2010 Spanish Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic race weekend review

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Robert Kubica during the Spanish Grand Prix

Find all the F1 Fanatic Spanish Grand Prix coverage in one place below – from Friday practice to the post-race review and our live comments on every session.


Webber dominates Spanish Grand Prix as Hamilton crashes out of second place – Race report.

Rate the race – Spain – Your verdict on the Spanish Grand Prix

Whitmarsh: Rim failure put Hamilton out – McLaren investigate cause of Hamilton’s late crash

Spanish Grand Prix facts and stats – Hamilton denies Webber a perfect result

Spanish Grand Prix in pictures – Images of the Spanish GP

Championship points after the Spanish Grand Prix – Button leads drivers’ title by three points over Alonso while McLaren retain the lead in the constructors’ championship

Spanish GP team-by-team: McLaren – Hamilton splits Red Bulls before failure
Spanish GP team-by-team: Mercedes – Progress or favouritism at Mercedes?
Spanish GP team-by-team: Red Bull – Webber wins, unreliability dogs Vettel
Spanish GP team-by-team: Ferrari – Massa struggles despite F10 upgrades
Spanish GP team-by-team: Williams – Barrichello races to points from 17th
Spanish GP team-by-team: Renault – First lap collision delays Kubica
Spanish GP team-by-team: Force India – Sutil holds the upper hand again
Spanish GP team-by-team: Toro Rosso – Penalties for both drivers
Spanish GP team-by-team: HRT – Hectic race for Chandhok
Spanish GP team-by-team: Sauber – de la Rosa disappointed in home race
Spanish GP team-by-team: Lotus – No race for Kovalainen in revised T127
Spanish Grand Prix team-by-team: Virgin – Glock chases Trulli home

Spanish Grand Prix result – Full standings

Spanish Grand Prix fastest laps – Lewis Hamilton set the fifth fastest lap of his career

Spanish Grand Prix analysis – Super start helps Alguersuari to points finish


Webber beats Vettel to pole as Red Bull dominate Spanish GP qualifying – The RB6s were untouchable around the Circuit de Catalunya

Spanish Grand Prix grid – Four drivers received penalties

Spanish Grand Prix qualifying in pictures – Photographs from Saturday

Spanish Grand Prix pre-race analysis – Spain to witness battle of the Bulls


Pre-race pictures – First images of Mercedes’ radical new airbox

Spanish Grand Prix practice in pictures – Photographs from a sunny Friday in Spain

Practice one report – McLaren lead practice one in Spain

Practice one interactive chart – McLaren fastest in first session

Practice two report – Red Bull to the fore as Hulkenberg crashes

Practice two interactive chart – Red Bull’s pace and Schumacher’s progress

Practice three report – Vettel comfortably fastest in final practice, Petrov crashes again

Updated VR-01 ‘Limo’ gets triple diffuser – Virgin debut their revised car

Aero upgrades for McLaren in Spain – New front and rear wing among the upgrades on the MP4-25

Christian Klien to drive for HRT on Friday – Klien took Chandhok’s place

Ferrari to use modified engines in Spain – FIA granted permission

Live blogs

How we saw the Spanish Grand Prix as it unfolded:

Spanish Grand Prix live blog
Spanish Grand Prix qualifying live blog
Spanish Grand Prix practice 3 live blog
Spanish Grand Prix practice 2 live blog
Spanish Grand Prix practice 1 live blog

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14 comments on “2010 Spanish Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic race weekend review”

  1. its easier to see how good a car is after a dry race and it seems as though the Red bulls are unbelievably quick with low fuel and the mclarens cathc them up a bit but are still slower with race fuel and then its ferrari. The next grand prix is about drivers a lot more so it could be a lottery out of hamilton, button, alonso, vettel, webber or even both Mercedes

    1. Don’t count Felipe out yet!

  2. Excellent coverage as always Keith. Thanks.

  3. Is there a team-by-team analysis for Virgin? I was wondering what effect the smaller fuel tank had on di Grassi’s pace towards the end (or throughout).

