Webber dominates Monaco Grand Prix

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Webber won a incident-filled race in Monaco

Mark Webber led every lap of the Monaco Grand Prix and led Red Bull to a one-two victory in the principality.

The race was interrupted by four safety car periods after a series of crashes, but Webber stayed cool and re-built his lead every time.

He survived a late scare when two backmarkers collided in front of him late in the race. That brought the safety car out for the final time, and the race ended in controversy as Michael Schumacher passed Fernando Alonso on the final lap after the safety car went in.

Webber held his lead from pole position at the start of the race while team mate Sebastian Vettel got the jump on Robert Kubica and passed him for second.

Kubica went into the first corner with Lewis Hamilton on his right and Felipe Massa on his left, but somehow kept both of them behind to keep his place.

But Nico Hulkenberg’s race ended on the first lap when he crashed heavily in the tunnel. That brought out the safety car for the first time.

This was exactly what Fernando Alonso, who had started from the pit lane, needed. He took the opportunity to swap his super-soft tyres for mediums, getting his necessary pit stop out of the way.

When the race restarted the drivers at the front held their position, Webber leading Vettel, Kubica, Massa, Hamilton and Rubens Barrichello, who’d made an impressive start to take sixth place.

Alonso had to fight his way past the new teams, spending several laps duelling with Lucas di Grassi before finally passing him at the chicane.

The speed with which Alonso worked through the tail-enders nearly caught out the leaders. McLaren brought Hamilton in to make sure he could stay ahead of Alonso.

That triggered pit stops from the rest of the field, but no change of positions among the top five. Nico Rosberg delayed his pit stop while Kamui Kobayashi briefly held up a train of Massa, Hamilton and Alonso. But when Kobayashi dropped out, Rosberg had to pit and ended up back behind team mate Schumacher.

The second Williams dropped out after 30 laps when Rubens Barrichello appeared to suffer a failure on the left-rear corner of his car, pitching the second FW32 into the barriers at Massenet.

That forced Vitantonio Liuzzi to brake hard in avoidance as parts flew off the Williams. Once it came to rest another part came off too – Barrichello chucked the steering wheel out of his car which bounced onto the racing line and was run over by a passing HRT.

This brought the safety car out again, erasing a ten-second lead which Webber had built up. Shortly after the race re-started the safety car was mysteriously summoned again – this time apparently because of a loose drain cover.

With overtaking very difficult at Monaco there was little sign of any potential changes for position. Despite having run almost the entire race distance on the same set of tyres, Alonso had a comfortable margin over Schumacher.

That was until the final safety car period of the race, which was triggered by an alarming collision between Karun Chandhok and Jarno Trulli.

Trulli had spend much of the later part of the race stuck behind the HRT driver, and got alongside him on the way into Rascase. Chandhok turned in, the cars tangled wheels and the Lotus sprang up into the air, crashing down on Chandhok’s rool hoop.

Thankfully both drivers were uninjured – Chandhok ducked down into the cockpit – and the safety car came out once again.

The safety car came in on the final lap and Webber accelerated to the line to take his second consecutive victory. Behind him, Schumacher got to the the finishing line ahead of Alonso – sparking a controversy the stewards are presently trying to unravel.

Webber’s win puts him and Vettel jointly in the lead of the drivers’ champion. Red Bull have also taken over the lead of the constructors’ championship from McLaren, who got only Hamilton’s car to the finish.

Former championship leader Jenson Button retired on the second lap with overheating. It emerged that a cover had been left over one radiator on his way to the pits, causing high engine temperatures.

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    71 comments on “Webber dominates Monaco Grand Prix”

    1. those tipping Mark out of RBR again: HA HA :D

      SUPREME MARK! well done :D!

      1. Red Bull would be nuts to drop Mark on current form. Does anyone other than Kimi fanboys really believe he’ll be on his way at the end of the season?

        1. I really doubt Kimi will be back on a F1 car. Im sure he’s enjoying rally a lot more than F1!

          Appart from that it’s incredibly how rumours change. 4 races ago Mark was definetly out of RBR and nearly retired. Now some are tipping him as Ferrari’s new driver for 2011.

