Monaco GP team-by-team: Sauber

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Sauber retain the worst finishing race in F1 this year with another double retirement. Their drivers have just one finish each this year.

Pedro de la RosaKamui Kobayashi
Qualifying position1516
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)1’15.692 (-0.228)1’15.920
Race position
Average race lap1’31.186 (+2.186)1’29.000
Pit stops00
Monaco GP laptimes: Sauber (click to enlarge)

Pedro de la Rosa

Another hydraulic failure for de la Rosa.

Compare Pedro de la Rosa’s form against his team mate in 2010

Kamui Kobayashi

Kobayashi gambled on the medium tyre which gained him a lot of track position, putting him ahead of Felipe Massa.

But he stopped with gearbox failure before his strategy had a chance to play out.

Compare Kamui Kobayashi’s form against his team mate in 2010

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7 comments on “Monaco GP team-by-team: Sauber”

  1. Poor Sauber, they really are struggling. Sadly, I can see them not coming back next year :(

  2. Hard to believe this is the team that used to be known for their reliability. How many races in a row did quick Nick drive without a retirement? 34? And so far this year out of 6 races they have only manage to finish race with single car twice. They have done 242 grand prix laps. That is 16 laps less then what the two Red Bull drivers been in the lead of a grand prix.

    1. Nice stat there, this team is having a horrid time, hopefully they can build a better car next year, actually I just hope they have enough money to continue! It would be very bad to lose Sauber.

  3. I hope Sauber’s luck changes, they really were shafted by BMW.

    1. .. and then forced to keep the BMW name as well (albeit for a shortperiod only)

      What we have to remember is the platform from which these teams started, Sauber have a top-performing car- but lack in the devlopment areas that the bigger teams do. The HRT’s and Virgin aren’t pushing for the midfield positions like Sauber, so consistency is all they’re looking for. When you take it like that, you can see why overall the HRTs, Virgin and Lotus could end up higher overall than Sauber. Just need to concentrate on a good solid weekend with no problems, forget about raw pace for the one race, and ensure that they drag their a$$es over the line (ideally ahead of the newbies).

      As they say in the world of motor racing, in order to win the race, you first have to FINISH!!

      1. Yep, I remember in testing they were very good, and I even thought they’d be doing better than Williams or Renault. Like the two drivers too, real shame!

  4. Soumya Banerjee
    19th May 2010, 12:13

    I am really sad for Kobayashi given his performance towards the end of the last season. I too dont think Sauber will be with us next season.

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