Red Bull duo take joint championship lead – points in full after Monaco

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Drivers championship

1Mark Webber78
2Sebastian Vettel78
3Fernando Alonso75
4Jenson Button70
5Felipe Massa61
6Robert Kubica59
7Lewis Hamilton59
8Nico Rosberg56
9Michael Schumacher22
10Adrian Sutil20
11Vitantonio Liuzzi10
12Rubens Barrichello7
13Vitaly Petrov6
14Jaime Alguersuari3
15Sebastien Buemi1
16Nico H???lkenberg1
=17Timo Glock0
=17Pedro de la Rosa0
=17Lucas di Grassi0
=17Karun Chandhok0
=17Kamui Kobyashi0
=17Jarno Trulli0
=17Heikki Kovalainen0
=17Bruno Senna0

Constructors championship

1Red Bull156
6Force India30
8Toro Rosso4

2010 Monaco Grand Prix

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    31 comments on “Red Bull duo take joint championship lead – points in full after Monaco”

    1. Kubica is fighting Mercedes in the contructors’ championship on his own!

      1. I don’t understand why Renault didn’t hire Heidfeld instead of Petrov. With two great drivers I think they would be ahead of Merc.

        1. You should ask Heidfeld why he didn’t want to join Renault in first place ;)

        2. Because Renault needed finance at the start of the season so they hired a paid driver in the form of Petrov. I remember reading he was paying £13 million for the season (well, his sponsors and other high profile Russian people).

          Or at least that’s what I believe. His seat almost fell through as the money wasn’t actually available at one point during testing.

          1. The article actually states the contrary to what you’ve said. ;)

            And it’s true indeed. In the Polish press there were regular reports about that matter. Petrov did not bring any money to Renault. His lack of financial support was a huge problem and Renault didn’t earn much by hiring him. For a long period of time it was speculated whether he would join the team at all.
            F1 is not a popular sport in Russia, and that’s why he could’t find any sponsors. They even asked the Russian prime minister Putin for a financial back-up, but he declined.

            I’m yet to hear a valid reason why they chose Petrov to have a drive.

            1. “The article actually states the contrary to what you’ve said.”

              I don’t see how it does?

              I mentioned that Renault offered him a seat at £13 million for the season… the report confirms that. Just because he hadn’t found the money at that point doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

        3. They wanted Glock, but because Renault wasn’t sure if they’ll stay in f1, he decided for a safer option. (Virgin? :) )

          Kubica & Glock would be a very good line up – I’m sure Glock would’ve scored a decent amount of points so far.

          Petrov is a very good driver, but he’s a rookie with no f1 experience. I think if Petrov and Kubica stay in Renault Vitaly will be close to Robert in 2011.

    2. Once again a mediocre fernando alonso profits from a safety car. I’m just waiting for biased, ill-knowledged alonso lovers to come on here and say ”alonso had an amazing race” and ”he’s the best driver by far”

      1. I don’t see how it was mediocre – He did everything he had to do with the strategy he was given, had good pace when he was in clean air and yes, he benefitted from the safety car, but when you’re starting from the pit lane at Monaco your only real option is to run a strategy that gambles on a safety car because there’s no way you can progress through the field in normal conditions. He was a bit asleep on the last lap to get passed by Schumacher, but maybe that was as a result of having done some 77 laps on the same set of tyres.

        1. Alonso screwed-up big time in free practice, agreed. But the team strategy was spotless and he put up a pretty good show. It’s never easy to overtake in Monaco, even when your car is much faster.

      2. Well you must admit he must have been involved in all passing moves on track today!

        Sure, he was helped by the first SC, but next to that helping him get rid of the sofst, he drove to get past all those cars.
        Lewis pitted earlier, to avoid being overtaken by him, so i do count that as great drive, he can be satisfied.
        He will be moaning about the last corner though :D

      3. I remember Lewis Hamilton being hugely benefited by the safety car in 2008 and ultimately positioned him for the win. But nothing is taken away from him cause you have to be good to be there at the right place in the right time. And dont direct insults at fans!

        1. i believe alonso’s performance on track did not come only from himself; it’s just a combination of good team performance and tactics, and a bit of luck. even hamilton and mclaren made a good call in making an early pitstop to make sure they get points after jenson retired.

          i agree with Wateva though…

        2. Yeah, good point.
          An early SC is almost the rule in Monaco, not the exception. And you bet that Ferrari wagered on it, and won.
          Fernando had at least 15 good laps left in his soft tyres, but of course pitted as early as possible hoping to benefit from the SC. Good strategy, and a bit of luck.

