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What did you think of the Monaco Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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    133 comments on “Rate the race: Monaco”

    1. I can’t possibly vote. The race was brilliant for a dry Monaco, there were some eventful moments and Webber was glorious and just seemed like he was taking it easy. However, the director of whatever is in charge of the images was a disgrace. What happened to Kobayashi? Mystery of the day. We missed one of the restarts just because we had to watch a replay we didn’t really need to see. It just felt like we were always a hundred steps behind what was actually happening.
      Race = probably brilliant but missed crucial bits. Didn’t speed tv actually apologise for the coverage? That says somethings

      1. Isn’t Monaco the only race (perhaps along with Suzuka) now where the local T.V. crew does it’s own feed rather than letting FOM do it?

        1. Yeah I think it is

      2. yes, not the best coverage, it took forever for the producer to figure out why there was a saftey car

        1. I’d just really like to know what happened to Kobayashi? :S

          1. Massa, Hamilton and Alonso got past him on the start/finish straight, you saw him flash past on the right-hand side of Massa on an on-board shot. What happened to him afterwards, I don’t know however

          2. Kamui had a gearbox failure, Holly got an interview with him some time after he retired. I found it quite amusing how annoyed Crofty got with the director too, live on air. I agree it has been generally poor coverage the entire weekend.

        2. polishboy808
          16th May 2010, 15:29

          Yeah Speed TV apologised for thee horrible coverage. And Suzuka is the only other race that does it’s own coverage, hopefully it will be better then this French Broadcasting group or whatever its called.

          1. the japanese FUJI directors are usually quite good.

            1. In fact I’d go so far as saying very good.

            2. They broadcast in HD too, they should hire them to do every race!

            3. Thanks Invoke for Kobayashi info

        3. Notice how every other camera seemed to linger on an advertising hoarding for an extra second or more?

          1. I noticed that. Especially the “Martini” billboard.

        4. In the first part of qualifying Alonso seemed to get as much TV time as any other driver even thought he wasn’t driving and was just quietly watching the screens in the garage without any reaction to what was happening on track.

      3. One question with regards the coverage…. does anyone feel like a Martini?

        Seriously every single time around Loews they zoom straight in on that particular billboard. Someone either paid a little extra or got a family member behind the camera :)

        1. yes, every year. every lap.

        2. Just as well they didn’t put a barcode there!

          1. Or a box! Evil box!

      4. Completely with you here Steph. It might have been a great show on TV, if the director would actually have been interested.

        Highlights – REplay of Baricellos stranded car today and Alonsos glum face yesterday. BOO!

        1. Coverage was terrible. All I can assume is that Kobayashi’s car just randomly dissapeared into thin air, whilst he was driving it.

          As for the race, 7/10.

        2. To be fair, I quite enjoyed watching Rubens through his toy out of the pram several times

      5. Jonathan Proctor
        16th May 2010, 16:32

        It was annoying following around Alonso for the first 10 laps when I wanted to see how it was unfolding up front.

        1. Why? Alonso’s charge was the only interesting thing going on, besides the crashes, the entire race!

          Nothing was unfolding up front (except for boredom).


    2. A boring procession – was there any overtaking (apart from MS at the end)? I don’t think so

      1. What about Alonso’s ballsy moves? There has never been that much overtaking at Monaco anyway.

        1. Alonso overtook 2 HRT, 2 lotus and 2 whatsoevers. Buemi could have also done that.

          On the other hand, Alonso should always start the last. Alonso fans would be pleased and say he was the best overtaker, and I’d enjoy him being always on the low part of the points.

        2. What is ballsy about overtaking cars that run 5 to 7 secs a lap slower than yours?

    3. James Bolton
      16th May 2010, 15:04

      Formula Boring has returned

      1. lol come on are you for real

        With no SC Webber would have been 30-40sec in lead!
        Monaco is not a normal grand prix, even the most exciting Monaco race has no overtaking…cant believe this sort of post, it’s not the sort of statement of an F1 fan!
        I would expected a comment like that to come from a once a year viewer..with no understanding of the sport or Monaco!

        Also well done to D Riccardo for his victory as well…2 Aussies on the top step and both RBR drivers!