    1. Here you go:


      It got bumped out of the Articles In Brief box by more recent stories. The best way to check is to click on any team analysis for the race and just replace the team’s name in the URL in the Address Bar.

      1. Thanks Icthyes! I did try that earlier – although I now see that some minor teams’ articles are at /spanish-grand-prix-[name] and others are at /spanish-gp-[name].

  4. Gutted for Vettel…………..

    Just how unlucky can he be??

    1. Vettel didn’t have that much bad luck in the last race now did he? At worst he lost one spot, but if there were no problems for any driver, he would have gotten P3 too.

      So realisticly he didn’t gain or lost anything.

  5. Just a interesting side note really not on Catalunya but I just saw that Shanghai have now dethroned Long beach as the race with most overtakes. 81 overtakes vs 79. Granted the Long beach race was in 83 and was a dry race so still stand as the dry race with most overtakes in the dry. No wonder it felt that Shanghai race was chaotic with an average of over 1 overtake per lap raced.

    For catalunya you have to go back to 03 to have as many overtakes as this year (11) and than go back to 98 to the second race with more or as many overtakes as this year.

    98: 11
    99: 4
    00: 3
    01: 9
    02: 3
    03: 19
    04: 6
    05: 2
    06: 7
    07: 5
    08: 2
    09: 2
    10: 11
    Dry average (since 91 when track was first used) is 8.71 and wet average is 12.25 thanks to wet races in 91 and 92. Funny thing 96 was classified as wet but only had 4 overtakes.

    11 overtakes is the least amount of overtakes in a single race this year so far (bet it will be broken this coming weekend unless it rains).
    Monaco dry average overtakes 9.50 average including wet races 11.19. Last year 7 overtakes in the dry and 08 saw 21 in the wet. 03 saw ZERO overtakes the averages are based from 83 until 09. In the last 27 years there has only been TWO other races besides the 03 Monaco race that seen ZERO overtakes, the farcical 05 Indianapolis race sporting 6 cars and last years Valencia track (which only saw 4 overtakes in it’s inaugural race in 08).

    1. Nice bit of research, 05 indy makes sense to have no overtakes, and Monaco I can forgive for the other great races it’s given us, But Valencia?

    2. HounslowBusGarage
      12th May 2010, 21:00

      Very nice work, Macahan.
      Good grief though, only two overtakes in 08 and 09, that’s pathetic.
      Did you compile these figures yourself? And do you have an average number of overtakes for all the races in different seasons? Can we actually see if the number of overtakes is going down?

  6. hope fully michael schumacher will get pole position he got 5th and hes doing good hopefully he’ll be top by the end of the season

  7. last 3 or 4 seasons are boring, no overtakes between 2 and 1, i think that when montoya go out from f1 that f1 become rubissh eccelstone destroyed everthing what is good in f1 no overtakes no crashes no nothing when i see grand prix spain better go to sleep, who is guilty for that tracks maybe drivers maybe cars i dont now but in calendar we see mickey mouse tracks in asia, no good tracks why hockenheimring in woods are destroyed why no have in f1 calendar mont juik that track is better then catalunya ilove old dangerous tracks like old spa bremgarten, nord schleiffe old imola that is what iwant inf1 good races .for bernie is better drive in asia then in usa. i dont now who is better in f1 every year different drivers woon before 20 years is been senna or mansell now vettel next race alonso every year different changes points and that stupid full tank no tyress change big nose on f1 cars . ithink that too much computers in f1 no good for drivers not that interesant bernie save this once popular sport beacuse nascar moto gp and rally is too much interessant then f1 stirling moss once say f1 now is like sleep with woman with protection good but not dangerous grettings from dalmacia

  8. stirling moss says f1 now is like slleping with woman with protection good but no dangerous greetings from dalmacia , i hope british turist come in dalmacia this year

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