          I hope he stays at RBR tho :)

          1. If Kimi does want to come back, it won’t be replacing Mark in Red Bull because that would be a huge step backwards.

        2. I never expected or thought Kimi would come back and especially not into RBR. Mark is a good racer and finally got the car and team mate he need to up his game. Kinda funny to see him now being mention as being of interest for Ferrari.

      2. He did well, but come on, the superiority of the car has a lot to do with the pole positions and the wins/2nds/3rds.

        I know that is the nature of F1, but why is this rarely acknowledged? Just like the Brawns last year, which is why Button is champion.

        Please acknowledge the car as well as the driving.

        If the teams are quite evenly matched, like in 2008 with Ferrari and McLaren, then the driving is what counts for more.

        1. I’m sure no one but only Hamilton fans will say that… McLarens did have superior pace on majority of tracks. It was only down to Hamilton who brought it in the end to be so close… Reminded me of ’97 and what may Patrick Head have had said about Lewis, had he been driving for team Willy and won it in such fashion.

        2. superior car or not, still have to finish the race in first place to gain the win.

          One thing I do like is MW always acknowledges the team when he’s on the podium.

        3. Hi Hughes’y, I do agree about the cars being of high quality and the team operating as one, but the team and the driver must communicate well so the car can operate at it’s optimum performance.

          Sorry to disagree but 2008 had a completely different set of rules and cars, so I do not see the comparisons. I believe Mark Webber has found a team the wants to listen and a team that wants to win as much as he wants, he has been through the ringer if you consider all the things that have happened to him (broken leg or legs when hit by a car, all the break downs when he was with other teams and so on)I tend to think that all the bad luck is behind him and he’s not looking back.

          And as for Jesen Button, I think he was in the right place at the right time and good luck to him. And if you think it’s all the superiority of the car, then your wrong, it’s a combination of all three, Management, Mechanics, Pit crews, and Driver its never just one thing otherwise Brawn would be up the front this year and why did Kubica get third today.

          I say good luck to any driver who can win a F1 race.

          It’s always the same when someone is fighting there way to the top, all the critics come out to have there say.

        4. he beated Sebastian Vettel, didn’t he? Someone who has been said to be almost retired beated someone said to be the new Schumi

          and he beated him by a long long way, same at Barcelona.

          Surely that wasn’t the car alone. Why Mark was the only one getting into the 1:13’s at qualy then?

          1. Electrolite
            16th May 2010, 20:14

            He’s obviously a Hamilton fanatic. Mark Webber thrashed everyone today, no questions asked.

            1. Mark got the best out of that car and pulled it of better then his team mate. Car fit him better today again.

              On a different side note.

              Is this not a new record of most consecutive laps lead by Mark?

              144 consecutive laps lead…

    2. Webber’s victory is really not the hot topic this weekend. I’m sorry…

      1. so what is the hot topic this weekend then?

        1. Umm, this article has 29 comments.

          An article regarding the pass for sixth by Schumacher has 180 comments.

          I think it’s safe to say it is the hot topic.

          1. Brake Bias
            17th May 2010, 7:58

            tend to agree with you now. (Insert sheepish grin smiley here!!!!!)

      2. Why not?! He had an absolutely impeccable drive, out-qualified everyone else out of nowhere, and didn’t put a foot worng all weekend! This is very special for Mark in my opinion. Congrats, mate.

        1. Is Tom refering to the Schumacher thing? it’s got nearly 200 comments now…

      3. LMAO, if you think that winning a Formula one race is not the topic of the day, then I don’t know where your mind is or what motor race you were watching, IT’S ALL OVER THE WORLD, I consider your remark a very weird statement even slightly racist!

        1. This article has attracted less than 50 comments so far.

          Two seperate articles regarding the Schumacher-Alonso pass have attracted over 250 comments each. This is what Tombong is referring to, and no, it isn’t racist ;)

      4. i’d say it is the hot topic, but you can’t argue with the result, hence, not so many comments

    3. brilliant drive from Webber, he is getting unstoppable!

    4. Mark has incedible period in his career now. And Seb Vettel is becoming slower than him both in Spain and here. I’m afraid to think what red bulls will show in next races…
      Pity for not the best start for Robert, but he showed good pace. Hope for better for renault team against Mercedes.
      Schumacher did a good job, actually. Now he will be remembred for la Rascasse not just for his unfamous blockade but also this brilliant pass. That’s how to untaint a legacy.

