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What did you think of the Canadian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2010 Canadian Grand Prix out of ten

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176 comments on “Rate the race: Canada”

  1. Terrific. Proves you don’t need rain or a safety car to provide an enthralling race, but unknown tyre conditions and plenty of close-contact racing. Beautiful.

    1. Absolutely if the track is good. RedbullF1spy tweeted the following after the race.

      “If you’ve got friends who still think overtaking is all about the cars and not about the circuit, make them watch Montreal over and over…”

      Didn’t get the result I was hoping for but was a bloody good race especially the first 30 laps. Adrenaline was very high.

      1. I have to say I think that quote is more a reflection of Red Bull not wanting to see more restrictions on aerodynamic development because they’ve paid big money to hire the best aerodynamicist in F1. Christian Horner may a revealing comment along those lines earlier on in the weekend.

        1. I think you are right on this Keith, i think Horner commented on not looking forward to have a KERS with a factual advantage, instead wanting to focus more on the adjustable rear wing (aerodynamics) to make for more overtaking.

      2. circuit and the tyres!

    2. Yes,that’s true.
      Wonderful race with lots of nail-biting moments. Really enjoy it right here in Malaysia on a cold morning.. Don’t think will be able to get back 2 sleep anymore..

    3. It was easily the best dry-weather race I’ve seen in 10 years. Brilliant.

      1. Better than Suzuka 05?

  2. 100/10.

    Amazing race. Unpredictable. Loads of different leaders. Amazing track. Amazing result…

    And for a lap I was watching a Toro Rosso holding off Alonso for THE LEAD of the Grand Prix.


  3. :-D

    That is all.

    1. I concur! Nice to be smiling rather than snoozing after a Grand Prix

      1. F1 need a race twice as good as normal to make up for Valencia being next on the calender. That’ll do nicely!! :D

        1. Let us remain optimistic and hope that this year Valencia will finally manage to be an interesting race!

          And with good reasons:
          a) Although it is still one of the non-Red Bull GP’s this year, that does not mean they can be counted out, even if they are doing worse than in Canada.
          b) Ferrari this weekend have shown they can manage with this type of circuit, and they have their big update coming
          c) Renault have a bigger than usual update planned, possibly putting them firm into the mix
          d) With a bit more grip, maybe Merc can also get their tires working so they can use their engine. Despite the 2nd half going wrong, MSC was third at one point, and Rosberg was doing pretty good.
          d) No reason McLaren will not be fast there like they were in Montreal.

          So that means we can expect 4 or 5 teams to fight near the front, and we also have FI, plus Williams if they do not screw up, and possibly Torro Rosso too, all fighting for points.

          Plus, Lotus can try to once again take those teams on.

          And who knows, maybe this time the Saubers actually both manage a finish.

          1. Well if we see Schumacher in the mix, at least we will see some interesting moves. Otherwise i am afraid there will be little overtaking there.

            Lets hope it won’t be a normal Valencia, that would be an enormous shock, as the last races have been so good.

          2. dont get your hopes up. valencia is the worst race of the season.

  4. I gave it a seven. First half was super exciting, but the second half was fairly processional with the exception of BUT’s pass on ALO.

    1. Processional? All the chaos with schum/massa/force indias, far from processional.

      1. and the massa vs sutil, taking the force india when he was messing with the lotus, and the buemi-schumi overtaking, buemi defending schumi, and hulk in the mix, phew this is the best

        1. That’s true. I guess the opening laps were just so gripping that it started to seem boring at the later stages in comparison. Overall a great race to watch either way.

          1. We were so spoilt by those first laps!

    2. Least processional race i’ve seen in my entire long life.

    3. I gave it a 7 as well; from an entertainment perspective it was probably a 9, but the first half was too much of a lottery for my personal tastes and gave a pretty good argument against having tires that degrade too quickly…. have Ferrari suddenly improved, or was this a great (if not fully rewarding) drive from Alonso? Great stuff from McLaren – both from the drivers and race management. Not so hot from Red Bull – they’d better have a sit down and hammer out a serious plan for the rest of the season if they don’t want to be left wondering about what might have been.

      1. Agree, although I gave it an 8 for the entertainment.

  5. Awesome race. Really gripping, and battles all the way through the field.
    Just shows what happens when you can’t do the whole race on a set of tyres!

