Sauber aim to bounce back in Valencia

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Sauber hope to perform better in the European Grand Prix than they did in Montreal. They failed to get either car to the finish in Canada, two weeks after finishing tenth and 11th in Turkey.

Technical director James Key said:

We have a new aero upgrade for the European Grand Prix, which should make the car more efficient and a little bit easier to set up. This is the first of our mid season updates. We have to see how we go in Valencia. We are looking to bounce back after a difficult weekend in Canada.
James Key

Key added that drivers “have to stay away from the walls” in Valencia – something driver Kamui Kobayashi failed to do in Montreal:

For Valencia we return to a higher downforce level, similar to what we had in Istanbul and a step up from what we had in Canada. The fact that Valencia is a street circuit with small run-off areas can make for an eventful race, so you have to stay away from the walls. The circuit is very stop-and-start, which means acceleration and braking performances are important with relatively slow speed corners in between each straight.
James Key

Neither of Sauber’s drivers have raced on the circuit in F1, though Kobayashi has driven the track in GP2.

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8 comments on “Sauber aim to bounce back in Valencia”

  1. Let’s just hope the walls and the Ferrari engine don’t hamper them in racing out there in Valencia.

    What do you make of Peter Sauber critisizing his engine supply as well as BMW and Willy Rampf for the disater of a car he was left as a goodbye gift?

    1. Thee was also a quote from Sauber about not using the BMW KERS system in 20011: “It was an air-cooled system, with far too many disadvantages.” ( and many others)

      Yet another reason to feel strongly about the BMW legacy.

      Sauber needs things to turn around for the good very soon if they are to stay around, I think, or bringing in Key might be too late to make a difference. I really hope they get some points in Valencia.

  2. “bounce back” implies they were towards the front in the first place ;) They need some serious results though. I cant see Peter Sauber hanging around if this is what he’ll be putting u p with for the next couple of years.

  3. If I remember correctly, bouncing is what made Kobayashi retire from the last race!

    I’m really worried about Sauber. I remember them from before they were BMW (and their liveries!) and have a soft spot for them. I hope this year isn’t the last we see of them.

  4. Charles Carroll
    18th June 2010, 14:52

    Well, you never know what to expect with Sauber. One could see both cars crashing into each other at the start, both bursting into flames, or both simply not starting and being quietly pushed off the circuit as if to say, “just kidding”.

    It is sad to watch, and yet intriguing. Sort of like a train wreck that lasts an entire season.

  5. They are disappointing many F1 fans like me. I just want to know that when in 2006 BWM came with the Sauber team they do brought some of their own F1 men in the team now as they left in 2009 did BWM only took the people from the engine department or do Sauber have to refresh it’s whole management?

  6. Electrolite
    19th June 2010, 23:00

    At least Sauber seem to have lots of supporters! There always seems to be many ‘I hope…’ comments about Sauber articles which I am glad about. I think Sauber, when they actually finish and nothing goes wrong, do pretty good. I’ve said it before, but I think if they had the same finish success rate as the other teams they’d be ahead of Williams and Toro Rosso.

  7. Jake Butler
    19th June 2010, 23:35

    As several people do, i love Sauber. I loved their never say die attitude despite being nothing more than medioocre, and the fact they bought the best out of drivers-Herbert, Frentzen, Raikkonen, Heidfeld et al. But it appear they have set off 2010 how they ended their last independant season…at the tail end struggling to even pick up the odd point. Not only to they have a poorly designed BMW car, an unreliable lump and crazy hydraulics – but they have a undesigned KERS for 2011 (as Peter Sauber has stated he doesnt wish to use BMWs air cooled device due to implications with it) and appear to have to struggling drivers. I respect De La Rosa and rate Kobayashi highly but De La Rosa has a history of horrid luck and average drives, and Kobayashi in his his crash happy stage. I think Pedro needs to get a bit more luck and Kobayashi needs to sort himself out otherwise they wont much improve on one point. I just hope this season doesnt hamper Kobayashi getting a 2011 seat with Hedifeld (o come on, its clear, he was one of Sauber’s best!!)

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