    5. This is my view on the final safety car. Safety car always came in on the final lap, whether the race will end with the SC or not. It will came in if the track is clear for racing and it will still came in if the track isn’t clear for racing. On the 2nd scenario, they probably need to finish as if the SC car is in front of them.
      From what I see, they waved the green flag/light when the SC came in and they indicated that the SC is in on that final lap. I presume that they wouldn’t told the SC going to came in if the race were going to end with the SC… the SC would casually go into the pit and the car will finish as when they were behind the SC.

      Of course this is just my interpretation of the rule.

      And congrats to Webber.. 2nd win in a row :)
      McLaren need to concentrate more. First the remote, then this cover thing…

    6. Er Keith

      Didn’t Hulkenburg crash in the tunnel?

      1. Indeed – fixed it.

    7. Kubica could have settled for second but he fancied first during start. This time didn’t worked out but it doesn’t take anything from what he did during this weekend. He outraced his own car. Well done Webber, I never thought he will be Red Bull number one.

    8. I thought the Aussie National Anthem sounded sweet in Spain but this was a million times better.

      Great drive by Mark.

      Hopefully he can follow in Sir Jack and Alan Jones’ footsteps and win the WDC.

      Fingers crossed!!

      1. Stealthman
        17th May 2010, 9:21

        Fingers crossed as well… :D

    9. For the last 3 years I have put a solid bet on Webber for WDC at the beginning of the year – more because I am a big fan than anything else. It might finally pay off this year!

      He has been more dominant in these past 2 races than Jenson was last year IMO – esp. considering he is racing against a team mate who is rated by everybody as the next big thing.

    10. my question was read out on bbc f1 forum lol :D

    11. Whilst I feel happy for Webber, I can’t help but feel sorry for him as well. He has just completed his best ever drive, but everyone is talking about Alonso and Schumacher.

      1. And they were talking mainly about Kubica after qualifying …. but it could work to Mark’s advantage and make it easier to keep it cool as he builds up. He has 2 sus races for the RBR in Hungary and Montreal. Spa is going to be tough against Ferrari and McLaren and Massa is usually a demon in Istanbul. He looks both happy and relaxed right now and better the media is after bit stories than niggling at him because they have other F1 championship scripts already written in their heads.

    12. great Webber, he showed again he’s not a number two driver. I’m glad for him and for the championship, we have the most open championship in years. :)

      1. I don’t think we do. I predicted before the cars even hit the track in pre-season testing that Red Bull would clean up this year. Then, after testing, I revised my prediction slightly to “too close to call.” :D

        Now I think I was right to begin with. Red Bull have started slowly but they have clearly the best car. It’s a two-horse race for the championship in my opinion. At least Mark is keeping Seb more than honest at the moment.

        1. yes, at the moment RB have the best car in terms of pure performance, but they lack of reliability during race and that makes the evolution of the championship quite unpredictable. Then, there’s also the internal “feud” between Webber and Vettel which could keep still interesting the fight for the title, also with a dominant RB.

        2. I agree Andy. I had the same idea myself.

          Red Bull have two excellent drivers in Mark and Seb. Last year they were doing well even before they had a double diffuser. When the cobbled together the new car with new diffuser, they were brilliant.

          I expected them to build on that this year and for Red Bull and Vettel to win both titles.

          My prediction looked a bit shaky at the start of the year, with the reliability problems, but I’m goin to stick with it.

          I should have stuck a few quid down on them early though. They are the favourites in my local bookies and the odds have shortened drastically since the start of the year. Just my luck. :P

        3. As long as they can keep reliability and finish races I think they can take both championships. Just which driver will do it at the end. We know from last year they are strong on Equality. Vettel got no preferential treatment even though he had best chance to take championship.

    13. Was the headline a hat tip to AP Keith? Either way I think Mark deserves it this weekend, he’s been cool as a cucumber.

      Personally I think if Schumi gets switched back to seventh it would be a shame, if the rule exists then it should be removed, not allowing cars to pass under green flag conditions is rediculous.

      1. Who’s AP?

        1. Electrolite
          16th May 2010, 20:16

          The guy that was accusing you of maligning Hamilton all the time, or something. Saying about using the word ‘dominating’ as a headline?

