Webber loses second place on grid

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Mark Webber has lost his front-row start due to a gearbox change penalty

Mark Webber has been relegated from second to seventh on the Canadian Grand Prix grid after picking up a penalty for changing his gearbox.

The penalty promotes Sebastian Vettel to the front row of the grid alongside pole sitter Lewis Hamilton.

Revised Canadian Grand Prix grid:

Row 11. Lewis Hamilton 1’15.105
2. Sebastian Vettel 1’15.420
Red Bull-Renault
Row 23. Fernando Alonso 1’15.435
4. Jenson Button 1’15.520
Row 35. Vitantonio Liuzzi 1’15.648
Force India-Mercedes
6. Felipe Massa 1’15.688
Row 47. Mark Webber 1’15.373
Red Bull-Renault
8. Robert Kubica 1’15.715
Row 59. Adrian Sutil 1’15.881
Force India-Mercedes
10. Nico Rosberg 1’16.071
Row 611. Rubens Barrichello 1’16.434
12. Nico Hulkenberg 1’16.438
Row 713. Michael Schumacher 1’16.492
14. Vitaly Petrov 1’16.844
Row 815. Sebastien Buemi 1’16.928
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
16. Jaime Alguersuari 1’17.029
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
Row 917. Pedro de la Rosa 1’17.384
18. Kamui Kobayashi 1’18.019
Row 1019. Heikki Kovalainen 1’18.237
20. Jarno Trulli 1’18.698
Row 1121. Timo Glock 1’18.941
22. Bruno Senna 1’19.484
Row 1223. Lucas di Grassi 1’19.675
24. Karun Chandhok 1’27.757

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    34 comments on “Webber loses second place on grid”

    1. Cue the conspiracy theorists again…

      Anyway hard luck on Webber but puts Liuzzi into 5th! In for a great race.

    2. Great news for Hamilton fans (as myself). Hamilton with a win could be in sole possession of the WDC leaving Canada. Lets hope for a clean race for Hamilton.


      1. good news for the championship but more bad luck for red bull they deserve to win a champ someday

    3. They’ve got to get rid of these draconian rules.

      1. The gearbox and engines rules are fair, They are the same for everybody. And it stops someone using 82 engines and gearboxes a year.

    4. Great news definetely for HAM, one lesser bull to be careful of. Good news for ALO as he will start on clean side, bad news for VET & BUT because nw they start on dirty side..

      what an irony, as VET was praising himself for being able to start on the cleaner side during press-conference..

      1. Heard that there’s no big difference between both sides in Canada.. According to Vettel I think

        1. Makes sense. The cars were taking a curved racing line down that straight.

      2. Must have been a inter team battle move that made Marks team decide get one over on Vettel then! :-D

        Now all of a sudden Alons is in a very good position to battle with Hamilton.

    5. unfortunate for webber. he’s been driving great lately.

    6. EXCITEMENT EXCITEMENT EXCITEMENT!!!! Leave some fore the race!!!!! :D

    7. Liuzzi, Massa and Webber all next to each other on the first corner. Will be carnage!

      1. liuzzi really nice performance looks like Paul di resta isnt driving the force india this year

    8. Really gutted for Webber. He’s been pretty much flawless the past few races and once again edged ahead of Vet.
      Have to admit though, I’m pretty chuffed for Alo

      1. I think this news will make him definitely a bit less pessimistic about what they can do!

    9. This’ll make the race a lot more exciting. Alonso will beat Vettel I reckon into the first corner

      1. Please don’t get my hopes up :P

      2. yep you’d have to give the advantage to the SS. but if Vettel holds his line he’d be on the inside for turn 2..

        I predict a car goes flying in the air in first couple of corners..

        1. Oh no, Vettel takes out Button and Alonso, maybe Liuzzi as well, Hamilton uses the SC to change to prime tyres and Webber then has to build enough of a gap for his stop.

      3. MacademiaNut
        13th June 2010, 16:18

        Poor Vettel, he said yesterday in the interview that he will be on the inside (as both sides are pretty even on grip level), so we will see what we can do.

        I am all for ALO beating VET into the first corner.

    10. Bad luck for Mark.He looks unlikely to win but you never know with Montreal.

    11. Webber’s also got Sutil behind him. Pretty much a double penalty there :P

    12. Well, at least Vettel does not have to worry about hitting his team mate on the 1st or 2nd corner.

      Would not be surprised to see Alonso try for the lead in those first corners. He has had good starts (okay, China a bit too well), and soft tires. Button and him must be liking their chances against Vettel in those 1st laps.

    13. Man he can’t catch a break.

    14. Great news! Now all I need is Alonso to take Vettel out and Senna sneaks in for a point or two with Hamilton winning :D

    15. From the F1.com website

      —–Red Bull opted to change the RB6’s gearbox as a precautionary measure.—–

      This screams conspiracy.

      1. How? Would you rather him retire during the race so you can complain that Red Bull are trying to make him lose?

      2. Rubbish, Macca. If his gearbox failed during the race after starting second, you’d be screaming conspiracy.

    16. Its purely a change because he obviously had gearbox damage. The most concerning thing I noticed was with Vettels engine when changing up through the gears It did not sound too healthy. Keeping an ear out for that during the race.

      1. Yep. Now Webber is gonna be on a fresh gearbox that will last, and Vettel’s will probably fail on him, given his luck with Red Bull unreliability.

    17. Thats shame, real shame. He has been driveing very well latley, :(

    18. I hope Vettel Wins

    19. Must have been due to the small clash with the “wall of champions” that damaged the gearbox

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