    1. Agreed. The tires last way too long at a normal race weekend.

      1. I’ll third that, Sadly, I expect Pirelli will be over cautious (or whoever else they pick)

        And the situation with tyre’s lasting a long time will only get worse.

    2. No, this just shows what random tyre changes do.

      What do you think will happen if Red Bull would do the same race again? Would they make the same mistake again you think?

      Of course not and then all cars will be on the same strategy again and the chaos is gone …

    1. Epic, thanks for sharing:)

    2. That’s a nice one, they should use it for advertizing!

  6. I think this race showed how important a track design is. The only reason this race was so exciting was because how hard this race was on the tyres.

    1. Actually, I’d say that this race proved the importance of tyre design. Tyres that wear easily create much better races

      1. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the tyre design, because the tyres were the same they use anywhere else. It was the surface of the track which was so hard on the tyres that they were degrading quickly.

        1. No it was a lot about the track not being used in between. That made the tyres going off so much.

          1. So, a random possibility of a sponge bath for the track, every Sunday before the race then? Hm, that is not so different from sprinkler systems people mentioned before as a solution!

      2. This is something I posted after the first few races when we were dicussing that aero prevented overtaking. It not the aero it’s mechanical grip from the tyres….

        As the tyres give up the grip is lost which gives big difference in lap times and opens up the overtaking window.

        Whilst I agree that the tyres are the same as at many other races this season, it just goes to show how a different surface can degrade them making for better racing for the fans.

        I second the call to make 2011 tyres less durable. We don’t need to dictate compulsary pit stops… Just make tyres which don’t last the distance.

        10/10 for me…. Exciting racing and a great British 1-2 for McLaren

        1. It’s both, The aero prevents another car from closing on the car ahead, This is more obviously in the new wide open tilkedromes, and Canada, having little medium to high speed corners, simply doesn’t suffer from the problem.

          1. But the top four cars were able to stay very close to one another in Turkey as well, and you can hardly say that turn 8 is a slow corner!!

    2. It’s not so much a result of the track design, but rather the lack of regular racing and support races on the circuit, and weather conditions.

      1. Let that be a lesson to Bernie. Never let a track of this calibre drop off of the calendar ever again… not for all the Arab oil money in the world.

        1. Actually, it might show that he should do that to all circuits: only every year, especially Australia, and Bahrain/Turkey/China – give it time to grow some molds! A bit like crop circulation, really :-p

          1. “every other year” that should have said, sorry.

  7. I’ll give it a 9. Maybe a bit generous because it got a bit dull at times in the second half, but the first 20 laps or so were just electric!

    That makes 2 consecutive exciting dry races! That has happened for donkeys years as far as I can remember. 2010 is turning out to be a pretty fantastic season. Here’s hoping the next few races will be similarily exciting

    1. I gave it nine as well, only because I reserve Tens for when there’s some kind of dramatic late race twist like Brazil 2008.

      I thought Alonso was robbed, but it was absolutely brilliant entertainment. To think so many people were complaining after Bahrain that we needed everything from blue shells to compulsory pit stops. 2010 has been absolutely epic so far.

      1. robbed because he got passed on the track?

        1. robbed bacause he was unlucky with lapped cars getting in the way.

      2. See I wouldn’t mind the blue shells from Mario Kart 64 so much cause they stayed along the ground and could take out anyone on the way to first, means everyone needs to keep an eye out and drive well. Double Dash onwards tho forget it!

    2. And all without a safety car. Be interesting to see what modifications Ferrari and Mclaren bring to the next few races. I understand they’re quite big up grades. If it results in racing like today, Bring It On…

      1. That must be about the first Canadian GP in 5 years without a SC period. Gripping race. I had trouble following all the action at once.

        1. Loved that there was no saftey car, sods law took full effect. Yet the tyre degredation ment the whole thing was dramatic enough without.

          1. yeah safety cars are only exciting on boring tracks.

  8. Great race and why is there always one who votes 1

    1. maybe for not getting his desired result, he should know this is for f1 fanatics who rise above their choices and love the sport more

    2. Because there are always stupid ones.


  10. 100/10.

