Canadian Grand Prix practice in pictures

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The crowd get a close look at Adrian Sutil's Force India

Practice for the Canadian Grand Prix began today. See below for pictures of F1 cars in action at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for the first time in two years.

2010 Canadian Grand Prix

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    Images (C) Ferrari spa, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, Bridgestone/Ercole Colombo,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Lotus F1, Virgin Racing

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    18 comments on “Canadian Grand Prix practice in pictures”

    1. Ferrari dropped the box-like “Marlboro” ad :O!

      1. Funny how the red makes it look good instead of empty as the white does on the Sauber and the gray on HRT. Of course, you could say that the red is the Ferrari sponsorship, sort of, but it remains an interesting aspect of color choice for liveries.

        1. the bar code looked great, better than just plain red IMO. Specially with that rather ugly F-Duct Ferrari has…

          1. But the empty box on was the other end of the scale, it looked so ugly.

    2. Not sure if its something to do with really strict tobacco advertising in Canada – Keith can you shed any light on this?? (least I wont have to fork out an extra £10 for some barcode decals this year for the mattel model)!!

      1. They removed the Ferrari barcode 3/4 races ago.

        1. Yeah but Cube they had a box instead, now there is nothing there at all.

    3. looks like they changed the pit exit again…for the better

    4. You can really see the way that the Ferrari’s F-Duct is routed through their fin. How much does it affect the air-flow to the rear wing I wonder!

    5. No Renault pics? Wow thanks :,(

      1. Didn’t make it as far as paragraph two then…

    6. I see Sauber have picked up a new sponsor. I wonder what 1C is …

      1. Never mind, I know now It’s actually C1, short for “Sauber Club 1”. Apparently it’s a business enterprise for companies to be involved in Formula 1 without actually having a public presence. Sounds lie it defeats its own purpose, but who knows?

    7. Mclaren and Merc seems to be running a lot more rear wing than Ferrari, Renault and Red Bull

      I expected a lot sleeker wing setup like monza.

    8. Love Sutil’s pic, fairly close to the grandstand isnt he.

    9. Thankfully you (as compared with most other F1 racing sites) include the full hi-res images.

      I say that because I was interested in trying to compare the tyre degradation between team chassis (even knowing that there’s no ID about when any pic was taken after a new tyre change).

      The pics that do show tyre wear are quite striking – knowing that a car would be called in for a change quickly in practice, as opposed to trying to bear with any troubles as much as possible during the race).

    10. Anyone else notice how there appears to be more people in the stands for Practice, than there are for some actual races at other venues……

    11. Sauber have no sigificantl sponsors at all and we are half way through the season, C1 is a conversation with themselves it seems. Peter Sauber’s first little race car was called a C1, and i think this is a link to that. The team has no sponsorship director, or mandated agency, only Peters 30+ year old son Alex Sauber, who has no track record of finding significant sponsors in motor racing at all, he is acting as marketing Director of the team. Maybe it was his idea, C1. Recipe for disaster, it looks like.

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