2010 Canadian Grand Prix grid

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Row 1 1. Lewis Hamilton 1’15.105
2. Sebastian Vettel 1’15.420
Red Bull-Renault
Row 2 3. Fernando Alonso 1’15.435
4. Jenson Button 1’15.520
Row 3 5. Vitantonio Liuzzi 1’15.648
Force India-Mercedes
6. Felipe Massa 1’15.688
Row 4 7. Mark Webber* 1’15.373
Red Bull-Renault
8. Robert Kubica 1’15.715
Row 5 9. Adrian Sutil 1’15.881
Force India-Mercedes
10. Nico Rosberg 1’16.071
Row 6 11. Rubens Barrichello 1’16.434
12. Nico Hulkenberg 1’16.438
Row 7 13. Michael Schumacher 1’16.492
14. Vitaly Petrov 1’16.844
Row 8 15. Sebastien Buemi 1’16.928
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
16. Jaime Alguersuari 1’17.029
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
Row 9 17. Pedro de la Rosa 1’17.384
18. Kamui Kobayashi 1’18.019
Row 10 19. Heikki Kovalainen 1’18.237
20. Jarno Trulli 1’18.698
Row 11 21. Timo Glock 1’18.941
22. Bruno Senna 1’19.484
Row 12 23. Lucas di Grassi 1’19.675
24. Karun Chandhok* 1’27.757

*Five-place penalty for gearbox change penalty

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20 comments on “2010 Canadian Grand Prix grid”

  1. Mercedes epic phail :(
    Good for Hamilton, but RBR was running on hard tyres. I bet on a Webber victory.

    1. your spelling is an epic fail!! :D
      I have to say congrats to lotus. Excellent to see heikki challenging kobayashi with nothing playing a part but raw pace. That and Hamilton’s excellent pole makes this my favourite quali session of the year so far. Im betting on a hamilton victory. Vettel had too many brake problems at the start of this year and im thinking they might come back to help hamilton to victory. Apparently this circuit is the worst so far for brakes…

  2. Red Bull are very fast on primes but I’m not sure if Renault made good choice. Kubica was looking very strong in Q2 and they gambled with tires for Q3 what might not work for them. Shame because Kubica gave everything.

    1. I’m convinced Hamilton would of been quicker on either tyre.

    2. why? if it rains tonight then tomorrow web vet and kub will win. all others from top10 will ruin their tyres on first 5 laps.

      1. But if there will be a safety car in the first 5 laps…

      2. It’s more likely that McLaren will win if it rains. They have more of an edge in those conditions.

  3. Great For Hamilton ! But dont forget safety car is a staple in this race and anything could still happen!

  4. 6. Vitantonio Liuzzi 1′15.648

    1. which is the cleaner side of the track and was sutil on harder compounds???

      1. The cleaner side is always the side that the pole-sitter is on.

  5. Hamilton -assuming no penalty- has finally booted RBR off the pole position spot. Webber ahead of Vettel, Massa was alright in the end but a tremendous effort from Alonso, didn’t see Liuzzi coming, Sen beat a Virgin, Schumi out in Q2 and Hulk so close to Rubens. My oh my.

    1. Why is Felipe struggeling so this year? Alonso outpaces him too easily. :(

      Despite super softs and mediums. :(

      1. Car, psychology, the possibility that they’ve built the car around Alonso, there are loads of various factors that could contribute.

      2. He’s said on at least two occassions nopw of having traffic in q3 so although we aren’t seeing a perfect lap from him he really needs to get his timing right on that front.

        I agree there could be variable factors esp when the harder compounds are used but Alonso just seems to be coping better. It’s a long season OEL so don’t be too disappointed as things can change very quickly.

  6. Well done to Liuzzi :)

    Looks like tomorrow is going to be really close, some of the gaps are under a tenth of a second. Barrichello and Hulkenberg were only split by 0.004 seconds! Should see some good on-track battles. Fingers crossed, lol.

  7. is pole on the left or right side of the grid? (from looking towards turn one)

  8. can anyone muster a list together of the top 10 and which tyres everyone’s on?

  9. Sush Meerkat
    13th June 2010, 11:11

    Keith, in future would you be able to put the tyre compound as well?, since F1 sites tend to just tell us the tyre compounds of the first 3 or 4 machines.

    Could be useful in future if we get another “mixed up” strategy.

    Also why cant teams mix up the compounds?, like softs on the rears for traction and hard on the front for wear and tear.

  10. Expect to see the Red Bulls furiously weaving from side to side on the warm up lap in order to get some heat into their tyres. Also a “get well” sign from MW to Rossi?

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