    Amazing race. Unpredictable. Loads of different leaders. Passing all the time. Amazing track. Amazing result…

    And for a lap I was watching a Toro Rosso holding off Alonso for THE LEAD of the Grand Prix.


    1. 2003 British GP is the best I’ve seen IMO.

    2. I know 10million, it just has to be 10, passing at the front, tyre strategies going every which way. My favourite team winning 1-2 different driver quick at different points.

      McLaren and Ferrari making hay at the front, I loved every minute of this race what an absolute belter.

      My first ever 10 rated race, if you can’t rate this race ten then when can you.

  11. Great race, a 9/10 for me, gutted for Schumacher and Massa though.

  12. 10/10.

    Awesome race as in Turkey, although Nando lost his 2nd position and had to slow down at the end.
    I’m happy also for Tonio, he was able to overtake Schumi very badly and get the position he deserved.

    1. if alonso had caught hamilton 5 laps from the end and they battled til the finish line, then maybe i’d give a 10.

  13. I voted it a ten as my prediction was correct apart from 4th an 5th the wrong way around, bring on them DVD`s

    1. “Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was”
      Voting because you liked the result has nothing to do with this poll.

      1. You`d have to be blind not to see it was the best race since Brazil 08, me thinks someone had a bad prediction turn out :-)

        1. Oh I concur, it was the best race all year.

          I don’t predict (here at least, I will next year though, gonna get me those DVDs).

    2. I got 4 drivers right, but in wrong positions. Had there not been the rain predictions, I’d probably predict the first two correctly.

  14. Lotus… beat Renault!! Heikki beat Petrov… that’s fantastic!! Well done Lotus! :)

    1. Yeah but it wasn’t due to pace, it was because of Petrov’s awful race.

      But Lotus is doing a great job and are ever closer to the established teams.

  15. I just realised it’s a full podium of world champions. when was the last time this happened?

    1. Not sure, I bet it’ll come up in the facts and stats post Keith will do later :)

    2. 2001 Spanish Grand Prix with Michael Schumacher winning in his Ferrari from Mika Häkkinen (McLaren) and the BAR of Jacques Villeneuve

      1. Thinking of BAR and Villeneuve actually making it to the podium! That is even more something not to expect.

        1. He did it again at that year’s German Grand Prix. 2001 was almost Villeneuve’s only good season aside from 96-97.

      2. Hakkinen retired from the lead, and Schumacher won, from Montoya who isn’t a world champion.

        1. Oh … now that I had a look into it, that’s right actually. I thought he only lost the lead not that he retired completely, my bad!

          1. I was at that race. Gutted for Mika and yes he didn’t finish, think he was classified 6th or 7th or something.

    3. I’ve looked up the last podium full of world champs and the race I have found with scenario is USA 1991. Senna winning ahead of Prost and Piquet.

  16. I would like to be the first to register my disgust at how McLaren ruined Hamilton’s race by favouring Button and making bad decisions for Lewis and wanting a white driver to win… hang on, Lewis won?! Oh, well that’s just ruined my theory that I came up with without any logic!

    Fantastic race! I wonder how many comments there will be about Vettel’s ‘bad attitude’ on the radio, seeing as when Hamilton questions the team’s advice or instructions everyone says it is the wrong thing to do?

    1. Translation: “I’m an idiotic troll.”

      1. Correct translation of Rob’s post: “I’m parodying the idiotic trolls who think that Mclaren Button to win because he is white.”

    2. Sarcasmic.

      (Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.)

      1. That is a new word I will be using whenever possible from now on!

  17. Something tells me that the Canadian Grand Prix is going to be the best one we will see all year, barring a seismic 5-way title battle going into the final round, so it’s just had a 10/10 from me.

    The tyres did what they were supposed to do. The hard ones laster longer (but not too long), but were slower, the soft ones were like lightning, but as fragile as soft-scoop ice cream. Bridgestone got it spot on.

    Lots of overtaking from everyone, and even when that was done, there was re-overtaking.

    There was the stream of Schumacher incidents towards the end where his Merc seemed to be stuck in reverse gear. I’m surprised there was anything left of it in the end, the amount of people he bumped into.

    Massa proving that he couldn’t overtake the car in front without the help of a third party, and so still fails to go up in my estimations in any way. One could saw the same about Button’s move on Alonso, but they were both lapping at very similar pace, whereas Massa was clearly faster than the Force Indias.

