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Here are the details of the BBC’s live video coverage of the Spanish Grand Prix and the F1 Fanatic live blogs which will take place during all five sessions this weekend.

If you’d like to help run the live blogs, please get in touch by emailling me, using Twitter or leave a comment below.

Friday 7th May 2010

Spanish Grand Prix Free practice 1 8.55?σΤιΌΤΗ£10.35 (BBC Red Button and online)
F1 Fanatic live blog will run throughout this session

Spanish Grand Prix Free practice 2 12.55?σΤιΌΤΗ£14.35 (BBC Red Button and online)
F1 Fanatic live blog will run throughout this session

Saturday 8th May 2010

Spanish Grand Prix Free practice 3 9.55?σΤιΌΤΗ£11.05 (BBC Red Button and online)
F1 Fanatic live blog will run throughout this session

Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying 12.10?σΤιΌΤΗ£14.15 (BBC1, Red Button and online) (Qualifying starts at 13.00)
F1 Fanatic live blog will begin around 12.00 and end around half an hour after the chequered flag

Sunday 9th May 2010

Spanish Grand Prix 12.10 (BBC1, Red Button and online) (Race starts at 13.00)
F1 Fanatic live blog will begin around 12.00 and end around half an hour after the chequered flag

Please share details of the F1 coverage in your area below.

Find times for every F1 session with the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar.

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  • 26 comments on “Spanish Grand Prix live TV times”

    1. Note for Freeview guys: Free Practice coverage may be affected if the result of the General Election is not known by Friday at 9am (i.e. if there’s a hung parliament).

      1. Surley sports redbutton isn’t going to suffer from political instability? They won’t hijack coverage of a specialist selected channel when with all those news channels and terrestials, besides the “motorsport nerd vote” might become an important factor if there’s another election next year, they won’t want to loose our community.

        Anyway, hope your all voting Lib or Lab, I invite any tory to step outside so we can settle.

        1. The red button should be safe, all main channels will want to cover it and they have BBC Parliament too.
          Hung parl seems certain but anything can happen.
          Hope everyone has voted no matter who it is for

        2. Come back Guy Fawkes, all is forgiven ….

    2. Terry Fabulous
      2nd May 2010, 23:46

      Howdy Aussies

      Qually and Race both LIVE 10PM on ONE HD!

      (You have to say that out load with LIIIVVVVE being heavily emphasised with a deeper voice then normal)

      After three long weeks it will be great to see some action at last.
      Oh wait, it’s the Spanish Grand Prix isn’t it.
      Well it will be great to see some F1 cars doing laps!!

      1. Thanks mate.

        Watching a start is better than being dry for 3 weeks. Wow we sound like addicts…

        1. Terry Fabulous
          4th May 2010, 4:28

          Bring it on, I can’t wait!
          I reckon it will be at LEAST 20 laps before I start complaing about the Circuit de Catalunya again.

          1. Is it still 2010 or a new season… How could 3 weeks be so long? Something big seems to be missing from my life when there’s no F1 for so long!
            Do I sound like some crazy romantic..? :o

    3. why do all the european races have to start around lunchtime?! if on a race sunday I’m back home with the ma and pa, i settle down to watch the race when suddenly my parents say lunch is ready! :P

      1. this has always confused me as well. Surley the best time for a race is a sunday evening, when everyones settled down at home around le box.

        1. True but on a Saturday evening people are eating take away and getting ready to go out to town. I don’t think any time is ideal plus then euro races would become twilight perhaps depending on time difference

          1. Push The Button
            3rd May 2010, 1:36

            yeah, I want every race to be televised live in the UK at around 3am, in the morning when all the family are asleep, and I can watch all the coverage in peace and quiet.


          2. he said sunday. put anyway, definately not hte evening. i think 4pm sunday afternoon is perfect. gives enough time for a nice sunday lunch.

            1. It’s interesting that looking over the past few years, the races with the best UK viewing figures are invariably the ones that start around 5pm UK time (Brazil, Canada and USA if we have it – I think the debacle that was Indy 2005 was actually the most-watched race that season!)

              So if Bernie is so concerned about viewing figures, why doesn’t he have GPs starting later in the afternoon? It’s a strange one.

      2. In central europe it’s a little bit more comfortable, starting at 2pm you have all the time for lunch. However, here in Italy the problem is that football matches start at 3pm, so you have to zap continously between F1 (to follow the last third of race) and football. MotoGp is luckier, it still begins at 2pm and ends at around 2.45pm.

    4. keith, it’s good to see even f1 fanatic cannot escape the election………..can i lay odds on you hosting the 2015 leaders debate?????

      1. Andrew White
        3rd May 2010, 19:15

        He’ll be in the leaders debate :P

    5. it doesn’t matter, be it daytime or not.
      as long as i see the the race from the red lights illuminate

    6. Silly but genuine question… how come some of you have pictures while others don’t? I’ve been on this site for quite some time now, why can’t I have a face? ;|

        1. Happy now.. :)
          Thanks mate..

    7. guys! on the bbc f1 site it says that quali coverage starts at 13.15 (uk) when it actually should say 12.10.

    8. Which party controls Congress? that your White House? The answer reveals that “balance of power” between the 2 branches of government that are fitted with elected officials. Contrary that will popular belief, most of the time in modern political history Congress plus the President have been in odds; that is, identical political party has possibly not typically controlled the white wine House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. Only 10 times considering that 1945 have both branches of Congress and the Presidency been controlled from the same party.

    9. Here are the details of the BBC

    10. Here are the details of the BBC

    11. seem sensible now. I will bookmark this and keep an eye on updates. I think the second paragraph pretty much says everything.. website

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