F1 Fanatic round-up: 11/6/2010

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Practice for the Canadian Grand prix starts today so make sure to join us for live commenting during both sessions. Here’s today’s round-up:


Canadian GP sells out for 2010 (Autosport)

“Montreal has achieved a sell-out crowd for its first Formula 1 race in two years, with the organisers of the Canadian Grand Prix reporting that they closed sales for 2010 this afternoon.” From looking at our Canada discussion page it seems plenty of F1 Fanatic readers are going to be there!

Comment of the day

After TommyB’s excellent guest article on motor racing’s triple crown, Lustigson did a trawl of the history books and found this fascinating fact:

There are only six drivers that have won just two of the three great races in the past 99 (!) years: Tazio Nuvolari, Maurice Trintignant, AJ Foyt, Bruce McLaren, Jochen Rindt and Juan Pablo Montoya.

From the forum

“It’s not impossible to pass, but it’s very very difficult here. This is a new purpose built circuit, built to the highest safety standards, but of course the consequence of that is that it is much slower, and more difficult to pass.” Anther whinge about the state of modern Formula 1? Nope, that’s James Hunt in 1979 talking…

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Today is the 55th anniversary of the Le Mans Disaster. The crash during the Le Mans 24 Hours race claimed the lives of 80 spectators plus driver Pierrre Levegh, whose Mercedes flipped into the crowd during the race.

In the aftermath of the crash the French Grand Prix was cancelled and Switzerland banned motor racing entirely – a ban which remains in place.

A recent BBC documentary “The Deadliest Crash” told the story of the accident and is still available on iPlayer for those able to view it. It contains some new photographs and footage of the incident and is definitely worth a look.

This short newsreel film shows what happened but be advised, it is grim viewing:

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34 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 11/6/2010”

  1. I’m not suprised that Canada has sold out, a one year absence and the only race in North America, if you can’t sell a race out with those factors, you never will.

  2. That is a great news for F1 that the 100000 capacity circuit will be full of spectator. There is something for the FOM to learn that always host a race where you can find people to come in the circuit.

    1. Gret to have a Montreal Sell out, something different from Abu Dhabi having a sell out with only 35.000 seets available. Interesting they claim to have a healty number of visitors from Europe over, shows a long standing race can build up a large fan base.

      1. Good point. The only GP I’ve ever been to was the 2008 Belgian Grand Prix, despite living in the UK. It was that or Valencia, but I didn’t want to go somewhere like that when Spa has a track-rescord of great racing.

  3. Pictures like that do make you thankfull for the saftey we have today. Absolutley horrific.

    Good news on Canada though, really hope it’s a good race.

    1. That LeMans newsreel was indeed grim.

      The safety in 1998 at Montreal was so much better, thank goodness, but turn 1, lap 1 will still be the most dangerous spot this year.

      Video of both starts, even works for us non-UK residents:


      Lots of fun watching drivers rush for the spare car for a re-start.

    2. It’s amazing that they used to use such a lot of Magnesium alloy building those old cars, it’s like they got half way through building them and decided to turn it into a firework instead. Towards the end of that video you can see the car throwing lumps of burning Magnesium off it like a giant sparkler.

      The accident itself is horrific enough but quite a lot of people must have been very badly hurt by the explosion and fire that followed.

      I’d imagine everyone here is thankful for the safety improvements that have been made since the good/bad old days…

  4. The Switzerland motorsport ban was lifted in 2007 in a bid to boost tourism.

    1. If that’s the case then we may have a F1 race there if the country & the F1 fans show support.

      1. I don’t think we will see a GP there at least not for many years even if they do have Buemi. Even if the ban has been overturned I doubt there will suddenly be some great embrace of motorsport straight away.
        I can’t agree with the ban but after learning about the events in Le Mans in 55 and watching that documentary I can see where Switzerland was coming from.
        One thing that struck me in the documentary (and sorry if this is odd or insignificant considering the horror) was that even then the tickets said motorsport is dangerous like today. Whatever side of the danger in motorsport argument you fall in it’s something that should always be remembered even if things are better today. I like some danger too.

      2. As with any country the main factor in whether they would host a race is if they have enough money to build a Tilke circuit and pay Ecclestone millions for the privilege of hosting a race.