    3. Prisoner Monkeys
      16th May 2010, 15:16


      I want Vettel to win. I want Webber to quit.

      1. But why would he quit? Hes at the top of his game.

        Sure its annoying with everyone talking him up but at least F1 is getting some coverage here in Aus which can only help to make the sport bigger and which hopefully mean decent coverage.

        1. Decent coverage and Aus will never happen at this rate… I hate it went they cut of the post race interviews for championship snooker..

          1. Btw, I think Kubica was one of the most impressive drivers, But I don’t recall them even mentioning him, they talked about Webber, the RB6 and Ricciardo. but not the guy in third?!?

          2. I am very happy to see how Webber in the last two years upped his game. He is a interesting guy. This should now finish all the silly season talk about him being replaced in RedBull. Now just talk about him going to whatever other team (now why he would want to do that is beyond me).

            SpeedTV the morons also cut the post race interviews (first time I seen that) to do a pre race Nascar show. AUGH…

            Brilliant race by Webber and a good put together race for Vettel. WC leaders now where they should been all along..

      2. tall poppy syndrome?

        anyways, be happy for him. hes toiled away enough, surely you can appreciate that.

      3. anakincarlos
        17th May 2010, 6:56

        Now Now Mr Monkeys jealousy is a curse. Apparently.:-p

    4. A full race win still covers the top 8, with a winning margin covering the first 4.

      Looks like it’s going to be a fight between the Red Bulls this year, unless on the days they don’t do well, they do quite badly – or if the other teams catch up, they’ll be seeing this as a lost opportunity to claw something back whilst still behind on raw pace.

      Cast your minds back to last year when Webber took 18 points out of 20 and was leading Red Bull’s fight. Only difference is now he’s took maximum points, earlier in the year, in the best car and now at the top instead of chasing. Webber’s a contender for the moment, but can he keep going? We’ll see (here I say it again) after Silverstone, but I think he’s got what it takes this year.

    5. Andrew White
      16th May 2010, 17:13

      Webber becomes the fourth championship leader in five races. Red Bull are also the third team to lead the WCC in four races. At the moment, however, it looks like Red Bull could streak into the lead of both championships. I expect them to be strong in Turkey and only reliability will keep them off the podium. If the championship is going to remain this close, the other teams are going to have to catch up pretty quickly.

      1. Absolutely, unfortunately it looks like this Red Bull has a bigger advantage over the field than the Brawn GP car had last year.

        Maybe Webber will do the same as Jenson last season only in reverse… His Monaco win was almost exactly the same.

        It’s got to be either Vettel or Webber for the championship. Their car is just far too fast.

    6. This is the first time in their careers, that Vettel and RedBull are leading the WDC (Actually, only Webber is leading as he has 2 wins to Vettel’s 1).

      This season has seen 4 leaders in the WDC standings so far, Webber, Alonso, Massa, Button.

      Thus, it matches to 2008 which had 4 leaders mid-season (Felipe, Kimi, Kubica, Lewis).

      I gues 1982 holds the record for most leaders in a single season with 6.

    7. well…webber is making me eat my words atm and a lot of other f1 fans also…

        17th May 2010, 15:32

        Dude that’s good to hear…so many haters over the years, so many doubters…. and noone ever mentioned him in a good light, I know, I watched and backed the great man alone… never a mention in the local news, never a grain of support… now the phoenix rises and the world is good again

        GO WEBBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. I ask this every week but can anyone work out what the championship would look like with last years points and the pre 2003 points

    9. After Lewis’ DNF last week and the fact that he would almost have been leading the championship had that not happened, I wanted to see what the championship would look like if none of the top 8 had suffered any car failures (or serious issues like Vettel in Bahrain)during the race, that had cost them places. I know this is fairly arbitrary, but I was curious. I took their position before the occurence and shifted everyone else’s positions accordingly and I think it would be as follows:

      VET 116
      WEB 77
      HAM 72
      ALO 62
      BUT 61
      KUB 54
      ROS 54
      MAS 53

      Which, to me, certainly seems a more representative result. Although, as I said, it’s obviously fairly arbitrary because they did all have their respective issues and that’s all part and parcel of F1.

      1. well, these standings show how RB are lacking of reliability. This wouldn’t be the first time that this kind of issues cost the championship, especially for Newey… :)

        1. WEBBER IS GREAT
          17th May 2010, 15:35


          If the sun tilts to the crescent moon the sword of damacles rests idle on the ides of shazbot.

          Webber winning the championship is a THE representative result. He has it over Vettel cos he handles the car and man and machine are one with WEBBER!

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