,


I would have recommended renting a Kangaroo TV which allows you to listen to BBC Radio 5 Live’s broadcasts, but from their website it looks like they’re not available at the Spanish Grand Prix.

So I’m going to have to throw this one out to the F1 Fanatic faithful who may be able to help you out. Try these links:

2010 Spanish Grand Prix discussion
Circuit de Catalunya ?ǣ spectators? experiences

Pole position

Lastly, Paul Dawson has a short-and-sweet stats question:

What percentage of pole sitters win the race?
Paul Dawson

The answer is 39.4%. However no races have been won from pole position so far this year. I expect that will change in Catalunya, however…

As ever if you’ve got an F1 question of any kind please get in touch and I’ll do my best to answer it. Find the contact form here.

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44 comments on “Your questions: “F1 2010”, overtaking, pit lane penalties and more”

  1. “I’d like to see a page highlighting TV times for forthcoming racing events, such as touring cars on ITV4 or Indycar online etc.”

    I’m rubbish too! YES PLEASE KEITH :D

    1. Good point from Shaun C, I think if Keith can do that then it will help many people around the world, also can I tell that if you can please also install a software which will show the local time of all the countries.

    2. Try the online Radio Times
      It’s free
      And it’s searchable

      1. (Only for the UK)

      2. Try I find it easier to use than Radio Times…

        Oh, it’s UK only as well.

    3. Yes Please, great idea. When Kieth first mentioned watching Indycar online a few weeks ago, I bookmarked his page and watched the race online that night, then did Long Beach the week after that. Loved it.

      So yes please Kieth, if you could find us times and online links to other motor sports, that would be superb. I could at last do what is best for the obsolete TV….toss it away…….

      1. Everyone’s always so quick with the ‘Keith, please do……..’

        Can’t someone volunteer to do this and sumbit it to him? It’s not that tough. I did a very simple one of the events I wanted to watch this year in Excel format.

        I think sometimes we forget how much work goes into this site and how fortunate we are. Yet we keep asking for more.

        1. Sorry mate, did’nt mean for you to throw your toys out.

          Do you often do volunteer work for commercial organisations?

          Strange. You either must be very rich and philanthropic, or……..

  2. Mike’s question is actually a really tough one when you start to think about it – most of us have been steeped in F1 for so long it’s difficult to appreciate what it must be like for someone genuinely “new” to the sport to actually get a handle on who’s who and what’s what. How do you explain to someone why McLaren or Williams occupy a special place in the sport other than bald statistics, especially given the Stepney Affair and Liegate in McLaren’s case and Williams’ dismal midfield performances for the past decade? There’s so much background that’s built up over such a long time that really does factor into what you’re seeing on the screen.

    Viewing video clips, or even fan sites like this one just isn’t any kind of substitute, which is why the maintenance of free-to-air broadcast rights is so important.

    If there’s one suggestion that will stand above all others however, it’s to get a working UK proxy (search somewhere like and try and watch the BBC’s phenomenally excellent coverage online. If you use Firefox, install an extension called FoxyProxy Lite (there is a full fat version for those who like life a bit more complicated) it’s a “going to the BBC? switch it on, then switch it off” sort of extension. If you need any help setting it up, you ask me on twitter @Hairs_

    Really, the BBC coverage is just… brilliant. Especially if you can avoid Legard.

    1. Hairs –

      Your 1st paragraph is why I think it’s imperative for, especially new, F1 fans to watch qualifying, et al. There simply is so much more to F1 than just Sunday’s race.

      There’s a major ‘back catalog’ of daily information – let alone drama that helps set the stage for Sundays’s race.

      Mike in the US – the first thing to do is make sure you watch all of SPEEDS F1 coverage including Friday’s practice, qualifying on Saturday, Sundays Race [which is usually preceeded by a show called Formula 1 Debreif – which debreifs the last race]. But this is really the minimum commitment needed to fully understand F1 and whats constantly changing.

      F1 isnt the style of racing where you can just watch Sundays race. You would simply miss too much behind the scene action/drama/information that takes place every minute in F1.

      Being an F1 fan takes a lot of commitment – I cant imagine trying to put together all the peices by watching Sunday’s race alone. But in the end you’ll be vastly rewarded by the greatest racing specticle ever!

  3. @Mike in America

    SpeedTV has pretty good coverage of live P2 (with a few P1 highlights), Quali (with a few P3 highlights), and the race – except for 4 or 5 races that are switched to Fox with a delay. They also do a 1 hour review of the previous race on most race weekends.

    The season in review DVDs are only in PAL (European) format. You need a converting DVD player (I use an Oppo) to watch them on a US TV set.

    1. I have gotten the Season reviews from Netflix in NTSC (US) format. Up until 2007 I believe, but nothing earlier than 2001 (VHS prior to this).

      Also the SpeedTV coverage gets old after about 4 laps. I’m sure at this point he understands two types of tires must be used in the race, this is all Steve Matchett is good for.

      Also most of the post race reviews are on at 2-3am.

      1. There is a great site that streams all sessions BBC’s stream. Start with and see where it brings you…

  4. Nice one Keith, always good to see these Q&As.

  5. I use torrents to get the BBC coverage, it’s not real time, but i can watch it whenever i want it!

  6. “Kevin Eason (Times-on-Line Sunday) seems to think that only Vettel was given a reprimand. So apparently does the author of the ‘Chinese GP Analyis’ on”

    Well as a general rule anything Kevin Eason says is wrong.

