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A poor weekend for Williams who never looked like troubling the points-scorers.

Rubens Barrichello Nico Hulkenberg
Qualifying position 15 17
Qualifying time comparison (Q2) 1’28.392 (-0.449) 1’28.841
Race position 14 17
Average race lap 1’33.668 (-0.967) 1’34.635
Laps 57/58 57/58
Pit stops 1 2

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Rubens Barrichello

Barrichello blamed his poor start on a clutch problem – not unlike what happened to him at the track last year:

I had a problem with the clutch at the start which is a shame because it’s been fine all weekend so we will have to investigate that. We pitted earlier than we had originally planned because our pace was better than the cars in front. Our stop was quite slow because we had a problem with the front wheel. Later on, I then had an issue with the throttle. Our overall race pace wasn’t too bad but we need to resolve these issues that we are having.
Rubens Barrichello

Illustrating the depth of Williams’ problems, Barrichello was the last car on the road that wasn’t one of the new teams or had been involved in a first-lap crash.

Compare Rubens Barrichello’s form against his team mate in 2010

Nico Hulkenberg

Collided with another driver – Sebastien Buemi – on the first lap for the second race in a row.

That left him enduring a lonely race until Buemi caught him late in the race, finally passing the Williams four laps from home.

Compare Nico Hulkenberg’s form against his team mate in 2010

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    10 comments on “Turkish GP team-by-team: Williams”

    1. Definitely the most disappointing and boring team of 2010.

    2. Terrible, terrible race as they expected. Barrichello beating Hülkenberg comfortably here. They seem to be getting worse every race!

    3. US Williams Fan
      1st June 2010, 17:50

      It almost feels like Williams is starting over…. like they are a brand new F1 team this year. Not sure if it’s the new engine or the change of drivers…..

      It’s just frustrating to watch!

    4. I must say the Hulk did do an impressive job to finish the race, as he was doing almost the complete distance on the option tyres! Those must have been down to the canvas by the time Buemi cought him.
      Information from Sam Michaels here:

      1. Or did he do a second stop on lap 38? Not sure about that.

        1. He did a second stop (it’s in the table above).

    5. I got this idea from another forum. It does not make nice reading. It shows qualifying 2009 against qualifying 2010. It shows that only one team failed to improve its fastest qualifying time from 2009 to 2010. I think that there was no track change and even taking into account technical changes, the 09 and 10 figures are like for like.

      Turkey Qualifying. team/driver 2009 2010

      Ferrari 1:27.349 1:27.082
      McLaren 1:28.207 1:26.433
      Brawn/Merc 1:27.230 1:26.857
      Renault 1:27.473 1:27.039
      RBR 1:27.016 1:26.295
      FI 1:28.278 1:27.525
      STR 1:28.708 1:28.273
      BMW/Sauber 1:27.455 1:27.434

      Williams 1:27.418 1:28.336

      Nico(09)/Rubens(10) 1:27.418 1:28.336
      Kazuki(09)/Hulk(10) 1:27.629 1:28.227

      One team is going backwards. :(

      1. Shows a lot, it really looks pretty bad for Williams. Sauber are interesting as they work good here as they did in Barcelona, but on the other tracks they drop back.
        And look at the improvement for McLaren. From zero back to hero.

      2. MouseNightshirt
        2nd June 2010, 13:35

        Extremely worrying. Williams are going the way of Tyrell.

      3. I tried to reply just as this was moved here to Williams:


        … doesn’t look good for williams, but actually, Sauber and Ferrari are also well below the average 0.4 improvement. Still, Williams might have second thoughts about wisdom of “clean-sheet” design …

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