      3. ‘Fraid not yet. The Senate (upper house) failed to ratify the Act and competitive circuit racing remains banned.
        However, things like hill climb events are legal. I wonder if you could argue that a time trial event (as per the Isle of Man) should be allowed because they are not directly competitive races. Silly thought; will never happen anyway.

  5. I didn’t realized the forum was active again. Where and how can someone to get into the forum? I have not seen any link in the site

    1. you can get there through the community tag, or use this link: https://www.racefans.net/forum/

    2. I didn’t realized

      I just figured out your nickname, lol :)

      1. of course, this was for IDR

  6. I spotted quite some pictures of car details in Montreal and now i am wondering, are these new parts?

    Ferrari front wing – http://f1.gpupdate.net/en/photolarge.php?photoID=155830&catID=1102-4465
    Did Renault rework the rear wing again? – http://f1.gpupdate.net/en/photolarge.php?photoID=155819&catID=1102-4465

    Also some nice pictures of the Ferrari and Sauber F-ducts there.

    Looks like a pretty cold and rainy day in Montreal. And as a bonus question, who is in here? http://f1.gpupdate.net/en/photolarge.php?photoID=155801&catID=1102-4465

    1. Didn’t really look at the wings pics, but in the third link, that nose can only belong to Kubica, lol.

  7. Nice to see a sell out crowd for one of my fav tracks returning. Brundle’s comment on people laying tarmac is still one of the funniest Ive heard for a long time, up there with James Hunt/Murry Walker!

    Whatever the weather I’m sure it will be one to remember for the right reasons, I have faith in F1 in NA!

    Also It’s my birthday today! :D

    1. Happy Birthday, Rob !!! :)

    2. Happy Birthday Rob!

    3. Happy Birthday!

    4. Thank you!!! :D

  8. did they really continue to race after the accident??

    1. Yes, the 1955 Le Mans race continued to it’s conclusion, with Mike Hawthorn taking the checkered flag.

      Mercedes continued for 6 (or 8 ?) hours after the crash, and then it was decided to park the Mercedes entries.

      Track officials said they elected to continue the race rather than have nearly 300,000 departing spectators clogging the roads where ambulances could no longer get to and from the course.

      That was probably a good choice, for almost none of the crowd left, in spite of the carnage, save for some of those closest to it, who actually went home to doctor their own wounds, and a few others who left because they had seen enough–in fact, had seen far too much.

      Curiously enough, many blamed the winner, Mike Hawthorne for the crash, and Jaguar and Britain in general got a lot of bad press under pictures of the grinning victorious Hawthorne. Jaguar learned, much too late, that Mercedes had lost the car race, but had won the public relations race.

      1. The analysis at the end was very interesting, especially that the track layout, fine for the lower speeds of its earliest years, became so dangerous with the higher speeds of 1955.

        1. Why does the British Pathe film show the crash in mirror image?

  9. While we are at attendance figures – were there figures for attendance on this year’s Turkish Grand Prix?

  10. According to this dutch site ( http://www.formule1.nl/articleview/13106 ), Pirelli claims to have the tyre supply for next year bagged.

    The site (referring to italian 422race.com) claims Pirelli had all but 3 teams signed on by Turkey and expects it only being a matter of time for the FIA to get the formal part finished.

    I do not know the italian source, does anyone have a clue about how serious they are?

    1. never heard of this site, but it seems to be quite serious. Giancarlo Minardi is credited among their consultants, so it shouldn’t be totally unreliable.

  11. No one should be surprised that Montreal sold-out — if there’s any surprise, it’s that it took until the week of the race to sell-out. I think the last time it did NOT sell out was in the 80s. It has definitely sold out every year since JV’s rookie year.
    There are probably more people in attendance today for the free practice than on race day at other venues.

    By the way, I heard that 23 of the 24 drivers took part in Thursday’s “open house”. If you don’t know, the “open house” takes place Thursday morning and the circuit is open to the general public (free of charge).

  12. Looks like there is still some heavy lifting politics going on with the tyre issues.


    First Todt, then Pirelli leaking some inside info, now Bernie pushing the boat. Possibly even Luca de M. having another rant about the new teams has something to do with it.
    But very far off the dirty politics of the Mosley times.

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