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Robert Kubica scored Renault’s second podium finish of the weekend having been on the pace right from the word go in Monte-Carlo.

Robert KubicaVitaly Petrov
Qualifying position214
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)1’14.549 (-1.027)1’15.576
Race position313
Average race lap1’24.808 (-0.514)1’25.322
Pit stops12
Monaco GP laptimes: Renault (click to enlarge)

Robert Kubica

Kubica was on top form all weekend, fastest in final practice and a contender for pole position. Although Mark Webber kept him from pole position, beating the other Red Bull of Vettel over a single lap was an impressive achievement.

Kubica couldn’t keep Vettel behind at the start, however, but he kept his pace up throughout the race and had Vettel in his sights until the end:

At the start of the race I lost a place to Sebastian, but I knew it was always going to be difficult starting from the dirty side of the track.

Normally I would have defended the position, but Mark got quite a slow pull-away from the line and I thought I might have a chance to overtake him. Unfortunately I got some wheelspin and it was too late to close the door to Sebastian, and I also had to defend from Felipe.

In the race we had excellent pace and I think I was a bit quicker than Sebastian on the prime tyres, especially after the restarts, which shows the progress we continue to make as a team and is very encouraging for the next few races.
Robert Kubica

Compare Robert Kubica’s form against his team mate in 2010

Vitaly Petrov

No track exposes the gulf between experience and inexperience as ruthlessly as Monaco – Petrov was a full second slower than Kubica when he was eliminated in Q2.

He had to pit with a right-rear puncture on lap 30. He spent most of the lap driving on the flat tyre which dropped him off the lead lap. Before that he had been in a queue of traffic with Rubens Barruchello, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Sebastien Buemi.

He retired with an unexplained technical problem five laps from the end.

Compare Vitaly Petrov’s form against his team mate in 2010

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    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      17th May 2010, 15:13

      Keith, Petrov’s retirement was officially diagnosed as his brakes. He reported a “stange sensation” in the back end, and the team thought it wiser to bring him in and retire the car.

      1. “stange sensation” in the back end

        1. hahhhahahahahahaha

      2. Thanks PM!

    2. is it possible, Petrovs puncture was caused by him hitting some debris from Baricellos Williams or maybe even gettin on the edge of that drain cover?

    3. Cheers for the Renault team, they have a lot of talent, Strange Sensations and everything !

    4. Small error Keith:

      Kubica scored Renault’s second podium finish of the (weekend)?


    5. An amazing drive from Kubica. He is a top talent. I’d love to see what he could do in a Ferrari next year (alongside Alonso).

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