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Whatever you thought of the result, the European Grand Prix was certainly a more exciting affair than previous races at Valencia had been.

Look back on a dramatic and controversial race with this collections of pictures from the European Grand Prix.

2010 European Grand Prix

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    Images (C) Ferrari spa, Bridgestone/Ercole Colombo,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team

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    8 comments on “European Grand Prix in pictures”

    1. Great pictures Kieth! Too bad you couldn’t get a photo of mark Webber flying over the Lotus.

    2. Like the three of them drinking. After that race I might just join them

    3. One of the better things about the Valencia race is the skyline. The city and its wonderful buildings in the background, and the raw grit of the dock cranes and warehouses close up. I bet a twilight Grand Prix there would look even better.

    4. absoultely none of webber’s crash? :( would love a high res pic of that!


      If the teams didn’t know all about Red Bulls diffuser design they do now.

    6. Anyone noticed how many time the bbc coverage was watching Hamilton’s girl? and was it just me who saw it focus on bikini clad girls?

      I myself see a theme here!

      1. damonsmedley
        28th June 2010, 8:23

        That isn’t the BBC that is FOM. And also they never showed how Mark Webber went to 9th! Terrible coverage.

        1. Ahh, sorry, well I knew it wasn’t BBC, hence why I tried to cover myself with the word coverage…

          It wasn’t great, least the Webber incident was swapped to… Lucky?

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