    Right… time for some more football.

    Come on you Socceroos!

    1. Weal, Buttons a fairly competant overtaker in most situations if you ask me, prooved that last year, but it was a fairly opourtunistic pass from Button all the same, I think he had decent pace up his sleeve over Alonso at that point though, McLaren fully expected him to make the pass.

      1. Oh I agree, it was an attempt to ward off anyone suggesting that the comment was outright anti-Ferrari!

  18. The race was almost as good as the CART/ChampCar races from the late 90s. *sigh*

  19. 9. Best first half of a grand prix this season, brilliant climax, lulle da bit in the middle but that was expected as the cars settled down. Dry race with no safety cars as well!

    1. Seriously, I have to say this is the ultimate example of how the refueling ban has been a triumphant sucsess, we could never have seen this with refueling.

  20. Anyone who rated Turkey a 10/10 must be rating this 11 or 12!

  21. How annoying

    I think I was painfully close to getting a clean sweep in the f1 predictions competition. Awesome race though!

    1. Kubica let me down this time! I think I got everyone else in, just not in the right spots.

      1. Button did it for me, for some reason I picked Schumacher over him. Must have been having a hell of a blonde moment :)

  22. I will repost what Red Bull put on their twitter feed…..

    “If you’ve got friends who still think overtaking is all about the cars and not about the circuit, make them watch Montreal over and over…”

    1. Yeah, the people at Red Bull aren’t very bright …

      The overtaking happened because there was an element of randomness due to the different tyre strategies.

      Put the cars all on the same tyres. Drive them round this track and then watch how much they overtake.

      1. I tend to agree with Patrick. There is no doubting that the race was exciting, it was, but it was exciting because Red Bull choose a different tyre strategy.

        If Red Bull had of gone with the softs in qualifying then the top ten excluding Kubica would have pitted within one or two laps of each other everytime and the race lead would have come down to who can do the fastest pit stops.

        As for most of the passing it was mostly back markers doing the passing, as per usual. As for the passes on Webber and Schumacher they only happened because their tyres were shot and the guys behind were lapping 2 to 3 seconds faster per lap. So yeah it’s passing, but it was more of a admission from Webber and Schumacher that they didn’t have the speed, therefore why hold everyone up potentially causing a crash, rather than an epic battle between different drivers over several laps cumulating with a brilliant pass to take the lead. Personally if there is going to be passing I want it to be both drivers on the absolute limit pushing each other so hard to make the pass, rather than “my tyres are shot, so cruise pass”, pass.

        So unlike Red Bull Spy (the twitter dude) I don’t really think it has to do with the track layout, although it is a very nice track. I think it comes down to strategy, caused by a rule (the two compound tyre rule) that promotes somewhat artificial racing / lottery results.

        I think F1 needs to ask itself “are we prepared to compromise the integrity the sport with rules that create artificial results, with the occasionally exciting race, or do we want to maintain the integrity of the sport with proper legit rules which may result in some boring races, but when there are exciting races, they will be genuinely classic exciting races”.

        1. I do agree with Patrickl @ Pinball – roadography.com that the tyre poker did lighten up the race but I still think the tracks can be improved to provide some better racing.

  23. easily the best race so far. great overtaking. massa for overtake of the day.

  24. 9, brilliant race. The tyre wear made it enthralling. Was Webber right to stay out so long? Or not go on softs earlier? Seemed odd. And what was Schumacher doing this race?! Not so much a mobile chicane as a mobile pinball bumper! Way out of line on Massa, double block and scrunching his nose. Alonso great race, but crucially caught snoozing twice?

    And a final thing: Lewis Hamilton, tyre-master :0)

    1. Schumacher did like the last 30 laps on soft tyres. Surely at the end his car was close to a bowling ball.

      1. Hmm, that’s generous Alexi! Seemed to conveniently career into a lot of people. Massa must be feeling fairly set upon – turned into a bright red sandwich at the start by Liuzzi and Button, bashed off track and almost directly into the pits by his former team pal and good mate Schu.

    2. yeah, Schumacher’s move on Massa was horrible, hope he drops a few more spots because of that one.

  25. Seriously, who votes 1 or 2!?

    Gave it a 9. Uncertainty coupled with overtaking to the end.

