Pirelli to supply four types of slick in 2011

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The F1 tyre arrangements under Pirelli in 2011 will be similar to those under Bridgestone this year.

Pirelli will supply four types of dry weather tyre plus intermediate and wet weather tyres, as Bridgestone currently do.

There are no changes expected in the rules under which drivers have a choice of two compounds during a race weekend and must use one of each during the race.

Pirelli says it expects a “realistic and collaborative approach with all the teams, ensuring that manufacturing and logistical costs are shared fairly.”

It also has “a firm eye on the future, as in full collaboration with all the teams, research into innovative new tyre developments is a vital part of this exciting programme.”

This may refer to an expected change to 18-inch wheels in 2013, bringing F1 closer into line with typical wheel sizes seen on the road.

Pirelli will also supply tyres to GP2 from 2011-2013, replacing Bridgestone. It already provides tyres for GP3.

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10 comments on “Pirelli to supply four types of slick in 2011”

  1. So does that eman they will bring 4 types of slick tyres to each GP and each team gets to select two types to use?

    1. I doubt it as the cost of that would be huge!

  2. It will probably stay like it is now!

  3. Can’t wait to see the 18″ rims in 2013 alongside turbo’s, bring it!

    1. Yes! Go anemic engines with more unsprung weight!

    2. I think cars will look ridiculous with 18 inch wheels. Surely it would be more relavent to have 16 or 17 inch rims anyway.

      1. There was a few “shopped” pictures I saw a while ago, it had 15inch, 18inch and the current wheels. To be honest, I liked the 15inch, it’s looked groovy, different but good. The 18’s though… yuck.

  4. ‘Pirelli says it expects a “realistic and collaborative approach with all the teams, ensuring that manufacturing and logistical costs are shared fairly.”’
    Thats an interesting comment, does that mean the teams are paying Bridgestone for the tyres now?
    I thought as suppliers to the whole series, the tyre manufacturers benifitted from the extra publicity and were paid for through FOM.
    If the teams are paying for the tyres, shouldn’t they expect a bit more input into what choices are made for the races?

  5. 4 dry tyres: hard, meduium, soft and supersoft
    plus the intermediates and full wet compounds

  6. IndyCar uses 15″ wheels. Large enough if u ask me.

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