        1. I completely agree with James Bolton. I am a fan but not of the blind type. You seem so excited about a driver being 30 to 40 secs in the lead – this, among others, is the very issue! It is not only that one doesn’t have action. One doesn’t even have the expectation of it nowadays. Ah..I just read the bit about D. Riccardo… you are an Aussi…Well, enjoy mate!(with accent and all!)

          1. F1 has always been like this though, and I don’t mean at Monaco. Even in 2007, probably my favourite season ever, most of the races had a victor who just waltzed away and that was it. Most of the excitement from F1 normally comes from what else happens in the race, and good thing too, it shouldn’t be just about who wins and that’s it. I knew after China people would just be wanting more and more and they weren’t going to get it, because no matter even if you solve the overtaking problem in F1, the races are still mostly going to be like this.

            The only way to make it produce close fights for victories every time would be by artificially constraining the cars’ performances or maybe even go fully spec, and I can’t imagine too many people being happy about that!

            1. James Bolton
              16th May 2010, 18:48

              I thought it was boring. I went to Barcelona last weekend for the race and that was boring too.

              Wet races are so much more entertaining than dry ones, why can’t the teams and the FIA work out why this is and attempt to replicate the characteristics of the ciruit and car that make wet races so much better. I understand that making the tyres harder would help to achieve this.

              Every fortnight I’m looking at the weather forecasts hoping for rain in Melbourne, Barcelona, Monaco, Istanbul! It’s just not right.

    4. Most boring race of the season thus far…

      1. I agree it all stayed the same at the front, and im quite frankly bored of red bull winning, just like brawn last year!

        1. yer all 3 races out of 6 races…

      2. Did you miss Bahrain?

        1. At least in Bahrain there was the anticipation of the new season beginning. This race didn’t even have that. Totally predictable and uninspiring.

      3. I fell asleep for about 15 laps. Didn’t miss anything.

    5. Bit boring in stages! I said if anyone overtook on that final line they are legendary and Schumacher did it, I’m not a fan of his but what a complete hero for doing that!!!

      Mark drove perfectly all weekend. What an amazing drive.

      1. Have to agree, that was an amazing move.

        1. If Schumacher gets a penalty it will be for “racing till the end of the race” Would be a huge disappointment :(

          1. He pulled the same move on Barrichello a few years back too. I had a feeling he’d do it…

    6. As nice a guy Webber is, that was pretty much a dull GP even by Monaco’s standards. Webber was great in his pace but Vettel again was slack and nowhere near his pace. The race was pretty much over when Kubica allowed Vettel past at the start as it’d had been different had someone other than Sebastien been chasing Mark.

      In fact Alonso’s the guy i feel sorry for, partly his own fault but he was silly for his crash in practice y/day. His pace all weekend was great and if he’d got either 1st or 2nd then the race would have been different.

      The best bit of the weekend by a mile was Schuey’s move on Alonso at the end, pure brilliance and such a cheeky move. I hope that Turkey’s alot more exiciting and lets hope that someone other than a Red Bull can get pole yet alone the win.

    7. The race was a procession, but I enjoyed it, weirdly. 6/10

    8. Nah, Bahrain was more boring than Monaco. Though (at least on Speed’s coverage) they didn’t show the drain cover that caused the 3rd safety car.

      And those ####’s cut off the podium ceromony and press conferences so they could show 2 hours of NASCRAP pre-race!!! Like you need 2 ******* HOURS!!!

      1. I know. I hated that they cut off the ending just so some rednecks can watch a bunch of obese hillbillies drive around in circles.

        1. Not all of us are rednecks and there is plenty of overtaking. I love F1 but at least we don’t know the winner of the race after qualifying on Saturday.

          1. Oh please. In Nascar it’s “avoid the wrecks” for the first five hours and then the final 20 minutes of the race are up for grabs if you haven’t crashed.

            Overtaking is great, except when it happens so often in becomes meaningless, like in nascar.

    9. Congrats Webber. You beauty. Too good.

    10. Brilliant because Webber is leading Championship………………..
      10-10 but really a 6 if not for Web

    11. Prisoner Monkeys
      16th May 2010, 15:14

      In terms of the actual race, I’d say 6 or 7.

      In terms of the consequences of this race, I’d say about -3. With Webber a) winning, b) taking the championship lead (the commentators don’t have the distinction to recognise that it’s a joint lead) and c) being rumours to go to Ferrari next season, it is going to be absolutely impossible to live in Australia over the next few days.

