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16Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault661
28Fernando AlonsoFerrari6624.06524.0654
35Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault6651.33827.2732
43Michael SchumacherMercedes6662.19510.8576
51Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes6663.7281.5335
67Felipe MassaFerrari6665.7672.0399
714Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes6672.9417.17411
811Robert KubicaRenault6673.6770.7367
99Rubens BarrichelloWilliams-Cosworth651 lap1 lap17
1017Jaime AlguersuariToro Rosso-Ferrari651 lap8.91015
1112Vitaly PetrovRenault651 lap7.01919
1223Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari651 lap0.86110
134Nico RosbergMercedes651 lap19.9128
142Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes642 laps1 lap3
1515Vitantonio LiuzziForce India-Mercedes642 laps130.67216
1610Nico HulkenbergWilliams-Cosworth642 laps34.57413
1718Jarno TrulliLotus-Cosworth633 laps1 lap18
1824Timo GlockVirgin-Cosworth633 laps1.46122
1925Lucas di GrassiVirgin-Cosworth624 laps1 lap23
16Sebastien BuemiToro Rosso-Ferrari4125 laps21 laps14
20Karun ChandhokHRT-Cosworth2739 laps14 laps24
22Pedro de la RosaSauber-Ferrari1848 laps9 laps12
19Heikki KovalainenLotus-Cosworth066 laps18 laps20
21Bruno SennaHRT-Cosworth066 laps21

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    16 comments on “Spanish Grand Prix result”

    1. Gutted for Hamilton – he drove very well and at one point could have had first, had things gone his way at Turn 1 and Webber been unable to challenge him. I doubt that though, 2nd was the best he was really going to get today and he’d earned it.

      I have to say though, very disappointed by Vettel’s mood on the podium. He nearly lost on 2nd going for the lead into Turn 1, was pipped for 2nd at the his pit-stop – yes, by a team error, but “win together, lose together” – then looked to lose out on 3rd and even any points at all before being given back the position he’d had for most of the race. And after salvaging something from what could have been worse, instead of being relieved he’s moody.

      I know Webber trounced him today, but you’d have thought he’d lost the win again by the way he looked. Couldn’t he have been happy for his team-mate and team? Look how Hamilton was in China, smiles and congratulating Button. Not impressed by the supposedly (and normally!) nice German.

      1. I agree about Vettel. If he wins it’s all fingers and giggles which is to be expected, but today he was mopey as hell when he should be thanking his lucky stars.

      2. I think it shows, that Webber is getting at him after he did not cash in when he had the chance to do so.

        Enormous contrast with “the Milk Kid” thanking foremost the team and their great work, then adding that the driver didn’t make a mess of it!
        He said it nicely, these cars are built to be on the very limit, so no complaining sometimes running into troubles.

      3. At what point do you think he could have had first place? As I recall webber lead from start to finish, Also webber took the trifecta in the race, Pole position, Fastest Lap record, Race win, So I dont know what you mean when you say he drove very well and at one point could have had first had things gone his way at Turn 1 and Webber been unable to challenge him. Tha like saying if webber wasn’t in the race Hamilton would have won. lol, Webber For World Champ

        1. Hamilton drove the fastest lap of the race.

    2. I didn’t find that a boring race. A thousand times better than Bahrain.
      Great to see that cars can still break down 2 laps before the finish, as at some times they seem indestructible these days. Shame for lewis though.
      And now I’m curious, was this the third race in a row where someone didn’t start?

      1. I am with you here. The drivers were driving on the limit as seen by several fierce battles going on and technical failures.

        There were some mistakes made because of driving on the limit (Vettel, Alguersuari, i think Hülkenberg).

        Did not see much of the back markers, even though Virgin did get to finish with both cars this time.

        1. There wee some wheel to wheel racing so this race was no way a boring, & this is the 4th different winner in five races.& Still Hamilton, Massa, Schumacher, & Rosebrg to win.

    3. I am curious to hear, what actually happend to Hamilton, was it a puncture?

      The battle between Button and Schumi was nice for a while, but i think Butten should have pushed more right at the start of it, that was his only chance.

      Still, when it takes Rosberg so much to get past the Hulk and he is then going 2,5 secs faster and Kobayashi was not able to pass Petrov for half of the race, so overtaking stays as hard as ever in Barcelona.

      1. It could be a problem with debris and the wheel rim. They aren’t sure yet though, it’s all speculation so far

      2. I think Button was not moving fast enough to go inside of Schumacher down to turn 1. Every time Schumi blocked the inside line quickly forcing Buttton to go all the way rouind the outside which really don’t help on this circuit.

    4. Kudos to Glock and Kobayashi, finally finished a race this season.

      Also I can’t help but feel that Barrichello’s 9th place is being over shadowed. With the new updates on his car which seem to have made Williams go backwards, he has done well to make it from 17th to 9th.

    5. Obviously I hate this result, Alonso lucks into position after an anonymous drive essentialy holding his grid position on a track where you can’t overtake, massivley assisted by Schuey nouse an Buttons insistence on going round the outside.

      Poor Lewis, did not deserve this today, but as he said thats motoracing, a mechanical, or debris based failure is just luck not on your side, it’s cost Vettle two victories, it’s robbed Alonso of points during his incredible Malaysian effort, so unfortunatley all I can do is rant on net forums about it.

      Nice from Webber, clearly his weekend, rather see him champ than Vettle. Hope Algersurari learns to treat backmarkers with respect otherwise nother nice drive from him.

      Schuey has made at least one major victory, his ironic gallows humour is a hell of a lot more fun to watch than Vettle’s squeaky clean bunny rabbit persona. Schuey is by far best postrace comment provider, an funniest wit. Which is weird.

      Damn, basically, McLaren could have come out of this with much stronger positions in both championships, AN WE WERE ROBBED. awwwwwww¬!

    6. We hear some rumours going on in the paddock and I think Vitantonio Liuzzi is going to replaced soon, he drives if he is under pressure from something. He should be driving around place 10 and this is the second race he is way of the FI pace. If Monaco isn’t going well for him expect Paul to be replacer.

      1. There is nothing wrong in replacing Liuzzi by Paul as he does have some good experience in driving the car so in Liuzzi fails in more races I wouldn’t be surprise to see him be replaced hid season.

    7. Happy to see Rubens Barrichello Jaime Alguersuari & Sutil in the points finish.Feel bad for hamilton, he needs to come back in the hunt.

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