2010 Monaco Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic race weekend review

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The field rounds the hairpin on lap one of the Monaco Grand Prix

Find all the F1 Fanatic Monaco Grand Prix coverage in one place below – from Friday practice to the post-race review and our live comments on every session.


Monaco Grand Prix report – Mark Webber dominated the Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix result – Full classification

Schumacher courts controversy with last-gasp pass on Alonso after safety car – The big story after the race was whether Michael Schumacher would keep the sixth place he took from Fernando Alonso on the last lap

Schumacher handed 20-second penalty, loses points finish, Mercedes to appeal – The stewards ruled the pass was illegal and dropped Schumacher to 12th

The FIA’s badly-written rules leave Formula 1 looking stupid once again – Reaction to the Schumacher penalty

Championship points in full after Monaco – The Red Bull drivers are tied at the top of the points table

Should slower cars let the front runners pass when racing for position? (Poll) – Some of the new teams’ drivers looked uninterested in keeping Fernando Alonso behind in the opening stages of the race

Rate the race: Monaco – At the time of writing the race is rated at 6.1/10 – add your rating here.

Monaco Grand Prix analysis – Alonso’s mammoth stint and McLaren’s smart move

Monaco GP team-by-team: McLaren – Bizarre mistake puts Button out
Monaco GP team-by-team: Mercedes – Drivers swap positions twice
Monaco GP team-by-team: Red Bull – Webber untouchable in Monaco
Monaco GP team-by-team: Ferrari – Alonso salvages sixth from pit lane
Monaco GP team-by-team: Williams – Two crashes in costly race
Monaco GP team-by-team: Renault – Excellent weekend for Kubica
Monaco GP team-by-team: Force India – Strategy gets Sutil ahead of Liuzzi
Monaco GP team-by-team: Toro Rosso – Buemi promoted to tenth
Monaco GP team-by-team: Lotus – Kovalainen enjoys strong race
Monaco GP team-by-team: HRT – Chandhok frustrated at late crash
Monaco GP team-by-team: Sauber – Another double DNF
Monaco GP team-by-team: Virgin – Neither car finishes in Monaco

Monaco Grand Prix stats and facts – Webber again narrowly misses out on a perfect result, this time thanks to Vettel

Monaco Grand Prix fastest laps – McLaren a second off the pace in race.


Monaco Grand Prix qualifying – Webber beats Kubica to pole position

Monaco Grand Prix grid – Full starting order for Monaco

Kubica: "tyres already gone" on last lap – Kubica split the Red Bulls for second place

Rosberg rues missing front row – Rosberg beat his team mate and said he could have done better

Monaco Grand Prix pre-race analysis – Kubica’s vulnerability on lap one was identified here and sure enough Vettel passed him at the start


Alonso fastest in Monaco first practice – The Ferrari driver began the weekend looking strong

Practice one interactive chart – Kubica showed Renault’s potential in Monaco

Alonso makes it two in a row in Monaco – Alonso wrapped up a promising Thursday with the fastest time in the second session too

Practice two interactive chart – Teams faced a difficult choice over Monaco tyres

Kubica quickest as Alonso crashes in FP3 – It all went wrong for Alonso in final practice

Alonso to miss qualifying after crash – He had to start from the pit lane

2010 Monaco Grand Prix – F1 Fanatic unofficial race programme (Video) – Complete pre-race guide

Live blogs

How we saw the Monaco Grand Prix as it unfolded:

Monaco Grand Prix Practice 1 live blog
Monaco Grand Prix Practice 2 live blog
Monaco Grand Prix Practice 3 live blog
Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying live blog
Monaco Grand Prix live blog

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9 comments on “2010 Monaco Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic race weekend review”

  1. Excellent work, as always Keith!

    Has anyone got to the bottom of why the stands were so empty? I found that really wierd…

    1. Jarred Walmsley
      18th May 2010, 10:39

      $$$$$$, I think is the main barrier

  2. Schumacher was man of the race for me with that pass on Alonso. Just shows he is stil hungry to race!
    McLaren must pull their finger out and find more speed (down force). I think Renault have found more power in that engine, did they not get the go a head to tweek it at the end of last season when they said it was under powered?

    1. McLaren was slow in Monaco because of a lack of mechanical grip rather than aerodynamic downforce. They were quite strong in Spain, so their downforce is quite good (but of course not good enough compared to Red Bull, just like every other team).

  3. What happened to the predictions for the Monaco GP? I can’t seem to find the results anywhere…?

    1. If memory serves me well, they should be out today. Mine will be rubbish!

    2. I think “Pointer” won on countback from “Owen G”
      with “Hammond” putting in a solid performance for the remaining place on the podium.

      Last time I choose Rosberg!

  4. I’m not much of a Schumacher fan, but I really liked his move on Alonso, he’s still very quick to grab any opportunity…..its a shame he got a penalty…the FIA and their stupid rules…if the penalty stands, then mercedes are to blame for not informing Schumacher beforehand how Mclaren did to Lewis

  5. Just a point to discuss on the pace of both the RB5 and RB6. There’s no doubt that it’s the fastest car on the grid, but by just how much? When fans and fellow drivers alike talk of the supreme downforce of the RB6, they fail to mention one thing – the fact that both drivers are ridiculously quick over one lap pace. Webber has made a habit of dragging uncompetitive cars up into Q3, and has almost always blitzed his (sometimes much more notable) teammate in both qualifying and race performance. And then finally in 2009 he had a teammate who not only matched him, but beat him over single lap pace. Could it be that the actual talents of both drivers are being undermined, and more credit being given to the car, due to the fact that they’re both incredibly fast and have pushed each other to new boundaries? We’ve seen that the RB6 doesn’t really have more race speed (except in Catalunya) than McLaren or Ferrari. I know the car is quick, but sometimes I just feel the efforts of the two drivers, being so evenly matched, is overlooked.

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