  7. Keith, what happened to Maximum Motorsport?

    1. I closed it at the start of the year, see here: F1 Fanatic round-up: 21/1/2010

  8. A funny way to get an introduction to F1 is reading site… The best stuff available on the internet about the worst drivers and teams in Formula 1…

    1. UneedAFinn2Win
      26th April 2010, 7:54

      That’s a good one, thanks Daniel

  9. On the question of calculating overtakes, if a driver passes another but is then re-passed before the end of the lap, surely it counts as a “failed overtake”? And if it’s due to a mistake, these “genuine overtakes” could be identified easily. Just a thought!

    Also for Mike, use everything! Wikipedia, print books, etc. There’s also F1 Legends on

  10. with regards to the spanish gp question….yes there is english commentry on an FM frequency….I cannot remember the exact frequency but it is advertised at the circuit…….unfortunatly it is an English/French commentry frequency so you have to put up with it chopping between the two languages. Also the commentator last year was worse then Jonathan Legard….which is saying something!

    1. The circuit PA will also have the great David Tremayne in the booth (albeit splitting time with a Spanish colleague, I’m sure), so you should be able to get at least basic commentary even without a radio.

  11. @ Ian and Denise

    All the best for your trip, have a nice time.

    About Hamilton and Vettel’s penalties, I still think it was both of them to blame.

  12. Second paragraph, at the end “Grand Prux”. Just watching out for you Keith.

  13. Most Grand Prixs have somthing called ‘Track Radio’. If you go to the information stands thay should tell you what frequency. in Australia it was 99.7 FM.

    Also, before I went to the Australian GP I checked there website and it said they didn’t have Kangaroo TV either but when turned up to the track, there the Kangaroo tent was, sitting right in front of me, so when you get there just have a quick look around and you might find it.

    1. Ian and Denis, unfortunately Kangaroo TV will not be available at the Spanish Grand Prix this year.

  14. Mike,

    Welcome to the wild wonderful wacky world of Formula 1. Right here, Keith’s blog, is one of the best places to follow Formula 1. GP Update and Autosport are reasonably accurate, if a bit sparse, in their reporting.

    If you torrent (and if you do, you know what I’m talking about), there are a couple of decent private trackers that offer F1(BBC) files-practice, qualy, race, the works, and all the BBC build-up. You can e-mail me for details if you like. That goes for anyone else that torrents, as well. was already mentioned. And that’s the whole address … … don’t add a “dot com”. F1 Legends channel there is a great place to get a sense of history about the sport and see some real legend drivers in action, and see many tracks at which F1 no longer races and should…but that’s a different discussion. F1 Legends helps keep me going between current season’s races.

  15. Keith

    Cant get to the contact form from where I’m at. Was wondering why my comment is awaiting moderation…dint break any rules. Thanks


  16. This reprimand system certainly isn’t an ideal solution in my book, but I can’t think of anything else that the FIA and the stewards could do which would have the desired effect.

    Seb and Lewis certainly didn’t deserve drive through penalties or a time penalty for their actions, but the “Now you have been naughty, don’t do it again… or else.” solution just doesn’t have the desired effect either.

    Does anyone know how many reprimands a driver can get before he gets hit where it hurts (a post race time penalty, a grid drop etc)? Surely you can’t just keep on racking up reprimands without getting a harsher punishment.

  17. In response to the overtaking question: –> in-depth analysis from 1980s onwards until current day.

  18. Keith, I’ve sent you an email with regards to the overtaking question.

  19. I would just like to mention that the FIA take down the timing data before the next Grand Prix, if there is only a gap of a week between races the information can be gone after a day or two, so if you want a copy best not to wait around too long.

  20. Dave the rave
    27th April 2010, 0:57

    What does a reprimand mean ? are there any future consequences.

  21. @ MIKE

    I feel an F1 encycopedia is a good place to start,you can probably find one at a bookstore,also
    dont neglect your IndyCar knowledge as they overlap a little,and there is a lot of knowledgeable posters around F1 Fanatic as well.

    1. Davetherave
      25th May 2010, 6:55

      ok sport, i mean, what do’es a “reprimand” mean consequentially ?

  22. Reading about the F1 game
    “Yes, Michael Schumacher will be in the game ”

    My brother will be making a purchase come september ^^

  23. @ US Mike,

    It would be really hard to “get into it” if you didn’t grow up watching it like I did, Apart from just watching every race your best bet would be to find documentaries on F1 they usually have alot of informed yet relevant back story, there are a few around so shouldn’t be to hard to find.

  24. Dave the rave
    27th April 2010, 12:17

    I keep reading where certain drivers get “reprimands” for this and that. But what happens then, is that the end of it ?

  25. For Mike from the US’s question-the best way to get up to speed on F1 is to purchase the latest edition of Autocourse. By the time he is finished he will know what was going on for the previous season, and will have some depth of knowledge to carry into this year.

  26. Hello

    My name is Lucas, how do you like the sound of ART Grand Prix making the move into F1 with Mercedes-Benz engines and Pastor Maldonado and Luca Filippi as the drivers in 2013?

    Do you think that if Sauber had hired Heidfeld (Car 23) and Fisichella (Car 22), would they have worked well? Would it be a close inter-team battle? Would Sauber have done better with them rather than de la Rosa and Kobayashi?

    1. Hi Lucas.M
      I won’t go that far as 2013, but if Sauber would have hire Heidfeld & Fisichella htye could have done good but that’s tough to judge that how de la Rosa and Kobayashi are performing because they are in a car which lacks pace & reliability.I think the main reason why they have bought both of them is because it will cost them less then Nick & Fishi.

  27. Wayne Rogers
    25th May 2010, 6:06

    Hi… could someone tell me what does each team win in prize money per eventr and is there a percentage the driver receives from that ?

    Hope someone can help

    Wayne Rogers

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