    1. Williams fans vote 1 or 2

      1. Maybe make that Sauber fans instead! Williams did quite impressive ending the race on the track and all.

    2. I bet it’s fanatical fans, dare I say it Vettel fans? I’m a Vettel fan myself and so follow a fair few on Twitter and if he doesn’t win they go mental haha.

      Great race 10/10 :-D

  26. mountain man
    13th June 2010, 19:10

    Fantastic…Best race so far,..I’ve no nails left to bite.

    1. Me too. I think I have to let them grow in the next 13 days & get them ready for the European GP.

  27. awesome. epic. wonderful. terrific.

  28. Just brilliant. Of course I’m biased as my favourite team got a 1-2 but there were was so much going on. How many people led the race? Even Buemi did at one point! So many battles not just for the front but the back too. I’m gutted that Massa was pretty much a ragdoll at the mercy of his surrounding drivers and appalled at Schumacher here.

    Nice to see a bit of reserved respect between Alonso and Hamilton as well and of course Button and Hamilton are like best of mates.

    1. Great post. I concur with all your points.

    is finished.

    That, is all.

    1. Hey, that’s a little premature.

      Remember that they weren’t going into this race expecting to be at the front of the pack. I expect they will be reasonably content with the points for 4th and 5th place.

      It’s not over until it’s over.

    2. This track shouldn’t be favoring Red Bull I think they will be back in their form in Valencia.

  30. Absolutely frikkin awesome race! Woooooo!

  31. MouseNightshirt
    13th June 2010, 19:22

    Fantastic GP. Had a short lull in the middle, but otherwise faultless. Lots of overtaking, plenty of tyre tactics and great atmosphere.

    Shame it’s a year until the next one!

  32. Kudos to Bridgestone. I hope there’s a tyre war next year.

  33. Great race, how much better can it get. First a stunner in Turkey and now a heart stalling, nail biting and foot wiggling race in Canada. Not even needing a safety car or crash to do it.
    Not to mention the second exiting dry race in a row.

    Gave it a 9, as 10 is reserved for a race with even more expected twists as well as drives from the back with championship twists in the final laps.

    Oh and make that a Liuzzi for superior drive as well, getting back from the back in front of Sutil. Somebody fired up his engine for sure.

  34. wow….Brilliant Race….Something is really bad with the Bulls…feel sad for Force India

  35. What a sizzler!
    My best race in the season by far. Lewis is a racing God!

  36. STRFerrari4Ever
    13th June 2010, 19:36

    That was a terrific race very exciting. The first 30 laps were adrenaline filled and you couldn’t take your eyes off it, Buemi leading was amazing and I just enjoyed the racing and incidents that were occurring up & down the field. It wasn’t the grand stand finish some people hoped for but it was still a fantastic end with Schumi losing places to the two FI’s.

  37. A thoroughly entertaining race. If I have one critisim though it has to be ‘Why did it have to be on the same weekend as the Le Mans 24hrs?!’. I was shattered after following Le Mans all day & night and that didn’t set me up well for the Canadian GP.

    1. I was just listening to that Fat Les anthem this morning ;-)

  38. Matt G (lotus fan)
    13th June 2010, 19:55

    I voted 10 but it probably was more of a 9. Good exciting race showing this race shouldn’t be dropped. Glad to see a lotus finish in front of an astablished team, unfortunatly they havn’t had both cars finish yet.

  39. Great first half, got a bit dull during parts of the second half.

    Was a good race, but not anywhere near 2007, 08 or 1999

    1. Aside from Brazil ’08 I can’t think of any races in those three seasons seasons that were as good as that one. At least, not any dry ones.

  40. 9

    – racing was good, lots of positionswitches (overtaking and pits)

    – the radio of Vettel asking what the fastest lap was, and more importantly his team’s reaction, was pretty hilarious

    – MSC blocking KUB and MAS, but getting caught by BUE and LIU

    1. “Don’t even think about it” ! COTD for sure ;)

  41. Denis Plamodon
    13th June 2010, 20:22

    It has been a long time since I saw such an exciting Grand Prix. Maybe uncertainty is a key factor for an intriguing race, but the main reason is the fast track and the existence of few possibilities for trepassing!

