Alonso to miss qualifying after crash

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Fernando Alonso will start the Monaco Grand Prix from the pit lane

Fernando Alonso will not participate in qualifying at Monaco following his crash in final practice.

Ferrari will have to replace his chassis due to the damage it suffered in his crash at Massenet, 22 minutes into this morning’s session.

Alonso, who was fastest in the first two practice session at Monaco, will start the race from the pit lane. That will seriously limit his chances of scoring points on Sunday.

Michael Schumacher started last on the grid for Ferrari in this race four years ago and worked his way up to fifth by the end. How far will Alonso make it on Sunday?

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    56 comments on “Alonso to miss qualifying after crash”

    1. Im not gonna watch quaki now :)))

      1. sorry , it was a :((

    2. Is this confirmed news?

    3. Magnificent Geoffrey
      15th May 2010, 12:05

      Wow. Never ever would’ve believed you if you’d have told me that Alonso was going to have his entire weekend destroyed through his own mistake.

      1. agreed unbelieveble

    4. Whoa, the crash did not look particularly hard. Seemed like it understeered a lot and he ‘brushed’ the right side of the car. Petrov’s crashes in China and Spain seemed worse to be honest.

    5. A shame for us as it takes a key player out of a potentially thrilling qualifying, but it was his own fault and he knows it. He’s really shot himself in the foot at a weekend where, for the first time since Bahrain, he’s really had a chance to win the race. With more Red Bull updates due soo, it could be a while before he gets another chance…

      I doubt he’ll make it in to the points tomorrow, the lack of refuelling (thankfully) means he wont be able to just fuel long and pass half the field in the pits. But he’ll have nothing to lose and Fernando isn’t the sort of guy to just sit around and wait for things to happen, so you never know.

      1. ” Fernando isn’t the sort of guy to just sit around and wait for things to happen”
        You’re kidding, right?

        That’s precisely how he won his 2WDC, by playing it safe.
        I’m not saying he did wrong or anything, but the “fighting spirit” that drivers like Hamilton, Räikkonen and Montoya have, just is nowhere to be found in his entire post-Minardi career.

        Hamilton in Monza last year was tragic, as was Räikkönen in Nurburgring in 05. But those incidents really shows they are hungry for victories, not just points.
        Fernando is in F1 for points, attention and feeling of superiority(especially within the team) to endulge himself.
        Heck, he even went and told to the press that overtaking is not part of F1.

        1. Welll, obviously your mixing two different things… one is that you have to fight till the last race for WDC, another thing is defending 10+ points advantage… you should know that

        2. Cranberry every driver in F1 is after points. Haha. The person with the most points wins. Not sure if anyone has told you that yet. Lol.

          1. Lol! The good thing is Alonso crashed, won´t be in qualifying and won´t get to the points… lol…

            1. Famous last words, mate ;)

    6. wow, i’m not a big fan of alonso but i really do feel sorry for him now.

      1. Same here. I’m a Hamilton fan so I know what it feels like to have your hopes crushed by a crash.

        1. Same here too, really shame. Title rivals need to seize the advantage now.

    7. noooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    8. now that sucks, definitely ruined the rest of the day for me..
      it seemed like Ferrari would be doing great this weekend, yet i can’t understand why they won’t make it to the quali. well, we got Felipe to support now!

    9. Should make for an exciting race at the back of the field…

    10. Really a disappointing piece of news. S##t!!

    11. I am very happy that Alonso crashed out. The Ferrari fans keep wishing Mclaren to crash out and it’s the Karma biting back! Go McLaren! Go Felipe!

      1. S ur wish has fulfilled,,,, now go home and sleep tight

      2. @InternetF1. Its good to see that Alonso not missing quali makes you happy. But Fernando will still finish in front of both the Mclarens at the end of the race.

        1. Alonso missing quali . Sorry typo

          1. Hehe, you wish, Alonso has been thoroughly outraced by McLarens in pretty much every race so far.

            Alonso doesn’t have the brains of a good racing driver. Why was he pushing so hard in FP3? Did he think it was for pole position or something? They don’t give points out for FP3 position.

            1. Another smart ars… how do you know he was pushing too much… he told you probably?!?

              And the problem was oversteer.

