2010 Monaco Grand Prix – F1 Fanatic unofficial race programme (Video)

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Jenson Button dominated the Monaco Grand Prix last year

Keep all the important information for this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix at your fingertips with the F1 Fanatic unofficial race programme:

The race

Monaco Grand Prix preview – Ferrari aim to end nine-year Monaco drought but teams fear chaos in qualifying.

2010 Monaco Grand Prix – Session times, support race information and more.

2010 Monaco Grand Prix discussion – Going to the Monaco Grand Prix this year? Find other fans who are going to be at the race.

Monte-Carlo – fans’ experiences – Read about fans’ experiences of going to the Monaco Grand Prix.

The track

First used for Grand Prix racing in 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix has been a fixture on the F1 calendar since 1955.

The circuit is unchanged in several places from the version first used eight decades ago – but the track is now bordered by tall safety barriers instead of lamp posts and straw bales.

Of course what most people associate with Monaco is the glamorous side of the event. But 78 laps around its tight confines also provides one of the toughest tests for a Formula 1 driver.

Monte-Carlo circuit information – Including lap data and tyre compounds.

The weather

A wet weather front is moving out of the area but it could affect practice on Thursday (Monaco does not adhere to the convention of holding practice on Friday) and possibly even qualifying on Saturday.

Monaco Grand Prix weather forecast – Mixed forecast for the weekend in Monte-Carlo.

Following the race live

We’ll be commenting live on the Monaco Grand Prix from start to finish. Join us for the race, qualifying and all three practice sessions at these times:

Thursday 13th May 2010

Monaco Grand Prix Free practice 1 – 10:00 – 11:30 (09:00 – 10:30)
Monaco Grand Prix Free practice 2 – 14:00 – 15:30 (13:00 – 14:30)

Saturday 15th May 2010

Monaco Grand Prix Free practice 3 – 11:00 – 12:00 (10:00 – 11:00)
Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying – 14:00 (13:00)

Sunday 16th May 2010

Monaco Grand Prix – 14:00 (13:00)

Times are local times with British time conversions in brackets.

Also make sure you follow F1 Fanatic on Twitter for updates throughout the race weekend.

2009 Monaco Grand Prix highlights

Jenson Button leads Brawn to third one-two – The Brawn duo dominated last year’s race.

Super-soft tyres key to Button’s win and Vettel’s disaster (Monaco GP analysis) – Vettel couldn’t make the super-soft tyres work in Monaco last year.

Previous Monaco Grands Prix

2008 Monaco Grand Prix – Ferrari mistakes let Lewis Hamilton in for win
2007 Monaco Grand Prix – One and two finish one-two
2006 Monaco Grand Prix – Untouchable Alonso wins again
2005 Monaco Grand Prix – Raikkonen dominates for McLaren
1972 Monaco Grand Prix – Jean-Pierre Beltoise leads every lap in rain

Predict the pole sitter and top five finishers in the Monaco Grand Prix for your chance to win F1 tickets, DVDs, books and more

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  1. in the circuit info section-

    ‘Longest flat-out section: 8s / 510km’
    510km flat out section! wow which version of monaco is this?! has tilke got his hands on it? :D

    1. yeah nice catch i want to see a race there

    2. Fixed it now :-)

  2. Myles Woerner
    12th May 2010, 22:53

    Is it just me, or does Webber always say the most ridiculous things when he is naming off interesting things about a circuit before his lap?

    1. Electrolite
      12th May 2010, 23:05

      ‘…and there’s lots of big boats there!’ haha! He’s probably told what to say, but either way that guy makes me laugh.

  3. Interesting stat I just found on autosport forums: Trulli has never been out-qualified by his team mate in Monaco. Impressive record.

    1. Especially to say he’s been paired with Alonso too.

  4. MouseNightshirt
    12th May 2010, 23:33

    I wish I had that simulator…

  5. That was the hardest Mark has had to work on that simulator lap so far this year… you can see the whole thing wobbling about a few times as he tried to “drive” and speak at the same time!

  6. Rick DeNatale
    13th May 2010, 14:40

    Some years ago, I was on a trip to Nice, and I drove my rental car to Monaco.

    I’d hoped to be able to somehow follow the F1 circuit, but failed. It seemed that some parts were either inaccessible by car, or that the track ran against the flow of some one-way streets. For instance, I seemed to only be able to go through the tunnel in the opposite direction to that taken by the race.

    Since then I’ve looked in vain for a description of the circuit in terms of the road/street names.

    Does such a description exist somewhere. Is it actually possible to drive a car over the course on a normal day when Monaco isn’t set up for the Grand Prix. If not is it possible to walk the circuit?

  7. woow…ts great circuit…i hope ferrarri can win n this race…

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