Rosberg rues missing front row

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Nico Rosberg was frustrated to only qualify sixth for the Monaco Grand Prix having been quickest in Q2.

He said:

My pace has been really good here throughout the weekend and in the first two qualifying sessions today, so it was a disappointing result to only qualify in sixth position.

I was hopeful of competing for the front row after our performance in Q2 but the final session just didn’t work out for us today. I had a lot of traffic to overcome and made a mistake on what should have been my fastest lap.
Nico Rosberg

While most drivers improved upon their Q2 times in Q3, Rosberg was unable to beat his 1???14.375.

He told the BBC after qualifying he thought he should have got the W01 on the front row of the grid.

That remark may have been at least partly aimed at team mate Michael Schumacher, whom Rosberg out-qualified for the fifth time in six races. Schumacher had this to say about his team mate’s driving:

We all had some concerns about qualifying because of the number of cars but I have to say that from my point of view, everybody did a great job. I had a clean situation most of the time, except for once unintentionally with Nico.

I think we got out of the car what we could today and the positive news is that I am on the inside which is a good starting position and our starts have gone well recently. So we can at least hope to make up one or two positions for the race.
Michael Scumacher

Looks like the battle between the team mates at Mercedes is starting to get interesting.

Compare Nico Rosberg’s form in 2010 against Schumacher’s

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    10 comments on “Rosberg rues missing front row”

    1. ooooooh goody. I wonder, seeing as Schumacher obviously prefers the revised suspension, will he at least revert back to it?

      1. I think they plan to go back to the newer suspension on both cars for the next race. They only reverted to the older set up for Monaco as it shortens the wheelbase.

    2. does anyone know what he said to lee mckenzie in the interview that was apparently rude?

      1. Younger Hamilton
        15th May 2010, 17:40

        Nothing Rude i heard of,Rosberg said to her that he was in a ‘bad mood’ but was only joking and carried on with the interview

        1. nah, i think he said something innappropriate before the cameras cut to the interview. lee’s accepted his apology.

          1. Aussie Fan
            16th May 2010, 5:43

            Lee McKenzie is great, I love how she fronted up to Alonso after his crash & confirmed “Just driver error then, Fernando?”

            Classic, & well done!

    3. Mr JoeBlack
      15th May 2010, 19:14

      Well it seems that Nico is faster on the short chassis while Micheal is faster on the long one. For tomorrow i think that Micheal will beat Nico on the start.

      1. Aussie Fan
        16th May 2010, 5:35

        There is no shorter & longer chassis, its just a different front suspension configuration that results in the different wheelbase.

    4. I saw Ross Brawn had to explain the situation to Michael, with the team taking blame for gettin Rosberg out right in front of him.

      He must be feeling optimistic, when his drivers are close enough to the pace and to each other to be fighting like that. It would have been amazing to see Nico have a real go at pole times though.

    5. Aussie Fan
      16th May 2010, 5:40

      I think Nico was being a bit optimistic thinking he would end up on the front row, seems that that comment was intended just for the media & Schumacher.

      It a shame both Merc drivers didn’t get a clean Q3 lap but, I think 3rd & 4th was a realistic target for them in that session.

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