          1. Ah, OK. No I just thought ‘dominated’ was a fair description!

    14. So close to a Grand Chelem….. :-(

      1. Yup, foiled by Vettel ;)

    15. It was said in a tabloid newspaper the other day (the name escapes me) that red bull have already decided on a driver to replace mark for 2011. If this is true (i doubt it) then red bull have got a big decision to make. Atm you could compare the scenario at red bull to the one at mclaren, two young chargers but the guys like webber and button reaping the rewards in the championship.

      Well done to webber, red bull my fave team and ive wanted webber to do well since his debut at australia

    16. One of my regular rants is that Legard’s commentary isn’t that good at all, but this weekend, despite a few moments of utter stupidity, and a few other’s where he can’t have been watching the screen. (Like when people crashed and he was talking about fluff on the windowsill) He did better, I didn’t get angry listening to him. Good job Legard!

      1. Electrolite
        16th May 2010, 20:54

        I was going to have a rant about Legard too. I find myself screaming at the screen like, “WHY ARE YOU NOT SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS! LOOK!”, and often gets positions wrong and all sorts of things, but he did fill the gaps well where nothing much was happening today, i suppose.

    17. Where are the Webber haters calling him “useless” some races ago ?

      I am a bit disappointed by the McLarens: JB must be delighted his engine blew up. It takes the focus out of his absolutely miserable start (and bad quali).
      Ham was consistant, but not really a threat to Massa and the front runners…

      Well Done Kub.

      See you in Istanbul !

    18. gospeedracer
      16th May 2010, 18:40

      Face it. The only reason why Webber isn’t popular in this blog is because he’s not European in this myopic, Euro centric blog. Anything, or anyone else is considered “inferior” even if he’s kick ass and wins the WDC.

      1. What on earth have I written to give you that impression?

        1. gospeedracer
          16th May 2010, 22:26

          Sorry Keith, not directed to any of your writing and the general content of your site. Which I find very informative and why I keep coming back. I’m referring to many, and by no measure all, of the commenters of your articles, What I am referring to is what is a general bias that many commenters have for European teams and drivers. Examples are the general discrediting of Rubens performance last year and not giving Webber his due this year so far.

          Nothing wrong with the bias. Just a pattern that is to be expected when reading the comments.

      2. Where in Gods name did that come from? This website is brilliantly run and is not at all biased towards any driver or team. I appreciate you are allowed to have your opinion but I’m afraid you are very wide of the mark with that statement!

      3. what the heck???…

        that’s in for a shock…

        go somewhere else if you don’t like it, but you’re blind as hell, mate…

        1. Calling this blog a “Euro centric blog” is way off the mark… while some of the posters are ra ra english driver fans, Keith has never shown a bias towards England or Europe.

          Webber is not as popular as other drivers because until just recently he has not had a very impressive career.

    19. Yeah !!!!! Still can’t believe it
      I thought 2009 was awesome for Mark but 2010 is going to be even better. After all the bad luck he had with Jaguar & Williams, to top the standings is just so amazing. I remember that in those days I was happy when he scored 1 or 2 points but this pffffffffff :D

      even my hero Damon Hill never won in Monaco, what a day !

      1. yep, this is just fanatastic. webber is probably one of the best role models for Australia, bugger all the NRL shenanigans. he could so easily have just quite after 2006, and i wouldn’t blame him. that williams was a complete dog. but he persisted and even put up with a pretty poor 2007. but 2008 started to look up and i was so happy when he had his string of 5 points finishes, inluding 4th in monaco. now, you kind of just expect him to be on the podium, it’s absolutely fantastic. so if you feel life’s getting you down, look at mark’s story and be inspired. but don’t forget those around you who help you get thre, as posted above, mark always acknowledges his team first. i love how he simply isn’t arrogant in the slightest.

    20. Congratulations Mark! Can someone at RBR feed him now?

    21. I ask myself every year how funny is Monaco’s circuit. The cars can’t go fast or overtake other car. Monaco is too old for F1 cars nowadays.