      1. The rumours are for Kubica going to Ferrari, no? With massa going to Re bull to replace Webber?

        1. Prisoner Monkeys
          16th May 2010, 16:24

          There was a minor one linking Webber to Ferrari, and seemingly had no substance other than the fact that Webber won from pole in Barcelona. Apparently that’s all it takes these days to get your very own rumours of a Ferrari drive.

          Even if there is no rumour and I’ve misread those reports completely, you an bet the Australian commentators will do their best to start one. It doesn’t take much to set them off. All you hav to do is mention Mark Webber in a sentence and they can make a good alf hour’s conversation out of it. I would rather have to listen to James Allen and Jonathan Legard all day than to put up with what we get. These people are supposed to be professionals, but the way their voices raise by an octave or two every time they say “Mark Webber” (it’s never actually “Mark Webber”; it’s “Mark WEBBER!”) gives away the fact hat they’re drooling fanboys.

        2. cant see it happening..
          Just say webber isn’t wanted at RBR next year then the 1st choice goes to Kimi
          Or then it could go to D Riccardo.

          Honestly Massa is over rated and it shocked most that he got the drive at Ferrari in the 1st place…so why would RBR what him anyway.

      2. They did actually make a distinction. They did say it was a joint lead but that Webber is (1) courtesy of his two wins to Vettel’s one.
        Race would have been a -3 if weren’t for Webber a) winning, b)taking championship lead, and c)well..that’s about it. I’m thinking you will probably survive living in Australia.

        1. Prisoner Monkeys
          16th May 2010, 16:19

          They might have made the distinction now, but they’re not going to over the next few days.

          1. Would you stop your whining about Webber. You get annoyed with the commentators, fair enuf. Bit saying it is bad coz he won and is leading the championship is pretty harsh on Webber IMO. Most of the viewers watching want to hear about Mark Webber (obviosly not you) so they talk about him. And to be honest I dont think its half as bad as you say it is, he is the only Ausse F1 driver so of course they are going to talk about him, seriosly thoe stop with the whinginess and suck it up!

          2. It is NOT a joint lead. Webber is in front, even if they have the same amount of points.

      3. webber has more wins than vettel, so it’s not a joint lead at all. Webber is leading…

      4. Really? I seem to find the whole Webber thing has died down a lot except of course from Greg Rust. Even when he won Barcelona it wasn’t the top news story, its ALWAYS football.

        You should check out Gerard Whateley’s article http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/05/14/2899739.htm?site=thedrum I think he sums it up nicely that when Webber was in dogs of cars everyone still viewed the whole thing thru rose tinted glasses. Now he’s winning and after his ‘nanny state’ comment I think people have moved on. I think it’s good you can almost sense he’s racing without a country on his back.

        1. Prisoner Monkeys
          16th May 2010, 16:18

          It’s gotten better since McConville left. He was a big part of the problems with the coverage. He seemed to think there was no difference between F1s and V8s and resented the F1 drivers because he wasn’t one. To be fair, though, the Japanese Grand Prix – the one where Rust was off sick and McConville led the coverage – was their best showing last year, but that doesn’t forgive him. I actually kind of like Craig Baird; he’s intelligent and relevant as opposed to being moronic and fanboyish. They need more like him and less like Rust. But I stil think the best solution would be to get rid of all of them and just give us the Beeb’s feed unnterrupted.

          1. Ah you read my mind.

            Rust (and Ch10 in general) is just p***ing me off of late.

            Take the first 10 laps of todays race, most of which was under safety car. The normal sensible thing to do would be to have ad breaks during the safety car but no, Ch10 decided to show the entire saftey car period uninterupted and then have an ad break just after the restart. Great work :/

            They do a similar thing in qually, going to an ad break just as the cars are going on their outlap so you miss the first part of their flying lap and by the time they switch the the BBC commentary, half the flying laps are completed.

            And then theres Rust, Baird and Beattie. Rust is just annoying, enoungh said. Baird is average, saying quite a few intelligent things, although these are cancelled out by the stupid things he says. Like today he was saying how Alonso wasnt covering the f-duct hole with his hand. It doesnt take much research to know that Ferrari werent running it in Monaco. Beattie hasnt actually been too bad of late and has stopped constantly comparing F1 to MotoGP which he did alot last year.

