2010 Turkish Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic race weekend review

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Review all the action from a thrilling Turkish Grand Prix

Find all the F1 Fanatic Turkish Grand Prix coverage in one place below – from Friday practice to the post-race review and our live comments on every session.


Turkish Grand Prix review – McLaren take one-two as Red Bull hit self-destruct

Webber and Vettel lose one-two finish for Red Bull after collision – So far our poll of over 4,000 fans show three-quarters blame Sebastian Vettel for the collision with his team mate

"Mark should have let Vettel pass" – Marko – Red Bull management blame Webber for the crash

Rate the race: Turkey – What did you think of the Turkish Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten.

Turkish Grand Prix result – Lewis Hamilton takes his first win of 2010

Championship points after Turkey– Webber takes sole championship lead while McLaren pass Red Bull in constructors’ title race

Turkish Grand Prix analysis – Pit stop hiccup fails to stop Hamilton

Turkish GP team-by-team: McLaren – Hamilton "surprised" by Button’s pass
Turkish GP team-by-team: Red Bull – Vettel and Webber on collision course
Turkish GP team-by-team: Mercedes – Fast pit stop saves Rosberg
Turkish GP team-by-team: Ferrari – Poor race prompts Valencia upgrade
Turkish GP team-by-team: Williams – No points after poor race
Turkish GP team-by-team: Renault – Petrov misses out on points
Turkish GP team-by-team: Force India – Liuzzi struggles again
Turkish GP team-by-team: Toro Rosso – Two-stop gamble fails to lift team
Turkish GP team-by-team: Lotus – First double DNF
Turkish GP team-by-team: HRT – Hydraulic problems stymie drivers
Turkish GP team-by-team: Sauber – Kobayashi takes first point of 2010
Turkish GP team-by-team: Virgin – ‘New team win’ for troubled Glock

Turkish Grand Prix fastest laps
Turkish Grand Prix stats and facts


Turkish Grand Prix qualifying – Webber claims third consecutive pole position

Alonso misses Q3 as Ferrari struggle – 12th place for Alonso

Di Grassi 23rd after engine problem – Virgin driver out-qualified by Senna

Turkish Grand Prix grid – Seventh pole position of 2010 for Red Bull

Turkish GP pre-race analysis – As expected, having both drivers start off the racing line proved a problem for McLaren


Glock says turn eight is "nothing special" and blue flags need to stay (Interview) – Virgin driver Timo Glock talked to F1 Fanatic before the Turkish Grand Prix

Hamilton heads Button in first practice – McLaren started the weekend strongly

First practice interactive chart – Red Bull showed good pace even on worn tyres

McLaren fastest again in second practice as Red Bull hit reliability trouble – Vettel and Webber had car problems in second practice

Second practice interactive chart – The RB6’s performance advantage around turn eight became clear

Vettel quickest in final practice – Meanwhile Hamilton survived a high-speed spin at turn eight

2010 Turkish Grand Prix – F1 Fanatic unofficial race programme – Pre-race guide

Live blogs

How we saw the Turkish Grand Prix as it unfolded:

Turkish Grand Prix Practice 1 Live Blog
Turkish Grand Prix Practice 2 Live Blog
Turkish Grand Prix Practice 3 Live Blog
Turkish Grand Prix Qualifying Live Blog
Turkish Grand Prix Live Blog

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