  42. As DC said i think this is one of the best excuses to give michelin their wish next year. I think the consensus in the paddock is leaning towards competition tyres next year as well.

  43. Fantastic race, beautiful driving from Hamilton…but just to bring you all down a notch – in a fortnight, we’re at Valencia :P

    Personally, I thought McLaren were a bit lucky not to be penalised for Hamilton’s pit release – but, I’ve not got no issue as long as they’re consistent with that ruling all season. If Webber happens to be penalised for something similar, I will absolutely lose it.

  44. Keith – please can you put a poll up for ‘driver of the day’ after each race as I think this will prove to be a good discussion point and hopefully possibly increase traffic to your site…

    1. How about boobies of the day. Those French Canadian girls are hot. Whats up with the boobies Keith?

  45. This race did not need bad weather or safety car periods to make it exciting.It wasn’t a great result for an Alonso fan as myself, but I still gave the race a 9. It was a pleasure to see Alonso and Hamilton battling around in competitive cars at the front.

    Lets hope the Ferrari b spec car can keep Fernando battling with Lewis, Sebastian and Mark for race wins.

    1. …and Button (he might be able to keep him behind him then ;-)

      1. Button will hopefully be battling Massa behind them.

  46. I gave it a 9 cause i’m saving 10 for Brazil

  47. I gave it a 9. Fantastic race! Good to see Schumi back to his old, cheating, dirty ways again! What I want to know is who has actually rated this race below a 5? It was awesome! So good to see Canada back on the calendar!

    1. Schumi did try to cut way too many chicanes, and push too many drivers. I was pretty thrilled to see Buemi, Liuzzi and Sutil make him look like a clown.

      1. Anyone on super soft tyres for 37 laps would’ve been passed by those guys.

  48. Gave it a six. Good first half, second half was a bit of a bore.My prediction of multiple safety cars did not come off. Too bad, might have spiced things up in the later stages.

    A strange and somewhat naughty race from Herr Schumacher. Was his undertray damaged in the battle with Kubica? Slow and unpredictable, the Red Baron continues to mystify!

    1. If you gave that race a 6, i think you are watching the wrong sport, if that was worth a 6 i would love to see a 9 or a 10!

      1. I have been watching this sport for 30 years so I think I picked the right one. The top seven positions were predictable from about lap 40 onward. Midfield battles are fun but its not the same as the leaders fighting.

        Don’t get me wrong, this was a very good exciting race, certainly the best of this season, but not an all time classic. Besides, I don’t let driver favortism affect objective analysis. I would love to see a ten as well but that would include a lead change every lap.

        1. seriously? a lead change every lap would make me vote sometihng down, a lead change every lap is boring, that is what i would call ‘too much overtaking’

          1. Perhaps you’re watching the wrong sport.

          2. that is the very same reason i hate oval racing, there is too much overtaking, it becomes meaningless.

          3. I think some people don’t really get what Formula 1 really is?

  49. Jhonnie Siggie
    13th June 2010, 21:11

    I gave it an 8 as I didn’t see clashes among teammates. I had a high after Turkey and only gave that one a 9 so this one must be 8.

    1. Liuzzi and Sutil gave it a good try though

      1. Jhonnie Siggie
        13th June 2010, 22:56

        Yup I had forgotten about the Force India cars. I suppose I meant clashes within the top 4 teams

    2. Matt G (lotus fan)
      13th June 2010, 21:18

      You rate Turkey higher than Canada? To each their own i guess but I think most people would rate this race the best of the season so far. I suppose Turkey did have the shock factor with that crash but overall I found Canada the better race.

      1. Jhonnie Siggie
        13th June 2010, 22:59

        I was in awe after Turkey. It took almost 2 weeks for us to get a good picture of what really happened. So I rate it higher than Canada. This could be because of the shock factor as you pointed out.

      2. I rate Turkey higher than Canada – it’s not the sheer number of lead changes that makes a race for me, especially when it’s basically a tire lottery. The second half of the race was more interesting in my view.

  50. this is what all the races were MEANT to be like for this year. but they weren’t due to the strong tyres. big fail.

  51. Ohhhh Canada
    13th June 2010, 23:40

    Great Race, really good to see the Elemets play such a Vital role (Weather, Tyres) instead of just the Cars, Technology, Drivers. Schumi won’t be able to keep driving like years gone by when you need to be pulling Hamilton moves with Class (even Button seems amazed by him). Great showing of who are the great Drivers in this fine season.