            Hopefully in the near future we can start to get the races uninterupted, or even better just get the whole BBC package and do away with the Ch10 crew altogether. We can but dream.

            1. Yeah i’d LOVE for ONE to just run the BBC package. I’d much rather have a bit of a focus on British interests than constant drooling over Webber (don’t get me wrong I like Webber, I hate their drooling) and regurgitation of incorrect facts I read 4 days ago.

              I’m just getting tired of the lack of respect for F1, i mean its WAY better than the old Channel Nine days but when they miss interviews cos they have commitments to Bundesliga…. I mean you have a commitment to F1 too don’t you? Plus I’m in Melbourne so it’s always a toss up as to whether the race will be live or it’ll be delayed cos there’s a footy match being simulcast on Ten AND ONE aargahrhagr

            2. I’d love it if Ch 10/Ch 1 brought back Neil Crompton & Bill Woods. Now that was a commentary team !

          2. Yeah I would also love the BBC feed uninterrupted. I know One needs to show ads and that’s fine, but why do they insist on cutting off the race commentary for Rust, Baird and Beattie’s thoughts before crossing to the ads.

            What also really gets me annoyed is that in Brisbane they have been delaying the telecast of qualifying by one hour so they can show the AFL. They’re already showing the same game on Ten, anyone who can watch One can also watch Ten, so it beggar’s belief why they insist on showing it on both. Argh! On second thought it’s probably to do with the fact that One can show the football in all important high definition. With the delay it means that the F1.com live timing becomes completely useless.

            Wouldn’t be good if people living outside the UK could legally make a payment and access BBC iPlayer doing away with having to watch ads and listen to pointless local commentary.

        2. Yeh I know, I love it when Webber does well to coz F1 atleast gets some mention here. Geg Rust is a bit annoying, but the other two arnt bad.

    12. If I’m not mistaken the rules say that no overtaking allowed after the safety car comes in until you cross the finish line!! What was Schumacher thinking?
      Other than that, I’m really happy about Webber! He deserves every success! I hope the Red Bull policy doesn’t favor Vettel so that Webber can show his true potential and who knows maybe take the title!;)

      1. Unfortuantly you are mistaken. Martin Brundle said there is a new rule for 2010 which means a white line is painted on the track at the point of the start of the pit lane. You can overtake past this point once the safety car has gone in. If Schumi gets a penalty it will be stupid. It was an awesome clever move.

        1. Apparently there’s a rule that on the final lap you run to the line without overtaking… but it seems like a pretty obscure situation to come up with a rule i.e. a danger is removed just in time to allow them to run to the line.

        2. We had some discussions about this after china as well, because of the moves between Hamilton/Vettel and Webber.

          For 2010 they can overtake after the SC-line. A shame nobody ever pointed this change out before something happening.

    13. Can I just say (and its taken me over a year) to those who always vote that the race is 1 – Terrible just stop watching F1 and stop coming to this site.
      I love F1, and would still never vote a so called ‘boring’ race a 1. I enjoy all aspects, so even if the top few positions arent changing there are other races going on in the midfield.
      F1 will never be ‘Terrible’ in my mind.

      1. I don’t agree with you there. Why not use the whole scale instead of just 7,8,9 and 10? In terms of racing I don’t think this race was very good. It had a good moments with Alonso going to pit early, Schumacher making that nice overtaking move, some fast lap times from Webber… But other than that it was parade driving for 50 laps, I found myself using my computer while having f1 running on the tele, and that is usually not a good sign.

        I only gave this 4. That being said, it was almost as boring as Bahrain, but I would NEVER take Monaco off the calender..

    14. What happened to the rule that there is no overtaking after safety car before they pass the start/finnish line

      1. it has been changed for this year. It is the saftey car line now.

      2. That’s what I was wondering about too svetlio..Did we miss something here Keith??

    15. Ned Flanders
      16th May 2010, 15:19

      Lot’s of incidents seperated by long dull periods. Not a classic but typical Monaco I suppose

    16. Silly tracks in europe, Barcelona, Monaco. Boring Races.

      1. Yeah, it’s these boring traditional races that keeps us down. Luckily whe go to a Tilke track next …

    17. Great move from shumi. I’m not supprised at all, i was even thinking, i wonder if he will he have a try at alonso at the restart, and he did. Great racing instinct. Agree with DC (and not eddie who changed his mind on it a couple of times).