      1. very true but it’s the prestige the history and can produce interesting races because it’s so narrow and punishing. How many SC periods didn’t we have this year and that was a dry race. How many didn’t end up binning it or park it because of mechanical. It’s a unique punishing track.
        Sure slowest track minimal overtaking (but you have more overtaking here then on the faster and smoother Valencia piece of junk track). Rather watch dry Monaco any day then a wet Valencia.

      2. But it is unique on the calender.This is the only GP that FOM don’t charge any money for hosting the race.It’s FREE. I think it’s more about history than on track action is why this track is still on the calender

    22. Awesome drive by Webber. Go the Aussies !!

    23. anakincarlos
      16th May 2010, 23:40

      Its good to see mark doing very well this year so far and giving vettel a run for his money. Mark is a very talented driver and finaly proving it to the world. Only 1/3 through the championship, lots of time for anything tio happen.

    24. WooHoo! What a win.
      I just want to say – there were so many dudes on this site at the start of the year bagging Webber out at every chance they had. EAT IT! Back to back wins and utterly smashing Vettel! Vettel has had nothing on Webber in Spain or Monacco and i just love it. So much for “Vettel being so much faster than Webber’. Humble pie is on the table for all of those bagging Webber out!

      1. yeh, i’ve been thinking that since they announced vettel as his team mate in 2008. i just haven’t said it. vettel was touted as the greatest ever, and don’t get me wrong, he is absolutely awesome. but i just knew webber was a great driver, way better than previous results indicated and better than he got credit for so i thought 09 would be pretty close between them, which it did end up being. but webber’s really come into his own now and vettel just hasn’t had an answer in the last two races. i really hope webber keeps it up but a close battle is always a good spectacle. vettel will come back.

    25. Two races is such a long time in F1..3 weeks ago people were saying Webber didnt belong in F1 and was on his way out, now hes being linked to Ferrari! In 2 more races things could change again and someone else could be the ‘it’ driver. Webber would agree, keep a lid on things and see how things go in the next 5-6 races to see where the situation stands.

      1. “someone else could be the ‘it’ driver”

        look out everyone, here comes chanhok!

        but in all seriousness, i agree. remember 08, kimi was performing superbly, winning convincingly in malaysia and spain,and then never again. complete opposite for him in 07 where he came out of the blocks firing in melbouren and then a huge lull til they gt back to france and britain to go on and take the title. perhaps history repeating itself with alonso?

    26. It looks pretty dark for William’s race team doesn’t it? Hulks crash must have been technical surely and meant some collapse that made it unsteerable. And Rubens is not the dummy spit type, but he is passionate about being with his family and cars that fall to bits at speed must be a line in the sand. I think some including Coulthard were alluding to the need for wholesale change there. The Brundle comment that Rubens must have banged the car into a wall to have caused the failure was pure conjecture as far as I can tell. So few kudos too for Rubens after great drives in Spain and Monaco.

      You could say the same for Sauber too, a technical disaster yet again.

      1. Sauber is the team that is struggling at the moment.

      2. Absolutely the worst day for Williams to have problems. Monaco is THE race for schmoozing prospective sponsors, it’s where all the big deals get done – Williams needed a good finish, they really really needed it. Time for changes I think, starting with Sam Michael.

    27. Here’s what happened to Rubens’ steering wheel, witty comment from Karun Chandhok talking about his “best race ever”:

      Chandhok also revealed that he dragged Barrichello’s errant steering wheel all the way down to the tunnel section of the track.

      “It got lodged underneath the car, so I could feel it scraping all the way through Mirabeau. Then the noise stopped and one of the marshals reported back that it fell out of my car in the tunnel. But then Bruno ran over it – so that steering wheel has been well and truly Hispania’d!”

    28. The Title of this race should be Comedy of ERROR

      1.Button’s pit crew left a cover on the radiator.
      2.Barrichllo had a big accident the for some unknown reason he threw the steering wheel on the race track, now as far I know that the rules says that drivers must put the steering wheel back on the car when they leave it.
      3.The clash between Chandhok & Trulli that was optimistic from Trulli but thank heaven that karun is OK.
      4.Schumacher’s move over Alonso which now made him lose that 6th place & dropped him into 12th.

      But a flawless race from Webber once again he proved that he is a WC material, he was doing fastest lap after fastest lap the only one who was faster than him ( as I saw on TV) was Nico when Mark made his pit stop.

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