  52. Even better than Turkey.

    If Bernie ever takes Canada off the calendar again he should be pushed in front of a speeding McLaren.

    1. That will not happen with Bernie at least for 2015 until which the track have the contract with the FOM.

  53. Great race. Overtaking, strategy, the real deal. F1 really is back!
    (only negative point was Schumi’s usual disgraceful driving, he has and never has had any business being in F1)

    1. “(only negative point was Schumi’s usual disgraceful driving, he has and never has had any business being in F1)”

      Never had any business being in F1? It looks like someone STILL can’t get over the fact that he’s a seven time world champion, regardless of what happens this year…

      1. Don’t even get me started on HOW he became “world champion”.
        Anyway, that’s not the point. This was a good race.

        1. It was a good race, but you shouldn’t make nonsensical statements like “he has and never has had any business being in F1”. Most of his success was down to him being the best. Obviously he isn’t anymore.

  54. A 9 from me. Stunning race, why was it ever taken off the calendar?

    1. Jhonnie Siggie
      14th June 2010, 3:17

      The Canadian authorities didnt want to pay uncle Bernie all the money he was looking for. When he saw that Canada wouldnt pay an arm and 2 legs, he caved in and agreed to a proper price.

  55. Can’t find a reason why this race shouldn’t received a 9. There was a piece of action on every lap of those 70. I have to give a special thanks to the spectator who have gone their & watched the best race of the season so far live.

  56. What a race!

    I’ve just finished watching as I had to record it (here in Australia it was on at 2am-4am)

    The first 10/10 I’ve ever given, and I’m so glad that I recorded it rather then staying up to watch it. I could easily re watch this one.

    But is the F1 costing Montreal so much they couldn’t afford a table for the post race conference?

  57. Michel Jacques
    14th June 2010, 2:54

    Good thing F1 came back to Montreal, as this is always one of the most exciting race of the season… There should me more tracks like Montreal in the championship.

  58. Charles Carroll
    14th June 2010, 3:12

    Great race! I gave it a 10. The coverage in America was great, but I am partial to David Hobbs and the Speed TV guys. They also did a great job explaining things to a wider audience in the states, as it was on FOX today.

  59. Wow, what an exciting race! And all because of quickly degrading tyres. FIA, take note!!

  60. Canada did not disappoint I think it was a brilliant race, the best race which wasn’t affected by rain or a safety car for ages.

    The tyres played their part in making the race great and for me it shows that the tyres should be more marginal and for it not to be possible to make one set last so long.

  61. Nathan Bradley
    14th June 2010, 10:16

    I gave it a 9, but only on the chance that we might – and it’s a big might – have a better race this season.

    If not, I shall want to revise my rating to a 10, great race!


  62. I gave it a 10…for a whole variety of reasons, but especially since I was in grandstand 34 right at the hairpin. Have been waiting to get back to a race since USGP ’07, so just being there earned the race a bunch of those points. We saw lots of action at the hairpin…and I think a lot of the tire issues came down to the drastically different conditions on race day vs. all the practice and quali. Have not had a chance to see all the action I missed, but cannot wait to see what happened all around the rest of the track.

  63. Awesome race! Lots of action. Mclaren rules!

  64. I gave it a 8. Canada always produces some good racing. No race will ever get a 10 out of me so an 8 is a good score.


  65. Wonderful race! But gave it a 9 – Brasil 2008 still holds the best race ever spot for me (together with that ancient Senna with slicks in the UK rain).

  66. I gave it a 10 because I was there with my son, age 17-his first race. We had a great time especially as we were expecting rain and actually needed suntan lotion. We stood in the exact same place(GA) where I stood with my daughter in 08. I kept waiting for the Safety Car which never appeared and were able to walk all the way down to the start and Pit lane area after the race. We took a bunch of pictures which I’ll try to post.
    Hopefully, next year I’ll get my wife to come but we need to remember our chairs.

  67. Canada (GP and Track) > Turkey (GP and Track)… canada was so much better

    qualifying was just as exciting as the race, nail bitter for sure! i was waiting for someone to shake up the red bull

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