    18. Was a 5 for me but bumped up to 6 because of the regular incidents closing things up again.

      The race coverage was very poor though, showing that damn Martini billboard at least 50 times, and no replay on Massa skirting the line (must have been okay because there was no penalty, but we couldn’t see for ourselves a second time).

      1. Yeah that was really irritating. It was quite subtle and took me a few times to catch on to the camera lifting up from the cars exiting Lowes.

    19. I gave it a 2, because I couldn’t give it a Z ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ

      1. LOL , you are funny!

    20. A little bit of a procession for my liking. I give it a 5.
      I am thrilled for Webber winning though.
      Schumi’s pass on Alonso at the end, PRICELESS!

    21. Does anyone else think that Trulli is getting very frustrated – his accident in Brazil with Sutil when he lost his temper even though it was probably his fault and now this rather rash, misjudged attempt to decapitate Karun?

      1. That was a nasty crash like that Coulthard-Wurz one a couple of years back. Thankfully Chandhok is alright.

    22. Just give Schumacher a good car and you will see what he can do.
      this man is coming from another world.

    23. polishboy808
      16th May 2010, 15:32

      I love Barrichelos steering wheel incident, hope he doesn’t get fined for it, it’s quite understandable that after a failure like that the driver would be mad, lucky Karun that nothing happened to his car…. Until later that is.

      1. You automatically get fined for not re-attaching your steering wheel….

        1. polishboy808
          16th May 2010, 17:56

          i know that but I mean extra.

    24. Lots of respect for those drivers racing around the track and keeping their cars in one piece.

      Obviously from a racing perspective a boring race. Therefore rated it a 2. The incidents were the only highlights, but I am not watching a race to see incidents, I want to see cars overtake and try to outrun each other. The only real overtaking was Schumi on Alonso in the last corner.

    25. What happened to Kobayashi. I know the Sauber was destined to not finish because it is an unreliable dog, but why didn’t anyone see him pull off. Even the BBC commentators wanted to know.

      1. Another moment the director managed to miss! I did not even see a replay of it.

    26. For me it was 7 out of 10. High points were the start, Webber and Kubica doing great laps. Nice moment with Schumi getting past Alonso, sparking some after race entertainment.

      Low marks for the coverage. The replays were OK, but not getting even 1 single incident was pretty dull. Missed Button, Missed Hülkenberg, missed DiGrassi stopping, missed Glock parking, missed Trulli/Chandhok.

      Almost as entertaining as seeing Alonso looking glum during Qualifying yesterday.

    27. Webber has really made me eat my words. Two stunning, flawless drives, this latest even more impressive.

    28. K. Chandra Shekhar
      16th May 2010, 15:52

      The WOW moment of the race Schumi overtaking Alonso. Just loved it. I fell from my chair laughing.

    29. 2 out of 10. I’m amazed how people can give 10 to this kind of boring procession when a Ferrari struggles to pass a Virgin. It was going to be a 1 but schumi’s last lap was good.

    30. There we go again… OMG the race did not have a 1000001 overtakes so it was boring!!111one1! Just like last race, sure it might not have been the most exiting race ever but I didn’t find it boring. Actually, it was a pretty standard monaco grand prix if I think about it. And for those overtake-happy guys, go sit next to a highway, plenty of overtakes there.

    31. 7

      Lots of incidents, but otherwise a boring procession. The coverage was a nightmare. No, i don’t want to look at a Martini Board 1000s of times >.>

      Oh and Legard is the worst commementator the BBC has ever had…

      1. Well they’ve only had two if you dont count when Murray was awol

        1. Not just in Formula 1…

    32. No passing, a lot of safety cars meaning no action, and a rather processional race. 9 out of 10!

      In Monaco, the drivers are pushed to the limit, one mistake and they are out, the track is a piece of artwork surrounded by some of the most incredible scenery in the world, and the stands where full of fans, in fact so where the buildings. Even the marshals were good, did you see how fast they cleared the track?!?

      Maybe there wasn’t 82 passes, but I’d trade 82 passes at any Tilkedrome for 2 passes at Monaco any day!

    33. If I had to judge this race from a racing point of view, 3-4. But because of the spectecular crashes, I’ve bumped it up to 6. Trulli’s and Karun’s crash was ‘amazing’. At least, some people still have the balls to attempt an overtake.