              Outraced by McLarens… hilarious…

              But I wont stop you from daydreaming

            2. Alright then, that means Alonso is even worse than I thought, if he can crash a car when he’s not pushing at all.

            3. “Alonso doesn’t have the brains of a good racing driver.”

              So, the bad racing driver is a two time world champion? The idiot has broken into the top 10 all time winners list? Get real.

            4. pushing hard and to hard is two diffrent things as far as i know… not shure about you though

    12. He deosn’t deserve this, after all the potentiol he showed in the practices. Not only did he ruin his quilifying he also ruined his race. But remember last year or the year before there alot of crashes and DNFs so i hope that he can make it into the pionts.

    13. Are they skipping qualy because the spare chassis can’t be set up in time, or is because of the T-car rules?

    14. there goes my prediction for pole. shame on alonso he messed up potentially a top 3 position

    15. Bring back the T-Car….

      [bashes head off wall in severe frustration]

      1. Perhaps a better solution would be to have the morning practice an hour earlier?
        So there’s more time to reconstruct a damaged car if needed. Hmm.

    16. There goes my tips :(

    17. ah thats a pity, was tipping him for a win , Please rain :D

    18. Alonso is making way too many mistakes this year. It was a guaranteed pole and win flushed down the toilet.

      Come on Fernando .. get your act together

      1. I Agree, completly!!!

        Like he forgot how to be cool when you have a car that is WDC potential…


    19. Wonder what tyres he’ll start on?

    20. Black day (comment too short)

    21. man….when i was happy that ferrari will be fighting for pole..disaster strikes….its ruined the whole race for me…and there goes my prediction down the drain ..!!!! :(

      1. US Williams Fan
        15th May 2010, 14:06

        My prediction as well! I had hoped to crack the top 100 this race. Nuts.

    22. Bartholomew
      15th May 2010, 12:49

      I hope it rains so Fast Fred can do his thing tomorrow.
      Lou must have thrown the TV out the window !

    23. MacademiaNut
      15th May 2010, 13:18

      There goes all the predictions!

    24. I remember being disappointed when Hamilton crashed out of Q1 last year, so am gutted a) for Alonso fans and b) for myself anyway. Alonso may have had the ability to win this race, now he’ll start at the back.

      But at least he’ll get to start on the better tyres. Might he just start on the softs and pit on Lap 1 though? Alright, alright, I should stop putting that theory out, but I want to see someone do it!

    25. If this was Hamilton, the haters would already be out in force with chants about his “aggression” driving style, and how he “pushes too hard”, and how he needs to “learn” from Jenson, etc.

      A mistake is just that – a mistake. And it can be made by anyone.

      1. Some drivers make more mistakes than others.

        Some mistakes happen because the driver is pushing too hard for no reason. Some mistakes happen because the driver takes a reasonable chance.

        Some drivers learn from their mistakes, some don’t.

        Some mistakes are stupid, some mistakes are less stupid.

        Some mistakes will cost WDC, some mistakes don’t have any effect at all.

        A mistake is never just a mistake :P

    26. I just had a good look at the pictures of Alonsos car. Looks like maybe the conical wheel hup pushed a hole into Alonsos tub.

      1. Apparently it cracked the chassis :-o

    27. The way i see it
      Justice has been served :)

      1. Well, there is no such thing as justice. So nothing can be served

    28. I’m just glad it wasn’t Button that wiped out his car, because the comments would no doubt be stretching on for several more pages by now. LOL

    29. No championship should be won by cheating or by the crash of an oponent.if you r a true champ then u should win it with out help.

      1. If your opponent crashes, then he has made a mistake. It’s hardly the fault of the champion if his opponents keep crashing.

      2. “if you r a true champ” you have the most points at the end of the season, as a combination of being the fastest, and making the least mistakes. As VXR said, if an opponent crashes too often, he won’t pick up the points, and hence won’t become the champion.

    30. my younger brother was fuming when I told him alonso crashed, reminded me when i was a schumacher fan lol

    31. We will have an entertaining race from Alonso tomorrow.

      Can anyone tell me that is Massa was sick or something & is unavailable to do racing this weekend before Qualifying then would Alonso be allowed to use Massa’s car for the Qualifying & Race?

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