    34. Mark Hitchcock
      16th May 2010, 16:31

      For a dry race in Monaco it was good. Couple of big crashes, Alonso doing a bit of overtaking at the start, Webber, Vettel and Kubica swapping fastest laps towards the end, Schumacher’s move on Alonso.

      I’m not sure what people were expecting when they say things like “boring formula one has returned”. This is Monaco. There’s never any overtaking and rarely much action, that’s not what Monaco is about.


    35. We had a first part with enjoyable overtakings by Alonso in the back of the group, then after the pit stops and Barrichello’s crash it became the usual Monaco procession. It wasn’t so boring after all. IMO it deserves a 7.

    36. I gave it a 7, various incidents kept it ticking along. Alonso at the start of the race was incredible to watch (and di Grassi too), I’m slightly disappointed Kubica couldn’t get close to Vettel but apart from that it kept me entertained.

    37. Can’t really give any Monaco race less than 7, and this was an eventful one most of the way through.

      Memorable interview on the BBC Forum with a dripping Webber who’d just been fished out of the harbour, great stuff.

    38. HounslowBusGarage
      16th May 2010, 17:26

      Well I sort of agree with Steph about the poor TV coverage. But there wasn’t much happening at the front in the early laps, so I was happy to watch Alonso gobbling up the minnows at the back. Look at it the other way round; if we’d been watching the front runners with nothing happening at all, and Martin Brundle had been telling us how Alonso was passing this driver and being held up by that driver and shaking his fist etc, I would have been screaming at the telly “Bloody show it then!”
      And I sort if agree with Ned Flanders too – lots of boring bits with flashes of excitement. But that’s what F1 is, isn’t it? Gave it 5 points; medium.

    39. Well, I really don’t like Monaco.
      I didn’t find that race interesting. I hate safety cars.
      That’ll be 3 for me…

    40. lewis hamilton said it all, could have been boring to watch, because of few opportunities to overtake,and just driving lap after lap, doesn’t make for exciting racing, I must admit he’s not wrong with the exception of the crashes and safety car found it very boring and processional,Again like last year with Brawn at the beginning of the season, a fast Red Bull is going to dominate every race, must admit i fell asleep, having said that Mark Webber deserved to win,television coverage as usual was rubbish, missed so much. Bring back ITV!! Presentation on BBC needs a lot of improvement.

    41. Andy Minshull
      16th May 2010, 17:49

      Was that the most boring GP ever? Apart from the crashes (not really the point of F1) it was just a fast boring procession with some slower processions when the SC was out. Even the new tracks that are being built and given F1 status (thanks to large wads of money going to the Poisoned Dwarf) don’t allow overtaking. F1 is now a giant computer game with races controlled by gamers hunched over computers in Woking or wherever the team has its HQ. Scrap the computers and let’s return to proper racing on tracks that allow overtaking. And yes, ditch Monaco, it’s had its day and doesn’t deserve a place in modern racing.

    42. Best dry weather race in 2010.

      And perhaps no other dry weather race will match up to this.

      1. I think Malaysia was better than this race, at least we had some good wheel to wheel racing their than we had here.

    43. Alonso does 77 laps on a single set of tires? Degradation is a thing of the past. This combined with no refueling has effectively killed the strategic aspect of F1.

    44. Monaco have got to seriously look at adding another section to the F1 course. The current layout might be okay for GP2 and other catergories but the chances of an exciting F1 race anytime in the foreseeable future (in the dry at least) are nil.

    45. boring. only crashes were “entertaining” ;)

    46. Monaco is not the most tv-viewer friendly race. It perhaps is one of the most exciting tracks to drive on.
      4-7 is an ideal rating i guess….

      I rated it 4 because there was no strategy available to the drivers to challenge the guys ahead…other than just anticipating a safety car period…

    47. I even enjoy the most boring of F1 races, because I love F1.

      Gave this a 7, looking more at the weekend as whole, admittedly.

    48. I think the Monaco Race track should make some changes for the new and improved formula1 cars, the fact that it is a tradition for been the elite and must important race of the season, it should be the best track as well… and it isn’t, it should have on some portions of the track wider so the drivers can do their over taking more often and if there is a heavy crash the race is practically over just like we saw today following a SC for 3 laps, if the crash would have been 5 laps earlier we would of seen the SC for easily 7 laps.

    49. Lewis Hamilton need to jump out his high horse…the kid need to respond to his Pit crew mechanic like a driver not like a spoiled child;
      The way he responded today to his pit crew man during the race…that is not acceptable, no matter what is the situation: if the kid is getting valuable information on the radio about the wear and tear of the brakes, he should answer….”Ok, Tank you” or “I will keep that in mind”. The kid thinks he is the best, he is very wrong….he has not seen anything yet.

    50. I am watching F1 for last 20 years or so. So I am able to sustain this procession through my sheer love for the sport.

      How can a race like today’s attract any future fans in F1 ? I mean How will somebody watch Today’s race and believe that Monaco is the Jewel in the crown of F1 and the most sensational racing of the year.

      I mean. I dont want to keep complaining about the same thing over and over again. But I am also starting to believe that the drivers are also losing their competitive spirit after driving a few races like this. Soon they and new comer fans will start asking questions like “IS OVERTAKING LEGAL IN FORMULA 1” Somebody will have to have a very good explanation for that.

      So what was the only and the celebrated overtaking of the Most celebrated F1 race of the calender ? Alonso Overtaking Trulli or Virgin ?

      1. I completely agree with this comment.

      2. In those 20 years you should’ve realised that Monaco is not about overtaking.

    51. I gave it an 8. I thought it was a great race, although I may have my webber-rose-tinted glasses on. But there was plenty of action all throughout the race, and some great drives. I wonder why though, they didn’t just red flag the race after the Trulli/Chandhok crash?

    52. Monaco isn’t just a race; it is F1 Tradition.
      I have been watching F1 for a while now – 20years plus.
      Monaco has always bean a procession, and for many of those earlier years of watching i have stated that it should be abandoned and switched it to another track. But recently i have come to love the race for a different reason. Monaco is now “the” demonstration of the Ultimate skill and bravery of an F1 driver. Watching the Qualifing laps of Kubica was absolute joy! I would have loved to see Webber’s fastest quali lap!
      Thank God Monaco is Tradition because its the only way they can get by the “nanny” “Safety” people.

      1. Soumya Banerjee
        17th May 2010, 8:59

        Have you ever seen races getting completely decided at qualifying in your lengthy 20 yrs experience? Seriously there’s no place in the calendar for a Catalunya or a Monaco or a Budapest. And with no refueling the strategy element is completely absent.

        1. No – I agree that the current format is the worst i have seen it!.
          There are lots of ways F1 could be improved, but you can say that about the entire season.
          There must be another thread for what is wrong with F1 rules and format.
          Quite frankly, this season, Monaco will be one of the most exciting dry races we see!

          Monaco was always impossible to pass, but it used to be an exception not the norm.

    53. Did anyone else saw Massa crossing the yellow line when exciting the pits? Is’nt that a reason for penalty?

    54. Prisoner Monkey, I have no idea what you find wrong with the Australian coverage. Of course Rusty gets excited these days when talking about Webber – he’s an Aussie, what the hell do you expect? Just like for a time when James Allen was obsessed with Hamilton and I’m sure Spanish coverages obsess over Alonso. F1 is a fiercely patriotic sport, and to have an Aussie do so well in a European dominated sport is enough to instil a massive sense of pride in any aussie motorsport fan. And McConville was excellent in his commentary stint.

      What I’m finding irritating at the moment is Legard’s tendency to override Brundle with updates that we figured out several laps ago, and the horribly coverage we’ve had to put up with so far, the most criminal being omitting BOTH of Webber’s pole laps.

      1. Just like for a time when James Allen was obsessed with Hamilton and I’m sure Spanish coverages obsess over Alonso. F1 is a fiercely patriotic sport.

        Not everyone sees it that way. Frankly I’m glad to be rid of ITV’s horribly partisan coverage.

        1. Soumya Banerjee
          17th May 2010, 9:03

          I am praying that Bridgestone makes its tyre compounds less durable. Otherwise all races will be decided at qualifying and the first corner itself. Even Red Bull seem to have overcome their reliability gremlins.
          For me who has been watching the sport for over 5 seasons now(i know not a very long period) the best season was 2008.

    55. I voted 5, it was a good race but not too much on track action other than the fact that there were 4 safety car period.

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